Sai Baba Gives Us What We Need – Sai Devotee Rajasekhar

Every small requirement of our life is taken care of by our beloved Lord Sai Baba. Though we all think that we should not demand every small thing from Him, it is well-known to Him before hand and He takes care of it and develops patience and strength to face awkward situations. Here is one such experience.

Sai Brother Rajasekhar ji from India says: Good morning Hetal Ji, I want to tell you that I’ve actually told Him (BABA) that I’ll post my experience as soon as I get promoted. This is the first time, I’m posting my experience and I don’t know until I read the terms of your blog that we shouldn’t barter with Him to fulfill our desires that I will post my experience here.

I also honestly wanted to share my experience with Sai devotees so that they’ll also cherish the love and guidance of our beloved Baba. So, please I request you to post my experience.

My name is Rajasekhar and I live in Hyderabad. I’ve experienced so many miracles of our beloved Baba and would like to share the most recent one of them.

By His grace, I’ve been working in the MNC’s since 5 years. This is not my field at all and I never had any intentions while studying to take up this career. In fact, He showed me the way to work in the field that I pursued my education in (diploma in mechanical engineering). However, I couldn’t stick to that for no longer than 1 year. Throughout that 1 year, I’ve never faced any problems though I had to stay away from my family and live in Karnataka at the age of 18. I used to do puja to our beloved Baba and He taught me so many things while I was there.

Within that one year time, I was selected for some reason to work on better things also and I gradually improved and started performing. However, it didn’t last long as my manager vent his frustration out on me after I broke a tool bit by mistake. At that age, not knowing the importance of leaving a job, I decided to quit the job in anger and came back to Hyderabad. I think it was His decision and He made me just do it without a second thought and reading forward you’ll understand why He made me take that decision.

I came back to Hyderabad and I wanted to find another job but none of the companies were ready to pay at least what I was getting back in Karnataka. As it goes with all the others, I decided not to join for a less salary. Out of the blue, my aunt (my mother’s sister) told me about pursuing a career in BPO’s. She told me that I’ll be paid more than what I was paid in Karnataka. Whilst doing this job, I thought I can complete my correspondence engineering and get back to mechanical field with a good position.

But, to get into the BPO sector, I had to go through an one month training. This is when He played a phenomenal role in my life and He’s still continuing to do so. I can’t imagine my life without Him. I feel disturbed, I can’t concentrate and I can’t be happy if He’s not around.

It was year 2005, and I finished my one month course to get into BPO’s. Every day He made me work on it so hard that I could get into a good job as soon as possible. Although, I worked hard, I couldn’t clear the interview rounds in some MNC’s and then I decided to join a small company and gain some experience. With His grace, I could find a job which pays me more than what I got in Karnataka in less than a month time (from the time I finished my course). I joined that company and started performing and gained good experience plus reputation. I was given a hike in three months time and it was not expected at all by me. It’s just His grace and love on His devotees. May be He wanted to give me some confidence, so I’ll concentrate harder and harder to reach my goal. To tell you all, I never had any dreams about what my future is going to be and pursuing a career in this field could result in not getting back to my original field.

Suddenly, due to business reasons or something, that small company had to shut down and I had to leave my job. Trouble all around and I was not working for about 2 months in between. I didn’t know what to do next. As you can imagine, I left my field and got into another one and this one also, I had to leave because of the above reason. I was stuck as to what to do. These two months were like struggle for me and started hunting for jobs in BPO sector again. I couldn’t get through anywhere. Where ever I go, no reply. I cried and wept in front of Baba once and I used to do puja with utmost respect and fear. I never blamed Him for anything and I knew it that He’ll help me out in this situation. The golden rule of Baba, worked like a miracle in my life. That is Shradda (Faith) and Saburi (patience).

I waited patiently and one day, I attended an interview in another small company and got through with a better package than before. I was happy and continued working there for 8 months. All of a sudden, I attended an interview in a MNC, and I got selected. That was like the happiest moment of my life. I was given a much more package and good facilities. I was happy again and decided to quit the company that I’m working in. But, my team leader tried to retain me so much and without any hesitation, I decided to move on to work with the new company.

This has changed my life. I didn’t know how corporate industry works. I used to be silent and concentrate only on my work and nothing else. This was told to me by Him. JUST DO YOUR JOB AND I’LL TAKE CARE OF THE REST. It happened and my hard work was recognized and I was moved to a better process than I was working in. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t know how to work in corporate, I couldn’t manage the people around me and although I had the potential to clear the internal promotional interview for a team leader position, I couldn’t do it for three years. I attempted for almost 8 to 9 times without success. All this while, I waited patiently and awaited my turn. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to quit the job and join another company.

Here in this new company, it’s been a little above than a year and one day I told Baba that I can’t do this job anymore and show me the way. After about two weeks, there was a promotion interview rolled out. I was surprised and I matched the criteria to apply for that position.

Generally to apply for a promotion interview in this company, you should complete at least 18 months tenure. However, this promotion required a minimum of 12 months tenure only. ISN’T THAT HIS GRACE AND LOVE TOWARDS ME?

Before this all could happen, He started preparing me for the interview from about a month time. HE KNOWS IT THAT THIS WILL COME UP AND I HAVE TO PREPARE ON THIS. He made me save the material required for the interview which is sent to us regularly but I used to delete it always as soon as I get it. Although He made me save it, I never read through those topics all that time. When the position was rolled out, that’s when I understood the reason behind making me to save all the material required to prepare for the interview.

I prepared well for the interview and left the result on our beloved Baba. It worked, it worked again. I’ve been selected for the position they’re recruiting for in just the first attempt.

It just worked due to my faith and patience on Him and it will work for you too. HE’LL NEVER LEAVE US HALF WAY THROUGH. HE PROMISED THAT HE’LL TAKE US THROUGH SEVEN SEAS IF WE TRUST IN HIM. After all this, I now realize why I had left my field without any hesitation. It’s because He’s decided to give me something here.


I have so many miraculous experiences to share with you all and will seek His permission and put them forward for you.




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  1. Om Sai Ram,

    Rajasekhar, your experience is really amazing and heart touching. In fact, my situation is like yours too. I was wondering yesterday night, what field to move on, Did I make a mistake by fighting with my old boss? Am I really worth to survive in the industry world… Lots and lots of question. Also bit angry with baba not to answering my prayers. I am really Sorry BABA.

    See what is baba's grace. I am reading the same experience of mine with the promising outcome. It gives me more confidence. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. Baba please be with all of us and shower your blessing.

    Om Sai Ram.

  2. Hi Rajasekhar,

    Feels very nice after reading your experience. It's absolutely true that he gives us
    not what we want, but what we deserve.
    Hope your life becomes even wonderful with the blessings of Saibaba.

  3. Dear Sai Devotees,

    First of all ,I want to say thanks to Hetalji that she is doing great seva for all the sai devotees.Through this website all our faith toward our beloved saibaba will be grower day by day.Keep doing Hetalji .Baba will give you the fruit one day and u will be blesses too.
    May god bless you.

    Now I want to share my recent experience with sai baba.I had a teeth infection .Though I m a Girl and recently got married.My problem is that I dont want to remove the teeth because the teeth is slightly the front one (means third teeth starting from the front one )If I will remove that teeth I will luk very bad and ugly too.In that sense I prayed to our father sai baba that Baba please save my teeth.Neither I want to remove that teeth nor want to add an duplicate teeth.Please save.U r my saviour otherwise I will fall down.I asked him for help and promised that If I will not feel any pain and u will save my teeth then I will post my experience here.I went to the doctor , on 1st sitting he tried to clean my infected teeth but failed to clean that.At last he said no its not possible today , u have to come after two days. I will try to clean ur teeth otherwise have to remove.I was very upset and tears are rolling out from my eyes.Can't control but still have the strong feeling that baba will save me anyhow.This is just a test.Finally on 1st july ,I went to the doctor with my husband,feeling very low but have strong confidence on baba within 5 mints doctor was able to cleaned dat infected teeth.I was overwhelmed with joy dat baba saved my teeth.This experience will grow my devotion and faith on our baba.Love you baba.

    At last just want to say that have strong faith on our beloved father sai baba.He will fullfil all our dreams.
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

    Sai Devotee Trupti

  4. Sai Baba—- My dearest Baba koti koti pranam.U r too loving and kind to ur bhaktas. That u have pulled me to ur holy feet and that u show me always how much u love and care for me brings tears of gratitude to my eyes. What would I do without u? It hurts when people say u r not God or that why should one pray to u -a mere human? All I can say is I beleive u, u r my God and everything to me. I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU for being all that u r to me. Mera itna maan samman badhane ke liye teh dil se shukriya.Where will I go without u? Words fall short where u r concerned.Thank you once again for being in my life.

  5. Dear Sai devotee Rajshekhar ji,
    May you remain blessed and share your experiences. We would love to know more of BABA's caring hand in HIS devotees's lives.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  6. My name is Sridhar Pathina and I am Embedded Software engineer, one of the saibaba’s devotee. When I was a student I used to go to sai baba’s temples and get the baba’s blessings. But I don’t know any thing about baba interms how he had live the life and his teachings. Once I come to U.S my wife introduced me to sai satchairita. She used to read this book in a week. She told me if you ever had any obstacle in your life please read this parayana and your obstacles will be removed by sai baba. Sai will take care of you. When I was having health problems and job problems in my job I have completed the parayana in 7 days and I was recovered from my health and also retained my job. That’s when I became a devotee of sai baba. During June 2009 to March 2010 I was having a job problems again. I lost my job and my wife is pregnant with a baby girl. In U.S it is very tough to lead the life with out a job. Lcukily my wife has the job and so we were able to pay the rent and pay all the bills using that job. During this tough time my inlaws came to U.S to visit us and take care of the grand daughter. I was so worried and desperate to get a job. My aunty and uncle introduced me to “SAI LILAMRUTAM” book by Sri Ekkirala Bharadvaja garu. My uncle used to read the book continuously and he is a big devotee of Sia baba. So he gave me the book and told me to read this book. I have read that book and astonished by sai baba’s grace. I have read that book more than one time and attending interviews continuously but failed to get the job. Finally in March 2010 I had an interview with one of the companies in Atlanta. I have prayed Baba and requested that please give me this job. This job is in Atlanta where my wife is also working. So I don’t need to move anywhere to do the job. The only good thing I did before the interview was having Baba’s udhi Prasad on forehead and had some udhi in my mouth. Since I was attending the interview for Embedded Software engineer, interview panel gave me a 5 C language questions. I have prepared for C but these questions looked tough for me. But I answered the questions and gave the paper to interviewer. They corrected the paper and told me that I had answered 1 question correct rest of the question’s answers are wrong. So in my mind I was thinking I am not going to get this job and left the company. But 3 weeks later I got a phone call from the Company Manager saying that I was selected for the job. Then I thought how did I got this job. I didn’t answer all the C questions but I still got the job. This is purely baba’s udi miracle. The reason I was not getting the other interviews because I was not wearing babas udi on fore head. This miracle changed my life in so many ways. This miracle tells eventhough Saibaba is not here on earth his Samadhi and udi will answer the prayers whoever prays earnestly.

  7. Every experience I read has some resemblance to my own , I really don't know whether I feel it that way or it has really happened . Baba's grace only . He has protected me thought out .

  8. hi All ,

    I would like express my sincere thanks to sai bhagavan , for recent days i could feel the blessings of shri sai , actually i have very small kid just 12 months old , i work for a IT industry , and i my house is very near 10 min to my office , but last week i was informed by my manager to come to other location which 2 hours travel from my house , whereas i need to do all house hold work , and drop my kid in my mother's place and start to office , i was totally tried dropped all my energy .i prayed to sai sincerely , and to my suprise last thursday my manager itself called me and said you can work other location (which is of 10 min from my place). I immediately thanked sai baba for his blessings , dont know exactly but daily by some means or the other i am feeling that he is there to protect me .Jai sai baba.

    I Love You Baba.
    Wonderful Experience.

  10. Dear All,

    Today i had a wounderful experience with baba.

    let me share my experience with you all , today from morgning itself i was not feeling good , yesterday i had a hardwork at home and i have to take care of my little one year old baby , sterday night when i checked my offical mails , i have got a mirachi mails from my onsite counter part , i was feeling very bad and could not sleep whole night .morning dont know for some reason i felt very bad that i am not getting proper apperication or regconizition for all my hard work both at office and home or what ever i do . Everyone are taking me for granted.basically i am dot net guy and i was asked to work for pearl technologies and that too i got 2 big defects which got reopened , i felt like dying , morning literally i cried in front of baba , to show some mercy on me and also prayed to him that give me some lines that should prove me that your there for me . similarly i randomly opened one line from saicharitha book it said trust in baba all your problems will be solved .

    similarly i reached office and spoke to onsite fellow , he was not that rude as i excepted generally he is rude guy for small things he shout a lot.i felt baba spoke to me inside him.withthat i got some confindence and started fixing the defect without knewing the technonoly and all

    when ever i get struck i prayed baba and also i use to go through sai baba link and question and answer session , in that it metioned donate food all your problems will be solved .

    see now the time is 3.00 i completed all my activities for today including those 2 reopened bugs .

    it is definelty a miracle of baba , i am dam sure that without his grace it would take more than a week for me to complete and i would have got nice scoldings , which will frustate me even more .

    thanks a lot baba

    100000000000000000 times taanks baba.this whole day experience you showed that you are with me . i will keep more turst in you in near furture so that i will not at all lose at any cast.

    Thanks a lot baba.

  11. SAI BABA is always with the person, who believes in HIM. HE helps us in every situation…Just put your FULL DEVOTION IN HIM and leave everything on HIM. DO NOT DOUBT.. and if that DOUBT arises ask BABA to help you to get thru it… HE fulfills all OUR DREAMS……HE guides us in every situation…no matter how worse the situation may be… do take care of the things you have asked for after you recieve…coz you have applied all your efforts and it was BABA'S GIFT to you….

  12. Dear Devotee,

    I am in very trouble, i love a girl and he also love me we are of different cast. we both are working. we want to marry each other my parents has no problem for this marriage. but her parents has problem.her parents create some situation so that she is not able to talk with me. please pray sai baba for this relation.convince her parents for this marriage.
    For this i will be very thankful for hole life.

  13. Very nice experience….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  14. Dear friends
    Without Sai Baba we are not in this world .. it's true Sai gives us good health and wellness, happiness in our life.
    A wondering miracles comes with chant 'Om Sai Ram' in our life.
    Sai Baba's blessings always with us.
    Baba please give good health and what she wants to go with best life to my dearest friend…
    AkhilandaKoti brahmandanayaka rajadhiraja yogiraja parabrahma Sree sachchidananda sadguru sainath maharajki jai…jai…
    Om Sai Ram

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