Mercy of Lord Sai Baba is endless and He is showering His grace on each and every creature Who is bound to Him. Let’s see few more examples of such mercy on His devotees in today’s post.

Sai Baba Helped My Mother

Sai Brother Dr. Chirayu Vaidya ji from India says: I am a physician working in community hospital Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat.

Jai Sainath, my mother was hit by running cow while she was on a walk. She became unconscious for a while but after regaining consciousness, she was brought to home. She was continuously asking same question of what happened. We went to ortho hospital & performed CT brain which was normal. She had pain in right shoulder. Orthopedic surgeon examined her & advised x-ray, which was showing doubtful fracture at right shoulder, due to late at night he told to come next morning for repeat digital x-ray. I read Shri Sai Satcharitra whole night urging Sai Baba not to give fracture to her. Next morning, we did digital x-ray, which was showing still doubtful fracture in shoulder head because that area was difficult to assess on x-ray. Orthopedic surgeon advised for 3-d CT scan of that area. We went for that, to the surprise of all of us, it came normal that was only possible by blessings of Sai Baba. Because clinical examination & x-ray were pointing towards fracture. Because of mercy from Shree Sai Baba, it was possible. We are blessed by Him. Jai Sainath.

My Experience

Sai Brother GUNDURAO NARASIMHA MURTHY ji from India says: I am from Bangalore and a devotee of Baba for the last many years and visited many a times Shirdi and regularly visit the centers at Bangalore. If given opportunity, I am prepared to do seva at Shirdi.

I had planned this visit to have blessings of Baba long back combining with a marriage at Bhavnagar and booked a direct train from Bhavnagar to Pune on 29-01-2011. I reached Pune at 10.20 pm on 30-01-2011 and reached the Shivaji Nagar bus stand for proceeding to Shirdi. The bus, which was to leave at 11, finally left at 12 midnight and reached Shirdi at 5-00 in the morning and after having bath in a hotel I reached for darshan of the divine. After going round the temple collected the Prasad, I was moving back to the hotel.

I was wearing dhoti and was keeping the purse in my hand and the Prasadam. On the way, I purchased the news paper and booked my bus ticket back to Bangalore and was looking at the correctness of the ticket. I did not realize that the purse, which I was holding, had slipped from my hand and has fallen on the road. I kept moving and person came to me from behind and checked if the purse belongs to me. The purse was mine and I had all the money and other important documents in it. He handed me the purse and went away. As I was checking the purse and then looked at the person. He was not there and gone. The money of over Rs. 6000/- was intact with all the documents. It would have taken more than 2 to 3 months to get back all the documents after formalities.

Is it not the miracle of baba who takes care of every one?

I reached back happily to Bangalore on 31-01-2011.

GN Murthy

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Mercy of Sai

Sai Devotee from USA says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am a bhakta of Baba ever since I got married. I regularly read Shri Sai Satcharitra and Sai Shtotara. I would like to share an experience as this experience has made me believe in Baba even more.
I used to work for a company in Bangalore and had to come to US with my husband as he got a year assignment here. I was doing well in the job and my employers were very kind and generous in India. They asked me to go on leave and get back after 8 months. I agreed and decided to do the same. When the time I came to get back, out of nowhere I received a news from my husband’s employers that his stay has been extended. Now I didn’t know what to do. After discussing with my husband I decided to stay back with him in the US. So I told my employers and they asked me to resign from the job as I was not getting back on the mentioned time. So I resigned and decided to take the life as it comes.

On New Year during my usual call to my mother she told me that my father was seriously ill (I remember she told me this during the last week of Dec). I prayed Lord Sai and took a vow that I would make prasad and go to his temple here, if my father gets well. Suddenly within 3 days he got perfectly alright and started talking and walking. I was very thankful to baba and as promised to Sai Baba, I went to the temple and offered Prasad on the first Thursday of the New Year.

Meanwhile, a good friend of mine told me that there is an opening in her company and asked me to apply for it. I was very skeptical as I had no work permit. She asked me to send my CV so that she can try recommending me. I prayed Baba & sent my CV and surprisingly, I was called for the interview the very next day. During the interview I told about my work permit status. Surprisingly, they offered me the job right away and ignored my work permit. I was shocked but knew that this can be only Sai Baba’s miracle. Sai Baba does these kind of miracles when you least expect it. I am overwhelmed by the mercy He has shown on me all these years.

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  1. I also want to share with all devotees, I have been Baba's devotees for many years, and has been fortunate to be blessed by his blessings.
    During difficult times, even though I sometimes started loosing faith on HIM but he was always there for me.
    I am going through another very tiring time of my life, Baba please shower your blessings and be with me and my family and give a positive outcome with all the challenges that we are facing.

  2. Sai Ramji, Dear Devotees i received a comment from Meeraji. I am copy pasting it below with reasons mentioned by her for not posting it directly.

    Dear Hetal ji,
    Thanks for posting such wonderful experiences. Somehow I could not post my comment at the end of that web page. Twice I tried and it could not be sent. May it was too long for that section.
    Anyway this time I have copied and posting my feelings that I felt after reading Kiritda ji's post.

    Dear Kirtida ji,
    You seem to be specially blessed as your experience goes! You had a great experience BEING with BABA as if a daughter with her father! I did have such an experience but it was like a ONE WAY Communication! It happened when my husband was detected melanoma cancer level 4 (in 1996) and doctors predicted only 6 months for his life looking at the advancement of cancer.
    At that time I flet totally upset, distressed and helpless. When the seriousness of the impact hit me I was crying at bedtime…and somehow tears were not stopping till midnight. I know for sure that this was not a dream as I was fully awake and crying. I just got almost blinded with a bright vision even with my eyes closed and a figure wearing a beige colored robe emerged out of it.I could not see the features though. I heard a base voice telling, "Don't worry my child, Don't cry. Sub kuchha achchhaa ho jaayega. Everything is for family unity." and I don't know what happened after that but next day morning when I woke up I had vivid memory of what I had heard. I told my husband about it and he also was sort of surprised.
    And just to let all devotees know that after that night's experience, all medical tests, surgeries reports and CAT scans, MRIs came out clear. All through 5 years, every six months check ups were totally normal. And my husband was declared "A cancer Free Patient". The doctors treating him were quite surprised how was that possible! Nobody have any answer for that! He is having a normal healthy life even today.
    Without my knowledge of BABA or my request to BABA, HE had taken care of me and my family.
    Pranaams BABA. Bless us all always.
    Meera Bakshi
    Sierra Vista AZ, USA.

  3. Very nice experiences….Thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…..:):)

  4. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please remove all evil and grant peace and prosperity to the family. I surrender to you and count on you to be the parent, guide, guru and mentor for us. Baba hope to hear from you soon with some good news that can help us tide over our challenges. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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