Miracles Of Sai Baba At Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir – Part 3

We are sharing Shipbur Sai Baba Mandir experiences from time to time on this blog. Here is an addition to few more experiences.

Sai Sister Natasha ji from USA says: Dear Hetalji, We are all very grateful to Baba for connecting us through your beloved site. I wanted to share a few more miracles of Baba at Shibpur. It is a place where one can feel the divine vibrations of Baba and a true testament that Baba resides where there is true devotion and love. I request devotees to whole heartedly contribute to building this beautiful temple that Baba has ordered Amit ji to take care of. For more information on how to help: shibpurtemple@gmail.com.

One Sai devotee experience in Shibpur temple

During the evening Aarti, I had the desire to take a small video of the Aarti and keep it to myself. An inner voice told me to stop taking the video and concentrate on the Puja and Aarti. I did not listen and continued taking the videos. I tried to take two videos during the evening Aarti period. When the Aarti was over, I tried checking how the videos have come. To my surprise, there were blank screens. None of the videos were recorded. I understood that I have to take Baba’s permission to click His picture here. Next morning during the Kakad Aarti, I asked Baba for His permission to take His morning Aarti video. I looked at Baba and He seemed to be smiling. Happily I took the video. It was recorded this time. I understood that nothing in this universe moves without Baba’s permission and grace.

Miracles happened on Ramanavami – Shibpur (24.03.2010)

: Anand Joshi, a great Sai devotee, inaugurated Sai Baba temple Shibpur on Ramanavami day. He had blessed experience on that day. Anand ji asked Amit ji that you tell Baba is here, show me, I want to see Him. Then Amit ji told go inside the temple with candle, switch off the light and meditate on candle light. If Baba wants then definitely He will give you Darshan. It was around 11 pm in night; he went inside, sat with candle and started staring at Baba.

He had the vision of Khandoba, Vittal and Baba (Baba’s face he described it as old it looked like Baba just few days before Samadhi). He felt great vibration there. He was in very happy state. He submerged in devotion sea of Baba. Anand ji told that he felt great vibration inside temple and near the Neem tree.

Miracles happened on Ramanavami – Shibpur (24.03.2010)

: A 24 year married girl from Nadia district had some infection on left side chest. It started growing. Girl’s family stopped local treatment and took her to good hospital in Calcutta. Wound infection had spread till mouth. It was diagnosed as cancer. She was given 3-4 bottles of blood every week and doctor said that she will not survive. It has reached last stage. She was bedridden. On the day of Ramanavami, her husband’s sister‘s marriage was arranged in Shibpur. She got a call that her sister in law will die, so come soon to see her. She came to Shibpur Sai Baba temple and asked Amit ji for Prasad, she can put on her sister in law’s mouth. She was crying badly. Amit ji prayed to Baba and gave her Prasad. She came to her sister in law’s place, who was about to leave this world and put the Prasad in her mouth. Patient, after some time, got up from bed. She said she is feeling much better and why she didn’t get Prasad earlier. At 8 pm, they called Amit ji and informed this. Everyone was happy as Baba gave a Jeevan Daan to her. Such wonderful gift Baba gave. Now after 1 week of Ramanavami, they informed Amit ji that her wounds are getting healed. She is much better. Even doctors are shocked. Is it our Baba who is above all?

Mr. Mohammed Rashid

A person “Mr. Mohammed Rashid” had a problem of spinal cord and was bed ridden. He stays 7 KM from Shibpur temple. He had taken treatment, but doctors were very negative and said he cannot become normal. This disappointed Rashidji a lot. So he started praying Baba. One day he sent one person on his behalf to Shibpur temple to pray to Baba and to get UDI. He also asked to pray to Baba that if he becomes normal, he will definitely visit Saibaba to pay thanks. Person sent by Rashid ji came to Shibpur temple and prayed for Rashid ji and took UDI and went. After few days of taking UDI, Rashidji’s condition started improving and he became normal. As per his promise Rashidji, immediately came to temple with 10 Nariyals (coconut) by bike. He reached temple and thanked Baba.

Few more experiences

  • An abnormal person was admitted to hospital and was given treatment. But no improvement was seen in his condition. One day he was given Shibpur Baba’s bathed holy water to drink. Day by day his condition started to improve and he is normal now by grace of our Lord.
  • A person from Mumbai was jobless from 7 months. He read about Shibpur Saibaba. So he downloaded Baba’s photo and gave it for prints. He kept photo in house and started worshipping. In short time Baba fulfilled his wish and he got good job with very good package.
  • A Sai devotee from Hyderabad had financial problem and also problem in his married life. His wife had left him. He took prints of Shibpur Baba’s photos and sent some amount for Pooja in Shibpur on his behalf. He started doing Baba’s Pooja every day at home. Then things began to change. Financial condition started improving and wife, who had left him, 6 months back came back to him.

This beautiful Leela happened on 09.06.2010

A Sai devotee name Payal, who resides in Calcutta, had come to Shibpur. She had wished to offer Baba fruits named Jamul (as called in Bengali). She left her place at 8.30 in morning and while traveling she forget to buy the fruits. On the way, when they stopped the car, suddenly a person came and gave her Jamul fruits and asked her to offer it to Baba and went off. She was shocked by this incident. She reached temple in afternoon and happily offered fruits to Baba. This Incident is similar to incident mentioned in Chapter 28 of Sai Satcharitra. Lala Lakhamichand, who started for Shirdi for the first time with his friend Shankarrao, reached Kopergaon. He wanted to buy some good guavas for offering to Baba. But he was so much enrapt with the scenery and sights there that he forgot to purchase them. When they were nearing Shirdi, he was reminded of the guavas. Just then he saw an old woman with a guava-basket on her head, running after the tanga. The tanga was stopped and he gladly purchased some select fruits, when the woman said – “Take all the rest and offer them on my behalf to Baba”. The facts viz. that he had intended to purchase guavas, but that he had forgotten to do so, the old woman’s encounter and her devotion to Baba, all these were a surprise to both the friends. And Lakhamichand thought in his mind, that the old woman might be some relation of the old man (Saibaba) he saw in his dream.

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  1. Jai Sai Ram to all Sai devotees.Ya its true Baba itself pulls his devotees to his way and always helps to remind the forgotten things and commitments towards him. We have so many examples of the same as mentioned in the Sai Satcharitra also and by Sai Devotees experiences posted in the blogs. from all such experiences our faith in Sai baba gets more and more powerful and deep.He is greatest doctor also in the entire Universe. Koti Koti Pranam on the Lotus Feet of Sadguru Sai Baba. Please be with all of us always.

  2. There is a small request for all the devotees from the Shibpur Sai baba temple Samity to help them in the temple construction. The thatched roof structure of Baba's room will be ready in few weeks. Also because of the floods in the krishanagar and shibpur area the boundry wall of the temple was totally destroyed which is now being built again.

    So devotees are requested to help the temple in which ever way they can.

    Wonderful Experiences.
    Baba please bless me to visit Shibpur temple.
    I want to visit that temple by your grace Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    I Love You So Much Baba.
    Baba ki beti.

  4. Very nice Natashaji…keep posting experience of shibpur…..I wait for them…..hope baba calls all his devotes there for darshan.

  5. I had No words to express my feeling after reading miracle happened on ramanavami day.Our baba is doctor's doctor.
    He is great. he is always helping his devotees in any way..

  6. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Please give them good health, protect them from all evil, give them a life full of happiness and laughter, please enrich them with your faith and make them prosperous . Baba I feel tired all the time, please help me on a daily basis to do my work well and perform my chores up to date as expected at work and at home. Baba please surround us with good people and help us provide good employment. Help us get honest and efficient people with dedication. Baba please be with my children. Help them daily in completing their educational commitments. Baba give us some direction in life. Baba I surrender to your self. Om SAi Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏

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