A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 71

At every step of life after we hold hands of Lord Sai Baba He is there even in pettiest phase of life. The following experiences narrate both small and serious incidents and how problem got solved by Lord Sai Baba.

I Got My Position Back

Sai Brother V.SRINIVASAN ji from India says: I am Srinivasan, working for a nationalized bank in Mumbai. I wanted to share this leela of Shri Sai Baba even earlier somehow missed out. I am really sorry for that.

There was a problem in my office for me. I was punished for that. This happened in January 2009. The punishment was too harsh. I, therefore, appealed to my higher authorities against the punishment. Usually appeals in my office will be decided within 90 days and the decision will be communicated to the affected person. But in my case, the same was not conveyed. I kept praying Shri Sai Baba. My family consisting of my wife, son, daughter and son in law are all Sai Baba devotees. Daily we are reciting the name of Sai Ram. I am a regular reader of Shri Sai Satcharitra written by Shri Hemand Pant.

My punishment was revoked after 2 years and I am reverted back to my position in my office. I could not believe this is only because of Shri Sai Baba. Baba has blessed me by this leela. In my office this is one of the rarest thing happened.

My only prayer is that I should never forget Baba not only in this birth and in all future births. I am surviving today only because of Shri Sai Baba. I pray that the god must give me a mind that should not waver and I should always remember Him and meditate on Him.

With respectful regards

Couple of Sai Baba’s Experiences

Sai Sister Shernaz ji says: Om Sai Ram Hetalji. I have been reading devotees’ experiences on your blog for a long time. Some of them have touched my heart. You are doing a great Seva to Baba by way of this blog. May Baba be always with you and all His children. I am sharing my latest experiences with my Sai family. These experiences teach us to have unconditional love for our Sai Baba and how much we are protected by HIM all the time.

Recently, my son brought a 3D picture of a Thai Goddess from Thailand which I kept in our mandir. Daily we have two oil diyas burning for 24 hours in that room. Nothing is kept very close to the diyas. The Goddess picture was also kept quite far away.

Last week, around 12.30 in the night, I was woken up with a start. I felt as if someone was trying to shake me up from my deep sleep. Before going back to sleep, I went to the washroom and while returning, I could smell something burning in my Mandir. I ran there and was shocked to see that the 3D picture (which was made of wax) had fallen on the diya and was burning. I immediately took the picture out of the room and doused the fire. To my surprise, nothing happened to the actual picture of the goddess – only the right top side had burnt and the picture was intact. I immediately sat down for prayers and thanked my Baba for saving my house from burning. Because of the air conditioner, we keep the bedroom doors closed, so we would not have noticed the fire for a long time. Fear gripped me as to what would have happened, if I did not wake up in time. My Baba protected our house from such a big calamity. No words are enough to thank my BABA for saving our lives.

Another incident was happened a couple of years back in Dubai. Once I lost my driving license – I always keep the license in my small pouch and very rarely take it out. Once I had taken the license out and then remembered very well of putting it back in my small pouch after coming home but next day I just could not find it. Even my husband had seen me putting my license back in my pouch but surprisingly it vanished. I searched everywhere but no luck. My husband wanted me to apply for a new one, but I had faith in my Baba and waited for a few weeks. Of course I did not drive during those days as the rules here are very strict. My husband and I must have searched my whole pouch 2-3 times, but could not find the license. In my bedroom, I have a huge picture of my Sai Baba facing my bed and I talk to Him many times. One day, I sat in front of Baba’s picture and started talking to HIM – I told Him that I have waited for a long time for my license. Please find it for me now. Saying this, I took my pouch and touched it on Baba’s picture. Then I opened the pouch to search for my license and Bingo – What do I find? My license in the front pocket – exactly where I used to keep it earlier! We searched the pouch so many times – taking out all the credit cards and other things but the license was never there. How can it just appear? This is my BABA’s leela. I could not believe my eyes and started crying with joy. I thanked my BABA profusely. This is an example of the love He shows to His followers. My Shraddha and Saburi paid off after a month.

All HE needs from us is implicit faith and unconditional love.

With deep gratitude to my Baba,


Sai Experience

Sai Sister Sivani ji from USA says: I am Sivani. I am living in USA. Please don’t reveal my email id.

I have been Sai devotee since 10 years. I have had so many experiences with Sai. I will post one at a time. I am not good in writing, so please forgive me for my mistakes in writing.

After I got married, we came to Canada. Few months after, I came to Canada and became pregnant. Since my husband job doesn’t pay much that time, we were living in small basement. When I was pregnant, I was craving for Shirdi Baba prasad. I asked Baba, “Please send me some prasad”. We were visiting Baba temple every Thursday hoping I will get prasad there. But nothing happened. After two months, we moved to another bigger basement. There, the landlords of that house went to India for vacation. After few days, they returned from India. One day, our landlord came to our house and gave Shirdi prasad. She said they visited Shirdi, when they went to India. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Even though, I asked Baba and I never thought it will become true. Sai always listens to our heart. Have faith and patience.

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  1. A living immovable faith is all that is required. Faith shrines the brightest and comes to our rescue.


  2. Wonderful experiences…I think all the experiences being posted here answers other devotees questions..Its amazing…Thank you Baba…

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  3. Wonderful experiences…


    Please Bless us the unconditional love for you at every time when we breathe!!

    We love you Sai Ma.. AUM SRI SAI RAMA

  4. Great experiences ! I had similar experience ! my hubby gave me rent check to give it in the rental office. I was going outside with lots of other works too. When i reached the rental office i could not find my rent check. I came back searched in the car,on the road and again in the house. I was afraid because the rent check has our account number,address. I was afraid because my husband would yell at me. I prayed to saibaba and took the saisatcharithra and again went to rental office to tell them. But when i told them they told someone found it on the road and gave it to them.

    Wonderful Experiences.
    I Love You Baba.
    Akhanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharajki Jai.

  6. "Hetal ji jaldi jaldi se naya experience upload krdo aapko pta to h jaise bina mails pade or readers k comments pade aapka din pura nai hota waise hi hum log ka din experience pade bina pura nai hota" hope u dnt mind..

  7. I had great experience when i started to pray baba n rememberin baba.. I was very dull student, getting marks 48% to 50% everytime. N also i failed 2years. I was losing faith about my engineering. Planned to leav home. Coz in home also i didnt tel that i failed. Parents were thinkin that i m engineer. But reality was different. Miracle happened. We were doing pooja in home for different photos.. Suddenly my father brought sai baba photo to home n removed al other photos n said if we pray baba that s equal to pray every god in this world. I too started praying. N rest of d things just miracles. I completed my engineering. And this time not only 48%… This time it was 78.45%. Another miracle s once my friend lost 8gb pendrive in cyber zone. He was feelin very bad. I just prayed sai baba. N told him that u ill get ur pendrive. Next day he visited cyber again n he got that… Once i visited pune, while coming back to bangalore my reservation was in waitin list, means seat was not confirm. There was huge waitings. Train came!! I was fully worried that how can i do journey 1000km… Time was night 1am. While step in to train i just remembered sai baba….. One old man in train treated me as his son. I was sitting near door… He came there n told: go n sleep in my seat i m not getting sleep… Then i slept there whole night n day… When i wake up he was leavin train in some station. I even cant able to talk wit him again. Then i remembered sai baba words… Have patience n trust then i ill be wit u everywhere. Jai sai ram!

  8. Heartly thanks to Hetal ji……no problem u might b busy with some work I can understand..Anyways ,thanks for the experiences……

  9. Really Great experiences ! I had also similar experience ! I had lost many of mine gold things/ornaments in last 12 years (after my marriage)and heard much from my in-laws for that. Last week ony of my gold ring was broken in my office and I remembered very well that I put it (broken ring) back in my bag. But when I search it for the repairing i didnt got it back. I seach many times in my bag but failed to find it. Then I stood fron of Sai Baba's Photo in my home and prayed to Him for help so that i may not to hear from my in-laws. I requested sai Baba and after some time when I opened my small purse, which was in my bag, I found my ring in that. I could not believe my eyes and started crying with joy and surprise. Thanks Sai Baba. This is only because of you. Only you save me! Please help me in future also.

  10. To my sai .I know I love you .I am always talking to you .fighiting with you .sometimes looks you are listening to me ,some time not , but anyway I love you .sai baba last year I was reading sai charity ,then it came in my mind that I will not eat rice , till you call me to shirdhi,I have not been to shirdhi.it is now one year .I don;t know what to do .should I start eating or not .I was thinking I will go to mandir and I will give rice , but from inside I am very upset and lonely . But today early in the morning I was sleeping ,in my sleep I was chucking my mail i saw two letters from shirdhi sai baba with udhi.sai baba I am so happy ,so happy
    Few days before I was sound sleep.I felt some body standing next to me ,I open my eyes I see sai baba putting his hand on my head and giving me blessing .thank you saibaba……….

  11. BABA! Gave me same kind of experience Once, One of my friend was not conceiving and she was saying me i am not getting pregnant and i said you will don't worry and after few months she said to me you said but i am not pregnant and when i will be its been too long with so much sad then i went to BABA and prayed for her please help me by putting my word and save my respect then i decided to do 5 thursdays i have to make payasam and offer to BABA and that prasad she should have little atleast to my surprise Guys you don't believe she was pregnant by taking 2nd thursday's prasad and till she was pregnant and i completed her 5 thursdays prasad and i see to that she takes even though it was hard due to nausea one bit is gone then fine andi used to read satcharitra book parayanam and she got a BABY Girl and she is fine too!

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