Sai Baba Answered My Cry For Help During Exams & For Job – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Sai Devotee from UK says: I pray to Sarawati Ma Ka Swaroop (avatar) Lord Sai Baba to help me write this experience as I know that no words or numerical can ever describe or quantify how beautiful His leelas truly are. I would also like to take this opportunity to say that this blog is an incredible idea. Please do not disclose my email identity. My story below is just a few instances of the remarkable leelas of Sai Baba.

My story here illustrates my experience when performing the 9 Thursdays fast. During some of my exams, I suffered from immense period pain. I am a very pessimistic individual; I lack concentration and at times determination. I do not have any confidence at all and therefore, you can guess my mind state during this time. I went into my exam stressed that I had not revised for my papers at all, and in my exam room I saw Sai Baba’s statue. I was astonished because in international countries (Non Resident Indian) you don’t expect any deity statues in the exam room. I passed the exam by Sai Baba’s grace.

I was always reluctant to believe anything good would happen as I always had problems occurring. My next story is again regarding exams. I have been reading the Shri Sai Satcharitra and Bhagwad Gita simultaneously and it has changed my mind state significantly. Both scriptures teach that you are one with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. By reading this, I believed that anything is possible when you give up the results for the Lord and just believe, and that any skills exhibited are solely by Gods powering within you therefore everyone is equal and capable of anything. As I mentioned previously, I was still experiencing many problems, but in contrast to previously, I was calmer since I started reading both scriptures. I did not expect to achieve much at all, but I also did not care for the results as I knew that whatever Sai Baba chooses will be for the best and by His grace, I passed with unexpected marks which made many people extremely shocked.

In addition to this, I also had difficulty in gaining a job. I stayed all day at Sai Baba’s temple reading the Satcharitra until I finished it. During this time, I used to take small breaks for snacks, or to stretch. There I read an email on my phone of a rejection by a firm. I was very upset and made comments such as ‘what’s the point of being good if all you get is problems no matter what you do’ and that ‘those that don’t do things in a genuine way, those that take from others but never acknowledge them despite gaining credit on others merits get given everything in the palm of their hands whilst others that are considerate of others and attempt in a pure way face problems all the time’ and the person I discussed this with, simply said, ‘Shradha and Suburi’ (faith and patience). So I continued to reading the Satcharitra, but when I went back for breaks, each time I got a new email on that same day by three firms offering an interview. This wasn’t the only miracle, when I re-read my application; I realized that accidentally, I had made a huge error on my form. I wrote the same answer to two completely different questions during the editing process. I felt extremely nervous but during the interview, the interviewers commented that they had read my application but none had noticed this error which couldn’t be missed. Sai Baba showed me that when you believe in Him, absolutely anything is possible. Sai Baba not only helped me to understand that God is here for everyone, but His miracle was beyond incredible.

Another beautiful miracle was when I was coming from Lord Shiva’s temple in the night. There was an old man walking behind me, he had a white beard, white clothes, a small white hat and a stick. I started to walk faster because it was night but at the same time I was thinking about the man walking behind me, I noticed that his stick was not the modern walking sticks you would expect, but an extremely old one. Whilst I was walking fast, I heard the sounds of the stick getting faster behind me. I prayed to Sai Baba that ‘I am now getting scared, Baba please help me’. The sounds of the stick stopped, I turned around and no one was there. The road I was walking on was narrow and there was nowhere else for the man to walk/go where he cannot be seen. I believe this was Sai Baba, and I thank Him for His love.

There was also a time where everyone gained the opportunity to read a chapter of Satcharitra to Sai Baba. I initially said ‘no’ as I assumed we had to read it out aloud and because I was very shy and not confident. That was my error however, there is no need to fear when you have Baba and it is by ones ignorance and misfortune that someone would say no to such a beautiful opportunity. I went to the temple on that same day the readings were going on and realized that no persons had to read it out aloud. I prayed to Sai Baba and asked Him to forgive me; I knew that the list of readers was full; however, I pleaded for forgiveness and said to Sai Baba, that if He forgave me, then He would let me read one chapter to Him. As soon as I said this, someone came and said that there is a space available to read a chapter of the Satcharitra to Baba. I thank Baba for forgiving me. Another leela was for the Palki procession on Thursday; girls were selected to hold dishes for Baba, by Baba’s grace I was also allowed to participate in this procession. However, it turned out that I was one extra and there were no dishes left. I did feel sad at this point, but by Baba’s grace someone turned up with instruments for me to carry to the Lord Shiva temple and coconuts to carry on the way back. Baba has exhibited continuous support (thank you baba) like He does with all devotees that come to Him and that He always listens to our hearts. For me, He showed me this when He allowed me to continue to participate in the palki procession and when I really wanted to do the shej during the aarti, He gave me the opportunity (after some period of waiting) to do so like He has with many devotees that have come running to Him. I will ever be grateful. Thank you also Baba for coming to my house for Bhiksha, please always come to all our houses.

I recommend to everyone, that reading the Satcharitra and Bhagwad Gita together is a beautiful experience as they both complement each other.

May Baba always bless us and please never be angry with us.

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  1. OM!SAI RAM!

    "Ho! Shri Shirdi Sai Baba! give me the guidance to know when to hold on and when to let go and the Grace to make right decision with all dignity"

  2. Hey! I am just waking up and last night I went to bed crying with the same reasons you have mentioned. I have failed my medical board exams twice and took a practice test yesterday and failed that too. Also, I have not been granted any job as I have not passed this test. I cannot believe that I am reading your expereince exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Baba!!

    -Baba's Daughter

  3. Om sai Ram…. your experience is very beautiful….. and you are very lucky to experience these moments… may you always experience these moments … Om sai ram…

    -Sai ki pyari ladli

  4. Om!Shri Shirdi Sai Nathayanamah!

    When we have keen desire to surrender our individuality at the FEET of the GURU – Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba, HE comes forward with HIS practical instructions.
    Stand by HIM always with unswerving FAITH & DEVOTION, HE fulfills all that is needed and good for us.
    All absorbing and All loving Divine.

  5. anonymous ji,
    i received my results for my medical school entrance and they did not go well either.. but lets work harder and I am sure BABA will take care of everything 🙂
    SAI RAM 🙂

  6. @Anonymous

    Hi, thank you so much for placing my experience of Baba's leela on the site. With regards to the comments above of the exams, I too experienced a huge downfall in academics and this shattered my confidence in life as a whole. Baba has helped me through this phase. Hold firm faith in Baba, to go to Baba is the goal of life. Baba has always said 'faith and patience', he is with everyone.

  7. @anonymous,
    yes right now i am at pit of my life i need to pass my medical school entrance exam for me to move on it is just so difficult… i just hope i can do it with BABA's blessing

  8. my name is g.naveen .i m dng BDS final year. i have exams in august i have to write all 7 subjects.n this is my 2nd attempt ..please pass me baba please pass me…

  9. my sister name is ramya betha …she is not talkng properly with me.. please change her mind to talk with me please sai baba…

  10. sai baba i want to see u please cum to my dreams and please do my favours which i g=have written above…plz

  11. Baba what should we do you need to guide us in our income sources baba , have courtesy baba, why are you testing us like this…we had fallen into BPL,need to earn , take care of our health , we are depressed ,What should my son do , he is palnning for US and I am planning for ew business ventures and need your blessings ,tae care of My husband, pls always be with us guide us please doonot delay , where should we stay here aor any other place who will answer us baba,you need to bless us getting our property properly from the person who cheated us…I only know chant of Baba please help me Baba answer me whether which business is good and what way we can earn money no job no business , at this old age wwho will help us Baba …

  12. I ll be having my medical school final exams in a months timeand im extremely worried and stressed about it.but i trully believe Baba is with me guarding n guiding me and HE will make me PASS my final exams once and for all.Its not me who ll make it but Baba will…

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