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Many times we are tested by Almighty. Some conclude that it is due to past bad karma or call it bad fate. At some point of time when Lord Sai Baba enters silently in our lives, we get peace admist storms and a favourable turn in seen ahead. Such is experience of Sai Sister Nisha ji. Below is her mail in detail.

Sai Sister Nisha ji from Kuwait says: I have been a reader in your blog and find so much happiness when I see devotee’s happiness and emotions. My post is little big, sorry for that but it’s all what I have been through. I wanted to add more, but I do not want the readers to get bored. This shows my small life and how I became a devotee of Sai Baba and how He is with us.

I was born and bought up in Kuwait and did my schooling here itself. I went back to India for higher studies and completed them with God’s blessing. But I had to wait for two years to get a job. Then I got married in early 2008, and since he was working in Mumbai he left for work early. I also came back to Kuwait and continued working. My parents wanted to bring my husband to Kuwait immediately. My company was providing visas, I requested them (begged them in a way), I got Visa for him and said,”I will pay all the expenses”, as to get a visa to Kuwait is very difficult and has to pay huge amount of money. He came to Kuwait with lots of obstacles in between and we took a sharing house and started living.

When he reached Kuwait, I was caught up with Pneumonia and was under heavy medication. My relationship with husband started to spoil for silly matters which I never took it seriously but he did.

We tried hard to get a job for him and God heard my prayers. Before a week for him to leave, he got a good job and joined in a reputed company which no one could believe. I thanked God and he resigned his job in India. I became pregnant at that time. By this time, his residency formalities were going on and one day, my company said he failed in medical and has to leave Kuwait. I said he is not sick and try for one more test. My company helped me and did 2-3 times test. We consulted many doctors and said he is not sick. It’s just a patch in his chest. But God rejected him all the time he did medical and he had to leave Kuwait and got blacklisted. I was pregnant and got bit frustrated. I tried many ways to get him back but no one did anything. All were saying that so many obstacles in his matter. I did not know at that time why God did this to me. I used to cry day and night and wait for something to happen. Slowly I started to concentrate on my child and pregnancy and left that matter for some time. I delivered a baby boy with God’s blessing and my whole family was happy. I could see their lost happiness back. But we were worried whether I could get my baby’s residency done and keep him with me or else I had to resign and leave. In Kuwait the rule is kids sponsor should be the Father. In my case, my husband was not here and we made all legal papers from India.

Each time I had to run for my baby’s work and felt very bad the way they treat us ladies as though we are illegal. All I suffered silently for my baby not knowing why all this happened to me. But in spite of all the struggles, small and big, God was with me and my child each time and the residency work was done. I was so happy and delighted. I did not know how to thank Him for His blessing on me.

When my baby was 6 months, I planned to take him to India to show my husband and family as at the time my husband was jobless. The decision was sudden and all went well as planned and we traveled. My son did not trouble us at all during traveling and was always bubbly. I get asthma attack when I am in India due to climate and dust, so this time also it happened to me and could not do the needful. My son became stubborn and so playful, and he did not eat anything nor sleep. I used to get irritated as nobody cared for this child food and health. Without my knowledge my in-laws gave him food which was eaten by elders and spicy food which resulted in diarrhea and fever.

Whenever I used to get angry, I keep quiet and was worried for my son’s health. But again during this vacation unnecessary problem aroused. I never said anything to my In-laws or even spoke very badly to my husband. I was just waiting to get back to Kuwait with my Son and family. After my bad vacation, I reached Kuwait and my son was very happy to be back. He started to eat and play well. After coming here I came to know the true color of my husband. He went and told his parents about me when I was not there (do not know what) as we never had major issues/fights and his parents complained to my parents and my parents was eating my life. I could never imagine my husband doing such a reckless thing and yet again I kept quiet. I said sorry to all of them and I kept a distance with all. After coming to Kuwait my mom understood why I was angry and irritated. I started to think of my life with my husband, and understood why God had separated us. In spite of He is giving all blessings, my husband had ego and not a strong mind to face difficulties. I am thankful to God showing me the true face of my husband as, if I had stayed with him more, my pregnancy time would have been horrible. He once said to me “He prayed to God to send him back to India” and God did it, making him live without work for 2 years and not see his child’s face. He even said to me that thinking of son he cannot give me a divorce so he is suffering. From that day, I understood he cannot manage a family nor he will be able to understand what a family life is as his mother and family has bought him in that way. But I found happiness with my son and kept life going on in Kuwait.

In due course the anger, I had on my husband for what he did to me decided to get him down. I used to discourage my parents not to spend money and get things done as here if you pay money to localities to get things done. The funniest part is that the localities are greedier for money and no mind to help poor people. They enjoy taking money from poor and some of them get the work done. I searched for people who does illegal work inside ministry and clear the blacklisted name (Only localities can help and to get these localities, we need to get an Indian who works with them). To my bad luck or good luck, don’t know, his matter no one could do.

I got an Indian person and he asked me a huge amount of money as his localite is asking and I believed him, arranged the money and gave him. He cheated me and it was a big shock in my life. Again my father paid a huge amount of money to another localite and he too did not do the work. At this time, we were suffering mentally and financially very badly. I prayed to God, to help me find that fraud. God listened and I could get him caught. Since there was no proof and no one helped me, he slipped again. I found his house and details but still no one to help me to get hold of the money. This fraud too was a victim and is staying in Kuwait illegally. All those, who were there to help me, dropped hands. Even the localite was not ready to pay back the money.

At this time, I was mentally down and cursed myself as of why this is happening to me. Seeing my condition, my colleague who is very good told me about Sai baba. I started to learn about Sai Baba and read His Shri Sai Satcharitra. I got mental peace from that time onwards and kept a hope that Baba will surely help me.

After that whatever small small things I ask Baba, He gave and I realized that He is with me and my son. I again had asthma attack recently and I drank water mixed with His UDI and I got relieved so soon. But since I am a Christian, I cannot pray or worship Baba openly as all are against me. But I do utter His name and pray in my mind as I Know He is with me. Love you Baba.

After a year my parents were forcing me to visit Dubai as my husband got a Job there, after a long wait. Small small problems aroused between us and I had to adjust a lot of things with my husband and he never cared for me and my son’s happiness. Then also I did not fight openly and kept quiet. Again he complained, I got angry ended blasting him. But I lost my respect towards him and now I worry about my kids and my future.

I believe that love is not only by saying, but it should be followed. From then on my in-laws do not call us nor talk with their grandson. So I understood that love is just in words for them. I am not saying I am right all the time nor am I a perfect person. I have my own weakness, happiness and needs. I don’t mind for what they do as Baba is there for us at all time. Don’t know what my future will be. But sure Baba will help me and my kids. I just hope now to get back my lost money and remove my burden from heart as my parents are hurt and they have suffered a lot in their childhood without food and money. God has bought them up to a level and all this happened due to a person. Not blaming anyone as I have to go through all this in life. Hoping Baba to help me at all times.

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  1. Ur life story is really very touching.. n 'm so glad dat baba has held ur hand.. now, dun wry.. leave everything 2 baba.. he knows wt's best 4u and 'll provide u wid d best in due course of time.. just never ever lose faith in him, not even in d darkest times 🙂

    I pray to baba to soon bless u wid lots of peace n happiness!!:)

    Jai Sai Ram !:)

  2. Nisha ji:

    I really felt sad listening to your story..All through the time, when i was reading your story, there is some sort of knot in my stomach with fear..But when you mentioned that you started reading Sai Satcharithra and started believing Sai, then i felt relieved..I do follow some things which every devotee does in one or the other form..I would like to follow if you believe..
    1.Have faith in Baba and never tremble..
    2.Place a pack of Udi under your pillow.
    3.Due to circumstances, you may not be able to read Satcharithra in 7 days. But try reading one chapter daily. ( I am feeling a bit afraid and guilty to mention b'coz sometimes I miss doing few things. I don't even know if I am in a position to give advises. But I am doing..)
    4.When you get anger, read this blog and it subsides..
    5. When you are in dilemma with something, pray and place chits in front of Baba and pick one and follow that..





  4. keep faith in baba and read this web site every day it ll give you the strength
    om sai nathay nam:

  5. om sai ram dont worry u will get ur money back and always baba is with u n ur son he will protect u om sai ram

  6. Jai Sai Ram! Having gone through, it is felt that matters have gone in different ways as destiny prevailed and it is un-wise to attribute any-thing to any one at this stage.
    Religion is not a bar for showing prayers on a Sad-Guru whom one believes. What is wanted is faith and truest faith on the God to whom you are submitting prayers diligently.
    Pray to Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba as you believe to ensure better judgement for the well-being of your life.

  7. Hi,
    While I am reading ur story,I felt that its my story. yes,Baba will become head of the family and hold our hands and he will show the direction,.Even I personnaly experianced that. I suffered a lot with incapable person. he was totally binded with complex,negative attitude,ego,selfishness,jeleousy.
    Previous days I thought that I'm also a devotee of Baba,but why is looking at me. But now I got to know that there is much,much,much difference in my dedication towards my father Baba.
    And so slowly I'm getting rid of all those pains.

    So, my brothers and sisters Sai devotees,dont just remeber him if u get problems,make urself surrender(practise with full heart) to our SAI MAA.dedicate our success and failures,goods and bads to him, Then its his responsibilty to bear the things and sortout. He can bear the things,but we cannot.So leave it to him everything.

    ITS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Please practise it

  8. Of around thousands experiences i have experienced let me tell U the one that just clicked my mind. This is around 8 years back when I was a Dental student in Davangere. Its a little town in Davagere. I always used to stop at shirdi on the way to chandigarh. My train used to stop at Kopargaon station for two minutes. In that time I had to get down from the train. So what happened was that, it was my final year and I was just at the verge of finishing my dental school. I was going to shirdi. I was excited. I was standing at the door of the moving train. I was looking outside just to make sure that Kopargaon station is cmng. I saw from distant that it was written Kopargaon. I quickly brought all my stuff near the train door. As the train stopped I got all my luggage out of the train and got down. I waved at my friends and the train went away. When i TURNED i saw that I got down at wrong station. It was not Kopargaon but Kanhegaon about 40 miles away from the original station. I was sad and remebered Sai baba…..I came out of the station as nothing could have been done. And asked for taxi. At that time there were elections going on in Maharastra and all these taxi dfrivers and auto drivers were busy with the campaign and there was no transportation. I dont know from no where this young man came and offered me help . AS I was sad and desperate for help I didnot thought for a second. This person called me a tractor and he helped me in moving my stuff on the tractor He himself also boarded on to the tractor with me. Then we got down at some place. I remember that he then got me on ambassador carm and he also accompanied me in the car. That car dropped me at manmad pune highway from wherE THIS Guy helped me to board the auto …..and he told me that this will take u to shirdi…..I was very thankful to him he smiled….I offered him Rs 10….I know it was little less but he urged me if I could have a cup of tea with him from the near shop. …..I told him that i HAVE to catch the evening train I will give him money he can have it later……he said its ok……I just boarded the auto………and just saw if all my things were there on the auto as soon as the auto started I took my face outside the auto to say him bye …..but there was noone outside…….I even turned around and saw in all the directions…..where can smone go in 10 secs…….Then I realised it was sai baba who came to me to help me……I was happy that sai baba helped me and he himself came to help me…….Baba had helped me always in my life……HE IS THERE BELIEVE ME….HE IS ALWAYS AROUND US,,,,,,,,,

    Bow to sai and peace to all

    parag sehgal

  9. Dear Devotee..
    I must acknowledge the positivity and faith inside you. One should always fight situtaions and hope for the best to happen..only then can thngs happen according to our wish…
    and, with baba's support .it becomes all the more easier..

    jai sai ram!

  10. Om Dutt Sath! Om Sri Sai Krishna!!
    Dear Sister,
    Sai Baba is there to guide you till the destiny. Please do not worry. Also, be open minded and trust that Sai Baba resides in your child, your parents, your husband, your in-laws, your fellow-people you transacted in the past/present/future and with everyone. As time ripes, things & people can change dramatically. Be open minded, welcome any changes in life, have no expectations and fall saranagadhi at Baba's Holy Feet for His Mercy.
    Om Sri Sai Ram!!

  11. JAI MAA SAI ..thank u so much now on regularly basis we are getting experiences on time..thanks a lot ..Happy new year..merry christmas to all may MAA SAI BLESS US ALL WITH ALL THE HAPPINESS OF THE WORLD

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