A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 56

Here are few brief experiences of devotees with Lord Shirdi Sai Baba. In one of these, the devotee has asked not to publish experience, but it has been shared here so that each one reading it can pray for the devotee. I apologise for taking liberty to publish the experience (rather prayer).

Sai Can Come Anywhere Anytime

Sai Brother Sridhar ji from Canada says: I had many experiences from Sai. I wish to post them later. With humble salutations, I wish to post the following two experiences.

  • Sai showed me a miracle on 14-July 2010: I was having depressive thoughts but was constantly remembering Sai in my heart. 2 or 3 days before that, when I had an apricot fruit at my home, I showed it before Sai’s idol and offered him to take a little, please. On that day, my wife gave me a box with some apricot fruits, banana loaf and other nuts in a box for my lunch. In the afternoon at my office, I was having the fruits while speaking with my cousin. Suddenly, I could notice, one of the apricots was half eaten and when I took it, the thought of me asking Sai to eat it hit my mind. But I didn’t speak anything about this to my cousin and just ate that fruit, thinking it as His prasadam. After a while, I called my wife to find out if she bites any fruit before/after keeping it in the box. Actually she hasn’t, even though she said I don’t remember so. I know it’s only my Sai, who did this.

  • Recent experience in Feb 2011: I was in a low gloomy mood and thought of Baba. I was hearing the Lalitha Sahasranamam in the YouTube. Mean while I was asking Baba that “Baba it has been long time you have shown me miracles, please show me one now to reinforce my faith in you. Again I was saying, Baba, just show me your photo in the Lalitha Sahasranamam song I am seeing now. The video(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frW07D8pQko&feature=fvsr), which I viewed till then had only goddess photos and I was wondering how can I expect Sai’s picture here and again I was thinking Sai has infinite powers and He can do anything, which we can think it’s impossible. With these thoughts and after watching the video for some more time, I was about to get up and go, suddenly to my surprise the next picture in the video (@7.15 of the video) was a photo of Shiva and Parvathi and nearby that I could see a small Sai Baba picture. I was in awe and feeling emotionally moved. Sai has no limits. He can come anywhere and everywhere. We have to quieten our rational questioning mind for some time and just believe Him single pointedly. We have to always reinforce the thoughts that He is always with us and at sometime it will become spontaneous in us.

Baba has shown me many miracles and at the core of the heart I thank Him for all He is.

I only pray to Him to give me absolute faith in Him in all situations.

Request To Sai Baba

Sai Sister Hema ji from UK says: Hi, My name is Hema and I am from Hyderabad, India, but I live and work in UK. I do not want you to post my experience, but would like you to read as Sai is not listening to my prayers. Although, my family worshiped Sai Baba. I wasn’t a great devotee of Him until I decided that I would like to get married to my boyfriend Sunil Vdlakonda, whom I met in UK. He belongs to a different caste and I knew it would be really difficult to convince our parents. I started to pray to Sai Baba, I don’t even know what inspired me to do so. I wanted to go to Sai Baba’s temple in London with Sunil. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen for 3 or 4 times, even though we were in London. Finally the day has come and we got to see Him. But another unfortunate incident happened; Sunil parked his car in the wrong place, so we had to pay fine. I wasn’t very happy about it, not because we were paying fine, just because it happened, when we visited Sai Baba’s temple. I set up a direct debit to Sai Baba’s temple on hemasunil’s name. I prayed a lot to Him to help us to get married, because I know it would be very difficult to convince our parents. I even read Shri Sai Satcharitra in four days because of time constraint. I did all this just because I wanted to get married to Sunil. I did tell Sai Baba that I was being selfish and would never forget or ignore Him at any point of my life. But tomorrow, 16/mar, Sunil is due to get married to another girl because of his parents. I am, here in UK, depressed writing this email not knowing what to do. I have no will to live. I believe in Sai Baba. I would want Him to do some miracle and get me married to Sunil.

Sai, Please help me.


Sai Baba’s Mercy On My Daughter

Sai Sister Kavitha ji from USA says: Dear Baba’s child, Hetal ji, please make corrections where necessary. Thank you for posting Baba’s blessings on my daughter.

I would like to share my experience. It’s a big one for me, but may be small to others. In USA, the schools conduct MOEMS test for elementary kids and middle school too. My daughter is a fifth grader. She is eligible for elementary level MOEMS test. It is optional to go for such tests. Every month there will be a test having five questions per test and this goes for five months. And if one gets everything correct, they will get 5 points and so totally 25 points test on total.

In the first test, my daughter got 5 points. But, just before the second test, Baba told she will get 3 and so happened and my daughter was little disappointed as she knows my dreams come true. Then she got 5 points in third test, 4 points in 4th test and on the fifth test. She mentioned she was sleepy as the test is conducted at 6:30 PM after the school. She was literally exhausted and the test cannot be postponed or can’t be taken some other time. The school ends at 3:15pm and I take her to library and make her do homework and take to school back again, instead of coming home as we are few miles away from school. I was worried and told my daughter to chant “Sairam SaiRam….” And asked her to tell Baba please help her. I did the same too. Then just before the test I washed her face and told best of luck and asked her to do the best. I just chanted HIS name for half an hour till the test is completed. After the test, she was told by her teacher that she got a perfect score, which is 5. I could not believe as the test itself is hard. So I thought she may get 4 at the most. The story did not end there. Her friend, Daniel who usually gets a good score got just 2 instead of 5. I know truly that it is Baba’s hand behind, otherwise how could it happen? It’s all HIS grace, my daughter is a topper in the 5 tests as her score is 22 out of 25, but Daniel got 21/25. Just a single point made a big difference. Baba over ruled it. I can sense with my heart. Thanks Baba.

These tests are all competitive and hard to understand the problem as they are tricky to understand and the time limit is also 30 min to answer tricky question. Sometimes I can’t help my daughter also. All the credit goes to HIM.

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  1. Dear Sai Sister Hema ji, Keep FAITH and accept the natural course that BABA guides you to. Do not feel depressed. It is very well known fact that OUR time is not BABA's time. Right person would come in to your life at RIGHT time. BABA knows what is BEST for you.
    Follow BABA's motto : "HAVE SHRADHDHAA and SABURI"
    Meera Bakshi

  2. Dear Hema, You said you are reading Satcharitra, in that also Baba said whatever good or bad is our's and what is not ours will never come to us. He also said, to believe whatever happens to us is good for us. So please don't be depressed….may be Baba has more good plans for u r life, may be he want's to give u the best. So don't feel sad…try sincerely for making u r love success…if not leave everything to Baba and pray him to take care of u….believe me…whatever he gives is the best for u…even if we don't realize that now….May god bless u with Happiness….once again pls don't get depressed, as u r not alone…baba is thr with u.

  3. Hello Hemaji,

    I can understand your situation, when something doesn't happend as per our wish we feel that baba is not listening to us or baba has ditched us. but dont be depressed baba may be having different plan for you and he will shower his blessing soon.Keep patience and pray baba


    Sairam Hemaji,
    I agree with above comments of Sai devotee friends.
    Whatever Baba do accept it,definetely He has big plans for you.
    Chant Sairam.Have faith and patience.He'll take care of you.
    I Love You Baba.

  5. Sai Ram Hema ji,
    It is written in Saisatcharitra that child wants sweet but his or her mother gives bitter medicine because she knows better what is good or bad for her child….believe in our mother Saima….Saima knows what is better for you, The thing which happens as per our wish is good but which does not happen as per our wish is better…because it happens as per our SAI MAA's wish….and Sai Maa's wish can never be wrong….

  6. Sai Ram Hemaji I can understand wot u must be growing through-immense emotional and mental turmoil. I have experienced something similar. But Baba came and saved me. In the case of those who are not aware of Baba, this is a serious problem. But for devotees of Baba, we can rest assured that Baba is there for us and He is constantly looking at us and supervising our state of affairs. Dont worry and accept things in life as they come to you. Dont worry at all. You will get the best in life. Please get over your unhappiness.

  7. Jai Sai Ram,
    Dear Hema, do not get depressed if anything goes against your wish. As we sow, so we reap. Our past karma plays a very big role as said by BABA, so if everything happens as per your wish that is fine, otherwise just think that your are reaping the fruit of your karma.Read all the above comments which will give you enough solace to your soul.Sai's miracles are unfathomable, so wait and see, HE may fulfill your heart's desire and make you happy. I pray BABA to fulfill your longing desire very soon.Keep faith in HIM and roll your wish unto HIS feet.HE will guide you.

  8. Dear Kavitaji,

    Your daughter got good marks by grace of BABA, really HIS miracles are unpredicted. But, at the same time your writing that her friend, Daniel who usually gets a good score got just 2 instead of 5. I know truly that it is Baba’s hand behind is not true because in BABA's view everyone is equal, it is appreciable if you do not compare your daughter's marks with Daniel.I don't think it is BABA's over ruling, as all are HIS children.

  9. Dear Hemaji,Dont be upset.Baba will definately help u out.have strong faith on him.please.he is our saviour.he knows wht is good n bad for us.why worry if baba is with us.dont be depressed n do ur work properly.om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram

  10. Hi Hema ji Sairam,

    If u want ur wish to fulfill,then its ur responsibility to take up good or bad. If u leave it to Baba,it will become the responsibility of Baba to take care of it. And it will be the BEST BEST BEST. So, this is not only the life.Dont be sensitive. why because, I did my marriage of my own which I thought that I will be happy with that person and I didnt ask Baba that time to take care of good and bad. I'm suffering a lot now. If I would I have left to Baba, I would have been enjoying a lot. So if u belive in Baba. Surrender all and leave to him. Thats what I can say with my personal experiance.

  11. Dear Hemaji, Do not be dissappointed Baba knows what is good for you & not, what may seem good for you now, may not work in the long run. His ways of teaching us human beings are inscrutable & beyond any human control. Faith moves mountains. He must have surely planned for you smething much better, hold his hand & he is sure to cross you througn all the problems. Please read the Sai Satcharitra, as said 'Let the world go Topsy Turvy, Have faith in your guru' or please read the 11 sayings of the GREAT SHRI SAI BABA, that itself will build up your Faith.

  12. Dear Hema,

    BABA is always with you more than any one in this world he knows what is good and bad and as per my experience u have lost something to really gain 1000000 times better than tat whic happened in my life…please do not lose faith in him….

  13. @Anonymous ji,

    Sai Ramji,

    Congratulations! Your comment is 1000th comment of this blog. This has been possible only because of you readers!

    I am thankful to Lord Sai Baba to make me witness this achievement on my birthday. Thanks dearest Babaji and readers too!

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  14. @Anonymous
    Hello Hema ji,
    We are no one to decide what is good or bad for us.What we think is bad for us is not actually bad in the long run. Have patience and complete faith on Sai Baba. He will bless you with good luck at the right time. You will realize this rather sooner than later. His ways are difficult to comrehend but are always for the benefit of his devotees.

  15. Dear Hema,
    I can understand what you are going through, having faced a similar situation. But remember that you are very lucky to have come to this site and are looking upto Baba. I didnt have that previlage when I was unhappy. Please dont lose faith – I too find it difficult not to question Baba when something bad happens. But having faith and praying everyday to him will give you solace which will help you to face your current situation. I too landed up in a much severe problem now but I feel that I am able to cope up with this situation only because of faith. Praying everyday keeps negative and depressing thoughts at bay for atleast a few minutes in a day and that itself will slowly make your heart and mind to realise that you can still feel happiness – keep faith – ask Baba to help you keep that faith.

    why u sad be happy, as u said sunil is due to marry, baba
    had selected a new life partner for u please dont feel bad for sunil.
    as he is not having courage to marry you & to convince his parents

    om sai ram

  17. Dear Hema…

    iam almost in the same situation as yours… infact mine is even difficult situation…which is almost impossible.. as the guy rejected me because his parents doesnt like me…. but there is a very serious problem behind it…i dont know what to do… i dont feel like living.. i started sai satcharithra parayana…n pleasing baba to show me the way n pleasing him to make his parents n him to accept me…there were times when i even lost faith in Baba n stopped worshiping him… but after a long gap again i have a ray of hope that Baba would help me ….i said sorry to him… for loosing faith in him.. n now iam again with a hope that Baba would help me… i dont know if he is listening to me… though people say that.. he knows what is good for you.. n gives you the best… doesnt make me happy n i feel they say it just to console us… but now.. i strongly belive only Baba can solve my problem… i started praying to him… let us pray Baba to solve our problem…
    Baba please be with us… we need your blessings….

    jai sai ram….

  18. Very nice experiences…thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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