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Various miracles of Shibpur temple are being shared from time to time on this blog. More is being added to the list today. You may also like to read previous experiences on the same subject matter:

Sai Brother Aditya ji from USA says: Sairam all, Writing down my own experience at Shibpur temple in West Bengal, where with Baba’s grace, I was able to see him.

Sairam, With Sai’s grace I am writing down the experience of my Shibpur Visit. It was on Jan 03 2011 that we decided to go to Shibpur after so many discussions and arguments. So it was me, my wife and my parents planned to visit Shibpur. As soon as we got at the airport we heard that the flight was late by 1 hr 30 min and there it seemed like Baba is taking a test of us on our Saburi and testing our patience. Finally that moment came that we boarded the flight to Kolkata. Well we reached there around 1.30 PM and Amitji’s cousin’s friend was waiting to pick us up from the Kolkata airport. Then we left for Shibpur from Kolkata airport which was a 4 hour drive. As all of us were tired, we had our lunch near the airport and resumed our journey to Shibpur. Fortunately, I was able to buy some fruits to our Sai. I also had an intention of buying flowers, but did not make a note of this and will discuss about it further. Then around 6.00 PM, we reached Shibpur.

It was total dark at that time and in that darkness, we saw a small campus full of Sai devotees and Amitji eagerly waiting for us. Finally, we were there at the Shibpur temple. As soon as I got down from the car, Amitji welcomed us and I gave him a tight hug such as we have met after ages and then we entered the mandir campus. Wow! What a vibration I got once I entered the campus. The sight of the Bade Baba’s temple, the white statue of Sai under the neem tree created such vibrations in my heart and mind that it was a heavenly experience. I cannot express that in my words. Anyhow later, Amitji took all of us in a small bamboo structured room which is a special visitor’s room and we all sat there for a while. Amitji introduced us to the Shibpur temple’s president, his secretary and the pujari of the temple and all other associates. Later, Amitji asked us how we felt, when we entered the campus of the mandir, I said I felt a very strong vibration and was not in my senses. He said if you have come to see Sai and if only Sai wants to see you, we will feel that vibration else if you have come here forcefully you will get a negative vibration. Then he offered us some tea and we all got fresh for the evening aarti of Shibpur Sai. I was requesting Amitji to have a quick darshan of the Shibpur Sai Statue but he refused saying that we all will go in at the same time.

After some time, we all entered in a small bamboo structured room, which has the Shibpur Sai Statue in it. This is the statue that we all see now. I must say the ultimate peace is what we get here at Shibpur and the sight of this Statue of Sai gives this. Now all the villagers including the pujari got into this room and I with my family were sitting right in front of the Sai Statue. Then the aarti began and this was amazing. The puja performed there is totally different from what is done everywhere else in the world. This kind of puja was told by Sai Himself to Amitji and he explained this to the pujari there, who performs this puja daily in the morning, afternoon and evening. Now, the puja started and as I said it was a divine experience. I could see Baba smiling such as He was so much happy to see us there. Then the procession went to the dhuni room and the pujari did aarti to the Datta Statue and Sai’s Statue there in the dhuni room. Then we followed the pujari in the place where Ramdas Biswas was performing puja to Baba 150 years back (it’s in the same campus) and then we did pradakshinas (rounds) to the Gurusthan. Later we all entered Bade Baba’s temple. Now the statue here is what was donated by K.V. Ramani – a great devotee of Baba. Then the pujari performed the puja at this temple. It is a sight to see all the villagers there with such a devotion and love for Baba and I am sure this is the reason that Baba chose to be there in search of pure devotion and unconditional love for Him. I am also very sure that this would be the site that Shirdi had in its early years. I feel blessed to be a part of this now.

Now the puja at this temple was done and we were again made to sit in the visitor’s room and we were given the Prasad offered to Baba. Later Amitji asked us to follow him in the bamboo structure temple, where lying is the Shibpur Sai Statue. When we entered the room this time, it was a totally a different experience. All the lights were switched off and only a small lamp was lighted in front of Baba. It is really a wonderful sight to see our Sai in that light. Amitji mentioned that it was only in this kind of light Baba was meeting His devotees in Shirdi.

Then Amitji started performing his puja there and we all were sitting behind him and he instructed us to look at Baba and tell what we see there. So, we started to look at Baba with full devotion and what I saw after this was totally amazing. I could see that Baba sitting there was heaving breathing as I could see His shoulders moving slightly up and down. I could see His eyes moving pointing everywhere in the room and looked like He is looking at all of us. But suddenly, I saw His eyes went blank. The next moment, I saw a face of a very old man. I am thinking it was Baba and His mouth slightly opened as He wanted to say something and looked very happy to see us there. I did observe this a lot of times. All this was there only for like 5-10 mins. When Amitji was down with his puja, he said “Kya aditya ji kya hua” (Aditya ji, how are you feeling), I was left in tears and I asked Amitji why is not Baba looking at me. He said look at Him carefully. I did that again and I could see Him looking at me with love and karuna. Then he picked a rose at Baba’s feet and gave to my wife saying “What you wished for is what I am giving you”.

Then I asked Amitji if I can touch Baba’s feet. He said “Why didn’t you ask me when you got in the temple? Now you cannot touch Him, only tomorrow morning Baba will allow you to touch Him. Also I will give you a rose to offer it to Baba’s feet and Baba already said that Aditya will not bring flowers to offer me and so I will give you a rose to offer it to Sai.”. This is what Amitji said. Later Amitji asked my parents how did they feel and all of us were so much moved and had a darshan of Sai. Yes, it was indeed a darshan of our Lord Sai. It was beyond words and expressions. Amitji also said “Adityaji bahut pyaara hai baba kya” and laughed.

In the Shibpur Sai temple there is also a statue of Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot. This is also a fiber glass statue and is very lively. Then he took us in his office which is just opposite to the Shibpur Sai temple. We sat there and Amitji listed some miracles that happened in the temple. Also he showed us many pictures of the temple while it was getting constructed and other seva activities which are carried out there. Later we were offered some food – puri, sabji and some sweets. Wow it had such an amazing taste. I must say I had never ever had this kind of food in my life. Then Amitji mentioned that Baba likes to eat puri/roti in the night, murmura in the early morning, rice in the afternoon, fruits in the evening. Then after the dinner Amitji had made arrangements for us to sleep in the secretary’s house for my parents and Ramdas Biswasji’s house for me and my wife. All I can say is this place looks to me same as the ancient Shirdi and Baba is definitely at this place now, blessing all his devotees in the world. Also we saw that the flooring in the whole campus was of mud and it was the duty of 4 ladies to mix the mud with water and lay the flooring daily in the morning with their own hands. This shows how much devotion they have towards Baba and in return they need nothing but love from Baba.

Anyways later that night myself, Amitji and my wife sat chit chatting in Ramdas Biswasji’s house and discussed many things about the temple and our personal issues. Amitji mentioned that this whole campus of Shibpur temple as a very divine vibration and one can definitely experience peace here. The Dhuni room and the statues of Dattaguru and Sai Baba in this room are so much lively that one will never ever want to go back from that place. But beware; visit the temple only in the summer times. Because as we were in the winter season, it was nearly 6/7 degree celsius there and we were literally freezing in cold. So it was the reason that we could not spend much time in the temple at night to experience the divinity under the neem tree.

Later next morning, around 5.00 AM, we got up for morning aarti. Unfortunately, we missed the aarti for Shibpur Sai, but we were present at the Bade Baba’s temple. Amitji mentioned that the Shibpur Sai Statue was bathed only few times a year as Baba never wishes to take a daily bath there as He was in Shirdi. Whereas Bade Baba bath daily in the morning and He likes to wear new clothes daily. So, the next morning the pujari did bath Baba and performed puja. Later we were made to sit in Amitji’s office and the pujari brought the murmura prasad from the Shibpur Sai. After having that Prasad, we discussed few things about the construction of the temple and regarding the donations. As the donations in the past few months have slowed down, the construction work has also slowed down. The place where Ramdas biswas ji was performing his puja is being renovated partially, keeping the 150 year old was intact and extending a portion of it. Amitji mentioned that the Shibpur Sai Statue is brought in this place every year for 4 days and there is an utsav/puja offered to Baba on these 4 days and for the rest of the year the Shibpur Sai Statue is kept in the bamboo structure. The plans are now to extend or enlarge this bamboo structure.

Later that morning, as no one was there I asked Amitji if I could take Baba’s darshan. He said OK and I jumped in the Sai’s room. I took this opportunity to spend some more time with our Sai and was messaging his feet for a while, what peace I must have got; I can’t express this in words. Few moments later, I placed and pressed my head on his feet on which His left hand lies. I could suddenly sense that when I pressed my head onto His feet, His leg was slightly getting pressed inside. I came out and inquired with Amitji if the Statue there moved sometimes if we pressed hard? He said that no, it does not. It’s what you have experienced may be. I was totally lost with what I experienced that day.

Anyways, after these discussions me and my family went for a Shibpur village tour, this was great experience to have a look at this village with a population of 10,000 people. We were also shown the place where the annadan takes place every year. And then after some time, we left for Kolkata via krishnagar – Amitji’s residence. At his residence, we were offered a very delicious lunch. We met Amitjis wife and his mother who were very happy to see us there and were very much loving.

This is what we experienced in our visit. I must say that Baba is definitely residing there and is willing to bless all His children who has pure devotion and total faith into Him. All we need is faith and patience. I will post the pics soon. I personally urge all the Sai devotees to help Amitji and our Sai in this dIvine venture, which is surely beyond our imagination and thoughts as we never know what Baba plans.

Sairam .. Sairam..Sairam!

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  1. Adityji,

    thanks for sharing your experiance. it is so mindblowing experiance.sai ways are very different to bless his devotees.

    I also hope will visit baba one day


  2. An Excellent & Amazing Leela of Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

    Shri Shitdi Sai Baba is pervading in the entire Universe
    The Universe is in Possession of Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba

    Sad Guru Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba
    is the embodiment of ::
    Infinite Existence,
    Infinite Knowledge,
    Infinite Bliss And ALL.

    Akhilandakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrhma
    Shri Satchitananda Sad Guru Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Maharaj !!


  3. very nice experience…i wish i can go there…hey shibpur wale baba…mujhein bhi bulana …i also want to feel u…touch u… hug u my sai deva…. don't forget……………plz.

    baba meri shadi bhi kisi sai devotee se karana plzzzzzzzzzzzz…jisse mein bina kisi rok tok apke pass aa sakoo….

    jai sai ram…….

    apki beti



  5. Hetalji,

    thanks for listing such divine experiences.i have a request to make can u pls upload e book in marathi or english"sai amritvani and gurucharitra also miracle book of question and answes would be of great help


    Wonderful Experience.
    I wish Baba will call me to Shibpur one day in my life.
    I Love You Baba.
    Excuse me for all my mistakes in my life.

  7. I just can't imagine what you felt but what i can imagine is that how Baba makes us reach to him if we truly desire.

    Wonderful Experience.
    Baba Please bless me to visit Shibpur temple and Baba please excuse my for my mistakes and for my negative thoughts.
    I Love You Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  9. very beautiful post….thanks a lot for the wonderful post….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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