Herewith below are few more brief experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba. The first experience is not particularly an incident of grace but a devotee is questioning Lord Sai for mercy. Let us all pray for devotee and her family’s well being to Lord Sai Baba.

Brother’s Death

Sai Sister Usha ji from India says: I belong to a staunch family believing Sai as our BABA. Sai didn’t save my brother. My 30 year old brother died on 31 Dec 2010. We all struggled to come up in life after my father left us at a young age. He became the man in the house and protected my mom and us from 12 yrs of age. I do not know why Baba gave us this cruel treatment. We lost him forever, he was a brilliant guy, and engineer but he didn’t see any happiness professionally or personally. He never got what he wanted. Why did Baba not help us, we believed Him so staunchly. Even the night, he went to the hospital, he showered, prayed and applied UDI only to return dead. Why didn’t Sai save my brother? We are not sure what mistake we did that Sai is seeing our family to suffer this misery. Baba, please have mercy, reham nazar karo Sai. Please take care of my family.

Sai’s Miracle

Sai Sister Lalitha ji from USA says: Dear friends, I don’t know how to express my gratitude to our beloved God SAIBABA. I would like to share one of the miracles which I experienced in my life.

Today I went for a road test for driving license. I was so tensed up and not confident before the test. Any how I should pass the test as I was supposed to leave for another city. If I had missed it, I would have to take written test again in other city. There was a compulsion from my husband too. I prayed Baba to help me on this. In fact I didn’t do well in the test. As I was so nervous, I couldn’t park and reverse the car properly. The examiner was not happy with the way I was reversing and parking the car. I knew that she would fail me. At the end of the test, she did let me know where I did wrong. To my surprise, she said finally, “You are passed, go and get your license”. It was incredible and so shocked. I didn’t stop thanking Baba for helping me to pass the test, which I needed badly. I promised Baba that if I pass the test, I would post my experience in a blog. Koti pranamam to Baba.

I love HIM a lot. Thank you so much Baba.

With love, Lalitha.

My Experiences With Sai Baba: Part – 1

Sai Sister Phani ji from USA says: PLEASE DONOT DISCLOSE MY EMAIL ID. I want to share my experiences as a Sai devotee with all of you.

There are lots of interesting experiences with Baba in my life to say and this post will become so huge if I say all at once so I will be posting them in different parts.

We used to have Sai Baba’s photo in our temple. I didn’t know who He is and I never asked my parents about Him, neither did they tell me about Him. Our family usually used to pray to all other gods, but not particularly to Baba. So I didn’t know much about Sai Baba till my 6th grade and after that our family moved to another house, which is closer to Baba’s temple. Our house owner (lady) used to go to the temple every Thursday and she invited us to come along with her. We used to go with her along with my mom and I was not that interested in all the bhajans and aartis at that time and even I don’t know the exact reason why I am going there without knowing anything about Baba. One year passed and I am into 8th grade and that’s the age we all become adolescents and I got diverted from my studies. I was not going to school properly, teachers complaining about me, not listening to parents and started doing all other nonsense stuff with friends and failing in exams and even stopped going to Baba’s temple along with my family every Thursday.

One day I got fever and I stayed at home and my mom and neighboring aunty thought of going to the temple. They took me along with them and the 12:00 PM (afternoon) aarti started. I was sick, so I was leaning to the side wall and singing aarti along with other devotees, but my mind was somewhere else. After 5/10 minutes, I suddenly started feeling very sick and I was unable to stand there and my body was sweating. I couldn’t even see Baba’s idol straight forward and I desperately wanted to sit or lay down somewhere, so I came out of the main room of the temple and fell on a stone bench in the compound. My mom came running to me in the middle of aarti and I told her that I was feeling so terribly sick and can’t even stand inside there. She said we must not go in the middle and let us finish the aarti and then get some UDI and prasad and go home soon. I was sleeping out there and after aarti got over mom took me inside to the priest and he gave me UDI and prasad and blessed me and we went home.

I slept and got up in the evening and I was almost fine by then and mom came to me and said that I became so bad, doing all sorts of nonsense stuff and diverting from my studies and not respecting elders. So that’s the reason, why I couldn’t with stand the power of Baba in the temple and came out of the prayer room that afternoon. When I recalled what happened that afternoon in the temple, I can clearly say some kind of power pushed me back. From then, I started diverting my attention towards Baba and developed some respect, devotion and love on Baba. I started going to temple regularly and also to school, improved in studies and I finished my 8th grade successfully, which my parents thought that I couldn’t make it and then our family moved to Vijayawada and luckily our house is closer to a big Baba’s temple in that city. So we used to go there regularly. Since its walk able distance and my devotion towards Him became stronger and I regularly started doing 108 pradakshins and also improved a lot in my studies.

Now I am going to conclude this part – 1 and what I feel about the above experience is that Baba suppressed all the bad qualities in me at the aarti time in the temple by sending His power on me and gradually diverted my attention on Him and made me His devotee.

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    Baba Please bless Ushaji's family.
    They need you badly.Please take care of them and please bless them happy and peaceful life.
    Leave everything to Baba,surrender yourself at his feet and chant Sairam.He'll take care of you.
    I Love You Baba.

  2. Ushaji,
    This is the time where you have to take courage and face the problems by remembering GOD.I can understand the loss of your brother to your family,but it is the destiny .Your brother prayed BABA and applied BABA'a udi and left this world, to how many people such luck knocks.Your brother is lucky to leave the world after praying BABA. So, he is blessed by BABA.Miseries approach the sincere devotees to test them and purify them. We are paid for our actions committed in the previous or present birth.None can evade GOD's rule, we have to suffer for certain actions. That is life. One has to leave sooner or later, even during BABA's period some of HIS close devotees suffered and left this world, as per their karma.BABA always stays with the sufferers,HE likes HIS devotees suffering because they are washing away their sins and are on the way of purification.

    Keep faith in BABA, if not BABA who will console you and your family,ultimately we have to go back to HIS feet.

    Jai SAI RAM

  3. Dear Ushaji,

    I am sorry for what you have to go through. My bro has also had unflinching faith in baba to the extent that he got in legal problems since Baba didn't save him. But, just stay calm, and stay strong! I am sure Baba has some plan for you and your mom. continue to have patience and faith and don't loose your temper as I and my bro did that only lead us to more problems. And, eventually we would return to Baba. So Stay Strong! May their soul rest in peace.

    -Baba's Daughter

  4. Sai Ramji, I received mail from another devotee named Usha ji who wants to share here views here as below:

    Hetal ji,
    I don’t know if this is the right email-id to send my experiences, pardon me if it is not. This is such a great forum that you have created for devotees to share their experiences & learn from others.
    Please publish my thoughts as an experience on grieving Sister Usha ji’s experience. I know I can send them as comments on her experience but I want others like me & her who struggle with their faith also to read it.

    And again I commend you for the work you are doing, it is such a noble job. May you have baba’s blessings always.

    Usha ji – I'm so sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you & your family. No one should have to go through this.

    Everyone in my family is staunch believer of baba ji. However I often struggle with questions like yours.

    Every time I'm in situations that seem so unfair, I get very angry with him. I question his capability & compassion. I can't bring myself to believe that he is not capable of doing something. Afterall that's why we pray to him. And I can't bear the thought that my pain is not moving him to do something, isn't he is karuna samudra? If pain like this can't move him, what can?

    After struggling a lot with thoughts like these, here's what I tell myself. I hope this will bring you some peace too. Baba or for that matter no God can change destiny, I know it is so hard to hear this. It is not their indifference towards us but they are also bound by karmic laws. If you have read satcharitra you will see that even in his days baba couldn't save everyone from calamity. One case specifically strikes chord with me on this is Nanasaheb Chandorker's. Chandorker loses his daughter & son-in-law within a short period of time. All his relatives taunt him about baba not saving them and questions baba's power. Heart broken Chandorker comes to baba, baba comforts him & tells him it is not right to drown himself in grief like this. Baba shows Chandorker the right path & gives strength to travel on that.

    If Baba can't change destiny, then what is his role? In my mind his role is that of an anchor that holds the boat, when the storm strikes the boat will still rock but it won't go a drift in the ocean & shatter into pieces.

    He is like a loving parent, when a child is hurting we show extra affection & do everything to make him feel better. If it is in the hands of the parent to prevent the hurt in the first place, they would do anything to stop it from happening. But sometimes inspite of doing everything children get sick or get hurt. Baba is also the same, as he himself admitted anywhere he can help he will go out of his way to do so. He will not leave your hand just b'cos you are angry & hurting, his heart is bleeding for you. It was not in his power to change the situation you are currently in but trust me he will do everything to help you get through it.

    I know it is hard for us to comprehend that our beloved baba is not capable of doing certain things but that is the truth. He himself admitted it, if you read satcharitra you will see this again & again.

    He is not punishing you for anything, he is there to minimise the effects of karma & eliminate them wherever he can. I don't know how your brother passed away but trust me baba was with him when the time came and he is taking care of your brother now. Just as he will take care of your family forever. I know it is easy for me to talk like this, but please have faith. You are still grieving your loss, it is hard for you to wrap your mind over anything. But one day you will look back & see how baba held your hand & didn't let you fall during the most difficult days of your life.

    With prayers,

  5. Thanks to all those who answered Ushaji's questions. After reading Ushaji's incident, I was quite disturbed and whole of yday I was looking for a satisfactory answer.
    This incident that one has no choice but to face the result of bad karma in the past, is a constant reminder to everyone to do ONLY good karma. Praying to Saimma to always bring us only good thoughts and deeds to acheive the ultimate goal. Surrender to Sai.

  6. Sai Ram,
    I have experienced the presence of Sai Baba when I was in college and stayed in hostel and later came to my home town Bhopal for my summer project. It was Sai Baba's Birthday that day and I dont know why I felt that my friend should go to Shirdi to Baba's temple. Since the feeling was so strong I called my good friend early morning at around 6;30AM, she was in bhusawal and was there for her summer project in Jalgaon. I told her about my strong feeling that she should go to Shirdi to Sai baba and wish him happy birthday, but she said she is getting ready to go to Jalgaon along with her friend for her summer project and I told her how strongly I felt she should go to Shirdi and she said sorry to me and I kept the phone. Later that night around 10 PM she called me and asked me to guess what had happened with her that day and I could'nt so she continued and told me that when she reached the station at Bhusawal and her train to Jalgaon was on the track about to leave, she thought she was late and thats why she and her friend ran to catch the train and sat in it. The train started and one station after other left but Jalgaon which is very close to Bhusawal did not arrive and they were busy talking and did not realize that they were actually sitting in the wrong train and that train goes to Shirdi and when they realized it they said OK lets go to Shirdi and take Baba's durshan and that was the reason she came late at night from Shirdi and as soon as she came back to Bhusawal she called me to tell what had happened and told me that Baba actually sent her to shirdi.. when she thought she was late at the station and her Jalgaon train was sitting there, she actually went a bit early and the Jalgaon train was yet to come that was the train to Shirdi… This is Baba's leela… there was no reason, just a plane simple wish from heart that I wont be able to go from Bhopal to shirdi but if my friend could go I would think as if I went to shirdi and Wished baba and this wish from heart was heard by Baba and he fulfilled it.. and now after 10 years I am in trouble and want Baba to help me again and solve all my problems and take my pain away and I wish Baba hears my prayer again and shower His blessings on me.
    Aum Sai Shri Sai Jay Jay Sai!!!

  7. Ref: Ushaji's column.

    One should remember that Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba fulfills wishes of HIS Devotees — however, the Methodology of HIS Granting is beyond our thinking and imagination. I urge not to loose patience but just remember that there is always a silver lining to every cloud.
    So, have Shraddha and Saburi — keep Faith & Endurance.
    A living immovable faith is all that is required and Faith transcends reason.

  8. Ushaji please never loose your faith in saima….always have faith and patience…may always saima bless you and your family….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  9. i love you baba..please take care and guide all the good people here and please reduce their are fully aware of my problems and I trust that you will give me strength to deal with them.

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