A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 70

Sai devotees are always under protective roof of love of Lord Sai Baba and at every step of their life they know that their dear Father is extending His gentle hands to hold them. Devotees whose experiences are shared below have experienced this.

My Experience With Shirdi Sai Baba

Sai Brother Raj ji from USA says: I wanted to share an experience that happened in August 2010 in Hyderabad, India. I visited Shirdi in August 2010 with my family. As I was approaching Baba’s statue, I wanted to put Rs 1,116 in the Hundi. However I had only Rs.200, which I gave it to my son and asked him to put it in the hundi.

We returned to Hyderabad. The next day morning, I was having tea on our balcony at 7:30 AM, when I heard a voice saying Baba. I looked down and saw two yogi’s standing in front of our gate. I went down and offered the yogi Rs 2.00. He gave the Rs.2.00 back to me along with a Rudrakha and told me to keep it all the time with me for the rest of my life. Then he asked me that I had been to Shirdi in the last two days. When I said yes, he took my hand and wrote Rs 1,116 and said that I owe that to Him. I was shocked and went up and came back with the money and gave it to him. He blessed me and asked for a cup of tea. I took both of them upstairs and asked my mother to make some tea. After drinking the tea he said his work is over and he will go to Shree Sailam and use the money for Annadhanam. As I was watching them go, they slowly disappeared. I believe that He is Sai Himself. I felt so happy and I am so grateful to Him. He also said that I was expecting a business deal to happen and it will happen around September 15th. It did happen and I was so happy. I always think about Baba and wanted to share this experience. I am sure He will take care of everyone. Om Sri Sai Ram.


Baba Saves Me In All Situations

Sai Sister Vasantha ji from USA says: Hi Hetal ji, hope you are doing well. You are doing a great job. I frequently visit your blog. Whenever I feel lonely and discourage, if I saw your blog at that time, I get a lot of energy, courageousness.

I am a devotee of Sai Baba from 7 years. Baba helped me a lot. Actually I am a B.SC degree student. I have a goal to study MS in US from my childhood. I am hard worker. I didn’t done B. Tech., because of some financial reason in my home. But all of my friends joined in B. Tech. I used to cry so much whenever I saw my friends who joined in B. Tech. But I realized to our financial situations so I joined in Degree. Even I was studying degree; I was always thinking about how to do MS in US.

In my Degree 2nd year, I became a devotee of Sai Baba. After I completed my degree I wrote ICET exam to do M.C.A. I did very hard work to get good rank in ICET. I prayed Sai Baba daily to give good rank in ICET. I wrote ICET exam. I thought I will get 20,000-30,000 rank. But miracle I got 3,000 rank In ICET BY SAIBABA’s grace. I felt very happy at that time. After all, I joined in my M.C.A. But still I always think about how to do MS. All my family members didn’t agree to do MS after completion of M.C.A. Because they thought there is no need to do 2nd masters. Only my mother agreed for that one. My childhood friend also encouraged me a lot. I always think Baba only came in His form. I have to say thanks to my friend. He helped me a lot. With his support and with my mother support, I asked my father to go to Hyderabad to take coaching in GRE and TOEFL. I came to Hyderabad to take GRE and TOEFL coaching after I completed my M.C.A. I saw Sai Baba temple beside our institute in Panjagutta, Hyderabad. I felt very happy. I used to go to that temple daily. It is my favorite temple in the world. I am not fluent in English. I prayed to Baba to help me in GRE and TOEFL. I wrote GRE and TOEFL and I got good marks. I applied for four universities in US. I got I20 from one university. But I want to go to other university. I prayed to Baba, please send I20 from that university. I was waiting for that I20. At that time my sister told me that go for visa on what I have. I was very afraid of my visa. I always think whether they will give visa to me or not. Actually it is not easy to get visa to do 2nd masters in USA. I prayed to Baba please give me visa. I went for visa and the embassy asked me “why you want to do again masters in USA”. I said to get practical knowledge. Again she asked me “So why you did masters in INDIA”. I didn’t know what to say at that time. I didn’t answer it correctly. I thought I am not going to get visa. But miracle she said “You can get your visa within one week”. I didn’t believe what she said I gain asked her. She said the same thing. I felt very happy at that moment. I went to my favorite Sai Baba temple after I got visa immediately. After I got visa, the university has send me I20. So many members told me that “you cannot transfer to the new university without studying at least 6 months in the university on which you got visa”. I felt sad. I came to USA by Sai’s grace. I got transferred to my favorite university in first semester only. After I came to the university, I searched for an on campus job. By Sai’s grace, I got job as Research Assistant in my first semester. But that was only for 8 months. I prayed to Baba, please give me another on campus job after these 8 months. Last summer, I searched for a new on campus job. I read Sai Satcharitra. One day, I cried before Baba’s photo. On the very next day, I received an email from my Research Assistant professor that he recommended me to another job in his department. After two days I got another on-campus job opportunity as teaching assistant. Now I am working as a teaching Assistant at my university. This is my graduating semester, I searched for jobs outside. I prayed Baba that please give me job by the end of April. On April 2nd, I went to an interview in my sister’s company. They didn’t give me the result till now. As the days going, I used to feel discourageousness and I cried a lot before Sai Baba. On April 10th, I applied for a job. I selected in that job as a software engineer. I have a habit that Whenever I get any job, I give my first salary to Sai. So I am going to give my first salary as Annadhan to Sai Baba temples in USA and in India. Our supervisor has sent me an offer letter on this Tuesday. Baba gave me job by the end of APRIL. I felt very happy. I promised to Baba that I will post my whole experiences with Him if I get job. I do pooja to Baba daily. I don’t eat anything without doing pooja to Baba. Baba, please bless me always like this. Without Sai, I am not here. Sai is my guide, father, and mother, everything in my life.

Om Sri Samrdha Sadguru Sainadh Maharaj Ki Jai. Thank you, Hetal ji for giving me this great opportunity.

BABA Is A Shadow Of His Devotees

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hello Sai Devotees, Shri Sachithananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaji Ki Jai. I would not like to disclose my name, while I share my experiences here; please forgive me.

I don’t know where to start my experiences, I live in United States. I have had so many experiences while I came in to Sai’s path. My first experience started in the year of 2005; I went to India for my sister’s marriage. Something happened very badly with my family and after coming back to US, I used to get this horrible nightmare every night and I use to get up screaming every night. I don’t know why I started going to Sai Baba Puja’s, which happens every Thursday evening’s in my city. I remember the quotes from Shri Sai Satcharitra book that Baba ties the thread to the bird’s feet and pulls His devotees to Him, that’s what I guess happened with me. After few weeks I started going to puja, my nightmare’s disappeared.

I would also like to share my brother’s experience; he is also Baba’s devotee. I don’t want to disclose any of my family details also. So I would not go into details where my brother stays currently or his name. My brother stays in European country, he has been staying there for three years and after that he applied for work permit and his work permit got rejected. If he has to find a decent job, he has to have work permit. He applied for a second time and it got rejected once again. Now there is only one way to file work permit and that is only to appeal in the court, he met with a lawyer this time. But the lawyer was also sure only fifty percent positive side. He appealed third time in the court as a last chance, and the day arrived, when he has to appear in the court on one fine Thursday. That day when my brother’s case came to judgment, because it was lunch time the lady who was against my brother went for lunch and he talked to judge and the judge got impressed with his explanation. And within four weeks my brother came to know from court that his work permit got approved this time. And most surprising thing is that he got approval on Thursday.

My third experience is endless, don’t know where to start and where to end, will definitely share full story when I’ll join the job. But for now, only I received a call from a company; I attended interview, and they confirmed that I have been selected and need to do remaining formalities. But I just couldn’t wait to share my happiness with Sai Devotees. With Baba’s grace, it’s a full time position, my happiness had no limits. No words for me say except I felt Baba’s presence during the entire process, whenever I needed Him.

I believe in Baba that He is the shadow of His devotees. He proves that He is always there for His devotees.

Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

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    Wonderful Experiences.
    Baba Please bless me also.
    Please forgive me Baba.
    I Love You Baba.

  2. Sairam Raj ji…. it is none other than our sai who came to ur home u r really very very lucky to see baba n offer tea in ur home.. u r really blessed…:-)


  3. I wanted to share my experiences with baba for a longtime, but I couldn't for some or other reason. Please forgive me baba for not sharing with other devotees. After reading Raj's experience baba made me to write this way. In May 2009 I read Satcharitra from thursday to wednesday, on next day (thursday)a Swamiji came to my work place and asked me 11 dollars, and gave me a rudraksha, he asked me to keep it all the time with me and advised me not to cut my hair and nails on tuesdays. Without any question I gave 11 dollars and I saw gurunanak and saibaba pictures in his bag. He looked like a punjabi. It is quiet unusual to see a swamiji in US.

  4. Thanks Rupaji. I was totally mesmerized when they came to my house and just followed what they have asked me. There is more to this. He gave me the Rs.2.00 coin and one rudraksha which I kept in my office in the US after coming back. When I told my wife then she said why keep them in the office and why not in the house. To my surprise when I opened my bag I had another Rs2.00 coin and another Rudraksha in my bag. I kept them in front of Sai Baba's idol in my house. Now I have one set in my office and one set in my house. I don't know how to express and I totally believe in Shiridi Baba and his chamatkars.


  5. Hetalji,
    I was so disturbed and feeling so frustratd ,then i typed SaiBabaMiracles then your webpage came up and i read only i miracle and i felt so relaxed i cant express and i feel like crying this tears are because our sai is so kind and i am very much moved by the way he takes care of his children.i am not able to express my feelings in words here but thanks a lot for your website ….

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