Sai Baba Rescued In Dream State – Anonymous Sai Devotee

We have seen Lord Sai Baba running and helping His devotees in times of danger. Today’s experience shows how a devotee was rescued in dream state.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram to everyone, It’s about a dream, which I saw and cried so much and I didn’t know but Baba knew everything. I am new to this blog and I want to share my dream with all the Sai devotees. I believe that Sai Baba does everything for you but you realize it when time comes, not before the time, not after the time, but at the time. Same happened with me.

One night, I had a dream. A very bad dream (which you may think that nothing so bad about it but I felt that dream). I had a dream and here it goes.

It’s dark out there and everyone is sleeping in my home. My papa, Mumma and Didi were in one room and sleeping tightly. And in another room, I was awake and preparing for my exams and I saw that main door of my home was open (door was exactly in front of me) and weather was very stormy and kind of rainy. Curtains were blowed by air and I was getting scared. That night was horrible and suddenly I picked up my phone and massaged my friend. Suddenly, my Mumma came and start beating me that at this time of night to whom I was messaging. I told Mumma that nothing just asking my friend about the paper. I saw the time it was just 10.30 at night and my mummy start beating me. Otherwise, my Mumma is very sweet and loves me so much, accepts me the way I am. She loves me selflessly, but I don’t know why dream came that my mummy was beating me.

Suddenly, I don’t know what happened, then I had 2nd part of the dream that I am in a room whose condition is very bad. Just one bed was there and one window (in which there were vertical rods). I don’t know, but may be I was in a white saree and crying so much. It was same like a movie called “Prem Rog”. The heroine in a white saree lives in her room, where widow lives. I was crying so badly. I was looking out of the window and my hands were shivering. I don’t know why I was in so much pain (the first part in which my mom was beating me got over, but this part was worse than that). I was shivering, praying and suddenly I saw out of the window. I saw a bamboo stick on which Baba’s poster was hanging. I folded my hands and I could see that my hands were shivering like hell and I said Sai Baba, PLEASE HELP ME. I was crying.

Here my dream got over, but in the morning when my papa came to wake me up for college, I was crying in sleep. My sister woke up suddenly and asked me. But I was not conscious as I was in sleep and I was crying in sleep. My body was stiff, my sister shook me. And I cried, cried and cried. Papa and Didi got scared and woke me up. In sleep, I was able to hear their voices, but I was not able to respond as I was in half sleep. Then I woke up and cried. I told Didi that Mumma was beating me very badly and I told her about that room, one bed with white bed sheet and just one small window. After that I was very upset with Baba ji. I didn’t talk to Him. That was Thursday and I didn’t want to go to Him in temple (“Mandir”). But He called me and I went. While coming back from there I was not talking to Sai Baba. I kept telling Him that You didn’t rescue me; You didn’t help me. I was in so pain.

While coming back, I was talking to my sister (I am very close to her; I love her so much) and told her that Baba didn’t help me and at that time I was crying. Suddenly it stuck in my mind that when I said in my dreams that Baba please help me, at that point of time my DREAM BROKE. I remember this completely. And I was shocked that why I didn’t notice it before. I got the answer from Babaji. My dream broke and I became conscious when I said to Baba that Baba “Madad Karo” (Help me).

Then I realized that Baba is always with us but we misunderstood Him sometimes. We curse Him sometimes. We throw our anger on Him. But Baba is still with us. He loves us, whatever we do.

And one thing more when I told my sister about this, she told me that some days ago she read a story in Sai Satcharitra that a man has a dream that his teacher was beating him. Actually the man (some days ago) went to Baba ji and said I can’t bear my wrong karmas in this life. Baba said to him that he can’t do anything. We have to face our karmas in this lifetime. The man said that he would face it in next ten years, but he doesn’t have courage to face it now. And when the man had that dream he came to Sai and cried in front of Him and asked about the dream. Baba said “You were not ready to face it in this lifetime, but we have to bear all our good and bad karmas in this lifetime. That’s why I gave you the dream in which I gave you suffering which otherwise you would have been facing it in real life.”

See Baba is so generous. He always finds an answer to every problem, and I don’t know how I write this whole experience. These are all Sai Baba’s words. They were just coming in my mind from Sai Baba ji with a great flow and I just wrote it.

Sai ki pyari ladli

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  1. the story written in words is so much actual that i himself feeling it..after reading i must say that this is what one can describe truly by heart so all other devotees can resemble it with their own experiences…surely a true story of an ordinary person like all of us and one more flower to the epic of that great,beloved baba of all of us..
    Jai Sai Ram..

  2. Very nice experience .I felt so happy after reading your story.
    Hetal Ji, I stay in US so daily accroding to your early morning or either in evg i will be opening the site that too in a hurry to look for the new experience. After reading the experince i feel like Sai Ma giving the answers for some of my questions.So nice of you .Please keep posting the experiences of the Devotees.

  3. wow now it all makes sense having night terrors and nightmares. thank you great experience! I learned a lot 🙂

    Om Sai Nathay Namoh~

    -Baba's Daughter

  4. As said by one of our devotees above, the picture posted looks fine.
    with regard to the anubhav posted, there are many incidents of this sort of happenings and the devotee has been Blessed by LORD SHRI SHIRDI SAI BABAand HIS GRACE.
    As one grows with Shri Sai, one feels HIS Benevolence and Omniscience through their lives.

    I Love You Sai.
    Please Bless her with good life Sai.
    Ananta Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath maharaj Ki Jai.

  6. what a touching story. i could feel your emotions while reading it. May our beloved sai baba bless all of us with his generous love.

    Sai sevak

  7. I was a very big bhakt of sai baba.. but I don't think baba exists.. There are hell lot of problems in my life and baba s not showing any clue of resolving them.. I know we have to have shradda and saburi but its tool late now for anything

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