Every Possible Care Was Taken By Sai Baba – Sai Devotee Anjali

Reading experiences of Shirdi trip is my favourite. The only reason is that the moment i start editing experience, i reach Shirdi virtually. All the time this craving to go to Shirdi to meet Lord Sai Baba in on my mind. So in a way Lord Baba fulfills this wish of mine through His devotees. Some devotees on facebook generally ask me if i reside in Shirdi itself, to them my answer is but obvious no, but yes i live there in my heart and mind. I wish these questions be always with me and i, one day, answer in affirmative that i stay in Shirdi. Lord Baba knows thsi well and i am sure He will make this a reality.

Sai Sister Anjali ji from India says: With Baba’s grace I reached Shirdi on Thursday, 9th June 2011. After checking in at a Hotel, I got freshened up and very soon made my way to the temple. On reaching Baba’s abode, I got nervous on seeing huge crowd waiting to have Baba’s Darshan. I was really feeling a bit sad as I thought it would be near impossible for me to have Darshan. I was also feeling tired because of my journey to Shirdi and Navratam. Also my fear of crowded places made me feel somewhat helpless. There were lots of brokers offering assistance for Darshan against money. I wanted to go through the general route to have Baba’s Darshan and at that moment I had no idea how I could reach to Baba. While I was wondering and praying to Baba I found a young boy walking towards me. He advised me to get in the line for Darshan. I just told him that it would be near impossible to reach to Baba in this kind of a rush. He assured me that I should join the line and it will not take more than 30 minutes to reach Baba. I just followed his advice and took “SAI RAM’S “name. Though I was little unsure of making it in 30 minutes, as people were saying it would take more than 3 hrs to reach the Samadhi Mandir. I went ahead with the line. Chamatkars of Chamatkar (Miracles of miracle), I reached in front of Baba within 30 minutes. I just had no idea of how I reached in front of Baba without any great effort. Tears were rolling down my eyes. I couldn’t believe I was in front of Baba. I thanked Him and was about to leave as one of the lady guards made me come back and asked me to bow in front of Samadhi and take Baba’s blessings. I just bowed in front of Baba and the priest out there placed His hand on my head and gave me bunch of flowers from Baba’s Samadhi. I felt as if Baba has blessed me at that moment. I just bowed to Baba as I felt assured that Baba has blessed me and will take care of me throughout this Shirdi Yatra.

Later while I was on my way to Dwarakamai, I met a very old man. One of the guards out there told me that he is the only living person known in Shirdi who has personally seen Baba alive. This old man narrated his experiences with Baba. He told me how Baba used to give him 5 Annas and also showed me two silver coins which Baba had given him. I was overwhelmed to meet him and bowed to him, touched his feet and he gave me his blessings.

I wanted to attend the Sandhya Aarti, but I didn’t know how and where to go for it. So I started inquiring the guard about it but he was not very clear to me. I just could gather that I have to be in line by 5 pm. I was feeling lost and started asking Baba to help me. Suddenly again a boy came and asked me if I was standing for Sandhya Aarti, than I could join him. He would help me in getting in. I just thanked Baba for sending this help and I followed him till last hall where he said that I have to be on my own now and should not look for him as there were separate queue for ladies and gents. With this Baba’s help, I could attend Aarti right in front and had bliss of Sandhya Aarti. Then I was fortunate to attend Kakad Aarti in the morning.

Next day, I thought of attending Seja Aarti at night. So I left my hotel around 7:30 and I thought I will attend the Aarti and have Baba’s Darshan. I had purchased Sai Satcharitra, a photo of Baba for my husband and thought of I will get it blessed by Baba’s lotus feet. I reached Mandir and saw crowd was more than that on Thursday. But I was highly hopeful of attending Aarti. I checked with a guard and he told me the queue will start from nine. It was 8 and I was standing in Chavadi, when suddenly it struck me that post Seja Aarti, Baba goes to sleep and I won’t be able to touch Baba’s feet as I was leaving early next morning. I felt very sad as I really wanted to present my husband with these things with Baba’s touch. I thought if I go for Darshan right now, it was not possible that I could attend Aarti. If I attended Aarti, I can’t get things touched by Baba’s Charn Kamal. Suddenly I saw small crowd of people carrying Baba’s Palaki dancing and singing bhajans. I too joined them touched Baba’s Palaki and I don’t know why, but I started walking with them. Palaki reached near Palaki gate and I was also standing there I asked one old gentleman why they are standing there. He said they are coming from Delhi with this Palaki and they have permission to go straight to Samadhi Mandir to have Darshan of Baba. Since I wanted to go, I asked him can I join. He said yes. I was very happy to realize that now my both wishes could be fulfilled. Suddenly security person came and started counting them. I got disappointed because I knew when they will find I am not with them they will stop me. Suddenly I saw he started counting heads and it was miracle he just ignored me. I was looking at him and it seems he didn’t see me at all. I started crying and thanked Baba for His Leela. Baba gave me a chance and it was a real miracle that within 15 min, I got inside and had Baba’s Darshan and could get touched both things and was back into the Aarti line. I thanked Baba for taking care of me. It was such a blissful experience to attend the Aarti in front of Baba. While taking leave, I asked Baba since I am leaving tomorrow and I have read that you always give permission can I have your permission now.

After attending Aarti I went to Dwarakamai (my favorite Place) and sat there in front of Baba. I was crying as I was feeling that now I have to go tomorrow and I was thanking Him for taking care of me like a daughter. I was feeling as if I am leaving from my mayaka (Mother’s home). I got up with heavy heart, bowed in front of Baba and was about to leave. Suddenly one security guard came with a naryle (coconut) and gave it to me. While receiving that I literally felt Baba is bidding farewell to me and giving His permission to leave. Devotes you can imagine how I must have felt. Love you Baba for everything.

Jai Sai Ram.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Anaji Ji,
    I'm so glad you had such a nice darshan. As I read, I felt I'm standing in Shirdi and watching all that was happening to you and felt at peace. I'm really going through lot of problems and waiting for Baba to bless me soon.

    Sai Samarth

  2. Dear Anjali Ji ,

    Om Sai Ram !

    What a blissful experience.Truly touching and encouraging. Hope we get to go and have baba's darshan soon.

  3. Such wonderful experiences…Thank you for sharing with us Sai sister….May baba always bless you and your family…


  4. Am waiting for baba's permission to step into Shiridi and to have his darshan.

    Anjali ji, i got tears out while reading your experience. Even i wanted to experience baba's leela daily. Am very new to this blog and also reading experiences of devotees. Few days before i was not well mentally and came across this blog while searching about something, from that day reading devotees experiences became my one of the daily activities.

    Sri Sai Ram.

  5. Dear all

    I want to share a small experience with my sai …last sunday i was vry much depressed …wen i m depressed i feel like crying in front of baba ….so that day i was watching tv with less interest…then was thinking that i should watch baba movie so that i can see him …to my surprise when i was browsing the channel my fav sai baba movie was going on which i wanted to watch that day …i felt so happy …. and thanked baba and couldnt control my tears ….love u baba alot

    Sab ka Malik ek

  6. wonderful experience Anjali Ji!
    You really blessed with our beloved Baba. I relaized how great your trip was. It was amazing. Tears were rolling down from my eyes as I was reading your experience.


  7. wonderful experience Anjali Ji!
    You really blessed with our beloved Baba. I relaized how great your trip was. It was amazing. Tears were rolling down from my eyes as I was reading your experience.


  8. Dear Hetalji,
    I feel the same way as you do whenever I read the experience of devotees visit to Shirdi . But Baba says that if we think that he is in Shirdi only , we are mistaken. He says that he is omnipresent , I have named the residence as SAI DHAM . I always feel that he is living with me .I am living in his abode . He is my mom and dad . He takes care of me always .I wish he gives me a peaceful end as I am old and have finished my responsibilities on earth . I don't want my name to be published . Kindly pray for me . BABA BLESS YOU .

  9. Anjali Ji i am literally crying….have tears in my eyes……..i dont know when baba will call me to shirdi…But you know i will be much pleased if baba allow me to have his darshan, it doesn't matter whether i will be last in the queue…i never visited shirdi……i love u baba…OM SAI RAM

  10. Great experience as Baba has blessed you with whatever you wished for has been granted by him in seconds.Hope Baba blesses in this way all his children.

  11. Wonderful experience, thanks for sharing with us as I felt being in Shirdi. Your experience is really Baba's blessings….. May Sai bless you.
    I am in US and always think when will be my next visit to Sai at Shirdi, when he wants surely he will pull us there. Hope that day comes soon.
    Om Sai Ram

  12. This is such a beautiful experience Anjali Ji. I am very happy to know that baba took your fears away and helped you with your trip. reading your experience it did feel like u went to your mothers home and the loving sai ma has blessed you with all of his love. May the great lord Sai baba ji bless his devotees with such sweet miracles and experiences.

    baba please take care of me as well baba, you know i am going thru a difficult phase please be there with me and help me.

    Jai Sai Ram

  13. Nice experience. I have not been to Shirdi till now but I enjoy reading devotees experiences to Shirdi and I imagine myself the whole scenario of how the devotees experienced their trip.

    Hetal ji: I have mailed you on Sept 27 to know if prayers will be sent to Shirdi in October month through any devotee. Please reply me here.

  14. namaskar sister i felt very happy after reading ur shared experience from this blog this is only possible due to his grace on u and ur birth is blessed and ur efforts seva puja and smaran have come true this is a great oppurtunity only few will get this so u r one omsai

  15. awesome experience.. really you are very lucky..
    baba is always with you blessing you watching you every moment..tears rolled down with happiness after reading this..
    I am not a good person..i know..
    BUT i am still lucky because i am devottee of baba..
    I am just waiting for baba call.. i want to visit shirdi soon.. hopefully bfore dec31st of this year..
    i want my lover to get gud job very soon so that we both can go.. i can go with their family..
    this is my wish..
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram..
    really i can say visiting shirdi gives everybody a wonderful experience.. it will be a wonderful memory..baba loves all..

    jai shirdi sainath maharaj ki jai..

  16. truly an amazing experience..jai sai ram…
    baba mujhko bhi jaldi se shirdi bulao…mera jab bhi mann hua hai aapne mujhe shirdi bulaya hai…jaldi se phir bula lo baba …mujhe shirdi ana hai sai maa
    jai sai ram

  17. @Anonymous ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    There is no provision for sending monthly prayers to Shirdi. It is only when a devotee goes to Shirdi and informs me of taking prayers to Shirdi. Still you can send us your prayers, which will be kept safe in our database and once some devotee visits Shirdi, we send it to Shirdi.

    Hopefully during Diwali, my parents would be going to Shirdi, you can send prayers on this prayers link. They would be taking your prayers, if Lord Sai Baba calls them.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

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  19. Om Shree Sai Deva
    I was very fortunate to be visit Shirdi during my trip to India this Dec.Baba made all arrangement for me to see Him in His abode.The fact that He always is listening to His children were proved at every step and that He guides you to Him always .One need not worry for anything.Before leaving for India and wishing to visit Shirdi , I had in my mind asked Baba to wear a blue dress when we meet.Also when i reached shirdi…got worried by the huge line and system , so in my mind I prayed and left everything on my Baba.Someone adviced us to avail VIP pass with our International ID and with that i was in front of Baba in 10 minutes .Tears could not stop seeing my beautiful Baba in BLUE DRESS as my heart had wished.He was wearing a blue Jamewar !! I forgot everything when I saw Him.And as I reached upclose , The purohit handed me a orange piece of cloth into my hand…Its my Baba's blessing.and gift to me.then when we reached Gurusthan…I looked up and wished for 2 neem leaves…they fell and I recieved them yet again as My baba's gift.He blessed me and gave me so many gifts.I am nothing without Him.He is my everything.May baba always keep me at His feet.
    Thankyou Sai for being there.May all be blessed by Baba.
    Om shree sai deva .

  20. Sai devotees, please do visit mysai.org and go to "Live Darshan of Sai Baba" and get the blessing of Sri sai baba. You can also check out Sai answers my questions link in the same website , and get responses from Lord Sai to all your concerns/problems/issues. Jai Sai Ram.

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