Miracles Of Sai Baba At Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir – Part 2

I received a mail from Sai Sister Lavanya ji describing miracles at Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir. She has covered full introduction which i may have given here. So instead of duplicating the introduction i am straight away sharing her mail and other details. However i missed her mail last Thursday and she wished that it should be shared here on Thursday itself, i apologise to post it lately.

Sai Sister Lavanya ji from USA says: Hi Hetal ji, How are you doing? I (One among the other few devotees) have received a mail from Shibpur Sai Temple about few miracles. I thought the best thing would be when it reaches millions of Sai Devotees. So I am posting the mail below. I know the site rules of FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, but if you have any possibility, please post it tomorrow on Thursday. There is also a request to the Sai devotees from Amit ji regarding a new thought in Shibpur, which I received in a separate mail. I am adding it here in the same mail. I hope I didn’t do any mistake in posting it here.

May Baba bless all of us.

Miracles Of Sai Baba At Shibpur Sai Baba Mandir

Sairam Devotees, Please read the below DIVINE LEELAS and MIRACLES happening at the SHIBPUR SAI MANDIR. You will be AMAZED to see how Baba is showing HIS PRESENCE there.

  • A resident of Shibpur, who has his own house just adjacent to the Shibpur temple, was observing a wired light in the temple, when it was dark night around 2-3 AM and there was no one in the temple. He once thought that it might be a thief in the temple and observed the same thing happening the next night as well. This time he decided to go into the temple in that night hour and follow the light. As he entered the temple, he still saw the light as if someone is showing him a torch like light. He once started to follow that light and while following the light he could smell a very beautiful and sweet smell, a smell where he has not seen it in anytime of his life, it was like away from this world. This is what he narrated to Amit ji. He feels that it was Baba walking around in the temple and only He could give out such nectar like fragrance.
  • As we all know that the bamboo structured temple is now being rebuilt and the construction is going on. A few days back, there was recorded sudden heavy storm and it was raining continuously for 2 hours. It was afternoon time and as all the laborers and village people usually sleep at that time. There was no one at the temple. Once the rains stopped all the laborers rushed to the temple to see the construction and they were very much dejected to see that the seat, where Baba’s idol will be placed, is totally washed out as it was newly constructed. All the villagers were kind of puzzled how can this happen, when Baba is here and the laborers were feeling sad as they had no more money to rebuild this thing and not sure how will the construction process go from now. Later next morning, when the laborers and the village people came into start the construction, all of them were shocked and happy to see that the construction, which was damaged, was now totally fixed even when other things which were damaged remained damaged. The construction was still there and was as it is. What could we infer other than Baba doing this?
  • As we all know there is Kakad Arti done to Baba every morning. The Pujaari at the Shibpur temple also does that with few villagers every morning. He has this habit of collecting red hibiscus flowers every evening from few houses for Baba’s Kakad Aarti. It so happened last Sunday that this Pujaari’s daughter had an interview in a nearby village called Behthurdari and he had to accompany her daughter to that village and this even took his whole day. He thought he might be back in the evening to collect the flowers for next day’s Kakad Arti, but it was around 9.00pm that he reached his home on the Sunday night. He thought Ok, I can collect the flowers the next morning before the pooja is done and in that thought he slept. The next morning when he got up, he performed his usual works, had bath and went to the temple to collect the vessel in which he collects the flowers from few houses. The moment he saw that vessel he was shocked to see the same Red Hibiscus flowers in the vessel. Even though he was excited to see them he thought that those might be place by some devotee the other day. But, upon inquiring about those flowers that had anyone brought it from their houses, none of the villagers said yes to that and it was so for sure that it was all Baba’s leela.
  • Another interesting thing happening at Shibpur temple, the place where the construction is going on was – Usually it so happens that the laborers working in the temple for the construction leave their tools here and there in the temple. It was observed from last few weeks that while this small temple construction is going on where Baba would reside, someone was supervising the work there. The reason being that, every next morning the workers were puzzled to see that their tools were again placed at the correct place where they need to put it. To test this fact few laborers intentionally put their tools everywhere in the temple and the next morning they were amazed to see the tools at one and proper place. As we all would understand this, it is only Baba supervising this.
  • A person, named “Subhas Chandra Kamkar”, who runs a cloth store in the village, is devoted to Baba. A few weeks back he had casually visited a doctor for general checkup and was shocked to see that his Sugar levels raise so high to 500 (sorry but I am not aware of the metrics here). Seeing this he was so terrified and began to think that soon is he going to die. So, he decided to do Annadaan at the Shibpur temple so that at least he will be happy that he did a good work before laying his body. So last Thursday, he came to the temple and did Annadaan will full devotion thinking that he is offering food to Baba. The next morning, he consulted the doctor and was so happy to see that his sugar levels came down to 200 and now he checked that again and it is back to Normal. What a leela of Baba is this! He definitely gives us the importance of Annadaan here.
  • There was another recent incident regarding the roofing of the temple. As the roofing for this small temple or House of Baba will be of steel sheets, it needs a lot of Woodwork to be done and for that case the carpenter had asked Amit ji to give an initial amount of Rs.10,000 to 15,000 in order to get the woodwork done. But Amit ji had no amount for that as there is a very less amount of donations coming in. So he had postponed the order. But the same night some lady from New Delhi called Amit ji and said that she will be donating Rs. 10,000 for the temple construction and there was no reason to ask her why. So, that amount as was online transferred to Amit ji’s account was collected from the bank the next day and the woodwork for the roof is now going on. I remember one of the sayings or assurances that Baba has given Amiit ji that “You don’t have to worry about the amount for building the temple, I will make the arrangements” and so it has been so that all the interested Sai devotees have donated so much so far and this is all only when Baba willed.

I request all the devotees to share the miracles and leelas of this temple and help Baba in this venture.


Amit ji and few other devotees have experienced this divine Dhuni leela at Shibpur. Please read below.

It seems that every night after all the people leave the temple including Amit ji, it was observed by someone for past few days that the Dhuni in the Dhuni room at Shibpur temple automatically lit itself very high and huge flames come out of it. This repeats again around 2.30 or 3.00 am early morning it raises up.

So the last Friday, Amit ji with some other devotee, who works in the temple, wanted to see this miracle happening. So once every one left the temple, only these 2 persons were standing there watching the Dhuni and as every night even that day the Dhuni lit itself very high, so high that they had to bring some water and put it off. Even then again at 2.30AM, the Dhuni began to light itself. This is really a Divine leela of Baba I would call it to mark His presence at Shibpur. It has been almost 8-9 months that the Dhuni room was built and only when the time came to reveal the secret, Baba had shown this to Amit ji and other devotees.

Amit ji and other devotees at the temple deeply believe that it is none other than Baba who is doing it as even when the water is spilled over to lower the Dhuni it lights itself after sometime. What a wonderful leela of Shri Sai. This incident surely marks his presence there in Shibpur.

Amit ji thanks all the devotees whole heartedly for their continuous support in the temple construction. There is also a new thought going on now as given below.

New Project At Shibpur Sai Temple

A devotee in Shibpur has a very huge land near a small river in the same village. He is very devoted to Baba and wants gift this to the temple for the welfare of the people and the temple. He wants that land to be used for making up any small computer training or small ashram or small spiritual session room or as a guest house for devotees visiting the temple. But, as this land is governed by many of his siblings as well, who are not much into Baba and want to see hard cash. So, it was decided that the land will be sold to the temple for the sum of 5 Lakhs so that all the siblings will sign the land for the temple and the temple authorities (Amit ji) will make the best use of that land. It seems that the land is very nice in terms of area, surroundings and proximity to the road. In this case if a guest house for people visiting can be built, a place for meditation can be built or also a place for educating the poor children there can also be built.

So, Amit ji with the temple authorities request any interested devotees who want to make this happen can email to [email protected]. This will be purely in the welfare of the people and the temple at Shibpur. So please come forward to help Amit ji and the temple in accomplishing this.


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  1. Dear Lavanyaji,
    Thanks for sharing the miracles at Shibpur BABA temple. After reading the miracles, very desperate to have darshan of BABA at Shibpur temple.

  2. Dear Lavanya,

    Could you please give all the devotees Amir ji's or temple's bank account details please. This gives us an opportunity to donates some money for baba's construction.

    Om sai ram.

    PS: If you cannot send us a bank account details, please at least give us an address to post some contribution:

    Om sai ram.

  3. Sairam Lavanyaji,

    I really wanted to have darshan of Baba at Shibpur temple. Waiting for Baba's will for me to visit it. Thanks alot for sharing these amazing leelas.

    Jai Sai Ram.. AUM SRI SAI RAMA.

  4. Dear Sai Devotees:

    You can mail to [email protected] for bank account details. I think it is the appropriate way…Or else you can contact Amit ji at 9800500014. Once we read this miracles, we all really would like to visit Shibpur, no wonder…Hope we get an opportunity to be in Shibpur sometime..

    Om Sai..Shri Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  5. OM SAI RAM,
    OM SAI RAM..


    Our SAI is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent…he can do anything…recently, after starting 9 Thursdays vrat and also most importantly, donating to SHIBPUR TEMPLE, all my problems came to an end. I request all the SAI devotees to make a donation to this temple.


  7. Hi all…I have been reading about the miracles taking place at Shibpur Sai Temple recently. Though I am a strong believer of Baba, somehow by reading all these shibpur miracles, I thought they cannot be true. I googled about Shibpur Sai Temple and reached their website. I read the Temple History section and about the dream which Amit Biswas ji got. I thought this dream cannot be true at all. I turned to baba and said, I don't believe all this about Shibpur, though I believe you. I also asked him to call us to Shibpur if it was really very miraculous. After all the thoughts and questions in my mind, I decided to ask him itself if all this was true. I asked him throught the website http://www.askganesha.com/Ask-SaiBaba/sai-baba-replies.asp.

    You all will not believe what reply he gave me…here is the reply from him.

    " It may take time but the important thing is not to stop believing"

    I am really in a shocked state now, I am writing this in such shocked state of mind itself. He is really kind, and cleared my evil thoughts. He made it clear that every word above or about Shibpur is true. Really we all are blessed to have him. Hopefully he will call us and everyone to Shibpur in future. Om Sai Ram.

  8. Sairam all devotees,
    this is a Shibpur temple associate. Please email any queries to [email protected]. If you have any prayers to be offerred with your issues at baba's feet or if you want to sponsor a pooja or annadan at the temple then please email to the above address. You can also personally speak to Amitji at 91-9333120111 or 9800500014. Thank you all for showing such a good response to this miraculous temple.
    I would love to share my own experience at shibpur.


  9. visit shibpursai.org…u wl gt every details…moreover all miracles r also provided…donation details pictures r also given.

  10. Sai Ram!

    Great experiences.

    Regarding Sugar level 500 is really dangerous level. Normally it should be below 100 (70 -100) before breakfast and below <=140 after breakfast. There are dangerous side effects if it is above >=150 and anything above 126 milligrams considered as established Diabetes. I hope Baba will guide Subhasji to control his sugar level.

    May Sai Maa Bless All Of Us.

    In Sai Service

  11. @Aditya- Inservice of Sai ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Thanks for sharing all the info requested about Shibpur temple. P.S. Waiting to read and share your personal experiences 🙂

    Jai Sai Ramji,
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  12. Dear All,

    Sai Ramji,

    I received mail from Sai brother Aditya ji and wants to pass on an information which is as follows:

    Sairam Sowmya and Hetalji,

    Could you please update your blog with the new temple website that has been created!!

    the new shibpur temple website is – shibpursaibaba.org

    please ask the devotees to ignore the previous website.


    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  13. Sai Ramji Dear Sai Readers,

    I received mail from Sai brother Aditya sharing updated contact information of Shibpur temple which is as follows:

    Could you please publish these email addresses that are newly created for the Shibpur temple purpose!

    Devotees can now email these to get all the information.

    Please Visit – http://www.shibpursaibaba.org
    Pooja/Annadan/Udi Request: [email protected]

    Donation-Construction Request: [email protected]

    Email Amitji: [email protected]

    General Enquiries: [email protected]


    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  14. Very nice experiences…thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

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