Sai Baba’s New Year Gift To Me – Anonymous Sai Devotee

I am sharing experience of anonymous Sai sister.

Sai Devotee says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji,

I am really indebted for your kind gesture of spreading Sai’s message to the world. I was browsing to know more about “Sai Nav Vrat Pooja” and came across your blog and my every morning goes with surfing your blog, which puts me with great motivation on reading devotees experiences. Though I did not want to publish my experiences, I was urged to do it internally by Sai, which I feel Swami has taken over me and has written how He played with me. I kindly request you to not to disclose my name and email ID.

I am a very humble and simple devotee of Sai for the past 15 years. Every time when I undergo hardships, I used to think that this is the ultimate and HE cannot test me more than this and I would think myself that this is the highest of all I had faced. But subsequently, I would land with a more difficult hardship. Till today life keeps going like this. I feel, I wouldn’t have crossed all these hardships on my own. Though it’s my past karma through my prayers Sai did not hold and walk besides me rather He carried me on His shoulders and helped me cross the entire hurdle I faced. Otherwise I would have collapsed by now, if I had handled on my own. This wonderful blog helps me to float in Sai’s devotion by reading other devotees experiences and related articles. It is a boon for people living abroad to take their prayers and listen to the Bajhans and related stuff. Though I have encountered couple of experiences with Sai, I would like to narrate my recent incidents.

I was surfing through the net to know about “Sai Nav Vrat Pooja” through my friend who was undertaking and it’s a wonderful Vrat and landed with this blog. This friend of mine insisted me go with her to a coffee shop with a few of other friends too. As I wished not to spend money, having my own stuff, I just accompanied them. While we were in the coffee shop, there was a person who came asking for 2 dollars for a coffee, shivering in cold. Though I couldn’t give 2 dollars, I gave to my ability and he left. Except for one of my other friend, even the Sai devotee, who was having the food, was unwilling to part anything. The same afternoon, we had a session out of the group of persons, who had answered well, one was selected through lots and I am an unlucky person for all these stuff and was quiet observing all that was happening and to my astonishment I was the lucky one. Though the gift was not very big, I felt it as a New Year gift from our Sai. Here I would like to stress our Sai devotees though we read Sat Charitra and other teachings of Sai, we are not following it and we try to blame our KIND and LOVING SAI, Who is always ready to give everything for us provided we are eligible. Let’s see all beings as SAI and enjoy others growth instead of envying on them.

The other incident, I would like to share on New Year day, was that I visited a SAI temple next to my town. My husband all of a sudden stopped coming inside the temples (maybe because of our hardships) but he was sweet at least to take us to the temple and was waiting outside in the car. I decided to write one lakh OM SAI RAM within 10 days and take it to temple on NEW YEAR day and felt quite impossible and kept chanting so that I would cover more than 1 lakh before new year eve and took about 50,000 written with coconut and incense sticks to BABA along with my home made Prasad. I was in full tears on seeing BABA and wished to have a yellow flower from Swami, which is impossible since they don’t distribute flowers here. Still I wished to have one. As I did not want to leave the temple, I was sitting there in full tears starring Swami. A person who came with a red rose and two yellow flowers distributed the rose to the person behind me and the yellow flower to me and to the next person. I was so much moved with Swami’s love and grace. As I did not wish to go home, I was inviting Sai to come home with me.

I had a Sai photo at home, which I purchased at Shirdi, which had never appealed me much, While leaving India I left all my loving pictures of Sai (luggage purpose) and this photo only accompanied me and when I went inside my bedroom after coming from temple, I saw the same SAI in the temple in the photo, which made me feel that HE has come home with me and immediately I moved the picture to the altar thanking Sai for coming home with me. Now after the visit from temple my mind is very calm and peaceful not thinking anything other than SAI. Even in my sleep He has engrossed me. As we are new immigrants finding plenty of hardships in settling down with a decent job and income with no one other than SAI to our rescue I was told by my mother not to worry as SAI is always there with me and my family, I always feel HIS presence.

I was called for an interview yesterday the position I had applied long back and was given an offering as I am interested in research position this is related to that. Though I am quite an experienced person I am given a basic position which they have promised to consider within a few months. Couple of days back, when I had asked Sai in the SAI question answers he responded to take the new job without considering any benefits. I am leaving the whole burden to SAI and willing to take the position leaving all (good and bad) to Him and looking forward for a successful career. Though I am a person who was always friendly with everyone not trying to cheat or lie to another person after coming under SAI control even when I am taken for a ride for being so meek, I just leave it to SAI who is Antaryami who keeps watching and guiding me every moment. Love to all Sai devotees and wishing for everyone’s success.

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  1. Om Sai Ram,
    I am really happy for you and all other devotees that baba helped you all blessed you all and you have overcome all your hurdles in your life.

    As a human being I too have certain problems where in some of the probelms which I had before was all solved by baba, with his support im living till today,

    I loved a woman who is elder to me and she was married and divorced now,she has a kid, I loved her unconditionally, I did several mistakes which made me and her go away, I being younger to her could not match to her thinkings, and couldnt understand her we had to break up and live far away from each other for some period, at that time I used to ask baba for guidance and help, I had all the patience and trust in baba, I had been to shirdi also for baba's darshan, then finally one day I got her back, She herself called me and said we shall make up and we both were happy since then . Again now after few time, there has been some problems,Somehow my parents has come to know about me and her relationship and they are totally against it, as a parent they wont agree me marrying someone elder to me who is a divorcee and has a kid along with her.I dont want to be selfish by leaving my parents and run away with her , this would hurt my parents a lot, I will be in a situation that I will be feeling guilty for the rest of my whole life thinking that I hurt my parents, above this somehow im getting a feeling that I cant match with her feelings because she is elder to me and I cannot meet her expectations,instead of this I might end up hurting her because of not understanding her, Now at this stage I am totally confused, I cannot leave her and hurt her, I cannot leave my parents and hurt my parents for her. I need some advice from all you devotees and Hetal Ji, I am in a total confusion stage,I feel every door is closed and I think I will be selfish If I take any decision, If I leave her she will be hurt making me selfish and If I leave my parents again I will be guilty making me selfish.
    I request all the devotees and Hetal Ji please help me out, Please pray for me. I dont want this kind of life. My parents are totally against this marriage. i feel every door is closed and I feel its all because of me. Please sai Bhakt log give me some solution and bring me out of this.
    BABA- you are my final light
    Please guide me. show me some path please help me out. please come to me, I am lost.

  2. Dear Sai Devotee,
    I can very well understand what you say. Myself too being so naive and simple and true to my feelings always, I am misunderstood being meek, but needless to say BABA has been protector for me and always provided me with the best in any given situation. I am so happy that I am what I am and that's what BABA wants us all to BE! And HE ceratainly stands by us who are pure at heart no matter what.

  3. @ Meera: Om Sai Ram meera ji. True Baba will help me out, but please advice me on my current situation. I have become totally helpless now. I am not seeing any solution and none of the doors are open. I dont wanna hurt anyone by my decision. Now everything is left on my decision. Please pray and ask Baba to help me take the decision.

    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram

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