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Circumstances comes to us in the form of storms which seems to be unbearable. But when a safe boat named “Lord Sai Baba” comes to our rescue, we safely reach our destination. The below experience of Sai Brother Kishor ji illustrates above written words. I apologise Sai Brother Kishor ji for not posting it on Thursday as he requested because i am bound by blog policy. I hope he’ll understand and forgive me.

Sai Brother Kishor ji from UAE says: Om Sai Nathay Namah, I am Kishor Giri living in UAE, with the grace of Sai Nath. Hetal ji, I am very much pleased to present my some narration and mercy of Sai Nath in my life and career. Hetal ji, I would like to request you to please post this on the auspicious day of this Thursday.

It is worthless to say that you are doing a great job, I am a continuous reader of your blog, this gives me courage and boost my faith. May Baba bless you.

Last Year, I have posted my experience which I have undergone in Shirdi & how Baba helped me on the time. Link is I was also thinking to share various leelas of Baba happened in my life. I promised to Baba that I will share this soon, but due to my laziness I kept it postponing. With time, I felt guilty for not writing & sharing with you all, these experiences which are full of morals and prove that Baba always remains with His devotees and takes Him out from the bad phases of life. I am enclosing herewith my some of experience.

My Last experience of Thursday Fasting:

When I faced 1st recession in my life, I have started my career with a well reputed company from Mumbai in year 1999. Everything was going smooth, I was placed on the Training for a year after several rounds of interviews and as the job was for the site engineer company placed me to a very remote site. Till that time, I used to chant daily “HANUMAN CHALISA”. Still I am doing that. Soon with time my 1 year had passed & then the news came of global recession in year 2000. I was about to get confirmation & my salary should have been doubled. But on the last month of my training period, I got a letter from my office stating that I had been confirmed by the company, but they had transferred to me to their sister concern company as they do not have any kind of job or fresh vacancy for the new employees (here I would like to inform you that it was a time of 2000 year, and recession was at the peak). I had been to Shirdi also in between where I come across my 1st experience about which I have already mentioned in my previous post. Anyway this transfer was OK for me, but the worst part was my salary became half of the amount, which I used to get during my training period due to the salary structure of other company. I was so broken in tears & could not understand, why this all happened in my life. I used to cry terribly from bottom of my heart during my loneliness. During such time 3-4 months passed, but I used to get motivation from my parents & brothers they used to say me that I have to get experience of work & then I can kick off this company, as they did with me.

Soon I do not know why I started fasting on Thursday as my Rashi swami is Guru Brahaspati. Soon I started hard fasting on Thursday (not eating anything & drinking only water). All of my colleagues used to ask me if I am fasting for the Sai Baba. Then I used to explain them about the Guru Brahaspati & used to also say that Thursday is also dedicated to Sai Nath. Then soon I left explaining this difference in between Sai Baba & Guru Brahaspti by considering & thinking that all Gods are one, if this is true then Baba is none other than Gurudev Brahspati & vice versa. During such time I completed the almost 11 months with the grace of Sai Nath and Lord Brahaspati. Then one fine day, I heard from my project manager that he had recommended my name for the re-transfer in the parent company by considering my hard work, honesty & sincerity. But I knew that this is just his saying, the reason of my re-transfer was my fasting which I did for Sai Nath by considering Him as Gurudev Brahaspati. This was my 1st experience from that time I continued my Thursday fasting for the Sai Nath.

Entrance of Sai Satcharitra Book in My life – Experience of Reading this holy Book:

With time, year passed and I devoted to Sai Baba. One of my father’s friends used to visit very frequently to Shirdi. One day he gifted Sai Satcharitra Book to my father. When I went to Mumbai later in 2005, I became very eager to read Sai Satcharitra. Still I was placed at the site as senior engineer. I have completed the parayan of Sai Satcharitra in 10 days although I was not aware with the parayan procedure. I prayed to lord Sainath that please do something & make my transfer to Head office from site in some other department so that I will get settled in my life & career. With the blessing of Sai Nath, although, the circumstances was not in my favor I had been transferred to Office in design department and I went for the vacation for my marriage and when I resumed at office I got my promotion letter. This was totally an unexpected thing for me and I could not believe that it happened with me. Such is leela of our Sai. My senior told me that company does appreciate my hard work & effort, which I put for the company. Baba gives us the required things, whenever time comes.

Baba mercy on my career:

I am really shocking to write this, and I do not have any words to write or to start. My this experience is about during the peak recession I lost my job, but when Baba is there then why tear and why fear.

In 2007 left my 1st company and joined another company X in Mumbai. After working there for 1 year in 2008 March, One fine day I got a call from a XX Multinational company from Sharjah, UAE. They told me that my CV was forwarded to them by one of my colleague. They were interested on me for the permanent basis for the UAE. They took several rounds of the interviews and finally they called me to join them in 19th of October 2008, just before 8 days of Deepawali festival. Here I would like to mention that it was a time of recession and recession had already hit to US and Europe market.

Finally I left, on 18th of October, I was very upset as I was missing my Diwali with family but anyway I thought, “To move on, in the career the one has to sacrifice such moments”. So I left for the Job to UAE. Everything was going fine till 3 months in UAE. But soon wind of recession also started to affect UAE market. Few major projects of this company got hit with recession and were closed. A lot of employees had been terminated from the site by this company. There was no rule and regulation everyone was in the verge of saving their own job in the office. Here in UAE I realized that how big and better is our India on the matter of job securities etc. I was assured as I was working very hard in the new company and also Holy Book Sri Sai Satcharitra was with me and I used to recite 1 or 2 chapters daily. In the Feb 2009, company gave appraisal form to all the staff. I was surprised to get an appraisal forms from the company when I hardly completed 4 month with them, how they can analyze new employees in such short time.

Later after one month I got a call from the HR director. When I met him, he told me all the story of my poor performance and he asked me to quit the job or they will terminate me. Oh my god, I was shocked and I thought that I am in my dream and will get rid off from this bad dream. But it was not a dream. I did not argue and came back to my seat. I came to know here that one of more my colleague had been called for the same reason by the HR. Director gave us 7 days time to think over it. These seven days were the toughest part of my life and I am sure that I managed those 7 days to survive only because of Sai Baba’s grace on me and He was continuously with me day and night. I used to chant Baba’s name and used to read Sai Satcharitra daily.

On the 7th day he called me and asked for my resignation, during the discussion, I asked to the director that how they come to conclusion that I am a poor performer if I have only completed 4 month with them where as minimum of 6 month is required to judge for any projects work. I told him that if he wants my resignation due to recession then it is okay but he has to say clearly that it is because of recession and nothing to do with performance. This was the first time, when someone has blamed on my performance like this. I had a good argument with HR director as I was correct on lot of points and someone already told me that company is about to throw 45 new employees due to recession. One of my old friend (he was in the same company), he called me and asked me to provide my CV to him. After few days he gave me a contact of company who were looking for the similar profile on which I used to work. I got the contact person name and details from his one of the friend. Whereas I resigned from this XX company and HR told me to not to come to the office unless they call me as I argued with them on the lots of points. Now I was at home for full month in Sharjah, UAE. Here I was not knowing anyone and was not with anybody who can talk to me even. I used to talk to Sai Baba daily and used to do Sai Satcharitra parayan weekly all the time. I used to ask Baba, why he provided me this opportunity if it has to end like this. My parents and bothers they used to call me every day to keep my morals up and also my friends they used to call me from India. May God bless them always.

Now see the mercy of Sai Nath, one fine day I got a call from another company and they called me for the Interview on the day of Saturday. This call I got on Thursday and hence I was sure that Baba has some different plan for me and He had shown his grace. I had my interview. My interview was very nice and smooth but then also I was not sure about the result. After giving Interview I came to India on 18th of April and on 23rd when I called to this company they told me that I got selected, but they told me that they cannot meet my expectation and they will provide 20% less then my current salary. They had asked me if I am interested or not. I knew that it was a miracle in my life or otherwise how it is possible to get a contact of a company for whom you never heard before. I checked with my family and asked for their opinion. And Finally I joined this company in the month of June.

Baba saved me from a very bad phase in my life; I was losing my confidence because of above incident. But by giving job to me, Baba boosted my confidence and nurtured my Faith. Such is leela of our Sai Nath. May Baba bless you and will put you on the path of success and prosperity. If any wants to share their views on the above, you can mail me at Now also I am facing some change in my life, I have to make some decision for my future and career. I am very much confident that Baba will shower his grace and will give me the best.

A humble request to Baba, “Baba, please gives the jobs to all the Sai Devotees, who are struggling for the jobs, who lost their jobs. No one should suffer the pain of job recession”. So that by chanting Your name on our lips, we can continue our journey on the Bhakti path.

Jai Sai Nath.
Kishor Giri


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  1. Very good experience and that's so nice of you for praying for all Sai Devotees. May Baba shower his blessings on all of us. Om Sai Ram !!

  2. SAI RAM kishorji

    Thanks a ton for sharing your experiences…we are also going through a lot of job hassles…your experiences have definitely given us the courage to face problems



  3. Om sai ram,

    Dear Kishor Giri,

    I am so much into tears when I read your experience. I am also looking for a job. It gives me lots of strength and courage to continue my job hunting. I am sure baba has some plan for me, since I am doing exactly what you have done (chanting "sai ram" all the time and reading baba related literatures including sai satcharitta). Hope baba will show me a path for me.

    Thanks for you lovely prayers for all the sai devotees. You have posted a very clean experience for all of us, so don't worry about the delay in time.

    Om sai ram.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am going through a tough phase in my personal life and desperately seeking Baba's divine interference. My husband has been really really very unreasonable and he literally tortures with his words and deeds. Just like you, I am surviving just by chanting Sainama and reading his Sai Charitha.
    Om Sai.

  5. Very nice experience….thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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