A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 93

Below are few more brief experiences which will certainly help devotees to nurture their devotion to Lord Sai Baba. The last one is a prayer from lady who is going through health problems.

Sai Baba Helps in Nick of Time

Sai Brother Badal ji from Dubai says: Hi Hetal ji, Please post my experience in your blog so that my feelings can be reached to all of our Sai Baba devotees. Aum Shree Sainath!

Now I just want to share my experience with you of our beloved Sai Baba. I am working for a recruitment company in Dubai. One of company in Abu Dhabi sent us 2 e-tickets to mobilize 2 electricians on 14/7/2011. I sent the ticket to our Mumbai office and informed company to arrange for their OK to board message, so that they can board the flight in Mumbai – India. I was confirmed that both the candidates will be traveling.

On 13/7/2011 at 9 PM Dubai time, I got a call from Mumbai office that company has not done Ok to Board message and the airport authority is not allowing them to board the flight stating that Ok to Board is not arranged. Since it was 9 PM already and company was already closed. I did not have any other alternative to send any ok to board message to the airlines, since the airline office was already closed. I did not find any way how these candidates can travel. They have already stayed in Mumbai more than 15 days and they do not have much money to stay any more. Also if they do not travel company will charge them no show cost. They are poor people how they will manage. I was thinking all these looking at my Sai Baba’s photo. I kept one photo on my PC which my wife had brought for me from Shirdi. I kept Baba photo in such a way where I can see Him and He can see me always. One thought came to my mind if Baba can help these poor people, they can travel and there will be no extra cost for them. I prayed Baba and I pleaded to Him. Then I called my Mumbai office to tell them that ask the candidate to wait at the airport and take a chance once more. It was already 11 PM in India, their flight ETD was 12.05 AM. I prayed Baba for these 2 poor people, let them travel so that they will not face any problem.

It was so surprising and Baba listened my prayer. Air India never allows any candidate to board the flight without OK to board message. When a new candidate travels, OK to board message has to be done presenting the original visa in Air line office in UAE. I got information from my Mumbai office that both the candidates have traveled. There was no problem, when they report second time.

I do not have words to express the feel I had at that time. I was dancing inside me in the feeling watching Baba’s photo. I do not know how cheerful joy was that. Its only can happen with our beloved Baba and He will bless all of His devotees and also those who are not. Because I do not know if both poor people are devotees of Baba or not but He helped them.

My sincere prayer to Baba to bless all of His devotees and keep them happy always.

Jai Shree Saintha Bholanatha, Bhola Bhandari. We all love u.


Sai Baba’s Eternality

Sai Devotee TT ji from USA says: Sai Baba’s eternal presence is always experienced by those who believe in Him.

I am a student in the US and had been placed in a vulnerable position by my University’s student services after they failed to notify me of my visa requirements. So, I was out of status, for about a year. My parents’ devotion and faith turned me also to Sai Baba. By their advice, I started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. A week after, I started reading it. Sai Baba appeared in my dream and gave me the signal that He was taking care of the issue. This really calmed me down mentally as I was in a very bad situation, unsure of my career’s future. I kept reading the book until my Visa interview. On the day of the interview, they didn’t ask a single question about my status. The pressure, I went through, is hard to put down in words. But my point is that Sai Baba never leaves your hand, if you turn yourself to Him. Also, being a person curious about philosophy, I can say that Sai Satcharitra is one of the deepest philosophical books, I have read. Although, it is very easy to read and understand.

Much Pain In My Life, Need Your Help Baba

Anonymous Devotee from Bahrain says: Sai Ram, I am also Baba’s Devotee, but from last 2 years I am having problems in my life. Most of problems are health problem. First He used to answer my prayers, but now He is only giving pain, which I can’t bear as human. I can’t tell my problems to my husband, because we don’t have so much of money to treat on me. Now by facing problems for 2 years, I have lost my self confidence. I feel fear from myself. If I will tell it to any one, they will think I am mad and laugh at me. When I look in mirror, I feel to run from myself. I don’t like to go anywhere. I go outside only for my son who is 3 years old. From childhood only, I had always problem in my life. I have not got anything, which I desired. I have no problem about that, but now when Baba is giving problem, why He is not giving me courage to face it. May be because of my karama, I have so many problems. But when You give such type problem, please Baba give courage to face it during night. I can’t sleep at that time. I fear most, but now a days, during daytime also I feel fear. I don’t know what to do some time when my problems increase. I think to end my life, but Baba says that if I do this, my pain will be given in next birth. I don’t know what to do. I want peace of mind. I have not done any bad things to others, then why my life is like this. I feel like crying always. No one is here to help me. I pray in front of Baba, but He is not answering anything. Sorry, I wrote such a big mail.

Please don’t write my name and email id.

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    I am sure BABA JI will help that lady. May be BABA JI is testing her faith. Please surrender yourself at BABA JI's feet and i am sure that BABA JI will help you.


  2. Jai Sai Ram, I feel sorry for the Sai Devotee from Bahrain. Not knowing what health problem she has and why she suffers fear from herself as well as depression to the point of ending her life, only BABA can bring her peace and happiness forgiving her past karmas.
    WE pray for her health and happiness. May she have a long happy life with her 3 year old son and her loving husband.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  3. Devotee from Bahrain,

    Please read sai satcharita, BABA is listening to you. He has something for you. Do not worry. Just chant his name and read sai sathcaritra, sharada and saburi.

    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Dear Sai Bhakts,
    I’m a girl in a really big problem and dilemma right now. I’m hoping that atleast Sai bhakts can answer and help me. Baba doesn’t seem to listen to me at all. Im in a stage of my life where getting married is the priority. It has been really hard for me and my parents to find someone right for me. This has created lot of tensions for my parents due to me. I had loved a guy, he had loved me too, but then his parents refused since I was older to him, so he has given up after trying for 6 months. I sought refuge in Sai to help me get married to him. I prayed, did Sai nav guruwar vrat, satcharitra parayans, but Baba doesn’t seem to listen. Recently I got to know that the guy got engaged, although I heard that it got cancelled and the proposal was broken. Is this a sign that we will be united? I feel guilty that if I marry someone else I may not do justice to the person I marry. Also if I like someone else now I feel guilty about it, and feel this is just Baba’s test for me to see how strong I am for the one I want to be with. I am torn between if I should stick to waiting for the person I love, or move on? What is Baba ji hinting to me I’m unable to follow.

    My parents have fixed my marriage with someone else now, and it is in one month, I’m really unhappy, but agreed as I cannot see my parents worry like this and spoil their health. I don’t want to hurt my parents, nor ruin the other person’s life by marrying and troubling him. I used to ask Baba on the question answer website, and he would say my desire will be fulfilled, I’m living only on those hope that Baba will bless me with the one I love. But I see no hope on that side, I cannot wait or move on I’m confused, please clear my dilemma on Baba’s answers for me. I’m begging Baba and all of you to help me, please!

    Sai Samarth

    Sai ki Beti

  5. Anonymous devotee from Bahrain,

    Please read SAI SATCHARITA with faith.I am sure BABA will save you from your health problem.Please understand that as BABA said we suffer because we are reaping the fruit of past karmas.And at this time you should hold BABA's feet and never leave them. You will be definitely saved from your agony.And also, before retiring to bed
    apply Baba's Vibhuti with devotion and also take little with water assuming it to be the medicine given by BABA . You will be relieved of all your distress.
    I pray BABA to cure you from your health problems.


  6. @Sai ki Beti: hold consultations with the guy and his family…if he is ready to be with you…then fine…else move on…sai will take care of everything….

  7. Hi anonymous ji, i am in the same situation as your's, we dunno bout the future but baba know's it all, jus surrender urself completely to baba , he kno's your feelings but will do some thin with which ur future will be good… now since ur parents have already choosen a guy for u jus get committed , i know those feelings will not go leave evry thing at baba's feet don think any thin, if baba want u both to get together he ll some how change his mind and bring back but if baba feels u ll not ve a good future with him then he wont but he ll give u courage to face it. Just one thing i ll tell u no matter if u guys are far jus pray baba to keep your love happy no matter if u r not destined to marry because at the end this is important na u love him so much jus to see him happy rite..

    Om Sai Ram,
    Baba Maalik

    Nice Experiences.
    sisterji from Bahrain,
    JaiSairamji please beleive in Sai.He is there for us. Don't worry. Please share your problem with your husband clearly. I am sure that he'll understand. Then he'll give you courage,Ask Baba thrugh http://www.yoursaibaba.com everything will be alright. Try to come outside and talk to people,you'll be fine.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You Baba.
    Baba please help me in today interview Baba. I am tensed Baba. Baba I am surrendering at your feet. I am your daughter Baba,It is your wish to do anything for your daughter Baba. Please excuse me Baba for my mistakes Baba. I love You Baba.

  9. Hetal Ji and Sai Bhakts,
    I'm really sorry for posting my woes like this here, and not send it by email and wait for my turn. I'm the one who just posted the comment earlier about my marriage. But my position is horrible, like how in the Satcharitra one of the mother's position was like that of a person who took shelter under a tree from rain, but the tree fell on him, I'm in a similar situation, so please begging everyone to show me some direction.

    @ Sai Devotee from Bahrain:
    Please do not think of ending your life since you have a beautiful 3 year old son and a mother's love is very important for him, and your husband also needs your support. So please do not deprive them of that. Please Baba send them a friend who can help them financially for the treatment and then give them courage to handle the rest of the problems. 2 years is a long enough time to test and for her to have patience, please bless her Baba Ji.

    Om Sai Ram
    Sai ki Beti

  10. Dear Sai Devotee from Bahrain,
    I wish you had written your health problem. There is nothing to fear since our Baba is always with us.Please listen to baba's bhajan, read his leelas and have faith in him.I am sure soon your health problem will be solved.Stay positive for your child. I pray to Baba to help you.
    Jai Sai Baba

  11. May Baba help you. Have faith. I too am going through a rough phase. At times I feel he doesn't listen to me but deep down I feel that Baba is there with me. He is there with you also. Don't worry. May be he just want to test us. Test our level of devotion.
    Please help us Baba. We need you.
    Thankyou for showing me that you here with me.
    Please bless us.

    Om Sai Ram.
    Sai Sai Sai

  12. Jai Sai Ram.

    Sister in Bahrain,

    Why did you not tell your husband about your health problems and your worries? besides you are a mother of a 3 years old kid. you have to be mentally strong.

    There are lot of people in this world who have not got much in their life and also in child hood. but we should not give up!! we should try and work and keep faith on our Sai Ram. Just chant his name and follow his foot steps carefuly, then see what he does!!

    "Please read Sai Satcharita" start from Thursday and complete it by next Thursday" Baba will certainly come to your rescue.

    Om Sai Ram…

  13. Sister,

    Having read your story, it's a simple solution. Do not worry!! Love is between 2 people, but marriage is between 2 families.

    I don't say that it is wrong to marry the person you love but when things dont favour us there is nothing much we can do. We should think god does what is best for us and it is a blessing in disguise. Tell your ex that you have to end it here if not, it will haunt you and ruin your complete life.

    I think your parents agreed you to marry him but the boy parents denied it. So, it's not your parents fault. Dont hurt them, they are already old.

    Now with the new alliance, tell your parents straigthly and boldly that you need atleast 1-2 months time to understand this guy!! my cousin wedding was called off because the boy was an arrogant guy. She found it out in just a month after knowing him. So atleast you will not marry a stranger and a psycho.

    Request Baba on this and go ahead!! Baba always helps us, he will never sit quiet. But we people don't understand that some times and we ask Baba for something we are not capable of (let it be Love, fortune, career progress) If we have faith on Baba, he will definetly give us what we need and there will be no dearth of needs in our house.

    Good luck to you sister.

    Bow to the Holy Feet of our Almighty!!

    Jai Sai Ram.

  14. Thank you all for your guidance. I'm positive that Baba is with me and hoping He will give me the best. I'm trying to follow the suggestions given by all here. I had picked chits in front of Baba Ji and He told me that this proposal will not happen, so just waiting and begging Baba for a better life.

    Om Sai Ram
    Sai Ki Beti

  15. sister from bahrain,
    I don't know why you have fear.But i suffered from fear because of depression , not able to sleep, eat etc.I practiced meditation and made lot of friends(against my own will).Now I am healthy and happy for almost 15 years.Don't lose faith in Sai.He will fix every thing.

    Om sairam

  16. Hello Sai ki Beti, I don't usually reply to messages re spineless men abandoning their girl friends because their parents don't approve. It only goes to prove that how backward India still is culturally. Anyway, I had an inspiration (divine or not I don't know) to say something to you – you should speak to this guy that you love and tell him that you still love him and you only want to marry him. Let him know if he feels the same about you and you two should meet your parents first and get married with their support. In time, his parents will forgive both of you and accept the marriage. I feel relieved now that I have said it. Good luck.

  17. Sai Ram Anonymous Ji,
    I did talk to him about it sometime back, he flatly refused me. I was waiting patiently trying not to get angry, sad and waiting that Baba will bring him back, but I've lost that hope also now.

    Why I do not get one thing I want be it job, studies, or even in personal life is a mystery to me. I have knowingly not done any harm, try to help others, and still face problems. How bad can my karma be?

    Thanks for your support, I'll try and talk once more and see what happens.

    Sai ki Beti

  18. Sai sister
    I have one suggestion. If you believe 100% in Baba. Place two chits before baba. 1) Marry the guy your parents chosed 2) Do not marry. Pray to baba and pick one chit. The best come to you from Baba. Do not worry

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