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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Anu from India says: Sai Baba Ji saved my life and directing me every step in my life and gives my strength to face the challenges in life. OM SAI RAM

Thanks a lot Hetal Ji for providing this beautiful platform to mention devotee’s experiences. Sai Baba Ji please forgive me as I am late to mention this experience. Today I am mentioning this experience it is also by YOUR blessing only Sai Baba Ji. I wanted to publish it in the coming Smarpan, but don’t know whether it’s acceptable now or not. Please help me to get it publish in the Samarpan. I am going to mention here my experience.

I was not a strong devotee of Sai Baba Ji one year before, but I used to pray Sai Baba Ji everyday, when I do my prayers. It was a time, when I was about to suicide due to disturbances in my professional as well as personal life. But by Sai Baba Ji’s blessings, everything is turning towards good results gradually. By Sai’s wish only, I am living life again. When I was not having job from last so many months, I was very worried for the job. Every day I prayed to my dear Sai that please show me the way where I should go.

One day I was going to visit doctor for my check up. On the way I saw a man who was wearing the same dress as Sai Baba Ji wore i.e. White dress and was holding a katora in his hands. I never saw a person like Him before this especially in that area. I wanted to give Him dakshina but I did not have money. Then I prayed Sai Baba Ji in my heart that everything should get a positive turn in my life. I felt happy as Sai Baba Ji’s given me His darshan. After that I started feeling good gradually. Then on the last day of my Nav Vrat of Thursday, I got a call from a consultancy where I have applied around 5 months back. I got a call exactly after the completion of my Vrat, when I donated food etc to different people. When I visited that consultancy again, I saw a Sai Baba Ji’s idol there. At that time my mind and heart said that positively Sai Baba Ji is going to do something good for me. Through that consultancy I was interviewed in many companies. One day I and my brother were going for the interview and we were getting late and we were waiting for the bus. Then suddenly one car stopped nearby us and my brother suddenly asked the person, who was driving, that are you going to KS then he asked us to sit in his vehicle. When I sat I was so happy when I saw Sai Baba Ji’s very old photo of Shirdi in the vehicle and we reached earlier in that particular place. Again Sai Baba Ji showed that He is always with His Bhaktas.

In those days one great and unbelievable experience happened. One day some sadhu mahatma came our home, who used to come our home from last 5-6 years every year. Earlier they never sang any bhajan of Sai Baba Ji. But on that day when they came, they sang Sai Baba ji’s bhajan. By listening that tears rolled out of my eyes and I felt that Sai Baba Ji is with me. Then one of them told my father to keep Red Rose at Sai Baba Ji’s idol for 15-21 days and said that after that every problem will be solved. Through that consultancy one day I found an opportunity in my core field of management. When I went there for the interview again I saw Sai Baba Ji’s idol there on the way. This again gave energy and confidence to me. I got selected there and on Thursday I joined that company. That company earlier was giving very less pay to me but gradually that offered comparatively good pay. After joining I saw the Sai Baba Ji’s idol everyday on the vehicle, by which I use to go to the company. That vehicle was of company’s vehicle actually.

After 2-3 days, MD of the company showed me good opportunities and career growth for me but gradually I found that this company is not providing me good profile. I was very upset and decided to leave the company. By looking at Sai Baba Ji’s, I decided to leave that company. I was also confused that whether I am doing right or wrong. But by having faith on Sai Baba Ji, I left everything at HIS feet and came back home. When I sat in the bus I saw a Sai Baba Ji’s photo that is having the same standing position of Sai Baba Ji’s as I saw in the dream few days back. When I went home, some of my family members were not happy. But I was constantly praying Sai Baba Ji that please show me the right path. Then I make a thought of relocating to Delhi for the job. But it was also very difficult as my father was not ready. Then one day I was asking questions over the face book in Sai Baba Ji’s question answer page. I found answer that a person from outside will come who will help me. The same day my sister’s friend came at our place from Rajasthan and forced me to join my medical field again. As after my bachelor degree of doctor, I did MBA. She convinced me and I decided to apply again for the same. As I was also recalling Sai Baba Ji’s answers, I also got answer that brother and friend will help me. Then I again contacted to the companies, where I have applied earlier also.

One day in the morning I prayed to Sai Baba Ji that please tell me by tomorrow that whether I should stay at my home state for the job or should move outside. The same day i.e. on Thursday in the evening I got a call from the company where I have applied about a month earlier and HR told me to attend the interview two days after that. It was somewhat difficult to arrange tickets and everything for the very next day. I asked my brother for the interview first, but he denied. Then my mother convinced him without any difficulty. After that my father was not ready. But the next day everything took right direction. One of my friends who were already staying in Delhi, she was earlier calling me to stay with her in Delhi. But at the last moment, she told me to stay in hotel for first two day for Rs. 3000 and after that I can shift to her place. It was very difficult for me to stay in hotel for Rs. 3000, when I was already having short of money. I prayed Sai Baba Ji during my whole journey and called one of my old friends and she helped me a lot after that and I stayed with her for more than a week. After reaching Delhi I went to her home without any difficulty on the way. After that I easily found every way to the interview place, when I was very new to Delhi. I went alone in other people’s eyes but in fact Sai Baba Ji is always with me that I realized every time as He appeared in the form of idol, photo, music etc. When I went for the interview on the way I saw Sai Baba Ji’s photo. After two rounds of interview I contacted HR and he told me that I am selected. But in the evening, he told me for one more round on day after tomorrow.

On Monday I appeared for third round and after returning from there I prayed Sai Baba Ji’s that if I am selected then please give me your darshan and on the way in one vehicle, I saw a reflection of Sai Baba Ji’s idol but was not able to see whether I am right. Then after some distance I saw Sai Baba Ji’s name and idol and it gave me confidence. I prayed Sai Baba Ji’s that I will come to a temple nearby if I will know my positive result by that day only. Then in the evening I called HR and he told me that I am selected after getting confirmation I went to the temple and I was surprised to see that Temple is having Sai Baba Ji’s photo. I was very happy there. Then HR told me to get my offer letter on Wednesday. But on Tuesday when I called for the timing when I have to come then he told me to come on Thursday. I was happy on one hand that Sai Baba Ji wants me to take my first job offer letter on Thursday but also worried. Then on Thursday after getting my offer letter, I went to Lodhi Road Sai Baba Ji’s Mandir and I was surprised that I reached there at the time of AARTI and I sat there for long time. I also wanted to touch my offer letter with Sai Baba Ji’s idol and feet. When I reached at Sai Baba Ji’s idol I saw that people are touching things with Baba Ji. Then I took out my offer letter and Pujari Ji touched it with idol and also flower that I saw later on as I was thinking that Sai Baba Ji’s please give me your blessings.

After that I joined my company and by Sai Baba Ji’s blessings I also found a PG nearby. After that I also got information that my brother’s friend is staying near my office that helped me a lot many times. After joining my office, I wanted Sai Baba Ji’s idol or photo there but for first few days I didn’t found that but after few days I found Sai Baba Ji’s idol in my manager’s cabin and I was very happy to see this. By Sai Baba Ji’s blessings, only the top management of that company also gets knowledge regarding my education qualification and they encouraged me a lot. Gradually everything settled. I faced many problems here but by recalling Sai Baba Ji every time it helped me to complete every time. By Sai Baba Ji’s blessings, I am able to get a job where I am getting benefit of both the degrees which was very difficult to get. I also did good sales that are also by Sai Baba Ji’s blessings totally with little or nil efforts I can say. By Sai Baba Ji’s blessings I performed well till now. As I am facing many problems now and I believe that Sai Baba Ji will help me to manage everything. Sai Baba Ji’s questions and answers site is really true as Sai Baba Ji gave me true answers every time I asked. I will request all Sai bhakatas to keep Shrada and Saburi and He will bless us every time with the best. Sai Baba Ji please forgives me if I have done any mistake or forgotten anything to write. Sai Baba Ji, please give me more and more opportunities to mention here good experiences of my life.

Koti Koti Pranaam to Sai Baba Ji. Please give me strength to face every challenge in my life and always keep me at your feet.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Thank you for sharing you experience. Baba please give me job that I am attending for the interview ion Friday.please baba.

  2. Dear Sai Sister Anu,

    You must realise that when you take name of Baba Sai, you are a blessed soul. How can a thought of suicide enter your mind firstly? What ever be the problem, just think that almighty has selected you to undergo that and face boldly. Surrender to the lotus feet of sai and forget material gains as these will automaticaly come to you as sai bhakt

    Anantkoti Bhrmandnayak Maharajadhiraj yogirajh Parbramha sachidananda Bhaktpratipalak shirdi niwasi samarth sadguru shri sainath maharaj ki jai.

    yours brotherly.

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience.I'm also searching for a job & i think baba has stored something really good for me which even i'm not expecting.
    Baba i'm trying for job n really worried but i'm depending on u n want ur blessings.Please baba bless me wid a nice job in ncr region soon.
    Anantkoti Brahmandnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parambrahma Shri Sachidanand Satguru Shri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

    Om Shri Sai Nathay Namah!
    Love u baba
    your daughter.

  4. Jai Sai Baba Baba aj bahut important din hai .. two bahut important work honne hai baba baba please be with us help us wish us luck today baba help me and my husband baba… aj bahut bahut important din hai life kai baba please help us be with us in all our ways baba be with us .. jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba jai sai baba be with us

  5. Baba Please be with us help us baba baba aj kai din bahut bahut important hai baba please baba be with us baba help baba be with us baba help baba be with us baba help baba be with us baba help baba be with us baba… baba please be with us

  6. om sai baba … i want y mother, father and broher to be happy…
    I dot worry about how you treat me!!! Please keep them healthy…!!!thanks a lot
    love u sai baba
    i rust you fully you are not helping me


  8. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…..:):)

  9. Hello friends I want to share my experience of Shri Sai Baba Blessings which saved my life .

    This was month of May 2011 when I had got for my Chardham yatra with my family, I'm resident of Mumbai so we reached Delhi and hired Innova for our yarta for 8-9 days.

    We were on our way to Badrinath in the Afternoon roads were narrow and and at high altitude I was sitting next to the driver and family was sitting behind all of a sudden a long metal rod pireced the windshield from drivers end and piereced the door just passed few inches away from my chest car stopped travellers on the road pulled out the rod which had falled from some truck on the hill above me. I came out of the car made the driver understood we are safe as he was under shock and in a few moments left for our journey for Badrinath with broken windshield.In my heart I thanked Sai Baba for saving me and family.

    Friends when this incident happened I was Reading Shri Sainath Satvanamanjari which I had got from shirdi 2 months back. As I had been instructed by a friend who is follower of sai baba and is also relative of Anna saheb Dabolkar who wrote sai Babas Book to do sai Babas path. I had got this book from book stall inside the temple after attending kakad aarti ..I had been waiting outside the book stall till it opened. As my marathi and Hindi reading is not so good I got this book which explains the content in English.

    I had been doing my paths from last 2 months when I got the book and also took sai baba book on my journey and when the incident happned family was sleeping at the back seat and the journey was long so I slipped the Sai baba Book from my Hand bag and was reading ,All were so shocked but don't know why I was so calm . It's my faith in baba that nothing will go wrong baba is with me.

    After that incident I had been to shirdi Few times but now I don't ask for anything I feel baba know everything about me my pain my happiness and he will do best for me.

  10. Sai baba please make me cured from ocd and intrusive houghts.I am losing the hope to fight.At this moment of life I need your help.Please be with me,As I am thinking that I am alone.

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