A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 63

Few more brief experiences are shared here. Two of them are pure experiences and the last one is of a questioning devotee whom the readers might give some advice so it is being shared.

Sai Baba Miracles and dream appearances

Sai Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, Om Sai Ram. Please do not disclose my email ID. I have been reading your blog since more than a year now. I have always known Sai Baba, since my childhood. But, I started reading about Him fair recently. To be honest, I came close to Sai baba, because I had a desire, which I was desperate on getting fulfilled. I needed a job to fulfill my dream to work in the US. But mysterious are His ways to pull His devotees towards Him. Now I feel that job was only an excuse to become a devotee of Sai Baba. I am really grateful for all that He has bestowed on me. I am immensely thankful to you for this blog; it has helped keep me connected to Sai Baba.

From the time I have started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra and His stories, I have had many experiences. I will list few of my experiences here:

  • As I stated earlier, I started Sai worship because I wanted a job. On a suggestion from my parents and a saintly person, I started writing Sai Naam and reading about Him online. After reading several stories online, I did my first Satcharitra Parayan. Sai Baba started appearing in my dreams in the form of marble idols. I felt really good in the morning. I also started asking Him questions on yoursaibaba.com and most of the times answer was very specific and came true. I was amazed at this. Then, once He came in my dream. He was sitting near Dhuni, blissfully smiling at me. I can’t describe how joyful that moment was. I touched His feet and asked Him when I would get a job. He said in May or June. It indeed came true. How I got that job is another story. As predicted by Him on the question-answers website, a friend helped me meeting my employer. When I went to meet that employer very casually, that person offered me a job. This vacancy was created only a week back. This flow of events was very mysterious and magical. Unfortunately, after 3 months because of some company issues and tremendous pressure, I gave up that job. I could not take the pressure anymore and there was no way I could have continued there. I got that job because of Sai’s blessing, & it is His blessing that I am out of it today. I am ever grateful to Him for this miraculous experience. Now that I am out of job, I am praying for a good workplace and relevant work as well as no issues with work visa.
  • Sai Baba in dreams:

    Sai Baba was repeatedly coming in my dreams. Sai Baba appeared in my Dad’s dream as well and said that “I am with your daughter; I would not turn my attention away from her even for a moment!” When Dad told this to me, my throat choked up, I had tears, I felt so wonderful, so cared for. Believe me, He is there for every one of us, He is protecting us.

I have had many such small experiences. All I want to say is, He is always taking care of us and we have no reason to worry. I hope that these experiences will kindle faith in many. May Sai’s grace be with you all!

Om Shree Sai Nathaya Namah!!

Baba Darshan

Sai Brother Hitesh ji from India says: Sai Ram to all Sai Devotee, I used to go Shirdi every 3 months. Suddenly, I started visiting Shirdi every month on poonam. Then before Diwali on 2010, what happened I don’t know why I have stopped going to Shirdi. BABA, please forgive me if I had made mistake, but please call me for your darshan and your blessings. Please SAIBABA.

One day during darshan at Shirdi in Samadhi Temple, one security men told me to move back. I told him that I had just come here. Let me pray for 5 minutes. Then he told me that No, you are here since 20 minutes. So I told him that I am here since last 50 minutes, now what you will do to me and I got angry on that security man.

On seeing this, my friend told me what you are saying, look where you are. This security person is doing his duty and you have no right to angry on any person and especially when you are in SAIBABA Darbar (Samadhi Mandir). Suddenly, I realize that what I have done. At that moment, I pray to SAIBABA that I had made a mistake and I am ready for punishment, but punishment I want right now. SAIBABA heard my words and another security man came from behind and told me to move ahead and have SAIBABA darshan again and can take as much time as I want. So I told him that the security person who was there will not give me permission to go near SAIBABA, but that man told me go ahead and have darshan. See glass windows are now removed for you, go and have Charan Sparsh (SAIBABA holy feet touch). I was lucky that day; I have touched SAIBABA Charan and have darshan for about 1 hour in Samadhi Mandir. SAIBABA bless me and my family.

SAI BABA, I have not come Shirdi for your darshan since last 6 months.

SAI BABA, please call me for your darshan.

SAI BABA, You know all things. Here my business is not going well, please help me.

Sad to say this losing confidence

Sai Brother Raj ji from Australia says: Hello guys, I am really living in hell at the moment. I am ardent follower of Sai and genuinely believe Sai from bottom of heart. He had also shown me some miracle, which I had shared somewhere in this blog. But from last 2 months, I have been living in hell. Everything is happening exactly opposite to me as if everything was planned. I have been living in restless life and also there are some instances, where I was very angry with Baba and asked Him why He is doing that to me. While many sinners and liers around me are living happily and everything seems to go in their way. It’s not only in one instance, but it’s almost every second of my life is turning against my life. I know Baba is testing too much, but I am afraid I may lose patience soon and going to toss my silver Sai Baba ring which I had since 10 years into rubbish. I know it’s not me doing this way, but someone inside me made me think like this. WHY does Baba make me angry and wants me to disbelieve Him.

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  1. Raj Ji, Sai Baba loves everyone equally whether you or me. We all have to suffer for bad karma from past life, however, Baba reduce its effect by taking some on himself. Baba will never harm his devotees…sometimes what we think is good for us, is not. Baba knows what is good for us and he give us that. You will realize this in long run. Just keep chanting his name whatever happens and don't forget his magical words 'SHRADHA' & 'SABURI'

  2. Om Sai ram,

    Dear raj,

    When I read your experience, this thought come to my head.

    "God will give everything to bad people, but when they in trouble, god let them handle that alone; but when his devotees are in trouble, god let them struggle, but at the end god is there to take care of his devotees."

    Raj, I struggled a lot, not 2 years, more that that… I don't even want to think about that now – it was very painful moments for me. One stage, I even threw all my gods' pictures out of my house. However, baba was with me to give a strenghth and now I am living happyly and peacefully because of him only. So please don't loose your faith in baba.


    Om sai ram.

  3. Raj,
    Never ever lose hope on Baba.He is testing your faith and patience.Even that situation happened to me.It is all because of your past karma.

  4. Dear Raj,

    It is indeed true.It is past karma which drives us to suffer to the extremes and one day really we come to a conclusion whether God exists. We feel a lot when insincere and corrupt people overtake the sincere and principled people.The insincere lead a happy life compared to a principled person. This is my practical experience in my life . Me and my family are suffering despite Sai BABA's darshan in my semi-conscious state at my door step on a Gurupurnima day which had been published on this blog in March 2011.This is karma which is washing our sins.We are refined by BABA to such an extent that we are ultimately accepted by HIM.Console yourself that as we sow so we reap, hence these sufferings.HE tests our endurance.Keep chanting BABA's name , surely we never feel the pinch of our sufferings.

  5. Dear Raj,
    It is seen from your words shared that you had experienced Miracles from Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba earlier.
    You know that people when experiencing Happiness/Joy, never question themselves why; but, when going into problems we always feel why it is so? This is a common known factor and it may be remembered now.
    I sincerly put forth that:
    1) Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.
    2) GOD brings humans into deep waters not to drown them, but to cleanse them only.
    3) Sorrow looks back — Worry looks around —
    Faith looks up.
    Please do remember that Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba said
    that HIS Eyes is ever on those who Loves HIM.

    At whatever length I may say that it is easy to give morals but it is difficult to endure the sufferings which the incumbent has only to gain from his inner heart at all times and at all circumstances keeping ever loving FAITH on the LORD whom he Believed.


  6. Raj,
    Never ever lose hope on Baba.He is testing your faith and patience. Iam also in that situation but we should be hope on baba only.

  7. one should surrender everything to Baba , we don't question him when he does good to us , only when misfortunes fall on us , we question him , It is not correct . Let us pray to him to give us the strength to go through ups and downs of life . Jai Sainath ,

  8. Raj,

    dont worry, it is during this testing times that you have to have FAITH, it is one way of paying for your Bad Karma and surely it will go away , it will only be a matter. I prayed to BABA on your behalg and HE will surely come to your rescue. Just have Shraddha and Saburi.


  9. Sairam Raj,

    Shraddha & Saburi is the solution for your challenge.

    Please dont leave HIM(SAI) in the current situation of yours

    HE can only take care of you.


  10. Sairam Raj

    I became Babas sparrow 4 years back. I was in deep trouble when I came into his darbar. He pulled me out of the troubles and saved me….. only to push me into another round of hell. We lost our jobs while abroad, health started scaring me, we were forced to come back to India only to find that my own mother and sister were conspiring against me, my mother and sister stopped talking to me and advised my other relatives to keep off from me, we were out of job for 6 months, finally when we got the job, my husband was travelling 25 days in a month. Now… all this happened after we startd believing in Baba.. I too wanted to throw in the towel, but then, now after these 4 years i understand how empathatic, wise and patient i have become. When Baba takes us into his hands, he polishes us with all these bitter things so that we come out shining.
    Just remember one thing when you feel like giving up… You are not being thrashed here, you are being held in his hand and he is polishing you. You life will sparkle soon.
    May baba always be in your thought.

  11. Om Sai Ram

    Hello Raj, Have Faith in Shri Sai Baba & life would be better, life is always a rollercoaster ride for all humans it is not easy all the time, however your strength to bear the difficulties will prove your faith & confidence. Tossing away the ring is childish behaviour & will not solve your problems. Our Karma is a result of all our current situation, best isto seek Baba's forgiveness & he will surely cross you through. All the best.

  12. Hello Raj,

    Its not an advice but a word from my end….

    We will reap what we sow. i.e., we have to digest the fruits of our past karma… Once it is done baba, will protect you all through your future and makes sure you are on right path.
    For that we need to be patient, have faith in our beloved father 'Sai' and just keep chanting his name and praying him.
    Instead of asking him to solve your problems, ask him to give some place near his feet and to make your mind and heart always rest on him. That is what gives us eternal bliss and not the worldly things.
    Don't mind my words if they hurt you but its my personal experience I can say… I'm in the worst stage of my life rite now… I have no more hope to live, but want to still live and make use of this human birth to attain the bliss that he gives to us once we surrender ourselves to him…
    OM SAI RAM… do not worry… our Father is there to protect us!!

  13. Sairam Raj Baba always tests his devotees we have to pay for our karmas keep shradha and saburi and you will defintely come out shining…

  14. I had no awareness of Shirdi Baba! But a devotee of his asked me for help recently. I was trying to give this lovely woman good advice. Shirdi Baba appeared to me in a dream with few words, but a beautiful soft smile. The dream was so gleeming I told it to my friend. She immediately exclaimed "It is my Shirdi Baba!" and sent me links to some pictures of him, and it was indeed him. I think he meant to send my friend his reassurance and to asssure me that I was giving good advice!

  15. I have been giving advice and help to my friend via Skype in a foreign country. She has had a very difficult time. I keep a picture of Shirdi Baba on the computer while I am talking with her. She has become much more happy and has shed some of her problems. I don't think it is me, I think it is Shirdi Baba giving inspiration working through me, for which I am glad. This woman is in a position to help many other people.

  16. raj,
    our beloved sai doesnt need to be in a thing or body to be with us,so just stop thinking about throwing the ring.as everybody has said it is our past karma b'cos of which we suffer.baba is deep inside us.even i am suffering from problems for last few years but i will not say tht my life is hell b'cos this life baba has given me and he has every right to do whatever he feels like.baba has promised me that he will give me whtever m asking for b'cos i know sai baba loves us all and can never see tears in our eyes.infact i was really upset now n was asking questions to baba and than i read your experience or say problem and advice of sai devotees to u.i felt that it was baba only who made me read this and consoled me.we just need shradha and saburi.just try to look for the persons who are suffering more than us.have faith baba is always there with his devotees.just chant baba's name OM SAI RAM.

  17. Sai ram Raj ji

    I understand ur situation bt if u belive in Sai thn dont wworry,,,, Sai always say- Why Fear when i am here….. some bad happn 4 a lot good…. God bless u…Jai Sai Ram

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