A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 80

Read below few more encounters of Lord Sai Baba’s devotees with Him. He is really very kind to His devotees and is constantly worried about their welfare.

Baba Cleared My Sister’s Exam

Sai Brother Ashish ji from India says: I am Ashish and I have felt in-numerable experiences of Sai Baba in last 2 years. I want to tell that Baba listens to our every desire and takes care of us.

I have always wanted to post my own experiences about Lord Sai’s grace, but this incident is related to my sister, who is currently studying in Canada.

It was her final certification exam and she was much tensed about clearing it as the exam fee was very much (75000 INR) and she could not have enrolled for it again for a long time. I assured her that she would definitely clear it and asked her to put her 100% effort in studies. I asked her about her exam timings and the moment her exam started I sat and started praying for her in India. Somehow I was able to meditate on Sai very soon and very deeply as it was His grace. I prayed to Baba to go there and appear for my sister’s exam. Her exam went on for 3 hours and I kept preying for her on and off for the 3 hours.

As soon as 3 hours finished, I was expecting a call from her, but she did not call me back. I was tensed that she might be upset as she might have flunked the exam. But I was pretty sure about Baba’s grace and had faith that she would pass. That night when I went online I found my brother-in-law online and I asked him about the results and he informed me that my Sister has cleared the exam with very good marks. I was extremely happy to hear this news and thanked Baba mentally to shower His blessings on us.

Baba is always there and He takes care even of the smallest wishes of His devotees. Just have firm faith and patience. I want to share many more experiences here, but will do that later.

Om Sai Nathaya Namaha!!!

Jai Sai Ram!

How Baba Made Our Day Really Special

Sai Sister Sonia ji from India says: Dear Hetal Om Sai Ram. My name is Sonia and I am staying and working in Delhi. I am a mother of two boys and married to a wonderful person. I can’t thank you enough for providing a platform to all Sai devotees wherein they can feel the existence of Baba so strongly. I have quite a few experiences of Baba to share and it will not be possible to share them all in one mail.

I started believing in Sai Baba after my marriage. I had gone to Sai temples before, but it was just for the heck of giving company to my friend. I moved to Dubai after my marriage as my husband was working there. When I was pregnant with our first son, a very dear friend of mine sent me Shri Sai Satcharitra. Because they said that you should read good books, when you are pregnant. I started reading a chapter every day and till now, I am doing that and this book still makes me overwhelmed with emotions and has the power to bring tears into my eyes even after reading it repeatedly for so many years. It is a source of strength for me. Is this not His Chamatkar (“Miracle”).

Now for my experience: We shifted back to India after a couple of years. I had a very strong desire to go to Shirdi and I was making plans with my husband to go to Shirdi on our marriage anniversary, but that did not work out and I was little upset with my husband for not booking the tickets on time.

Now on the anniversary day my husband took me for a movie and there was still time (half an hour) for the movie to start. I told my husband that I am feeling low as we were hoping to spend our anniversary in Shirdi and here we have not even gone to any local temple. So I told him let’s just go to a local temple at least. He said okay and we started looking for a temple nearby and one guy there gave us directions for a temple there.

When we reached there, I was stunned as there were huge posters and pictures of Sai Baba there. It is a very old and famous temple of Sai Baba in Karol Bagh, but we were not aware of it.

We reached inside the temple exactly at Aarti time and could attend the whole Aarti. I was feeling so overwhelmed and my throat was choked with emotions and love for Baba. Is this not His Leela that if we could not go to Baba, He himself came to us. If we could not attend Aarti at Shirdi, we could at least attend it here and that too without any plans. And I would also like to mention here that we both do not normally reach anywhere on time and early is something very unusual. But with Sai Baba, anything is possible. He made our day really really special and memorable. Thank you Baba for blessing us like that. Please touch our life always with love and care.

Om Sai Ram…


Sai Bhakt

Sai Sister Gitika ji from India says: I am reading this blog from 8 months. I cannot tell you that how much strength I got from the experience of Sai Bhakt.
I have an experience of my uncle, who has a deep faith on Baba. About 25 to 27 year ago, my uncle visited to Shirdi and collected Vibhuti from there. He uses to keep it daily twice a day on his forehead. One day, he found that the Vibhuti has finished in his box. He got upset and went to sleep .The next morning he got up early, did the prayer, and again open the box of Vibhuti. He was astonished to see that the box was full of Vibhuti. He got tears in his eyes, and felt that Baba cannot see his child upset. He is with everyone every time.

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  1. indeed all experiences are very great! Baba please come and bless us all in this way!You are antaryami!you know everything!please come fast and kindly sort out all the problems and show all who are at the back of all the problems facing by us! i understand you are testing our patience and shraddha! please come fast as time is running out and am losing patience! kindly come fast and help us.OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI!!!

  2. baba all need your help but to some you give only pain and to some who even do bad things get good why baba like this the people who do good why suffer so much why ?

  3. om sai ram
    baba when we do good still we suffer so much why baba, why this karma of previous birth is given in this birth when we even dont remember our previos birth. the people who do bad are progressing in life . all good peolpe need you please help us.om sai ram .

  4. Dear AshishJi,

    It gives me great hopes to hear your story. But, I want to ask you something I am also studyinf for big exam for medical boards which is also very expensive this is my third attempt. I dont understand howcome Baba never listen to me? Anways, im going to give the same exam again in two weeks on a thursday hopefully baba will save me this time! I have full faith in him as I always did.

    -Baba's Daughter

  5. Baba please be by the side of my son who is to write CAT Exam on November 13th.Please always be with him and guide him on the right path.Make him to get into good institute.



  7. OM SAI RAM…OM SAI RAM…..feel and pray he look after you….sai never forget you even if you forgot….once you start to pray sai …you can see every where you goes ….you can see the sai photo…..on your eyes……

  8. Om Sai Ram, Sai is always there to fulfill our wishes but we should have full faith and patiece.

    Jai Sai Ram

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