Below are few experiences wherein devotees have experienced Lord Sai Baba’s kripa and benevolence in abundance

Baba Gave Me The Desired Result

Sai Sister MANALEE ji from Canada says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji, I am Manalee from Guwahati, Assam. I have been a devotee of Baba for nearly 2 years. I had come to know about Baba from my aunt. Here I am sharing one of the miracles of Baba experienced by me. Please post it.

I am a student. I am doing my Master Degree in Botany from Guwahati University. During my graduation days due to various circumstances, I did not study well due to which my graduation result was poor. I had got chance in another university, but due to certain reasons I did not go there. But I always had repented this decision and I always thought that it’s Baba’s will so something good must be there in it.

Then before my First Semester Exams, I prayed to Baba that if this time I do good result and get a rank within the top 5, then I’ll do Baba’s 9 Thursday Vrat (I am doing this vrat for some other wish now, hope Baba listens to my prayer). Then one night a friend of mine called me and told that the results might be declared the next day. I thought results are mostly declared on Saturdays, but that day was Thursday (i.e Baba’s day!). Next day, I prayed to Baba and went for the classes. Eventually the results were declared. I came 2nd. I did not expect such good result. It’s all because of Sai Maa’s grace. I hope that Sai MAA will bless me in my coming exams too. I have been facing another personal problem for the last 2 years. But I know with BABA’s grace, it will be solved too. Now I just wish that I can fulfill my promise to Baba as soon as possible. Thank u Baba. OM SAI RAM.SAI RAM KI JAY.

Experience With Tarkhad Family & Book Experience

Sai Sister Ranjini ji from India says: Sai Ram Hetalji, I have written an experience before on your blog but unable to locate the URL so am taking the liberty to write a new experience that recently occurred.

This story was pending for writing and sharing. I take this humble opportunity to mention a very touching incident. it only strengthens my faith that “HE” our Sai Maata is omnipresent and omnipotent and his heart melts like butter for us if we ask the right things that we deserve and that He wants to “Give”.

It’s been a year since we have settled in Bangalore. Previously before leaving from Mumbai in 2010, I met up very miraculously a friend in office who hails from the Tarkhad family (Shri Sai Satcharitra chapters mentions many incidents with Baba & Mrs. Tarkhad). I was very lucky to get associated with her and kept in touch generally. Before Gudi Padwa (i.e. April), I chatted with her on our internal chat network (since we are in the same company we use online collaboration tools to chat). And we were generally doing satsang and chit chat about Sai’s leelas, then there was this Sankalpa in my mind to do Satcharitra parayan reading and I mentioned to her my intent. She then suggested commencing my reading in Chaitra month and don’t start before Gudi Padwa. Also she mentioned that Baba sitting in front of her is hearing our chat and definitely He will bless it. Then I requested her to also courier the books written by her father on Shirdi Sai and his father’s experiences to Bangalore. Then the same week, a miracle took place. She messaged me instantly within 2 days and told me that her colleague is coming to her house with the same intent of meeting with her father and in connection to his book writing and that she stays in Bangalore and her sister works in IBM. So she can carry it for me. Definitely, this was Baba’s love and pity that he took on me. She happily told me that her friend will do padayatra for Rama Navami and enroute she will carry the books to Shirdi and from there she will return to Bangalore. What a miracle – now the books are destined to come to me via Shirdi. I thanked her & Sai with my full heart and prayed that she also gets whatever she wants in her life and may Sai always be with her.

I called this friend of hers and asked to put dakshina into the hundi since she’s traveling to Shirdi. This way Baba accepted dakshina also from me for my Satcharitra parayan reading that I had commenced on Gudi Padwa day. Finally at Bangalore, we met and I collected the books last Thursday and I got Shirdi Prasad and Vibhuti.

Bow to the feet of Lord Sai, Peace be with all, Aum Sri Sai Ram, Jai Sai Ram

Sai Baba Cured Our Baby

Sai Sister Shilpa ji from Canada says: Dear Hetal, Kindly post this experience on your blog. Thanks a lot for the blog which provides us to share out Baba’s experiences. Please don’t disclose my email id.

There are many incidents of Baba’s kindness towards our family. I am writing the recent one, which I had promised Baba to share with everyone through your blog. My daughter Miraya Sai is 4 months old and she was having phlegm in her throat since 3-4 weeks. Due to which, she used to be restless and cranky. Weather in Canada was also not very conducive for such problems. We took her to pediatrician, he examined her and told that everything is fine and asked to use only saline drops for instant relief in case of excessive blockage. Even after using the drops phlegm was persistent. One night she started having breathing problems and we had to rush her to emergency. The doctor conducted some test, to check for any kind of infection but didn’t prescribe any medication. Baba’s blessing ensured that there wasn’t any infection. But phlegm still didn’t reduce. I started doing saptah parayan and prayed Baba to cure the baby and promised that I would share the experience. From third day of parayan, she started feeling better and by seventh, she was fine. Now, she is having little phlegm but it doesn’t bother her much. I am sure, with Baba’s grace, she will be completely cured.

Thank you Baba, Please take care Your devotees always and bless us.

Om Sairam.

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  1. When devotion becomes all consuming the Lord also reciprocates it, as HIS devotees welfare was paramount to HIM.

  2. Sai Sister Shilpa ji,

    Sai Ram. Please give lil gal miraya sai, udi water daily. Sure her phlegm will be cured by Our GREAT father BABA.

    Jai Sai Ram

  3. Hi,

    Great experiences..As I'm thinking about sai, that He is not listening to my prayers & testing me so much..

    Actually I got job offer from IBM thro consultancy..4 weeks passed away, but didn't get the offer letter & I came to know that package is very less what I expected. bcoz of my present cmpy,smebody given bad remark abt my wrk to tht cmpy, as I'm playing critical role.So, they will face the problem if I left the cmpy. I felt very bad,why Baba is doing like this.At present I'm getting less package, they offered only 20%..Even though I decided to accept that offer.

    But I'm praying Baba, atleast it could be 40%..Prayed Him to show some hint, by browsing I started to read these experiences..In this, by first experience He told me that I can get my desired package & In 2nd experience, the cmpy is IBM..

    Thanks Baba..Expecting this miracle from You very soon

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