A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 58

Life of Lord Sai Baba’s devotees is always full of surprises. Whatever one may think, come to him/her as surprise, even if we forget or do not disclose to anyone, our thoughts are made true. The second experience posted is of same sort to the one who has posted it and to me also. Few pictures were shared by the devotee of her experience and i was surprised to see picture of SAI TERE HAZAARON NAAM Cd Cover among pictures of all other deities. This shows how much popular is this album and so is my Sai brother Rana Gill too!. You can follow the link if you wish to download bhajans of the same album. Two other touching experiences are also shared.

Baba Pulled Me Out From The Jaws Of Death

Sai Devotee NSPL ji from USA says: It was during October 2009, I started feeling some kind of restlessness unable to focus, very impatient, very irritable, some kind of high blood pressure, very stressed due to no apparent reason.

During the weekend, evening, I went short drive with my family, and returned back home soon. I started feeling severe migraine headache, slowly it increased and worst by the minute, I wriggled in pain, unable to sleep, tossing, and moaning in my bedroom. My wife put Baba’s UDI on my fore-head, and worried as to do, maybe need to call some friends to rush me to the doctor.

After sometime, I came down to my family room lie down on the sofa, in front of small temple, where we have Baba’s photo with other gods. I asked my wife to give me a glass of water with Baba’s UDI mixed in it.

I was still having severe headache, never felt that much headache in my lifetime. I thought I would PASS AWAY that night. In a last attempt to save myself, I got up to sitting position in the sofa, thinking of Baba, and my head got tossed back, with eyes closed. I thought I was gone.

BUT SUDDENLY, I felt Baba’s hand in front of my closed eyes pulling me out of the JAWS OF DEATH…sudden divine hand. I kept my eyes close for few seconds, slowly breathing. Then I slowly I opened my eyes, I started feeling better, and the headache started reducing slowly. I felt a new life was poured into me and started thanking Baba. And in about 30-45 minites, my headache was almost gone. It was almost 10:30PM and I had very mild dinner and slept off.

In Shirdi Sai Satcharitra – “Baba says I will pull my devotee from the jaws death” and IT CAME TRUE FOR ME. Baba saved my LIFE. I, my wife, and my two small children are always indebted to Baba.

May His grace be always there with us, and every single devotee.


Sai Baba Came To My House Along With My Daughter’s Exam Pad

Sai Sister Aruna ji from India says: First of all Thanks for this Blog. Since from many months I was browsing this Blog, but didn’t find the way to post my experience. Finally today i.e. on Tuesday 22nd March 2011, caught this option to Post my experience.

It was Nov 2010, when my Daughters Work Sheets (Unit Test/Monthly Test) Begins. She is in 1st grade. One evening, when her Papa was back from his office, she started asking him to get the PAD to take for her Exams. When she asked this, I just thought, in my mind to paste the BABA PHOTO on the pad. I didn’t reveal this outside, because My Husband won’t like all this show off. He wanted the Bhakthi towards GOD should be in the heart not outside to show off. And I decided not to paste the photo.

Next Day evening He bought the Pad and gave it to my hand, I just took out from the cover and saw the pad which had “MICKY AND DONALD CARTOON’S picture. I gave it to my daughter, and I went in the kitchen for arranging dinner. My daughter was happy seeing the cartoons. Then she called me telling MAMA, here is the label, we should write Name, class, Phone No etc. I said Ok we will fill, She was prompting me to see the label. She was sitting straight to the kitchen and was insisting me to see the label. When I turned and saw, “MY TEARS STARTED ROLLING DOWN BY ITSELF, AND MY GOOSE HAIRS STOOD IN MY WHOLE BODY”. To my surprise there was 2 BABA picture in the center At the backside of the Pad along with other GOD’s GANESHA, LAKSHMI, SARASWATHI, HANUMAN, KRISHNA. I felt like all God’s group is sitting in my House. FOR a moment I was not able to speak anything, just sat seeing the pad with the tears rolling down. I was shocked, because, I just thought in the mind to paste the photo, neither had I told to my Husband nor to my Daughter.

Since from this Incident I wanted to post, but Today BABA gave me permission to post. I have taken a snap of the PAD, but here, there is no option to post the Images.

I request the in-charge Moderators, to provide this option, so that everyone can have a Glance of BABA on the PAD.

Thank You,
Jai Sai Ram

Sai Baba Helped Me

Sai Devotee from USA says: Hello Hetal Ji, You are doing a wonderful job by posting all the devotees experiences. I go through the experiences regularly. Please do not post my name and e-mail.

Sai proved that He is there to help me out in every way. In January 2011, I was in need of a medicine badly. I ordered the medicine from the site from where I usually get it. But to my surprise the transaction failed and the reason given was the bank did not approve the transaction. I called the bank and confirmed that the transaction did not even come to the bank. There was something going on which I did not understand. I was in need of the medicine ASAP. I have a habit of asking questions to Sai Baba and get His answers. I did the same way in that issue too. I got an answer from Sai Baba saying that things will work out on the Makara Sankranthi day. All the alternative trials were failed. On a Friday, I was browsing the internet and found a site from where I can order the medicine, I needed. I ordered the medicine and to my surprise the ordered day was Makara Sankranthi day. Finally, I got the medicine in time. Sai kept up His promise. As always, He is there helping me out in each and every step of my life.

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  1. Sai devotee NSPL experience reminded me of a similar one. We had just been transfered abroad and H1N1 flu was raging in that country. Within a week I caught the flu and was very scared thinking of that fever. I just took Baba,s name and pleaded for mercy in a strange land.The second night when I was tossing in high fever in sleep I actually felt some hand forcibly pulling something apart around my forehead. My merciful Baba didnt allow that fever to come back and I was cured soon.

  2. Om sai shri sai Jai jai sai

    God please bless me to get married to krishnakumar with the grace and blessings of u and my parents. Please make my sister to talk to my dad mom regarding my love and make it a success. Please god am unable to tell everything here. But u know what all i have went thru in my life. Please bless me. As per my vow i have started reading sai satcharithra. I pray all de devotees to pray for our marriage

  3. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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