A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 75

He Is Always With Me

Sai sister Leela from India says: I am leela, i would like to share my few experiences of our Sai Ram Who is always with me to help me. I request you not to disclose my mail id.

I should be grateful to the web hoster, cause through i learned more about Sai Rram. I always think to post mine but i dont know how to express my words. I have a doubt whether i can bring logically my experiences. Now i trust my Sai Ram to help me to post my experiences.

I am a married women, still i have no baby. I came to know about Sai Baba through vijay tv serial. One of my colleague told me about Sai vrat for 9 weeks for baby. She asked me do the vrat. She had also done vrat for her daughter to get Mbbs seat. As i longed for baby, i decided to do it. Very next day is started my vrat. From the day i started to read about my Sai Rram through this website. Every thursday i got His darshan unexpectedly (posters, advertisements, so on). I was very happy that He is always with me.

One thursday i didnt get darshan. I was quiet disturbed that i was not blessed. I started to read devotee experience, one of sai devotee told that she had family problem and go for yoursaibaba.com. Baba had answered his prayers. So i planned to go for that. i cant explain my emotions here. I was really tensed to type the number (125) in the box. Once i click i got the answer that “Do not be after mantra and tantra. Worship from the bottom of your heart. Sri SaiBaba blessings are with you, do not discriminate. New things will take place. A child will be born.” I cant believe my own eyes. Tears rolled down from eyes. That moment i believe that he is with me. Quite impossible to believe this my colleague also typed for her daughter sake next to me who advised to do vrat. Sorry i cant remember full phase. “The study will progress”. We all were shocked to see the answer. Her daughter got 197.75 cut off. They are very happy. I am still waiting for Sai Baba’s blessing for baby. I am sure that Baba’s words will never fail. He never speak untrue words. Whenever i have doubt whether i have baby or not, i remember above words. From the day whenever i feel depressed i ask Him He will answer my problems. I think that He is my friend to give suggestions.

My next experience, one day that during the vrat weeks, if i you are with me i should get your dharsan and a yellow flower. When i entered to the cabin my colleague brough some yellow flowers. But i dont get one. It was given to all expect me. Then i convinced that he is angry on me. After an hour i find a flower lying under my table. Afterwards i get darshan too. Thank you Baba.

Nowdays i never worried about the problems of workplace. Whenever i get into trouble i think only one thing Baba is with me, He will take care of me. He has done two times. Sai Ram.

So believe Him he will be with you. His words never fail. Because he never speak untrue words.

I am waiting to be blessed for a baby. I am sure i will say good news to all very soon.

Thank you

Sai Ram

Shradda and Shaburi

Sai Sister J. Mahidhar ji from India says: Sai Baba ji, I want to post a comment on the blog as I have faced an experience with Sai Baba. I lost my job in the month of January 2011. That was a major setback to me. I started searching for another job. I started applying for some of the companies and noted placements as well as through internet. 3 months were passed and I was not getting any interview calls. As there was no other source of income, all the money I had, was being used for food and shelter. I started to face financial crisis. I got tired applying for jobs as nothing was going well, but I had faith in Sai Baba. I believe in Him like anything. Any purchasing whether it is house hold item or any other, I do it only on Thursdays. I thought Baba is not listening to me. I used to go to Sai Baba temple and used to literally beg Him for a job. There is a site in internet www.yoursaibaba.com, where we can ask questions and Sai Baba will answer you. I used to ask questions related to my job; Sai Baba told me to donate some food, clothes and money, which I did, but I did not get call. I was very tired. I used to abuse Sai Baba like anything. Baba told me to come to Shri Sai Satcharitra. As I did not have money to go to Shirdi, but Sai Baba helped me financially, which is again a lengthy story which I can’t tell you right now. It was He only, who helped me to arrange the money required to go to Shirdi. I went to Shirdi with my wife and two children. I swear I had tears in my eyes while I was going to Shirdi by bus and also in front of the Sai Baba Samadhi, in Dwarakamai and while coming back from Shirdi. I had never cried before in Shirdi. As I had visited Shirdi more than 20 times. My family members were also worried, because I was not getting a job. They used to call me frequently and used to ask. As I had no other option to tell them lies that I had attended an interview and I was waiting for the result. But it was not the case; I did that to keep them happy. At last Sai Baba showed me the path. I got a call from a MNC, I attended that interview. It was again Thursday and I got selected in that, that to by grace of Sai Baba. I know it is only He Who helped me to secure me that job. Believe in Sai Baba, everything will be fine, have patience, believe in Shradda Shaburi. I am sorry if it is a very lengthy. Devotees will find it painful to read this experience.

My Experience

Sai Sister Velvili Ratnam ji from Canada says: Om Sri Sai Ram, as I vowed to Baba, I will write this trip experience on your site. Please put it in. Sorry, if there is any mistake. My humble pranams to the lotus feet of Bhagavan Baba. I planned a trip to take my elderly parents to Sri Lanka In April 2011, as they wanted go and stay there for few months. In the mean time my mother fell down and broke her hip and had a hip replacement in February, 2011. My father has memory problem and he insisted that he wants to go to Sri Lanka. I only had 3 weeks of vacation and I didn’t want to leave my father without my mother. We asked the surgeon whether my mother will be able to travel such a long distance and he said ok. So I booked the ticket and because of all the stress my chron’s started acting up and I had so much pain in my stomach. I went to my specialist and he prescribed antibiotic and some other medication. I was so scared with my health condition and was thinking how I will travel to Sri Lanka taking my parents. I prayed to Baba to be with us, guide us and bless us on this trip. I know He is always with us. So we boarded the plane on April 15th. As soon we went in to plane, I took the medication without food and I got dizzy and fainted. My parents got frantic and didn’t know what to do. Flight attendant gave me water and juice to drink and the doctor in board asked me to drink lots of fluid. I was so scared whether I will be able to continue my trip, but by the time we reached Sri Lanka, I was ok and able to take care of my parents and continue the trip. But still the pain was so much. I thought I will take them to Sri Lanka and bring them to our house and will leave them with my cousin and I will return immediately to Canada. But Baba was with me every minute and He blessed everything that I did all the tasks as I was supposed to finish for my parents over there for their stay. I came back safely on May 7th. This trip gave me such a confidence that Baba never fails us and He is there for us whether we ask or not. I felt his presence and guidance everywhere I went. It was such a feeling that I could not express in words. My koti humble pranams to our beloved Baba for looking after us and gave me such an experience that I could cherish it. Please forgive if it is a boring and lengthy story.

Om Sri Sai Ram

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  1. great experience Mahidharji ! I can guess how happy you are now ! searching for a job is very stressful that too with family ! If we go to shirdi with full devotion then we surely will achieve our goals ! Ofcourse hardwork should be always there.

    Velvili Ratnam ji , if we doing our duty and believe in sai everything will be fine. As we are humans, we sometimes doubt whether Sai is going to help us ! See, it's happy to read experiences of devotees which strengthen's other devotees belief toward sai.

    Leelaji, don't give up on any of your wish if it is good ! Believe in Sai ! It may take time to some people because of our past deeds but when we believe in sai the things are going to be alright ! IF you can ,

    1. Donate food atleast every thursday to atleast one of the poor person .
    2. Try to do Sai vrat
    3. Go to Shirdi and pray him for the baby.

    Generally i saw mine and so many people experiences that when they visited shirdi the wish will be fulfilled. It might take for some persons .

    If Sai is not fulfilling our wish then we cannot achieve in anyway !

    Thanks everyone for posting your great experiences !

  2. Hi Leelaji,

    I am also sailing in a same boat.. am also waiting for baba's belssing to conceive.He has given me lots of positive sign and positive answer from baba's Q&A webiste. I know he will belss us soon


  3. wonderful stories..very touchy.may baba will bless us lyk them.
    Om sai ram,
    Om sai ram,
    Om sai ram,
    Om sai ram,
    Om sai ram

    Wonderful Experiences.
    I Love You Baba.

  5. yes very true BABA is always with us everytime.. I am also going through some bad phase where I cant work for time being, I strongly pray to our BABA to bless me and resolve all my sorrows and get me back on track..Om sai ram.

  6. Om sai Ram.
    My son is very naughty and does not consontrate on his studies, although his mind is very sharp. he picks the the things very easily but the problem is that he doesn't want to write in school as well as in the house. Please Baba help me in this regard because nothing is impossible for you. Only you can solve my problem. All sai devotees are requested to pray for me and my son.

    Jai Sai Ram

  7. Sai Baba is there for our help. We should pray from the bottom of our heart and Sai Baba definitely hear our voice.

    Om sai ram.

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