Miracles Of Sai Baba At Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir – Part 4

From time to time miracles of Shibpur temple are being shared here on this blog. Let’s read part 4 of the same series as shared by Sai Brother Aditya ji.

Sai Brother Aditya ji from India says: Sairam Hetal, Few days back a 5 year old boy from Shibpur came to Shibpur temple. He was looking for the priest of the temple to express his will of learning computers. He narrated the conversation like this,”I met an old man this morning at a nearby river near the Shibpur temple. He asked me if I was wishing to learn computers. I said yes and then He said to go to the Shibpur temple and tell this to the people in the temple and they will help you out”. So promptly this boy came to the temple was inquiring the same with the priest and Amitji. Amitji was very happy to learn this. The old man would not be any other person than Sai Baba Himself as the description of that man given by that boy was exactly matching with Baba’s looks. But at the same time, he was sad and dejected as there was no school that would teach computer education to the village people. Only institute they had was almost 25kms away and that boy being so young cannot travel that distance. So now the temple authorities are working on plans to build a computer institute nearby Shibpur, so that all villagers and their children can learn the technology. In this regards donations are accepted to build this school. Also if any devotee can spread a word about this to any donor trusts, who usually fund the education on computers, then that would be a great help.

Another miracle happened was that: One day, a devotee’s sister had wished for Shibpur Baba’s UDI for herself. When her brother came to know about this, he said that it was late night 9 PM and there would be no one at the temple to help us get the UDI. He said that next morning we would go and get the UDI from the temple. Next morning also the lady’s brother devotee had gone to the temple around 4.15 AM and he did not see anyone there. But, he saw one old man coming towards him and gave him 2 packets of UDI and said that I am worker at this temple and I have this UDI packet for you. Please go and give this to your sister. Then later this devotee spoke to Amitji of what all had happened and asked how they knew that his sister was in need of the UDI. They said they don’t know anything and who that old man was, who gave him the packet. It goes without saying that it was no other than Baba Himself at Shibpur.
Another BIG and beautiful miracle: There is a young girl, who lives in a small city between Kolkata and Shibpur. She had come across the Shibpur’s website recently and was willing to talk to Amitji and said that she has to talk to him something very secretive. She was very much eager to meet Amitji and spoke to him once and started for the temple. She left for the temple but forgot Amitji’s phone number and also her cell phone had no talk time charge on it to make calls. It just had Rs. 2 in it. So she could not inform Amitji that she is coming to the temple by taking a trekker from Behthurdari to Shibpur. When she came in the temple she saw that no one there as this was the afternoon time and all the villagers will be in the fields for work. So she thought of taking some rest by playing caroms with some local guys there. But then she saw Amitji sitting at Shibpur Baba’s temple steps and told him everything. All the secrets that she needed to talk about. The Amitji gave her UDI packets as well and also had offered flowers to the Shibpur Baba there. Then she happily came back from the temple. Later she called Amitji in the same night and asked Amitji not to tell anyone the secrets that she has shared with him. Wonder of Wonders was that Amitji was shocked at this as he was in Krishnanagar the whole day and had not gone to Shibpur that day. That Was Baba Himself that she talked to and who was in disguise of Amitji there.

It is now so evident that Baba resides in Shibpur and is everywhere.



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  1. I am very small devotee of Sai Baba and I am reading devotees experience since 2 months and I have experienced Baba’s love on me..I want to share this with all of you please help me and let me know how can I share my experience..

  2. you will see a link Share your experience at the top right….click on that and share baba's leelas with all of us…Jai Sai Deva

  3. Dear Adityaji,

    Wonderful experiences,proves that Baba is THERE for all of us everywhere. I must share my dream I had recently with all the devotees. Last week during the early morning hours got a dream that I had gone some temple, it was closed so I was waiting for it to be open, the temple opened and the priest said if you wait some time more, baba will come. For me baba is only shirdi baba, so I was telling myself 'so baba is there for us' so let me wait, unfortunately woke up from my sleep…. But I was so happy all day and am still happy with the feeling that the ALMIGHTY is here with us and hearing us all the time.

  4. I cant express my happiness in words when i read these miracles.



    I Love You Baba.
    Wonderful Experiences.
    Please Forgive me Baba for my mistakes.
    Baba that would be very nice if i get the opportunity to visit you at Shibpur temple Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  6. Wonderful experience especially the one where Baba has manifested as Amit ji, tears jus flowed down after readin that experience.
    Om Sai Ram
    Baba Maalik

  7. Jai sai ram ji,
    Wonderful experience I had strong desire in my heart that one day sai baba ji will came in my dreams . I know i'm not perfect there were lot of flaws in me. but still my desire is to meet my babaji Once that wish will fulfil I will not ask for anything.

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