Shirdi Sai Baba Bore Our Burden – Sai Devotee Aradhana

In His eleven assurances, Lord Sai Baba has said, “If you cast your burden on Me, I shall surely bear it.” This has certainly proved to be a truth in life of every Sai Devotee. The same is the experience of Sai sister Aradhana ji.

Sai Sister Aradhana ji from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, Please post my experience in this blog. This is my earning in the 30 years of my life.

I really do not know how to start the story. We are followers of Satya Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai Baba. My only son, who was born as a lactose intolerant baby and had to suffer a lot since day 1 after his birth was miraculously cured by just a darshan of Sri Satya Sai Baba. We started reading and finding out more and more about Baba. A friend of mine gifted me a Shri Sai Satcharitra and told regarding the parayans. And that is the point where my journey towards Baba started. I did the parayans one after the other and every time I got my problems resolved to a large extent. This strengthened my belief on my Sai more and more. Nitya parayan is a part of my daily pooja now. Things were going fine until 2010 July.

One day we got a call from my mother in law saying that my Father-In-Law has got jaundice. Though we were upset to hear this ailment at the age of 67 is definitely not a good sign. But we never apprehended anything worse than this. My husband who is the only son, flew down to his native with the intention to get his father to Bangalore, so that we can take better care of him here. The day before they were supposed to come back to Bangalore, the scanning reveled FIL’s critical condition and confirmed that he was having Gall Bladder cancer, which was already in the last stage and doctors were predicting his life span in days that to not more than 1-2 weeks. My husband helplessly took him to the bests of doctors in TATA Memorial and then consulted all possible docs in Bangalore also. But no one had any different opinion. Our prayer to Sai that time was not curing him, but to not make his suffer much and just to delay his separation for some days, so that at least we can do our duties for him and serve him to our heart’s content. This prayer was accepted and to the surprise of the doctor, challenging and defying all the medical reports he stayed with us for 4 more months. And he breathed his last peacefully.

My husband, who was very attached to his father, could not take it very easy and till date he is not out of the shock. This was getting him mentally sick and his self confidence was sinking day by day. He always had the feeling that something very bad is happening to him also. And he was sick. He had developed a back pain somewhere around September, which was not getting cured even though he had taken many medicines for that. This was there always at the back of his mind and somehow he developed the fear that this is something very wrong in his body. This fear had started affecting out small family to a large extend. This family, which was always busy in singing Baba’s prayers happily, was drowning into unknown fears. Not even a single day after my FIL passed away, I would have prayed Baba with dry eyes. I could cry out helplessly where ever I see Baba even in the temple, home or any photo outside. I was feeling so depressed. Our friend started pitying on us. The only rescue to me at his point of time was no one other that my Sai. We started visiting Shirdi more often, which really boosted him up to a large extent. After the loss of my FIL, our first visit to Shirdi was in Dec 2010, and we could get many miraculous experience there. As if Baba Himself was guiding and prompting us to come out of all these mental blocks and surrender ourselves completely in This Holy Feet.

We reached Dwarakamai by 4 AM, we could go inside Dwarakamai stepping on the 3 steps had very nice Darshan of Dhuni Maa. And surprisingly a person asked my husband to clean some places in Dwarakamai where Baba used to sit. Our joy new no bound. We felt as if Baba Himself is asking us to sweep away all our bad karmas and get rid of it forever. We had Kakad Aarati Darsan sitting on the steps of Dwarakamai and to our surprise no one was stopping us from doing that. It was all Baba Himself, who blessed us and fulfilled our long stand desire.

We reached the Samadhi Mandir Shrine around 7.30 AM and there was a big rush. We were eventually pushed to a line which went close to the Samadhi and Charan Padukas and we could touch them and prayed. I could not control my emotions at that time and I was crying. Tears were flushing down non stoppable. We had not got any flowers with us as we had started very early around 4 AM in the morning to Dwarakamai and then straight to the temple. We were walking out of the temple after Darshan for few minutes in confusion and feeling bad that we did not have even flower to be offered, and suddenly a security guard called us from behind, took us to a pillar just in front of Baba and told us “Stand here and pray how long ever you want”. In front of Sai those minutes were like getting breath back into a lifeless body. I wanted the tears to stop as they were blocking my view.

He also got a bunch of fresh rose flowers and asked us to offer them to Baba. The Pujari from the pandal sitting nears Baba’s paduka called me and told loudly “Don’t cry Baba does not want His children to be sad. Be happy always”. HE will take care of all your problems. Saying this he took a big garland from the Samadhi and gave it to us. By this time I was already in some other world. Forgetting the crowd around us, absolutely unheeded by the physical and material consciousness I was just holding the garland very tightly to my heart and praying Baba to always be with us and guide us through this rough phase of life. “Baba forgive our sins and Help us”, was my only prayer. We also got some ladoo Prasad from the pujari there.

After we came back from Shirdi, we could now gather the courage for going for the comprehensive body check up for my husband which was all fine. But still the back pain was there. Yesterday he had been to the doctor and he had taken the MRI scan to rule out all possibilities. We will be getting the reports this evening. I am holding my faith in Sai and praying HIM to be with us and take us through again. Praying Him to shower His blessing on people like us, who are suffering for some bad karma done in past life or knowingly /unknowingly in this life and cure our suffering.

Jai Sai Ram.

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  1. a very beautiful experience, please consider reading "you can heal your life" by louise l hay which talks about the metaphysical relationship between the mind and the body.

    meaning that in some cases our mind and thoughts create disease and pain in our body. your husband's also could be a similar case. good luck!

  2. Very good experience, by reading even i couldnt able to control my tears as i found how Baba has mercy on his children.
    My only pray to Baba is 'Please keep all of us in your thoughts always which will wash away all the sins and bad karma'

  3. Dear Aradhanaji,

    I was in tears while reading your experience in Samadhi mandir.Yes we have to pay for our karma's. Only way is to chant BABA's name, and we are rescued from our karma's atleast to some extent by BABA.

  4. A living immovable faith is all that is required to reach the Spiritual height attainable by human being. Faith Shrines the Brightest and comes to our rescue.
    When one has the patience and faith and the will to be pure, that one shall pray till it feels the definite purifying presence of God within itself.

  5. Dear Hetal ji..
    Jai Sai Ram..
    you are doing a wonderful job..its really nice to read all the experiences on this blog..earlier i was looking to read all the experiences on this blog especially from the beginning. the new look of this blog is relly helping me in this regard.
    May Baba bless all of us.
    Jai Sai Ram

  6. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Rzm,
    Om Sai Ram
    May baba will always be with u n ur family

  7. @Gagan ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Thanks for appreciating the blog and its new look. Its really nice to know that my hard work is being well paid.

    Keep reading and experiencing closeness with Lord Sai Babaji.

    Jai Sai Ramji,
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  8. Sai RamJi!

    Very nice experince and Baba has shown great blessing on Aradhana akka.

    I'm going to shirdi comming Monday and I hope Baba will give me nice darshan too 🙂

    May Sai Maa Bless All!

    Vivek G,
    In Sai Service

  9. om sri sairam ,

    Baba ! can u call me to your shirdi along with my loving friend whom I love more than anything in this world ,Baba please help us in maintaing our love and relation as a decent couple and give us happiness,Baba …. I know you will not disappoint me and fulfill my this desire ,I love him so much and cannot think of living without him . Now you have to take care of this matter and make us happy ,

  10. Sai Ram to all!
    I do agree that Baba protects his devotees. I have experienced so many downs in my life and I get angry and question Baba and even scold him sometimes, but he shows me in various ways that he is there to protect me. I will write my experiences soon which would hopefully boost faith for devotees. Like wise I have felt good on reading experiences and gives more strength to hold on firmly with faith and patience and that Baba ji will bless us with our desires.

    I really like the new look of this blog, it is much more easier to browse through the topics of interest and experiences. Alhtough one thing I noticed was that I was not able to find easily the Satcharitra link with methood of parayan and download links from the new site. I had to go to Sai Baba stories–> there on the header I found the link features –> services –> All about Satcharitra. I had to send this link to someone and initially was upset that it was missing from the new look, but later I found it. If in case you could incorporate those links on the home page it would be really useful for us to find the links. This is is just a thought, since I do not know the details and technicalities of making it happen, please do it as per your convenience.

    Sai Ram

  11. @Lakshmi ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Thanks for visiting blog regularly. The link for Shri Sai Satcharitra is already present at homepage under services heading.

    Still efforts are going to make it more user-friendly which may take some time to get settled. I hope you will like the way it would be presented.

    Also thanks for liking new look 🙂 As i said earlier in one of the posts above, i am repeating it here – Its really nice to know that my hard work is being well paid.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  12. Hetal Ji,
    Just wanted to inform you that the services tab is not found on the home page where the experiences get posted. it has only two tabs- Home and Associate Blogs, that is the reason I got confused earlier. This is just to find out for myself and other devotees how to go about browsing and nothing else.

    Sai Ram

  13. @lakshmi ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Ops, for me it is working fine. Anyways i will try to sort it out. Thanks for informing.

    Good night 🙂

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  14. Sai Ram Hetal ji,
    Now we can see all the links, absolutely best! Thanks for doing this for us.


  15. SAI you are so dayalu…..tears are rolling down while reading ur experience.sai ma plz cal me and my love to shirdi for your darshan……..i cant live widout seing you.PLZZZ devotees pray for me…………..

    Wonderful Experience Aradhanaji.
    Even my condition is also similar to your husband.Somehow Baba made me to read your experience and gave me releif.
    I Love You Baba.Baba please please forgive me for my mistakes which i did knowingly and unknowingly.
    Baba I want to come to Shirdi and I want to come to Dwarakamai which i missed in my last visit to Shirdi.Baba Please Please call us to Shirdi and lease help us to visit Dwarakamai.Sorry Baba for everything.I Love You Baba.

  17. very nice experience.when i was reading through this i got tears into my eyes .baba is no nice that he listens to our heart and get the things done.

  18. jai sai baba, i am a sai devotee from just four months i lost my jewellery and istarted praying to baba from that day but i didnot get my lost things but baba helped me and my family by giving an unexpected promotion to my husband and also curing my husband from his long lasted illness and also my son by passing his exams now i am always thinking of baba only and saying his prayers all the time.i am really thanking you lord baba for all the good things that you had done for my husband and our onlyson.

  19. truly very nice experience…it was tears in eyes while was reading it….Baba please help me like this please baba…please forgive me for my all bad karams and bless me with my LOVE..i'll come shirdi for your drashan with him…please baba help me please SAI MAA help me….

    very true, sometimes it is our past karmas for which we have to suffer in this life….but without suffering the karmas won't burn….Saibaba only helps us by making us burn our bad karma's of past lives.
    I am also waiting for the day when he will shower a blessing on me by solving my problem.


  22. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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