Sai Baba Brings You Back To Him – Sai Devotee Sai Varun

Following is heart throbbing experience of Sai brother Sai Varun ji. I was left speechless after reading this experience. It is one more experience of how kind is Lord Sai Baba to His devotees.

Sai Brother Sai Varun ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Please find below my encounter with Baba, Baba Inspired me to write this. When you publish this, please send me the link, I will follow the comments if any. Since I belong to Baba, Please mention “Sai Varun” as the name & don’t show email Id or other details.

This is a wonderful incident that took place with me in Dec 2010. I am an entrepreneur, 25 years of age, currently in Bangalore, but brought up in Delhi. I am a devotee of Sai since 1999. Baba has been with me since then. But there are sometimes when you feel that you are missing the connection. The Story I am narrating is one of those times, when I started feeling that the link is missing and something is wrong. When you start doubting and your faith starts diminishing, Baba does something to bring you back on track in His own sweet ways and makes you feel that He was always there. But it’s you who was running away. Before Writing I prayed to Him that I am incapable of writing this incident, thus please write it the way you want it to be written, so that your message reaches to many people like me. Now I will continue with the story as it is about Sai & only Sai. I wanted to apply for German Visa. I already had US Visa and wanted to have a trip to US after 4 days. I wanted to go to Germany by taking a halt as my flights were via Frankfurt. I am based in Bangalore and wanted to apply for a German Visa. One needs to go To VFS Bangalore for Documentation Check & appointment scheduling, after that an interview takes place in Chennai.

I had my intuition that something is wrong and I will face difficulties in getting Visa or might not get at all. I went VFS Bangalore and was asked to sit for my turn. While waiting, I saw that the environment of VFS is very hostile. The supervisor was treating the subordinates badly and was speaking very rudely. I was bit annoyed to see this. There was couple of incidents where the supervisor scolded the people badly and insulted them. With all this happenings around, I had the feeling that they will do some mess up with my documents and this will result me facing in difficulties in Visa Process. When my turn came, I went to the person on counter, He was a nice guy. He asked few questions to which I replied confidently. He checked my Documents and told me that they are fine. But suddenly he thought of something and went up to the supervisor to cross check. He came back to say that there is some issue with my tickets to which when I replied they got convinced and scheduled an appointment for the next day.

In the night, I spoke about all of this to a friend of mine, who is a staunch devotee of Sai Baba and also shared my intuition. She told me that don’t worry Baba will help you in getting the visa. You will meet a person who will give you His Photo as blessings. This will help you. I have been worshipping Baba since last 15 Years and always wanted to meet Him this way. So I offered by prayers to Baba and asked Him to meet me. In my mind I had my thoughts that who will give that photo. I won’t let Him go since He will be SAI Himself. Very rarely we get to see Him and why will I let Him go? After My Prayers, I went to sleep as I had an early morning flight to Chennai. From the time I woke up to the time I reached Embassy, I was extremely conscious that SAI BABA would come and give me His blessings. I kept on looking, but nobody came. Thus disappointed to some Extent, I reached inside and waited for my turn. My turn came and I went up to the window. There was a lady in 30’s with very good smile. She asked me some questions and I replied. She was astonished to see the kind of work I was doing & praised us. She did check my documents and was more impressed. I was thinking that how it can happen that everything is happening smoothly and also why Baba didn’t gave me His blessings. But who knew I had a big surprise in store.

The lady was impressed with the documents and everything. But then suddenly something came in her mind and she consulted the seniors. Actually she found out two errors in my tickets, one was about the language of Invitation letter and the other related to Flight Tickets. Just to tell you all, for German Visa mandatory requirements are Invitation Letter, Flight Tickets, Travel Insurance and official documents from Company of applicant. Invitation Letter from a German Company states the purpose of travel and the expense responsibilities. Confirmed flight tickets indicate the duration of stay in Germany. Insurance should be for intended stay including travel days. Now the issues were, I had attached the tickets to US via Frankfurt and indicated that I intend to take a Stop Over on return, with no confirmation on Stop over from Airline. My Insurance dates were starting from midnight of the day I was reaching Germany. Thus this leads to confusion at their end. To which they suggested me to get a fresh tickets & insurance. I had an argument with them that these documents have been approved by VFS and thus these are valid. Secondly If I submit back tomorrow, I will not be able to get my passport back before my flight to US. The senior person told me that she cannot help me and thus Visa cannot be issued. But the lady suggested me that please call your travel agent and get these things arranged and submit in VFS Chennai and you may get the Visa. But I was not getting the point as I did not know any agent who could do this for me. I always book my tickets on my own using Web Portals and it is difficult getting it changed, as January is a peak time. I was disappointed and I started my return to my hotel. Just when I walked 100 meters from Embassy, there came the guard running after me. He told me that someone is calling me inside. At once it reminded me of Sai Baba, so I ran to embassy again. I went inside, but no one was there. Then I came outside and asked the guard. He told me that he knows only this and asked me to wait there and later he was asked to guide me the address of VFS Chennai. Thus I returned to my hotel.

Just to try, I called the help desk of Web portal, but they refused to help me. I spoke to the same friend and told her what has happened and how Baba did not helped me. She consoled and said nothing, while I was speaking on phone I was getting a call waiting which I ignored once as the number was unknown. But then I picked up on second time keeping my friend on hold. There was a voice of a lady and she inquired if it was me who went to German embassy for Visa interview. I replied yes and she told me that why are you worrying? It is very easy Just call the travel agent and request him to hold tickets for you and submit your documents along with new ticket in VFS and rest will be done. I asked her name, but she refused. I got the hint. I blocked my tickets on Emirates, took out the printout hurriedly and left for VFS which was 2 kms from my hotel.

Do you think my encounter with Baba is over?

I went to VFS & showed him the documents. He told me that there is still some issues & it was missing the Demand Draft, which I recalled that might have left with the lady at embassy. I came out and called the lady who called me and told her all of this. She again with her impressive voice said “Don’t Worry, I have called the VFS head and he will take care of your case. She told me to go inside and meet the head. I went inside and asked at the counter for head. He came and he called me by name and said he knows about my case and asked me to submit my documents at the counter.

Do you think that the encounter is over?

He examined my documents and pointed that something wrong with my insurance. He told me that it is less by one day & you will not be issued Visa as embassy rules are very strict. I did not know what to do. Looking at me he told me that you can submit your documents and see what happens. I thought that submitting was the best option as I had very little time to get the new documents and then submit them the same day as it was already 4pm. Thus in Baba’s name, I decided to submit & came out.

After coming out, I spoke to my friend and told her what has just happened. She was surprised but laughed that how could I believe that Baba will not help me. She also inspired me to call that lady again and thank her. Thus I called the number and told her that I have submitted the documents and thanked her for all this. She told me that she is the same lady at the counter and has no clue why she wanted to help me, which otherwise is not allowed. Then I told her about Baba that my friend telling me about my meeting with Baba and everything. She told me that she is a staunch devotee of Baba and may be Baba asked her to help me in all this as she found me good enough. I can’t describe how I felt, but tears came in my eyes. I thanked her heartedly.

Do you still think is this over?

I also told the lady on phone the issues pointed by officer regarding insurance. She again said, “Don’t Worry, Book another ticket, take print outs & submit the same to guard at the embassy gate and rest will be done”. Thus I Rushed to my hotel, booked another tickets and submitted the same to the guard and came back to hotel room. I can’t describe how I was feeling. It was a wonderful feeling and whenever I think of all this, I feel the same.

Do you think is this over?

I thanked BABA profusely & left from my hotel for Airport. I was talking to my friend and was expressing my gratitude for inspiring me for this wonderful experience. I reached Bangalore and my home and shared this experience with my partners. They were surprised too. Next day around lunch, I got a call from Didi (Lady at Embassy) for telling me that I have got my Visa and should get my passport by tomorrow as the same has been dispatched. I can’t tell you the joy I had. My all fears have passed and it’s a wonderful feeling to feel the closeness to Sai Baba, who helps His devotees in different forms. Now can you say that the Didi was Sai Baba or a human? I learned one thing that Sai helps His devotees in every possible way He can. His ways are strange, but that’s what leads to strong belief in the hearts of devotees. We want miracles to believe His presence.

Jai Sai Ram

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  1. That's wonderful experience.Your experience proves to the sai devotees that sai will help us in any way when we are
    really in need. I can imagine how you are in the whole process of your visa getting . Congratulations !

    I personally think may be some times in some problems we need to have lot of patience to get the good results. But if we are really in need then Baba will always help us.

    All the best with your trip !

  2. Varunji you are really blessed and Baba really loves you.
    May He keep blessing you like this always. I must appreciate your writing which is inspired by Baba himself but it is truely great.

    Baba bless you
    om sai ram

  3. Its really awesome experience that you had.. really i am suprised. It shows that baba is with all of us. Only thing required is patience in life and belief..

  4. Grt experience…….
    Touched my heart.
    May baba bless us also like you.
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sain Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  5. it's a nice and inspiring experience to all those who may feel that their prayers aren't answered or that there is delay in their progress towards their aspirations, aims and goals.


  7. varun ji,
    wonderful experince.when i was reading this i was like what next i was eagerly waiting to read how BABA came.i have one of my friend who will be going for visa he was a bit afraid but we have hope on our BABA ,after reading you experince i am eagerly waiting for my friend's visa interview day to know in which form BABA comes to him to give his visa……thanks a lot for sharing your experience this really makes me feel happy knowing our BABA's ways of taking care of his children..Love you a lots BABA.

  8. Jai Sai Ram, Sai Varun ji,

    ITs really nice to experience your encounter with baba which shows he is listening and seeing all in our life and help us at right time in right way….

    Amazing,,,, i 2 had tears in my eyes… this experince will definetly add something in my life..

    God Bless u and ALL
    Sai ram

  9. Varun Ji really…very nice experience and u know one thing u have blessed with baba's blessings and Love….may baba bless me like this…..

  10. Sai Varun,

    Its a great story. I too had a similar experience. My visa to Italy was denied, and I did not know what to do and where to go. For common people in India, things really get tough, when they dont work out first time. My Visa got denied on Friday with VFS / Embassy all closed for next two days. I still called embassy on Saturday and someone answered my call I told my problem to him and hesaid, I must send a copy of my documents and speak to embassy people directly, rather than VFS. I did so on Monday, to my surprise Embassy people told me that Saturdays' there is no one in the office to answer the call !! Anyways, I told them, that my course was due to begin in a week and I requested for review of my case.
    I have no words to describe, how and why things went smoothly, I was called again for the interview ( directly by the embassy this time ) and was granted the visa !!!

    I know Sai Baba was around me and held my hand through this. I am also just a common person, who perhaps believes in his presence through his miracles but I know he is always there around me and he will help me whenever he knows I am going weak .

    Om Sai Ram !

  11. true….baba helps his devotees in every possible way….but the only thing we need to have is shraddha aur saburi….may baba bless sai ram…

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