We always utter these words, “Lord Sai Baba is great and even greater are His deeds”. All of us must have experienced this while being in love with Him. Below experience of Sai sister Madhavi ji explains this in more detail. Really i feel that she is a blessed soul and through her experience we can understand how to completely surrender ourselves to our Lord.

Sai Sister Madhavi ji says: Dear Hetal Ji, Om Sai Ram I really appreciate your work. You are doing a great job. Baba’s miracles are amazing. I think Baba chose you as a modern Hemand Pant, who is gathering all the devotees experiences and being directed by our lovely Baba to publish them. You are truly blessed by Him. May Baba bless you and all the Sai Devotees.

A year ago, I didn’t know about this blog, but now I am an ardent reader of this blog. It’s a miracle actually, how I came across this blog. Baba showed me this blog to give a great experiences He used this blog to create many doubts and to clear them with devotee experiences. And finally He made me to promise Him to publish my experiences. So I promised to Him, I will share whatever experiences You gave it to me.

Hetal ji, my journey with Sai Maa started in 2003. I already shared my first three experiences with you all. Today I am sharing my fourth experience. It’s very lengthy one, so I am sending in word document. Please publish this in your blog, because I promised Sai Maa, I will share it to everyone.

In this experience, Baba showed each moment of my life with His presence. In 2009 Dec 25th, we met a major car accident. I, my husband and my 5 year old daughter were traveling to somewhere. Before this happened, past 3 days, I mean Dec 22, 23, 24, whenever I am going out, this was happening to me with my car like unexpected accident symptoms. I was just getting rescued from that. On 24th Dec night, I discussed with my husband, we need to be careful while driving the car. I don’t know I am getting little fear. Next day morning, we started traveling from my place to Atlanta. Usually where ever I go, I used to carry Baba book with me. So around 8:30 AM, we started and that time it was light showers. After traveling for 20 min, we were in interstate and it was a very heavy rain with no visibility at all and I was very scare and asked my husband to pull the car. He tried but breaks failed we didn’t know what was going on. I just prayed Baba, please save my husband and give the punishment to me. Then our car went and hit the other accidental car. My husband was safe and I got hurt badly. My both legs were fractured and my intestine was damaged and my little daughter also got hurt in her arms.

So I and my daughter admitted in different hospitals. My husband stayed with my daughter and my friends helped me. On Dec 31, we discharged from there and once I came back to home I put Deepas to Baba and thanked Him to rescue from that major incident. Here is a miracle, my husband is safe as my wish and I got hurt badly even though for me all recoverable injuries and little one also fine. So for me it took 3 months time to get back to normal. Now I am walking as usual. From Jan 1st new year, I started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra.

Like that I recovered and I started going back to work. We held Baba Bhajan at my home. I thought now everything is ok. Actually in Nov 2009, we signed for a new house after accident. We mess up little bit but with Baba grace we came out like that I thought but we don’t know our future. We will plan everything nicely, but we need to suffer for our past karmas.

Starting April, I went back to work and on 19th April, I was in work and thinking about Baba. Great thoughts were coming around Him and thinking to build a temple for Bhajans. My imaginations were going on. In evening, my director called me and she misunderstood me for a simple reason. I tried to explain her but she didn’t give a chance then I argued with her and I lost my job.

Now this is really a bad experience for me because I am very kind hearted person and always love to help everyone. But why it was happening like that and tears rolled in my eyes. Baba what’s happening to me, I cried. Even when I injured badly, I was strong. But this time, I was totally weak. Fear started in my heart. We bought house how can we manage with a single job. But I took 1 month to come out of that. But later my Work permit expires and more over people around me hurt very badly. No peace of mind, no job. That time someone told me Baba questions and answers book. So I found it in google and asked Baba

Why got injured?

Answer: Because of your past mistake. Yes, that time, it strikes out to me. Yes, I made a mistake.

Why I lost my job?

Answer: I know you didn’t do any mistake but it’s a bad time remember me always everything will be alright.

How about my carrier?

Answer: Whatever you lost 2 months back you will get it. (I lost my job 2 months back)

After that I came here and my husband got some health problem and I was very scared and asked Baba’s help.

Answer: the person who is suffering from health problem he will recover.

People around me hurt me badly. So I asked Baba why people are like this.

Answer: the people who are showing me curious about your life, they will calm down.

Later really they all are calm including me.

Then our new house is ready to move. But financially we were very much tensed and I was just looking Baba’s pictures in google and I like one photo very much. Baba and Lord Ganesh are sitting with blessing hand. At that movement, in my mind a wish came to go to the temple. It was 11:00 AM. Immediately, we got ready and went temple. There it was a special day. They were going to start Ganesh Pooja. It was a jerk to me. I feel Baba sent me here to do that so all also did Ganesh Pooja and asked the priest to choose a date to move new house and asked him to come do puja for us. Then he gave a date time and said he will come and do Satyanaraya Swami Pooja and Homam. We were happy and went back to home and I checked the calendar to see the moving day of our new house and I found whatever the priest said that time is Dhur Muhurtham.

I couldn’t get. He was very nice person. He chose the dates nicely, so how can I question him about this. But already bad time is going on to me; my mind is very mess up.

So then again, I asked Baba what can I do. Can I accept or reject?

Answer: Do not reject it. Accept it. Someone is guiding you. Everything will be alright. I will be there for you.

Then after, I didn’t even think about it. We just proceed and we moved to new home. In the month of May, we moved. Still I was reading Shri Sai Satcharitra and Leelamrutham continuously and praying Baba and asking Him I want to read it with more Bakthi

Then one day, I met one friend she discussed about black magic may be because of this things going bad to you. But I never think that kind of stuff any time and I don’t even believe them. But she messed up my mind. I couldn’t sleep on that night. Then next day, I talked to my mom and asked her what to do. She suggested me to read Hanuman Chalisa. Then 2 days, I read but still my mind was mess.

Then I asked Baba what can I do?

Answer: He answered me do what your mom says.

Days were going like that, now I was completely with Baba. No job, no friends; I am just talking to Him only. Every day I was doing pooja to Baba and reading parayanam with full devotion and offering the food whatever I was cooking. In this process, I found your blog here also, that gave many experiences.

My thought: one of my friends was looking for job and she is Ganesh devotee. I thought of suggesting reading Shri Sai Satcharitra, but I was confused to suggest because she is Ganesh devotee. I was thinking like that and opened your blog and there I got answer. The answer is same story as my thought then I just called my friend then she said she got a job last week.

Like that He created many thoughts and cleared them with your blog. One day in my living room, I have a Baba’s big photo, before going to bed; I prayed to Him and opened my eyes. I felt Baba and I panicked in the night. I was thinking about that next day after my pooja, I opened your blog there is the answer I appeared in pink.

So every day I am reading book, praying Him and watching Baba serial and always feeling His presence.

I asked Him what I need to do to be a very good person.

Answer: He suggested reading Adhyatma Ramayana

Then I started reading in my pooja room. Baba’s photo changed completely with very deep smile I feel like He is in front of me with deep smile and the photo was different before.

Now I understand that He is really with me; I felt a bit panic and asked Him why You are showing Your presence only to me, show it to my husband and everyone, then He answered me like that.

Answer: There is a danger of unexpected death; do not sleep until the night pass away; awake in the morning; you will free from that calamity and will get success.

After seeing this message I was totally panicked and one week full depression very fear. I stopped touching Baba’s book. I was very very feared and then after a week I need Baba’s help, who will help this kind of situations. So I opened facebook, there I saw Baba’s blessings. Rescuer will come when danger happened. Then I was little bit ok here. If you observe properly, Baba’s spirit was completely with me. Later I got work permit I thought of looking job to keep myself busy and to avoid fears and we are desperate for job too. But Baba said don’t go now, Maya will cheat you if you go now. Stay with me, surrender all your burdens on me I will take care of everything.

I don’t know what to do I really need a job to pay our loan. My husband is doing hard work I need to help him, but Baba is saying no. What can I do? Anyways, with lot of doubts going in my mind, is it really true or not how can I handle this. Finally I decided to listen Baba only and I just surrender to him and prayed your wish. I am not going to stay with you I don’t know how will clear all situations. Even my husband is struggling financially. I just believe you. So totally I surrender to Baba and mean while august 2010, I started doing Baba Bhajan every month in my home and asked all my friends to continue Bhajans. They said ok. So 5 months, we did bhajans at my house. Now we are doing every month in one house we form like a group 12 members each month one person are holding with Baba’s blessings.

Baba asked me to do seva to Him and poor and old. So I am volunteering to old age people in hospital. This is my job now.

Now coming to a miracle, we got an accident a year back we are very much worried about how much we are going to pay hospital bills. Only one job need to pay hospital bills house loan car loan.

Surprisingly insurance person called and said they are going to pay all the bills and give $30,000 to us for pain and suffer. We really thrilled then in my mind I thought Baba I am praying only you and doing what you asked me. We have many responsibilities. We need to build a house, so we need more money. I am not working. We all depend on my husband salary. How can we do our responsibilities, if they paid $50,000? My husband can buy a house and he will clear car loan and we are comfortable like that I just thought in my mind.

You know right our father will listen all our prayers. After two weeks the discussions are going on with insurance people and finally they paid $65,000(US dollars) the amount how much I thought in my mind Sai Maa gave more biksha than that.

Still I don’t have job, I am not thinking about it. I am just doing what He asked me. Sai Maa made me suffer for all mistakes and teach me lesson not to repeat it again, showered His grace, increased my devotion. Now He is everything to me.

I believe that it’s Baba. He, Himself, who is making me to write this incident. Believe me; I didn’t have the slightest idea how to draft this experience or at least what experience to put forth. May be Baba wants this experience to be told, may be this experience will hold light to someone who is searching for an answer. I don’t know, but all I know is BABA is everything. Just have faith in Him and be patient. Baba, I love you a lot.

Om Sai Ram,

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  1. madhaviji

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such a beautiful experience. Am writing this comment with tears rolling down…I can feel how blissful you must be feeling after this soul stirring experience…I pray our beloved BABA to give you,your family and everyone who needs him, strength, happiness and SPIRITUAL BLISS..



  2. thank you for sharing your heart moving experience. U are very lucky for having good blessings of baba . Ur pure heart have yielded u good results inspite of stumbling blocks laid by fate or evil forces.

    Hail to Sathguru Saibaba Thandri Narayana

  3. Hello Madhaviji,

    You mentioned about the questions and answers book.
    Could you give the web address?

    Shri SaiNath bless you and your family.

    Aum Sai – Shri Sai – Jai Jai Sai.


    Amazing experience!

    I am speechless when i see the answers you get when you asked him the questions! and i understood how much you have faith in him and surrendered yourself to him and servied the needy ones. God really blessing you..


  5. Om Sri Sai Ram,

    You opened my eyes and showed me the way. Allah Mallik, he will there for all the people who are in need. Thanks

  6. Very Nice Story…..
    May baba bless u all..like her..
    Bolo Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  7. madhavi ji… seriously u r blessed … :)…. u must feel really very happy tht baba is there all the way wid u … thorught out ur ups n downs… thank u for sharing your expreience…for me ur story is like a ray of hope…iam tottaly vexed up wid my personal n professional life and totallu depressed… but after reading ur story i felt baba might help me … your story made me closer to baba… i want him to help me out wid my problems… can u please suggest me the question ans answer book online… i want some source to reach baba…
    thank u.. 🙂

  8. Madhavi ji…. Sai Ram
    I felt so happy by reading your experience… even i can relate some of my experience with ur's.your lines"Sai Maa made me suffer for all mistakes and teach me lesson not to repeat it again, showered His grace, increased my devotion" is true.If we are doing any mistakes for sure he will made us realise those as our guru and then he will give support and motivation by his words and doings as friend and improves our devotion make us feel god every minute which is the ultimate thing.I pray Sai to help all of us to overcome from problems and doing Sai nama japa always…Guru deva help us from the evil forces within and around us and be with us always….we love u so much… Jai Sai Narayana

  9. dear Madhavi,
    You are so blessed. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, brings tears into my eyes. I know you already know this, don't worry about your financial issues. He has higher purpose for you while he takes care of you.

  10. Hi Madhavi Garu

    My situation is also similar to urs.
    i am in desperate need of a job.but after reading ur experience,i understood that i should have complete faith and patience.

  11. Dear Madhviji,

    I must say that you are very blessed soul and very close to Baba. I got to learn how to keep shradhha and saburi. I feel baba with me, hearing me, showing me ways but for some reason i am not getting what i want since very long. so, sometime i feel disappointed n he will again pull me nearer to him.I dont read this blog daily. generally in 1st experience i get my answers. but today i got pop up saying recommended for you with your experience.n i opened it n thought baba wants me to read this n read:) n i really got moved. you see, thats why HE wanted you to write this in this blog. There will be lot more like me whom baba wanted to give his leela amrut.
    God Bless You always.

  12. Very nice post….i had tears while reading this madhaviji….thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM…WE LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  13. Really very wonderful experiences and while reading the experience eyes were with tears and thank you for sharing and spreading baba's love and blessings…

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