A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 69

The experiences shared below are really touching and it will certainly help to increase our faith in our beloved Lord Sai Baba.

Showered His blessings On Me

Sai Sister Sowmiya ji from India says: Om Sai Ram, Jai Sai Ram.

I am Sowmiya from Chennai. I would like to express my happiness regarding my love. I and John both loved each other for the past 2 years. I felt it like, Baba showed him to me. But, all of a sudden, his parents did not accept and arranged his engagement with someone. He could not do anything because of his situation, and stopped communicating me.

But, I firmly believe that, Baba will never let me down as I have put all my faith in Him. I prayed as much as I can for His grace to help me in marrying john. I went to Shirdi yesterday and came home with a peaceful mental state. Suddenly today (now), John called me and said, that he wants to go to Shirdi to pray god to make us together. I couldn’t believe my ears. I’m spellbound now.

Without His (Baba) intent, this was not possible. I can sense Baba’s grace on this poor child. With more and more firm faith on Him, I trust Baba that He will help us to be together for the rest of our life with Sai Ram’s blessings.

Kindly pray for me, that I should marry John with his parent’s permission and most importantly with the unexplainable support, grace and blessings from my father Sainath.

All glory goes to Sairam.

My Sai Accepted Me At His Feet

Sai Sister Gomathi ji from India says: Hetalji, may Sai bless you with all happiness for the divine job you do. Please post my experience, if you find it suitable to be posted. Please do not disclose my email id.

I would like to share the experience which made me believe in Him. This happened in 2008.

Once when I was in my aunt’s house, she was reading ‘Shri Sai Satcharitra‘. When I asked about that, she told me the story of her daughter (my cousin). She got married in 2005 and she was suffering from spontaneous miscarriages during 2005-06. She became very upset. Her husband and in laws believe in our SAI. They asked her to read ‘Satcharitra’. As she didn’t know anything about Him, she was not interested in reading it. But her situation made her think like ‘I will close my eyes and open this book. If there is something impressive in the page that opens up, I will read this book’.

Can you guess what would have happened? SAI, YOU ARE REALLY REALLY GREAT. She opened the book and in that particular page which opened up, she found a dialogue between Sai and Shama, where Sai tells, “She will have a child in 12 months”. She was much impressed and felt so happy. She started reading ‘Satcharitra’ and finished it in a week. It was the month of august and needless to say, she delivered a girl child the next year in the month of august.

Hearing this story, I felt so happy and started believing in SAI. But I had a question in my mind whether He will accept me. So I prayed to Him like this ‘SAI, I too will close my eyes and open a page in this book. Please have something for me in that page so that I can understand that You accept me at Your feet’.

Then I opened the Satcharitra. Sai really really exists. I found my name in that page as ‘Gomathi Theertham’ meaning Gomathi River (Satcharitra Tamil version). I felt so happy and I was all in tears. From that moment Sai helps me in all possible ways. I love You Sai. I have much more to share with you all. I will post my other experiences some time later.

Hetal ji, if possible please attach a beautiful picture of Sai.

Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba’s Kripa On Me

Sai Sister Kishori ji from Canada says: Sai Dutta Dear Hetalji, I am Kishori Naik. I am from Navsari, Gujarat, India. I am living in Canada since 2001. I have recently (this year) joined this Baba’s blog Mail and I’m reading Baba’s blessing for all persons.

Hope for well. Here all is well because of my SAI’s krupa. I got married in DEC 1994. At that period, I was not really in contact with Baba. But after that all miracle started.

After 7 months of my marriage, Sai came to my dream in my backyard. He gave His blessing with Udi and placed His hand on my head and tummy and told me that I am here to give you SAI KIRAN. I was scared and I didn’t understand what the massage from BABA was. Next month, I became to know that I was pregnant with my son. After that my life is full with miracle that I don’t have enough words to explain or write them all.

Currently I am in Canada with my son, daughter and Deven my husband. At each step, Baba is helping me and I always feel Him in me and around me. I was working as a microbiologist/consultant with pharmaceutical industries. Two years ago, my company was sold out and I decided to change my career to hospital sector. I have finished my study and I was trying to get enter in Infection control field. As an immigrant, it’s really very hard to get entry into this kind of job. I was offering my volunteer work to get enter in Infection control.

In 2010-2011, situation got worst and I cried on front of Baba. I prayed to Him; I told him that I am going to start Sai Satcharitra (Saptah Parayan) today; till next Thursday, give me any good news and I am waiting for. Same week, I received interview call, reference check and job letter for my dream job.

Many times, Baba came in my dream and talked with me. I always asked for His blessings for everyone. He always protects us and guides us. I always need His blessings forever. I need His Bhakti forever. My Kids always say Sai Dutta before go to bed every night.

Sai Ram!

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  1. Dear Sowmiyaji, I do hope and pray with all my hearet that u and John get married soon and more to the point — with his parents blessings. U know if Baba has blessed u to marry him then u can be sure of it although he also takes our "pariksha" to c how much we beleive in him. Whether we r ready to pay him with our shraddha and saburi.May Baba fulfill your wish soon.

  2. tears in my eyes…..bcase this also happns with me…..speechless….?mere baba so sweet..i love you sai

  3. Dear Sai Sister Sowmiya ji…Saimaa will unite you and John very soon…We are waiting to be a part of ur marriage ceremony….May Sai bless u both…

  4. Dear Sowmiya,i felt very happy by reading your article i really hope our baba gets you and John married to each other and bless your relationship always.I am also in love with a guy from 10 years but there was some opposition from my house and now due to some circumstances he has suddenly withdrawn and says he doesnt want to marry me.This morning i saw baba in my dreams and also saw my guy & i were together and from morning i was trying to understand what it means..by reading your experience i realised that baba is saying that he will make us both together again and get us married to each other.
    Baba i hope i have interpreted your message correctly.Love you sai,om sai ram.

    Wonderful Experiences.
    Baba please bless Sowmyaji and please bless all of us.
    I Love You Sai.

  6. Dear Hetal

    Just wanted to express my opinion re Sowmiya's message. I simply cannot understand why would she want to marry a man who agreed to be engaged to another woman when he is in love with her. In SaiCharitra we have read that Baba has said that Saburi is manliness in men. If a man cannot stand for his love with patience, how can he ever be a good husband or a good father?

    Has anyone considered the poor girl who is now engaged to this man?

    I do not think it is fair for any of us to pray to Baba for a man like John who is unfaithful to two women at the same time.

    Apologies if I sound harsh but women should gather their self respect and stand against men like John.

    Thank you

  7. As one grows with Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, one feels HIS Benevolence and Omnipresence through their lives.

    A Devotee.

  8. hey soumiya even i pray and hope that you get married to john with baba's blessings…even i am going through a similar situation but more worse and have really lost all hopes but if baba atleast blesses you and john to be together i would be really happy. All the best!
    om sai ram!

  9. Om Sai Ram

    Hi sowmiya, baba will bless you soon i pray for you…similar thing is going on me that i felt baba showed him for me…


  10. Hi Kishoriji,

    It's just a miracle that i found a similar profile of mine when i am reading your experience. I got married in 1994,came to US in 2001 and have two kids one boy and one girl. I worked before and right now i am working part-time and looking for a new job.

    I never came across a person who is almost similar to my life. I felt excisted to read your experience.

    Thanks for sharing the experience.

  11. Dear Soumiya and Shalini may Sai Ram bless you with his love and grace. May both of you have wonderful Sai arranged love marriage 🙂

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