Presence of Lord Sai Baba makes life really peaceful. Even if we are suffering from many difficulties we are steady from within just with a thought that Lord Sai Baba will take care of everything. Being His devotees we are not spared of consequences of our bad karma, but certainly we feel more courage filled in us to overcome tough time. With this introduction i am sharing few more brief experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Miraculously Blessed With Baby After Years Of Infertility By Baba’s Blessings

Sai Devotee from India says: I am blessed with a kid after years of infertility. Medical Science is not the answer. The answer is Shirdi Sai Baba’s blessings and miracle. He blesses, who worships HIM whole heartedly.

Friends, I am blessed with a baby after years of infertility only due to Baba’s grace. It’s only a miracle of Sai Baba that I could conceive this child. When I went to Shirdi, I wept on the steps of Baba and begged for a kid and Baba granted my wish. I used to keep Sai Vrat. Baba, please bless me as You have blessed others and bless this miracle baby. Please grant my baby health and happiness. This was only possible by Your grace. I will spread this message around of Your leelas.

Sai Baba Miracles In My Life

Sai Sister Sowjanya ji from USA says: Dear Sai devotees, I would like to share my experience with Sai baba. From my 10th standard onwards, I am a devotee to Sai Baba. I can feel the presence of Baba at every step of my life, whether it was good or bad situation I have never lost faith in Baba, it’s the greatness of Baba, once you believe Him, He will never let you lose the faith.

Here are few of my experiences:

  • With Baba’s grace, I got a nice husband. I gave my first wedding invitation to Sai Baba and prayed Baba to come for my marriage. It’s a ritual in our marriages, after the marriage while going to my in-laws house; my cousins do barath to some distance. While barath was going on a bullock cart with Sai photos (belongs to Sai temple) went before my car. A cousin of mine came to me and told that you will have a wonderful life as Baba blessed you guys by coming before going to your in-laws house. To my surprise, the bullock cart usually roams few of the streets in my town on Thursday’s, but my marriage was on Friday. I felt very happy. It is one small example how Baba understand the devotees feelings
  • When I was married my husband was doing Ph.D. After 6 months he completed his Ph.D and took a post doctorial research job in his department. But he wanted to do a job in one particular corporate company and he started applying job to only that company. In April (before Ph.D.), he attended the interview to that company and didn’t get selected. Again on Oct 1st (after Ph.D.), he attended the interview they told “We will tell you the result by Nov 15th”. We had very mixed feelings after the interview. We felt very tensed as we didn’t hear from them even after December 7th, he mailed them twice in November and didn’t get any response. We lost all hopes. After reading the Satcharitra experiences in few blogs, I had a small hope “Miracles may happen”. Then I decided to read Satcharitra on Dec 9th. On Dec 13th, he got a mail from that company, that he was selected. We had no bounds to our happiness. I was very much moved to this incident. I can’t express in words, but we know how important that job was.

  • After this incident, I remembered one of my cousins was searching jobs from past 4 years, to be fact he was a brilliant student, many were astonished for his grasping power and activeness. He is one of the state ranker in intermediate and got good percentage in B.Tech. After B.Tech, he took one year Gate course (to do M.Tech) during the time he got rejected job offers. To his fate, he didn’t get Gate rank, I think, he felt depressed and somehow he could not get jobs for 3 years. After my husband got the job, I called my cousin and told him to read Shri Sai Satcharitra. He was selected in a company during the week he was reading Shri Sai Satcharitra.

Dear devotees have faith in Baba. Thank you Hetal ji for creating this wonderful site.

Sai Baba Experience

Sai Brother Kamal ji from India says: Sai Baba Made my younger brother to walk to Shirdi from Bhandak (Distt Chandrapur) Maharashtra and my own experiences.

Dear Sai Devotees,

I am an humble servant of Sai Baba from my Childhood when I encountered His blessings and my experience has been published in Part 8. Blessed are some of us that we still get glimpse of presence of Sai Baba.

My younger brother who is retired from Army and now serves as Security Guard at SBI Ordinance Factory, Chandrapur Branch, saw a shadow in a temple and felt that there is somebody present. What transpired between the shadow and my brother is not known but my brother states that he made a promise that he will visit Baba on foot. Accordingly on 26th Jan 2011, he along with five others started from Village Bhandak (PIN 442 902) for Shirdi. As per my brother’s statement he was met by Sai Baba on route. All the same, a 45 yrs person has traveled on foot for approx 720 KMs and had Darshan on 18 Feb 2011. As I serve at Pune, I intended to go and meet my brother and offer him a glass of water, but after all planning and when I was about to start, my boss cancelled my leave on grounds of exigencies of services and I could not go. Baba correctly said that He will call His people with small string attached and nobody can visit unless desired by Baba. Walking up to Shirdi for approx 700 KMs is itself a rare feat in our family and I bow to the power of Baba. Before this, when I was traveling in Maharashtra express sometime between 15 Jan 2011, the train stopped at Platform in Ahmednagar and it was approx 0300 hrs. I was the only one awake and there was nobody on Platform. I saw a big painting of Sai Baba hanging on which was written in Marathi “Welcome to all Sai Bhakta”. First thing is platform was empty; secondly the coach stopped exactly in front of hanging painting made me understand that Baba is waiting for me. Accordingly when I came back from leave, on first Saturday, I started for Shirdi and had a wonderful darshan. The garland for Samadhi Mandir, which I bought, was sought by one person who was standing behind me as soon as I offered it. Again, one garland which I took was offered at Dwarakamai early in the morning, which was given to Sansthan persons and to my dismay I found that garland was offered to SAI portrait kept behind the Baba stone. This made me feel satisfied that offerings are being accepted by Baba. Though He may not seem present to so many.

Dear Sai Bhaktas, please believe me, He is present in any form you think. After the Darshan, I had gone to Ambikapur Sai Dham near to Kopergaon. This SAI DHAM is just 15 KMs from Shirdi and One Mr Dhondu Chavan resides there. When I met him he said “You started your life as zero. You have risen from ash. Don’t worry, Baba is with you always. I earnestly request all Sai Bhaktas to visit Sai Dham at Ambikapur (Kopergaon). It is just 15 to 18 KMs and auto will charge approx 150 Rs. This is a serene place and Sai leela can be experienced.

I would also like to add here that during 1994, when I was still in Army, it was Vijaydashmi and since my visit from 1966 (when we were allowed to enter Lord Samadhi), I had a desire that I shall be a pall bearer (Carrying palanquin) to the Sai Palanquin, which is taking a round at Shirdi, but it was not fulfilled. During 1994, I was sleeping up to 1000 hrs and suddenly, I started for Shirdi after getting freshen up. As soon as I reached Shirdi and got down from bus, I ran towards the palanquin which was already taking a round. Just then one of the person, who himself was pall bearer called me saying “I am awaiting you since long” please come and carry this around the village. Just imagine my excitement. I had done this and this is because of Baba blessing. Dear Sai Devotees, please note that Sai is alive and is helping us.

Regarding today’s post of Sai Sister Natasha, who visited Shibpur temple, she got blessed. Can someone tell me how to reach Shibpur temple, whom to contact etc. I shall be grateful if somebody guides me so that my desire to visit Shibpur Sai temple is fulfilled.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Jai Shri Shirdi Sai Baba!
    Peculiar Characteristic is that Lord Shri Shirdi Sai Baba clips tenaciously to HIS devotees as much as HE expects the devotees to cling tenaciously to HIM.
    Once ignited it draws the devotees whole being irresistibly onwards until the tiny spark becomes a flame.

  2. Dear KamalJi,
    Om Sai Ram…. U have truly said that Baba is alwayz with us and directing us for even small matters of our life. I have been to Shibpur Sai temple its in Nadia district of West Bengal I am giving you the detail address. You can check it out on the net also. You can call Mr.Amit Biswas i have given his Mobile No. and other details


    City Office :- K. C. Lahiri Lane, Chasapara, P.O. Krishnanagar

    Dist. Nadia, West Bengal, India, Pin – 741101

    Regd. Office :- Village & P.O. Shibpur, P.S. Nakashipara,

    Dist. Nadia, West Bengal, India, Pin-741191

    Email address :-

    Mobile No. 09333120111 / 09609371796

    Contact Person

    AMIT KUMAR BISWAS, Chairman (09800500014)

    PROBHAT JOARDAR, Secretary

    Sai Daughter,

    Om Sai Namoh Namah….

  3. Om Sai Nath.Hello All sai bhakto…I also visited Shirdi many times..I want to tell that For going to DONDHIRAM BABA(CHVHAN BABA) you have to go TAPOBHUMI and from that you can take auto to SaiDham…I also went their.He told me my problem and gave udi and told that everything will be all right and i will get my desire things..Om Sai Ram.

  4. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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