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Tough times come only to test our patience. Faith on Lord Sai Baba is always present but patience sometimes get shortened, still Lord Sai Baba helps us to stand with patience in those times and help us to come out of it. The following experience also says so.

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Dear Hetalji, please do not publish my identity in the post. I am a Sai devotee since long but become regular reader of your blog quiet recent. I have sent you many posts in the past when going through tough time in UK and now I am sharing you the Miracle of Sai Ma which happened to me just 3 days ago.

Hetalji, please upload a Sai picture before posting this experience on the blog.

Before writing this experience, I am meditating on Sainath to write it down for me by using my hands.

Herewith, I am writing my experience. I am a Sai devotee from 2006, when first time my brother brought Shri Sai Satcharitra at home. He used to read it all the time. So I asked him, one day, what you are reading and since then Sai made me His devotee. There are many experiences in the past, which I can share but all those are about how Sai help me out to come from difficult situation.

At some point in my life, my parents got suffered because of me but since Sai Ma is there, everything got sorted out with happy ending. Last year, I got married and shifted to UK. Since then my husband and I was trying our best to find job in my profession as I am a post graduate. Here I can add that my husband gave me lot of moral support to adjust in this new place and how to keep patience and faith (Baba’s mantra) in life, when things are going wrong. Meanwhile, it was my dream to do PhD from very good university in the world. And I was trying for that since my post-graduation. But I was not selected for any of the scholarship program. Then I started doing job in my profession, but that dream was still there in me. My husband made it mission in himself to try his best in fulfilling my dream. So efforts become double to find a PhD with full scholarship in UK and Europe. But again no positive news from any place only rejections. And in this struggle, I found myself to be away from Sainath and felt very guilty for not remembering Him. One day, I went to a Sai temple which is near my home and cried a lot. I asked Him why this is happening to me and why He made my life from stable to unstable. During this, pujari of temple asked me about the problem and I had explained Him that I am not getting any job here and now financially it is must for me to accept any job here. (Hetalji here I would like to remind you that even I asked same question to you and you advised me that right. Now Sai wants me to fulfill duties for my family, so start what you get in job, that time I felt very relaxed when I read your reply). So I accepted the fact and started looking for any kind of job. Meanwhile, my husband gave me continuous encouragement to still make continuous applications for job as well as PhD scholarships. So I did. Still there is no positive result. So temple’s pujari advised me to read Sai Satcharitra, one page daily. I told him I am not getting atmosphere to read at home as we were living in sharing with other people and it was not possible as I have no peaceful space at home. He then told me to come to temple for reading, so I said yes.

Next week first miracle happened, my husband decided to live separately so we can live peacefully. Even though it was difficult decision as expenses will increase, but he was firm on his decision. So we started living separately. Sai provided me peaceful place for reading. Eventually, I started doing Parayan. During those days I had a very important scholarship interview on telephone from Indian British Council, so I begged Baba to help me. On my third day of parayan, I gave telephonic interview and sixth day got the result that I was not among the student who received scholarship. Again I got disappointed. Here, my inner enemies made me stop parayan on sixth day. Even though I wanted to continue I don’t know who made me stop. I felt very guilty after that. Continuously, I was asking Baba to demolish my inner enemies, which is giving me lot of pain. On next Thursday, something inspired me to do again parayan and this time it will be solely for saying Sorry to our Sai Ma. So on Thursday evening, I express this to my husband and immediately first he scolded me for not completing last time and then said to start from that Thursday itself. So I started and every time I was praying Sainath; I was saying Sorry to Him and asking Him to vanish my inner enemies.

I was also using Sai Baba’s question and answer website and getting positive answers and remembering Him. So I tried my best to follow what He asked me to do so. Sai told me to donate Food. Here in this country, it was not easy to found people who are really in need of food. So I called my mother in India and told her to do so, on my behalf. Since then she is donating on every Thursday. And then on fifth day of my parayan, I got two invitation calls for PhD scholarship from Germany for which they are sponsoring me and I am quiet hopeful that I will receive both.

But the Miracle is our Lord Sai gave me PhD in UK itself again in London itself where we are living. University is giving me Full Scholarship and I am one of the candidates to get this out of 15 in the World. This news came on my last day of Parayan. I called immediately to my husband he said Sai gave us everything. I cried a lot in front of Baba’s picture for this Miracle.

Truly Baba helped me and showed Blessing on me. I wanted to tell other Sai Devotees from my this experience that Sainath definitely shows His blessing who Remember Him continuously thereby keeping Faith and Patience.

Dear Readers, please avoid any “I” while reading this because wherever used it is my all ego. Only Baba had done all this so all credit goes to only and only our Sadguru. Still I will beg to Sai to diminish Ego from me.

Hetalji, thank you for all your kind support, when I needed and giving us this beautiful platform to share our experience.

Thank you all Sai Readers for reading my experience.

Sacchidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay!!!!

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Om sai ram
    Beautiful experience. i m going thru the same situation. I have done masters in clinical research and then got married and shifted to australia. I want to do work in my field but i m not getting anything becoz i dont have australian experience. nw I want to do any job but still i m not getting anything. i read sai sacharitra , did sai vrats , cried alot in front of baba… but nothing happened .. i want to help my husband financially… please baba help me i need a job …mujhse jo galiya hui hai to shama kiyiye sai ma..
    please sai devotees pray for me….


    Wonderful Experience.
    I am sorry Baba for my mistakes.
    I Love You Baba.
    Akhanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Shri Sachindanda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharajki Jai.

  3. Dear Sai Devotee from UK, very inspiring and encouraging experience you have posted. Wish you good luck and finish your Ph.D. with flying colors with BABA's grace.
    I truly believe BABA provides us everything we need and what is best for us. At the same time HE may not let something happen if that is not in our interest or HE has other plans ordained for us in this life span. I longed to study medicine and be a doctor but that dream could not come true however I tired and cried and wished for. In stead I am provided everything in my married life and my nature is to "be there" for all my family members. Now when I read other Sai Devotees experiences I realize that perhaps BABA wanted me "to BE there" for my family. I am happy and satisfied with whatever BABA wants me lo lead my life.
    I have posted several of blessings that I received from BABA where even I have not even expected such help. But when I look back in my life events I am struck with awe how BABA only could have helped me that makes me think I am HIS special child.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  4. Dear Shefali, thank you for your comment and just have Baba's mantra Shraddha and Saburi. Even I lost this once but now I realised that it was all my exam period of life conducted by our Lord Sai. You will soon get anything. Only one advise I can give you as I had been through like yours that is if you want a job in your field just keep applying and applying to all those jobs which are related to yours. I did my biotechnology and was trying for more than 8 months.
    @Meera: Many thanks for your message. I am feeling very happy after reading about you. You are so blessed that you have your family around. Meeraji, I have one question for you sometimes I feel that I am away from Sainath, why such feeling is coming in my heart? What should I do to break the barrier which is still there between me and our father Sai?

    Thank you all. Nikita

  5. Dear Hetalji, I am really sorry because I posted my experience again on your website few days before as I thought my fist one was lost. I sincerely apologise for posting again.

    Thank you

    Kind regards

  6. @Anonymous ji (Nikita),

    Sai Ramji,

    Never mind if you have re-sent your experience. I understand all devotees' fear of such sort, as i do get mails inquiring if we have received their experience or not. Let me tell you all that averagely we are receiving about 3-4 experiences every day and as per blog policy we are posting 1/3 experiences on alternate days. We are not unable to cope with the pace of incoming and published experiences. This is mainly because of time constrains. I apologize for it. We are continuously working hard to serve you better and please do not have fear of losing your experiences.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  7. Sai Nathai namah..


    I have been reading this blog for the past 9 months but have known Sai since i was 16. Till recently i have started having a weird feeling as if i have become a statue and i am unable to move my hands or legs.This happens for a mere 5 seconds and all the times i jerk of the feeling to gain normality and it usually happens at night.I am confused why am i having this feeling..Can anyone throw some light on this?

  8. om sai ram,

    hetal ji i thank you immensely for doing this great work…
    i love going through the experiences shared by devotees of sri sai baba….

    i am going through a very difficult phase in my life.this blog gives me strength to cope up.but sometimes certain questions arise in my mind. i wish to talk to you,hetal ji.i need guidance.i had been crying in front of baba's photo and asked him who may help me.your name came to my mind.i think it's baba's answer. can you please talk to me?or where can i send you an email?please guide me.

  9. hetal ji i also had wrriten you about my problems and pain and asked some solution from you but you did not reply my mail why hetal ji you dont not gave any answer, my life condition is very bad , so i asked help from you but you also did not gave any answer.

  10. @Anonymous ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    I am really sorry for that. I am sure with what name you have sent mail. I am trying to reply to all incoming mails but sometimes i do miss them if they go in spam. Please re-send me the mail. Sorry for inconvenience caused.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

    • sai baba plz meri sun lijiye mera pyar la dijye mai nh reh sakti uske bina plz sai baba aap pyar krne walo ko alag hote kaise dekh sakte hain plz hmlog ko mila dijye mere pyar ko wapas meri zindgi me la dijye sai baba

  11. Om Sri Sai Ram ! Baba is great :)..i never thought i would clear my CA exams which had been extremely tough for me ! But i did and i owe this completely to Baba! Pray to Baba and he'll be there for you always,to take care of your worries and watch over you..why fear when Baba is near ?! 🙂

  12. Om Sri Sai Ram ! I never thought i would clear my CA exams which had been extremely tough for me..but i did,all thanks to Baba :)..i owe it completely to him :)..Have faith in Baba and he'll be there for you always,taking care of your worries and watching over you..why fear when Baba is near ? 🙂


  13. Om Sai Ram, baba please forgive me and pardon my mistakes, you know I am going through a very tough time, I don't want to lose the person I love a lot, he means the world to me, I hurt him, he is annoyed with me. But Sai I have faith that you will bring him back to me because you gave him to me in the first place, I didn't seek him. Pls Sai help me, I beg you baba. You have done so many miracles in my life, please baba I need a miracle again. Om Sai Ram.

  14. It made tears in my eyes, i even firmly believe that baba surely look at his devotee, but i am also in a stage that i look for blessing n begging everytime since more than a year , but he is helping me staying positive yet.. i thank him for that.

  15. Om Sai Ram. Baba Sai Please mujhe maaf kar dijiye meri galti ki itni badi saza na dijiye mere sai ram, sachidanand sai maharaj mere pyar ko mere paas vapas la di jiye, mujhe or kuch nahi chahye, bas mujhemera pyar vapas chahye. itne chamtkar aapne kiye hain sai meri bhi jindagi me mere pyar ko lado. mujhe pata hai maine use bahut dukh diye hain par hey sai naatha, mujhe 1 aakhiri mauka de diye or mere pyar ko vapas la dijiye, 1 sirf aap par hi bharosa hai sai nath. mai usi ke sath agali baar aapke darshan karna chahta hun shirdi me mere bhagawan meri pukar sun lijiye sai nath. OM Sai Nathaye Namah, Om Sai Ram

  16. Baba i hav no such miracles to post here as i m jus thinking to start worshipping u… i know its u who wants this as i m no one and not even worth that i can take some decisions… all i know is Sai baba m miserable at this point of time… i c no hope in my life and m broken… hope u will help me..

  17. @AnonymousDear Nikita ji, Jai Sai Ram.
    I am happy that I can be an instrument to increase faith towards Sai BABA in other Sai devotees through my postings.
    What you are asking me is my question to Sai BABA too! Though slowly and gradually Sai-Smaran has become as natural to me as we are breathing, but when something I want to do goes against my efforts I feel so agitated and my mind starts questioning Sai BABA why I am not getting success in my effort, and not only that but I take one step ahead and go 10 steps behind!
    I believe that BABA wants to test our FAITH in HIM time to time but at the same time HE would never leave us while we are in trouble.
    Keep thinking of BABA whenever you have such blank moments like while you are walking to work, while traveling in bus or car, or even doing your daily routine work where you can think of BABA. This practice even help us not thinking negatively about anything or anybody. And being in such positive environment we feel BABA's blessings more.
    It is very true that something happens that we do not understand and yet it proves to be a stepping stone for our good in future developments. And in such depressing moments we question BABA "why" which is not proper and for that or similar mistakes, we should ask BABA's mercy to pardon our fault that we committed unknowingly.
    Spending each moment of our days, weeks, months, years and our remaining life the way BABA want us Devotees to LIVE is the only way to have PEACE and JOY in our life.
    I tried to answer your question and I hope that helps you. You can write to me directly on meebakshi@gmail.com
    Love and regards,

  18. @Anonymous
    Dear Sai devotee Anonymous with sleep disorder problem, I tried to find solution and/or cause of your problem on Google search and found one link where others have similar problem too. You can read the discussion on http://becauseilive.hubpages.com/hub/Sleep-Paralysis-Symptoms–Causes-and-Treatment,
    and if needed please see your Doctor. I wish and pray that situation is improved and you do not have to see the Doctor for this problem.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  19. Om Sai Ram JAi JAi Sai RAm..Baba Plz forgive my mistakes.
    you know everything about mine. you know what i want now.
    plz help do some miracle and bless me all my worries and difficulties go away.I need my love. i want him, He is my life, you know where is he, Please bring him to me, he should marry me soon, plz baba remove my tears, pains..blessing me to getting a good life patner.

    Your child.

  20. Dear Hetal ji, I am facing problems in getting married to the person i love due to some kundali matching problem. our kundali is not at all matching. I believe in Sri Sai baba a lot & i have kept Sai vrat also,from last 1 week i was searching for Sai Satcharitra book to read, but on this Holi i was at my home town & on thursday i was very much depressed it was my fast also but suddenly i open my very old cubord & in 1st row only i found Sri Sai satcharitra, after seeing that book i feel so happy i thought it is a sign from baba that read this book & all your sorrows will vanish, & from same day i 've started reading 1 chapter daily from the book but every day my family strongly denying for our marriage, i was so much upset but i continue reading it for 3 says & have completed 3 chapters but that day when i have to read 4th chapter i missed that day due to some serious discussion of our marriage helding in family & i was traveling on that day as well for delhi.I want to continue reading Sai Satcharitra every day 1 or 2 chapters, would that be okay or we have to read and finish it by 1 week? kindly help. i dont have much time left i believe in Sai baba a lott i know he will definately help us. Pls Hetal ji or any one help me in my Querry?

  21. sai baba aap sabki mannat puri krte ho sai baba mai bahot dukhi hun baba aap mera dukh dur kar dijye sai baba mera pyar mujhe de dijye mai usse bahot pyar krti hun wo v krta hai par ushe kya ho gya hai pata nhi ab wo ache se baat nh karta badal gya hai uski shadi kisi aur se taye ho gai hai plz sai baba uske dil me mere lye fir se wahi pyar jaga dijye itna bechain kar dijye mere pass wapas ajaye mai nhi reh sakti uske bina plz sai baba ushe kisi aur ka mat bnaiye mai usse bahot pyar krti hun mera pyar mujhe dedijye ushe mera bna dijye sai baba mera pyar mujhe de djye jaldi mai ab nhi reh paa rhi hun sai baba sun lijye meri pukar

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