A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 54

By merely taking name of Lord Sai Baba we get rid of all our troubles and worries. We are cleansed from outside and inside. Such experiences are shared below.

Sai Baba Takes Away My Worries Whenever I Am In Trouble

Sai Sister Lesa ji from India says: Hi Friends, He is always with us whenever we call Him. I am here to share my experience about our Baba. I know Him as simple person. But I was not His sincere devotee. A month back, one of my colleagues asked me to follow Nine Thursday Vrat for baby. She said to me on Wednesday. From next day, I started to follow that. Every day He showed Himself by pictures and something. I am deeply attached with Him. Whenever I fight with my husband, I started to complain with Baba to solve this. Before that He will not speak, when we fight, it will get worse than present. I feel the difference that after I started praying Baba, that my husband starts speaking within an hour. On one Thursday vrat, I don’t get Darshan of Baba. I told my colleague that I felt little bit worried. So I like to see Baba photo. I searched in Google. I had a chance to see this website. I started to read this blog. From this onwards, I started to believe. I came across Sai Baba answer your question website through one of the devotee experience. So I opened that I prayed for baby and put a number. He answered me that a child will be born. A tear flows from eyes. It’s really a miracle.

One Sunday my husband used my mobile. One of my gent colleagues messaged me. My husband started to reply as if me. He crossed his limit and started talking about something certain things which cannot be disclosed on this religious page. My husband got angry and started to shout at me and never believe that I don’t talk such nonsense with him. I maintain limit. I didn’t know how to overcome this situation. He told me resign the job and he was not listening me anymore. I never replied anything. I asked him to give my mobile to see Sai Baba. Because whenever I had problem, I started speak with Him. At first he was not giving. I urged him and then he put on website. I ask Baba to solve the problem. He gave exact answer. My husband started to change his mind by the reply of Baba. After that he went to beat that colleague at 12. Then he came back at 3 and convinced and started to speak softly. That day I really felt happy Baba is with me. He saved me from divorce. Because me and my husband don’t have good terms. Next day, I went to Baba temple, because my husband took me temple. He believed strongly. I was very happy. Baba be with me always. Please forgive me for the mistake done.

Shraddha And Saburi

Sai Sister Renu Arora ji from India says: Dear Hetal ji, From the bottom of my heart I would like to say thanks for changing my life through this blog. You are such a noble soul that Sai Ma has chosen you to be part of His name. I must say that we all are very lucky that we are part of this blog. I felt very satisfied and really feel a lot of peace of mind after reading the Sai experiences.

Today with the grace of Sai Ma, I would like to share my experience, which proves the existence of Sai Baba ji in our life. I am well qualified MBA graduate, but after one and half year of my marriage, I shifted to Punjab due to my husband’s business. We had lots of ups & down because of newly established Business. Every day a new problem arises in our factory and my husband became very frustrated. One by one our all properties sold and we are burdened with lot of loans. In the mean time, I gave birth to our second daughter. I felt very helpless because I am not able to do any job as it was small town and secondly our children are too small and there is no one to look after them. At last I started taking tuition and try for job in school, but I did not get any positive feedback and was surprised why I am not getting any job even after having good qualification. Sai Ma has thought something else for me. At last when I surrendered completely myself to Sai Baba ji, I saw lot of changes started coming in our life. After facing so many problems my husband decided to shift me with children to Delhi near my parent’s home. Within 3 months, I shifted back to my Native town Delhi. There I got job without much struggle. One thing I would like to mention here is that I always get my Job joining date on Thursday. My children got admission in good schools in Delhi with the grace of Sai Baba ji. All the problems were started solving one after another. My husband business also started doing well. I may not get the support of my in laws but my mother, father, brother and sister in law all are very supportive. They all treat my children like their own children. They never make me feel that we are burdened on them. This is my belief that God always send someone to support you. He never leaves you alone. Everything was OK as I wished but still there was no peace of Mind as my husband is still in the Punjab and I miss him a lot and my in-laws always blame me for all things and create misunderstanding between us. There was one point of time when I was very depressed with lot of question in my mind. Sometime blaming Sai Baba ji why He sent me here without my husband? One day all of sudden I come across your website started reading here Sai Experience. After that I totally change my point of view to see the life. I feel lot of peace of mind and feel little worry about future as I used to earlier. Still I am living in a house provided by my parents. My Husband came occasionally to meet us. My mother is looking after my kids. Still there is lot of insecurity in my life, but I believe my present is because of my past karma, but my future is in the hand of Sai Ma and He will take care of it.

There are many positive things appear to come in our life. Like my husband making plan to set a new factory in Delhi and he is planning to buy a house of our own, but budget is very less. I am sure Sai Baba ji will definitely help us. We only need to have “Shraddha” and “Saburi”. There is my strong inner desire to visit Shirdi one day with new guest waited to be arrived in my brother’s home (baby). I wish we all come together with a healthy baby to take Your blessing.

Ms. Hetal ji, I request to publish my experience. If it is published, I will feel like acceptance from Sai Baba ji. Baba ji please forgive me if something wrong I have written. May Baba ji fulfill the wish of all devotees.

Don’t Get Feared, Sai will Takes Care Of Everything

Sai Sister Nipuni ji from Sri Lanka says: Thank you for such a wonderful blog.

I am Nipuni from Sri Lanka. I have been a Sai devotee since I was 10 yrs old. From the day, I became a Sai devotee, everything of my life was a miracle.

Last year in December, I had a very important exam which would decide my whole schooling. Usually I am scared of exams. Not just scared, but I fear them. During the exam days, even during small school tests, I cry a lot, I get angry all the time. During exam days, I even feel like dying. I had to take medicines from a psychiatrist for my exam fear, when I was 9 years old. What I do is study till late night, even for small monthly tests. I am really good at studies, due to Sai Baba’s grace, but my fear is a hindrance. But in my O/L exam, which is very important (if I didn’t get along I would have to repeat after a year or I will have to stop schooling), I didn’t drop a single shed of tear. Instead of studying, I read Shri Sai Satcharitra. I wasn’t gloomy and unhappy like during other days, but I was very happy. My parents were also surprised. Thanks to Swami, I did my exam well and very confidently.

I don’t get fear. Swami is always with you, just hand over everything to swami and surrender, He will do them according to His way, which is always good for us.

Sai Ram all

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  1. Hai to all of the sai devotees i'm also one of the devotee of baba. Baba saved me from worst situation of my life to nice before 1 and half year my position is in worst condition i dont have another choice nothing but to die at that moment Baba has become very closer to me with "Baba Answers for your Questions" he given me each & everything what i desire even it is a small thing just to create faith in my mind that baba is always with me at present my position is ok i came out of the depression which i faced earlier and also i visited shirdi in the month of January with the help of baba blessing he will be always with me and he will give what ever i need thank u baba thank u very much because u helped me alot in order to over come the worst situation in my life and also kindly bless me with good married life baba at present my problem is my marriage my parents are also suffering alot
    One day Baba has came in my dream and asked me to show my hand but i refused because at that moment i dont know but incidentally he touched my hand and said "Nanu Namuko" at present i'm leading my life only with the word Baba Said ie "Nanu Namuko". in such a way baba has given his presence each & every moment of my life when ever a problem is yet to be coming his picture will arise in my dream by saying "no problem just dont be tensed" like that Baba has arrived in my dream alot of times even i just dont know what made Baba Such closer to me i'm very lucky to have such presence in my life with Baba
    Baba has given me his Darshan in my dream, his Udi to me in my dream, Hastha Sparshan in my dream, he has made me to laugh once and made me to cry once it is because of my past karma
    At present each & every moment of my life is given by Baba the only meaning of BABA means PAPA
    Please Baba kindly bless me with a happy married life
    This is only 1% of my experience with Baba there is alot to share but i'm unable to express in words please Baba ni dhaya mariyu karuna yepudu na mida ma family mida andarimidha chupu
    Ananthakoti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parbramha Sri Sachidanda Samarda Sadguru Sri Sainath Maharaj Ke Jai
    Sorry Baba if i have done any mistakes in this posting please accept my request and please nenu chesina thapunu kshminchu please baba

  2. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…..:):)

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