Sharing few more experiences which read with true devotion, will re-affirm faith of all in Lord Sai Baba.

Baba Showed Me His Intense Love For Me

Sai Sister Parul ji from India says: Jai Sai Ram to all near and dear Sai Devotees. I want to share through this blog that how my Baba (father) maintained my dignity in front of everyone on the occasion of Sai Sandhya at our home and proved to my parents, family and other relatives that He is with His daughter (me) and watching her.

It was started on September 2010, when suddenly a thought of organizing Sai Kirtan at our home stroke into my mind. I decided to spend my saved pocket money for this. But I only had 3100 to spend. So I decided to organize small Kirtan. But actually Baba wanted to have a big Sai Sandhya. All of my family members were against me as they said what the fun of having Kirtan at home is. You can worship Baba by just sitting in temple and organizing Kirtan will cost too much. But still somehow, I was determined to have Kirtan at home out of my love for Baba. Baba wanted to have big Sai Sandhya, so that He can come and prove His love for His daughter.

After long quarrels, my family agreed to organize small Sai Kirtan on Sunday on 31st October 2010. I started doing all the preparations. Suddenly on Thursday (i.e. three days before Kirtan), to a big surprise, my father asked me to arrange Kirtan on the roof as He wanted to invite more people and roof was much more spacious. I was awestruck as this desire was hidden in my heart and was known only to Sai Baba. Slowly slowly, all my family members started taking interest in organizing event and the gathering of just 20-30 people turned to 120 people. As the day of Sai Sandhya approached, when the event was going on, suddenly on glass chimney that was placed across Jyot in the pooja thali in front of Baba’s picture, appeared a picture of Sai Baba and all the guests were surprised. All had a Darshan of Sai Baba. The Kirtan Bhajan Mandli (“Group”) was known with the fact that I am organizing this event with my pocket money by the grace of Sai Baba. As soon as Baba appeared on the chimney, they spoke loudly out of their surprise for my intense love for Baba “See Parul’s Baba has come to bless her” and everybody started praising me.

At the end of Sandhya, another miracle took place. The coconut that we offered to Baba as a Bhog or Prasad was broken itself and had the sign of Jesus Cross (Christian sign) on it as He proved “SABKA MALIK EK”. All my family members were surprised as they never understand my feelings for Baba and Baba Himself came and proved to them. Now my all family members are devotees of Sai Baba and all this happened just because Baba stood with me. He saw Himself how I had a fight with my parents for His small Kirtan. I just love my Sai Baba and He proved that my feelings are so pure in front of everyone. I just love Him more than I love myself. LOADS OF LOADS OF PRANAMS TO THE LOTUS FEET OF OUR BELOVED SAI BABA

Devotee Experience

Sai Sister Jyothi from India says: Sai ram Hetal ji,
I am a regular reader of Sai digest and believe in both forms of Sai. I feel really happy to share my experience with you and many more of my brothers and sisters.

I have been suffering with slip-disc and sciatic pain since 2000. I would have pain on and off and the pain would subside after a week or sometimes a month rest. This time, my pain persisted for nearly 10 months.

I came to know of 9 Thursdays vrat from your blog and decided to do the same. So I and my husband visited Shirdi (which was due) and after return, I started my vrat with full faith and dedication. I completed all my formalities sincerely and prayed Baba to remove my pain and give me relief. It was really amazing that Baba listened to my prayers and I could sleep peacefully after a span of 10 months.

I am very grateful to Baba for having showered His grace on me. Now I leave everything to Him with total surrender and take everything that comes in my life as His wish. I know He is always with me every moment taking care of me and my family.

I once again thank for all the love He is showering on us.

Jai Sai Ram.

Let Baba bless one and all.

Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu.

Call From Baba

Sai Sister Kashish from India says: Om Sai Ram, I am Kashish Tyagi from Ghaziabad. I think whatever happened with me, surely shows the presence of Baba.

One morning in winter time, I had gone to my maternal uncle’s house. He told me that they are going Shirdi. I also wanted to go to Shirdi. Suddenly, he asked me to join them to the pilgrimage. From that moment, I made my mind to go. But the problem, which came to me, was that I didn’t have any reservations and they had to leave the next week. My uncle tried a lot, but I didn’t get tickets in waiting or in any other train. My sister also tried with some agents to get a reservation, but it was of no use. Meanwhile in those days, I started getting dreams of Baba, my nana ji whose was his devotee. I used to cry sitting in the temple for something to happen so that I could get the ticket. Like this few days had gone. They told me that they are not getting anything, so I can’t go. That day, I cried a lot and chanted Sai Mantra whole night. The next morning, they called me and said that Baba has listened to me and I got the last waiting ticket to go to Shirdi. After my confirmation of waiting the counter had closed. Tears came out of my eyes. I experienced presence of Baba in this world.

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  1. parul thank's for the wonderfull experience.baba lives where pure hearted devotes lives.u r blessed by sai baba .u r very lucky person.i pray ur all dreams w'll come true.

    By reading such experiences it really feels presence of baba every where with his devotees. Parul ji, Kashish ji and Jyoti ji you all are luckiest one for having such experiences with baba. I want to thanks to all Sai devotees for posting their experiences as by knowing their experiences our faith gets more and more strong on BABA.

  3. Very nice experiences of all Parulji,Kashishji and Jyotiji.When reading the experience of Parulji i had tears in my eyes.Even i am thinking of doing Sai Kirtan in our home but somehow or the other it is not happening.Hope Baba also comes to our home to do the Sai Kirtan and bless us all .For the past one week or so,i am thinking about it and Baba has answered that it should be done fastly.Hope Baba does it and also bless us all in the same way as Parulji.


  4. Parul that was such an nice experience. U are really a devoted and pure daughter of Baba. I wish you could have posted pics too of the glass chimney where baba,s photo had appeared and also of the coconut. That would have been a treat to all devoteees. Can u do that?

  5. DEAR DEVOTEE…ds is parul.m not having photo because as i was filled enthusiasm and my eyes were filled with tears so i forgot everything and just kept on looking baba's picture…u r talikng about photo even i forgot to had lunch and dinner…so m so sorry.but dont worry next time when i'll arrange sai sandhya,i'll arrange camera first.m sorry for dissapointment….jai jai sai ram.

  6. Hi Parul…. Baba has accepted you as a true devotee and that's the reason he gave you his blessing by giving wonderful darshan for you and others there. I was filled with tears reading your wonderful experience and your love towards him.
    Even I had darshan of Baba in 2009 October in a temple when I was totally depressed thinking that no one in this world is true hearted and yours …. You are alone but Baba proved to me that he is with me by giving his Wonderful Darshan coming himself to the temple if you have pure devotion towards him. I will post my experience too one day when Baba gives me his permission to do so.
    But now I feel I have parted from him thinking selfishly about my material gains that he hasn't blessed me for a long time, my devotion is not at all true nowadays I have become too selfish indeed asking Baba to bless me and I know till my karmic sins are washed away and when Baba thinks it's right only then he will bless us… I don't know when I will again come back to him purely without gains in my mind and love him whole heartedly. Baba only can make this impure soul pure. So I want to become pure hearted Baba… I hope that day will come again too.
    God bless all.
    Om Sri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

  7. don't worry u r baba's child.even if u r selfish it doesn't matter to baba.because baba knows that somewhere in your selfish heart you have pure heart too…one day baba will make dominate ur pure heart rather than selfish one,this is baba's work so let him do.surrender to him and just say SORRRY..pure heartedly.he'll make u feel blessed
    jai jai sai ram

  8. I am sure if u ask permission baba will grant it because he too wants all these devotee experiences to guide ald light the path of others who are depressed and in dire need of hope and love. So kindly post ur experience of how u got darshan of Baba in the temple.

  9. Anantha koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  10. Parul Ji, You really blessed with Baba's grace. May Baba give darshan to all his devotees like you. I think your are baba's lovely daughter.

    Om Sai Ram

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