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Herewith today i am sharing experience of Sai Brother Bhushan Ji from India. Sai Brother Bhushan Ji from India says: Hetal Ji, SaiRam, After a long period of time, I’m again coming to you with a mind blowing incidence of blessings of our beloved Babaji. Kindly share it with all our Saiji devotees.

In fact, it is a bit old incidence. First of all, I’m sorry for being late in writing. The incidence was of course small but I really felt the presence of Saiji once again. The incidence was –

It was a day of Diwali (5th Nov 2010). Everyone was enjoying lighting & sparkling festival everywhere. I was also celebrating holy Diwali with lots of lights, lamps, and fireworks, sweet and so on. Everywhere atmosphere was on the height of enjoyment and happiness.

I was doing firework with small kids of family. All my family members were sitting together and watching lighting & fireworks at around 09:30pm. My son, Vidhan, was also enjoying fireworks like anything. He was only afraid of atom bomb (a big bomb with green thick thread). So he was not touching it even. I saw that the boxes were lying as it is so I told him to do some big blast with that threaded atom bomb. He told me: “Sorry papa, I’m not going to do that, you please attend it.”

I took few bombs from that box and started big blasts “Dhamaka”. The sequences were going on up to 5-6 blasts. BUT All of sudden in one bomb took mighty blast in my palm ONLY (its wick was too short). I was shouted only one name “SAIBABA”. I felt dark & black around me. Everything was absent from my sight. I did not know what was happened to me. I was in big trouble. Every family member were shocked and rushed towards me with panic and tension.
All the family members & neighbor were thinking that I definitely got horrible injury including me. My right hand was totally black and hot.

Everyone was asking me “how are you? What happened? How do you feel? Etc…”

My hand was very clean, cool and calm after pouring some cold water. There was not a single dot remain on my palm. I could not felt any pain or burning. NOTHING.

Thus my Saiji had protected me once again.

When the same thing was known by others, everyone was very surprised and could not ready to believe it even. All the family members spoke one and only thing that – “Babaji saved him”


Thus Sai Baba saved me from big disaster of my life. This incidence is of course small but quite remarkable for me. Thank for sparing time to read it completely. May Sainath Bless & Guide us all.


Bhushan Dholakia

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  1. Dear Bhusanji,

    I am happy to hear your wonderful experience. I am always thrilled when I read this. But, only cry more after reading this blog because I always question myself why not me? How come Baba does not save me from anything? how come he is not helping me solve my SINGLE problem? Why can't I get an opportunity to share a miracle story? why don't miracles happen to me??? WHy??? Tell me what do you guys do to come more closer to Baba as he listens to you all?? Obviously, Baba does not listen to my prayers! Having Saburi for past three years now…

    – Struggling Baba's Daughter

  2. Dear Bhushanji thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with all of us…may baba keep blessing you and your family always…SAI RAM

    Dear Struggling baba's daughter

    Even I used to feel so much like you a few years ago. but slowly baba started showing his presence. from my experience I can tell you that first he tests us a lotttttttttt and then gives us everything…even during my testing times, i cud feel baba telling me from within that :"WHY DO YOU WANT TO PICK SOME RAGS WHEN I WANT TO GIVE YOU A DIAMOND BE PATIENT" everybody has a time. we cannot escape our bad karma. we have to experience that. DONOT WORRY. very soon even you will experience a blissfull experience and you will share it with us..take care but donot forget him and do parayan of his satcharitra. doing vishnusahasranamam has helped me a lottt..if u wish you can also try.

    take care

  3. @Anonymous

    Amma. Your time is about to come. Keep chanting Sai name all the time without expectations. To answer your question why not Me – The answer is – May be your expectation. Just surrender without any expectation and keep praying. Then spontaneously everything happens by His grace.

  4. Thank you to the above person for lovely advice to me. Your comments turly gave me strength
    – Hopeful Baba's daugther 🙂

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