A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 94

What to say about our compassionate Lord Sai Baba. He is always present with us. A call is sufficient for Him to come running to us. Sometimes even a call is also not needed. Such are experiences of below devotees. Please read them and decide how much Lord Baba loves His devotees selflessly.

Sai Baba’s Love Towards His Devotees

Sai Brother Thamil ji from New Zealand says: Dear Hetalji, Thanks for letting us to share experiences of Sai Baba through your blog. Whenever I read other devotee’s experience, it gives me more faith towards Sai Baba. Here, I am going to share one of my small experiences which happened yesterday.

I am a Sai devotee for a long time. However I became very closer to Sai Baba a year ago. A week ago, while I was reading one of the spiritual sites, it states that if you ask anything to your lord with unshakable faith it will be granted (If it is not harmful to you). Also I read one of the devotee’s experiences and it made me wondering how much unshakable faith she has in our Sainath. I was really amazed by this and prayed Baba to show me the way to have unshakable faith in you with any circumstances.

So I was thinking of asking something and in which I thought it will make me to have unshakable faith in our beloved Baba. So I asked our loved Sai Baba, “If you are really with me, please bless me with your UDI from Shirdi within a week”. I know that asking UDI is not harmful to me in any cause. I really wanted to have Shirdi UDI for a long time too and I strongly prayed Baba for this. Miracle took place yesterday. I received UDI from Shirdi (Note: I have donated some money long time ago to Shirdi, I even forgot about it). I still couldn’t finish thanking Baba for His wonderful love towards me.

Baba please be with us and bless us swami.

Om Sai Ram.

Sai’s Help

Sai Brother Sindhu ji from India says: This is to share my beautiful experience and thank my lord for giving me a pleasant surprise.

I completed 12th in March 2011. My engineering cut off was 192. I applied for revaluation. But I could score no marks. I prayed Baba to give me a good college in counseling. My uncle teased me that I will not get good college in counseling. Again I prayed Baba with great devotion. Before attending the engineering counseling, I got seat in Agricultural University. That time, all my relatives teased me that I am a dull student and I am not fit for anything. To everybody’s surprise, I got a seat in a reputed government college. Everybody felt proud of me then. The twist is that the uncle, who teased me, was with me into the counseling hall, when I took a seat in a good and the best next to Anna University. I am happy that Sai solved my problem and my relatives’ teasing for my score of 1142 out of 1200. Really Sai looks after all our sufferings. It was really hurting that Sai did not help me to score more. But now I feel that whatever happens is for good. If we have good faith in Sai, He will surely listen to all our problems and will solve all of them. I now really believe that “Whatever happens through Sai for His true devotee is always good”.

Sai Baba Saved My Family From Disaster

Sai Sister Renu ji from India says: Jai Sai Ram, Today I want to share wonderful experience of my life in which Babaji saved my family and home from cease fire in the kitchen. Babaji, I would like to say many many thanks from the bottom of my heart. If You were not there on that day, anything can be happened. But, now when I am in Your sharan, I never felt any fear for anything. I leave everything in your hand.

On Monday morning, I was preparing meal for my family around 5 AM. I never pay attention before there was actually leakage in the gas pipe. On that day suddenly, while preparing food, it caught fire and the fire spread very fast on entire self of the kitchen and whole kitchen was burning like anything. I shouted for help. My husband and father in law start throwing buckets of water on it one after another. I shouted Sai Babaji’s name for help, because any time gas cylinder can burst and both my husband and father in law were in kitchen. In the meantime, I wake up both my sleeping kids and send them down stairs with my mother in law. I immediately call my brother, father for help. They called the fire station. During this half an hour, I was going through like hell. At last I shouted with full volume in front of Sai Babaji’s photo “Babaji Please come for our help”. Then my husband came out of the kitchen and said the fire is controlled and now you can go and switch off the knob of cylinder. It was really a big miracle that fire got extinguished and nothing happened to our kitchen and its wood work except few ashes and lot of water on the kitchen floor.

Usually I stay alone at home with two small kids as my husband stay usually out of town due our business. On that day, both my husband and father in law were at home. This was also Babaji’s grace. I know Babaji, You are always with Your devotees. I trust you whole heartily.

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  1. Dear Renuji,
    Wonderful experience.. I really started having tears when i read it. I am glad that by BABA's grace you and your family are doing fine. It was BABA's miracle that your husband stayed at home that day..!


    I am just waiting for a miracle to happen soon in my life!! I know thats not far away!! BABA, bless us with a child soon!


  2. baba forgive your bhakts for the sins they commit unknowingly…we are human beings after all…please continue to shower your blessings on all of us….Jai Sai Deva…

    Wonderful Experiences.
    I Love You Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  4. Hello Renuji, thanks for sharing your experience. Could you please call the fire station first before calling your relatives or doing anything else? how can your father or brother extinguish the fire in your house? Please note the fire station number and keep it handy near the phone so you can call them first in an emergency like this.

  5. Thanks for your concern . Intially i tried fire station number only As i was very nervous I was unable to connect with them and My parents lives very near to my house So whenever there is any emergency first thing comes in my mind was their number only.

  6. plsss help me baba.. either get me rid out of it..or settle this situation nicely.. i cant live like this… hurts a lot.. still…..inspite of everything have faith on u n believe u..

  7. sai ji pls help me..mentally and physically suffering a lot..minute by minute depressing..not want to b alive..but i need to live..please bless me..dont know wt to do..please give me happy married life with my husband..please bless me with my husband s love..he is hating me a lot to my undone and done mistakes..i want his love and i want to continue my life journey with him happyly..please help me baba..giv me positive sign..please baba..

  8. i have no desire in my mind now expect my married life..not at al having intrest on anything..baba please please please help me..Dear sai friends..please pray for me to our sainath..baba baba vintunnava na prayer ni..if so please paluku..nuvvu nathone vunnavanna sathyanni naku chupinchu..edhyna miracle chey..naku nee meedha faith ni kaliginchu please raaaaaaaaa

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