Sai Baba Is My Life – Sai Devotee Mrudhula

Lord Sai Baba is always with His devotees, no matter if they call Him or not, it seems it is His duty to be present with them in spirit. The below experience proves this above statement.

Sai Sister Mrudhula ji from USA says: I bow unto the lotus feet of Baba and thank Him for giving me this opportunity.

I am a great admirer of Baba and I remember praying Him since I was 10 years old. I feel that is the age when people start realizing the surroundings and able to remember the events happening in their life. I request Baba to kindly help me in putting words hereafter.

BABA, the one word, that goes in my mind each second. It gives me lot of strength to move forward in life. I am very thankful to BABA, who made all our family members His ardent devotees and whose lives has no meaning without His interference. I feel happy to share our experiences with BABA. There are a lot and I will post few of them.

  • BABA’s appearance in my sister’s wedding in 2007:

    My elder sister’s marriage was fixed in 2007 and my father went to Shirdi to invite Baba for the marriage. The day has come and everyone was involved in the wedding bliss. There Baba comes in the form of photo to the wedding. One of our relatives who came one or two days ahead for the wedding decided to give my father a pocket size photo of Baba, on the wedding day. He told my father, “I know you are a great devotee of Baba and I would like to give this photo of Baba to you”. My dad was overwhelmed and cried seeing Baba at the wedding. This proves Baba’s words that He will be there for whoever thinks of Him. He is omnipresent.

    This is another incident in our family. In a gap of 3 months my second sister’s marriage was fixed and my dad had no time to visit Shirdi and invite Baba for the marriage. He prayed whole heartedly and went to the Baba temple near our place and invited Baba. To our surprise, on the day of wedding, we had two pearl garlands given by our relatives who went to Shirdi just before the wedding and bought two pearl garlands that were kept on Baba’s Samadhi. We had no clue of when they went to Shirdi nor did my dad tell them to bring the garlands. It was all Baba’s wishes to the newly wed and this again shows He is always with those who remember Him. He is such a guru who relies on His devotees. Wherever there is a pure devotion, He will be there.

  • BABA in my life:

    I should probably say ‘BABA is my Life’. I feel all the Sai devotees must have known Baba since their past lives. It’s He, who pulls everyone unto Him and makes us His slaves. I have been reading Baba Satcharitra for very long time and completely lost the control over my life. I feel whatever happens in my life is due to Him, because of Him and by Him. On saying this, I am not someone who had no worries at all in life. I have seen many jerks in my life and have Baba holding my hand always, in taking me to the right direction. I personally had innumerable experiences with Baba but I would like to share one now.

    It was April 2010, when we had Baba puja at our apartment in USA. Me and my friends decided to lit lights and read Baba’s Stavana Manjari on a particular day. The moment we had the thought, Baba gave a green signal to my roommate, when she was reading the Baba Satcharitra, that night we had discussion. She came across a chapter, which mentioned about the Baba’s love towards lighting. We were all happy and were making arrangements for the pooja. The night before pooja, I was tensed about the event as we invited many people. I prayed Baba before going to bed and invited Him whole heartedly to the pooja. I prayed saying “BABA, we are students. We are not aware of the pooja procedure. I am not sure of how long the candles are going to be. It is your pooja. Please come and bless us”. I then slept thinking about the event. Early morning at around 5-6 AM, I had a dream with BABA seen in clouds saying “Wake up”. I said “I want to sleep BABA”. He said “You have lot of things to do. Wake up and get ready”. I was really sleepy and didn’t wake up right away. I told my dad about the dream and he replied “BABA has come to your house even before you people were up”. I still remember the dream and I bow Baba for His love and affection towards His devotees. I can’t ask anything more than this. He made us His slaves. I feel that praying is not enough. Complete surrender is what one must do to attain the attachment with Baba.

I am sorry for making this so long but like every other devotee, I never felt I would write few words about Baba. But the day has come and it is the Thursday too. Thank you very much for your patience in reading this.

I sincerely request Baba to shower His blessings on His devotees. More to come.

Sarvam Sainatha Arpana Mastu.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Mrudhula,

    It's great to read about the baba's devotees experiences. I like your sentences 'BABA, the one word, that goes in my mind each second. It gives me lot of strength to move forward in life'. You are really blesssed family of baba. Please keep posting your experiences. It's give lot of strenth to all baba's devotees.

    Thanks for sharing the experience.

  2. om sai rama

    Really liked all your experiences which shows the omnipresence of Baba.May Baba bless you and your family with many such wonderful experience so that you can share with all the sai devotees.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for your time in reading my experiences. I am thankful to Hetal Ji for providing us a path to share the Greatness of our Guru.

    Baba Blessings Are Always With Us!!!


  4. sai ram frnd….. ur experience is really nice we can feel that sai is always with us in some or the other form n ur exp strenghthened that thought….. hetal ji i think thanks word falls short to acknowledge your work,, your blog give strength to innumerable baba devotees, i don have internet at ma home,, daily i jus come to net only n oly to read ur blog n my day seems empty without experiencing the devotees experience in this blog … may baba bless u always


  5. hai
    by reading devotees experience we can learn more about our guru. only through this website i know more about baba. thank u hetal ji. thank you mrudula. from your experience i learned that i should surrender myself to baba. thank u.


  6. Dear Hetal Ji,
    I wanted to let you know that the Live darshan website has changed to this address below. I was deparately trying to see Baba for a couple of days through the older website, and it was not working. I don't know what prompted me to type it in google and search and it lead me to the new website of the Sansthan, and then to the new darshan link. If you could let all devotees know about this, it would be nice.

    Sai Ram


  7. @Lakshmi ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Thanks for informing. But for me the link is not working 🙁

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  8. Hetal Ji,
    Even i was trying with the link but it is not working.Can someone please post for the live darshan website please.

  9. I dun know weather any one will this or not . I am praying sai baba since last 7 yrs but there no end to my sufferings in from of good job , mental peace . I dun know why .

  10. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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