A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 76

Herewith are few more experiences of devotees all describing how Lord Sai Baba answered them after a long gap of time. I believe anyone reading these experiences would certainly be assured that Lord Baba answers His devotees every time, but at what time, it is best known to Him.

Experience of 4 Year Kid

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Namaste Hetal Ji. Please publish this experience of my daughter, who is just 4 years old and has felt the experience of Baba. Please do not disclose my name or email.

I live in US and my daughter lives with my parents in India. On my birthday on Apr 7, my parents went to Saibaba Temple and my daughter also went with them. It was time for Palaki Seva for Baba. My daughter wanted to participate in that. My parents allowed her and she hold the Palaki along with other Sai Bhaktas and participated in Palaki procession all through till the end of the procession. They came home after that suddenly my daughter sat down and started talking like this “Baba told me, you are very small to lift the Palaki”. Then my daughter replied, “it is ok Baba. Today is my mother’s Birthday, so I wanted to lift the Palaki”. My parents first could not understand what she was talking but later understood that my daughter saw Sai Baba and Sai ma talked to her.

We are convinced that Baba has shown His krupa on my daughter since at that age she cannot narrate such a story. I am glad that Baba has shown His presence in our lives, when we are undergoing through rough phrases of life. It is after a long time that we have felt experience of Baba in our lives; it almost looked like Sai ma left us. But we are glad that He has shown His presence in our lives. I pray to Baba through this medium to always show His krupa on us and also all those devotees who are in need of Him. I have been through a very rough phase of my marriage all through my married life and suddenly my husband passed away in 2009. And later, I had to face many obstacles from my relatives. I am hoping with Sai Baba’s krupa, I will have a good life at least from now, because I have almost faced all worst in life. I would like to come back soon with more experiences, when my prayers will be heard and answered by Baba and I get settled down in life. Please pray for me and my daughter so that we are blessed with a good and respectable life.


Om Sai Ram

Prayers Answered

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: Hi, I apologies but I do not wish to disclose my personal details including my name. Please feel free otherwise to publish my experience. May Baba bless you with happiness and good health always.

Om Sai Ram, I wish to share something powerful, and a miraculous act that had touched the inner core of my wife’s and my heart. We had been trying for a baby for some time, only to discover that we had to take the IVF (artificial insemination) option, because of some medical reasons attributed to me. We started the IVF process, but due to my wife’s unforeseen work commitments, it had to be delayed. More than a year or two had passed, but we kept putting off the process for some reason or the other, and were also discouraged by the low success rate.

Meanwhile, I was praying for Shirdi Sai Baba’s blessings to enable my wife to conceive naturally. Although I was mindful of the medical impediment, but ever faithful that it is not impossible with His Grace. We kept trying for some time now. To my shock and utter disbelief, we discovered that our prayers had been answered. My wife has just conceived naturally. To our sheer delight, the test was done on a Thursday and it confirmed that my wife was remotely suspecting, after missing her due date for more than a few weeks. In fact, initially, the thought that she may be pregnant, did not cross her mind at all, given the doctor’s advice that we had to go for IVF for her to conceive. Therefore, she had ruled out pregnancy as a reason for missing her due date.

It appears that Baba had prepared me in advance for the news. By coincidence and a couple of hours before, my wife discovered that she is pregnant. I visited this site and randomly clicked on Part 52 of Sai Baba Experiences only to stumble upon the experience entitled “Miraculously Blessed with Baby after Years of Infertility by Baba’s Blessings”. Sai Ma, I am moved by your mercy, love and proof that, You are indeed hearing and answering your devotee’s heart-felt prayers, although slowly but surely in my case. We now pray for a safe pregnancy and to be blessed with a healthy baby.

Om Sree Sai Nathaya Namaha. Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Is Always With Me

Sai Sister Sridevi ji from India says: Om Sairam Hetal Ji, Sorry for the delay for my next post. Please post my experience.

I was ambitious to become a doctor after my SSC. But my father is from middle class family, so he said he cannot afford it. Without my interest I had to take Maths groups in Plus 2. But I believe that whatever Baba gives is the best. I have achieved very good percentage & medals also. My father always wanted me to get me marry. As I was getting distinction (85-90%) without any coaching. He could not stop my education, as my whole education was under govt. quota.

For my parents, I and my younger sister are the kids. They do not have Boy kid. So being Elder, I used to take care of many things at home as if I am boy. I used to go to medical shops if required around 11PM also. Just I had only strength that Baba is with me. No harm can be done to me. My belief was never untrue. He has been with me always and always. He always took me on the path of flowers, diverting me from the path of Thorns. He is there in my every thought, He is there in my every decision, and He is there with me always to guide me in right direction in right time. Every time, I go out, I used to see Baba’s photos or idols as Baba is saying that I am there with you always where ever you go.

Somehow I have finished my graduation. I became 21. And my studies were not interrupted by Baba’s grace. There had some issues with my relatives. I was supposed to get marry to my cousin, but as they gave much importance to money rather than relation, so it was canceled. And I had decided to earn money well. Then my father decided to make myself and my sister well educated to prove them. I got 621 rank in My Post graduation Entrance and I was supposed to join in very good reputed college. I went for counseling. There was only one seat left in that college for merit quota. And organizer was writing my name for it. Suddenly one girl came who got 300 rank, asking for the same seat. She was supposed to come in previous day counseling, but due to some reasons she could not come. She came that time and they forced me to give my seat to her. I was in shock as it was my dream to join that college. When they asked me to take seat in next reputed college, I said NO. And I joined the college, where my sister got her Engineering seat.

Whatever Baba does is for our BEST. That time, I regretted a lot thinking that my life had spoiled as I could not reach my goal. I could not get seat in the college, I dreamt for, where career opportunities are more. But later, after 2 yrs I joined the college, I realized why Baba has done like that. My senior has become my best friend and he is now my life partner. But there were so many struggles in between to get marry to him. But I got help from Baba every second. Because of his help only, I could able settle down well in my life and got the person I loved as my life partner. I got one kid too.


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  1. gr8 experiences….infact ….before i cud start reading the experiences, i jst wished in my mind tht sai, pls mak sumone share sum experience wherein sumone facing fertility problems has been blessed by u….. s i m facing…n to my surprise …here ws d experience….

    om sai rem

  2. thank you srideviji and the other 2 anonymous devotees 4 sharing your experiences. i was in tears while reading them…..im also waiting 4 HIM to answer my prayers since long…so your experiences gave me strength to be patient until HE finds the right time to give me what i need….now i feel so happy and energetic…..thank you so much again
    Anonymous lady devotee,please dont worry OUR SAI will surely be with you always and you will be blessed with whatever u want…..
    Another anonymous devotee,OM SAI RAM dont worry it is OUR SAI who gave u the child.so he will take care of it always. your wife will deliver the baby safely. always chant OUR SAI's name….

    Wonderful Experiences.
    Baba please always bless your kids.
    Please take care of those who are in need of you.
    Baba Please bless everyone with happy life.
    Baba please forgive our mistakes Baba.
    Baba I had very good darshan of you today.And I got opportunity to touch your feet.Thank You Baba.Please bless us always.
    I Love You Sai.

  4. Hetal Ji,
    today i wan willing to post my experience but i was not able to do.Can you please provide me the link which i can use to post my experience.

  5. om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam om sairam

  6. really these are all nice experience.. i wanna give a better life to my parents.. help me deva to achieve great heights in my life.. i wanna take care of my parents sai..

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