Need Sai Baba’s Guidance, Help & Support Through Readers – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Dear Sai Readers, yesterday night i received a mail from anonymous Sai brother from Delhi. He filled up experience form from this blog and shared his problem seeking advice from readers. Each time any mail of experience is received, it goes directly into experiences folder in my mail box without reading. Somehow something urged me to read the mail and i thought it should be posted soon going against policy of “First Come First Serve Basis”.

Readers, an option to share your views/opinions about experiences is always open for you, but there was no compulsion for it. Today i request you all to leave your valuable comments here so that this young champ can come up with full energy and confidence. After reading below mail from him you all will understand why i am saying so and why i went against our blog policy.

Sai Brother from Delhi says: Please do not disclose my name or email id. I do hope this gets posted as I really do need the prayers and blessings and good wishes of all my elders. This post is kind of long so kindly bear with it.

I have done BBA. I am a fresher and joined this sportswear company on the 14th of March 2011. It’s a sales profile. Usually this company does not hire fresher, but due to some contact and reference, I got a job here, thanks to Baba. I am a social anxiety patient and am under medication for the past two years. I had lost my confidence, suffered from problems of assumptions, fear etc. However there is a lot of improvement in that regard thanks to Baba. I must say that I have very loving and supporting parents and sister. I love them a lot. Even my counselor is very helpful, supportive and has helped me a lot through her teachings. Whatever improvement I have shown, I owe everything to my parents, to Baba, to my uncle who is a big devotee of Baba and to my counselor. Since 2002, I have gone through various problems including poor health.

Till now, I have been in a cushioned environment at home, under the safe and secure shell of my parents. Plus I am very sensitive, emotional, loving. I cannot hurt anyone. I respect my elders. I try my best to follow Baba’s advice i.e. to see God in every creature and that is what I do. I give respect and that’s what I want in return. The kind of person that I am, I take some time to open up.

Anyways coming back to my job, as I had mentioned that I am a patient of social anxiety and I am an absolute fresher, absolutely raw and fresh, I am finding it a little difficult to adjust in the company. It’s only been 3 weeks, but since it’s a sales profile, so I have to move around a lot, have to listen to a lot of abuses and curse words which is not easy to digest. He tells me to treat my distributor as a dog and be after his life to get the work done, but the problem is that I cannot abuse or be rude to my elders whether he is rich or poor, black or white. I am scared of my boss; he abuses a lot and is kind of rude. As a result I am scared of going to office now. I did not go today i.e. Thursday 7th of April 2011 and don’t know how I will go tomorrow. My hands and feet sweat badly, get a headache, there is a lot of fear in my mind and heart, feel extremely uncomfortable. Even right now, while writing this, I am feeling all this. I have been quiet and have been crying since the past 2-3 days.
I want people to be patient with me, take time to teach me, treat me as another human being; I am a fresher, but still I understand that it will take some time for me to adjust. I just want their help, support and guidance and patience. Work and grasping is not a problem for me. I might be 22, but owing to my previous history of problems, I am a kid at heart. I can’t live under fear. I do listen to Bhajan, read Hanuman Chalisa, Ram Rakhsha Strotra and Shri Sai Satcharitra to overcome it. I want to love, like and enjoy my job, enjoy it and be free from stress, pressure or tension. Be happy and confident.

Is this the Real World?

I know Baba says have faith and patience and those we need bear the fruit of our past karmas so it’s better if we face it in this birth. I do love Baba a lot.

I guess most of readers over here must be elder to me and this post may reflect my inexperience and immaturity. I am sharing this as I want the guidance, love, support, advice and help of all the Sai devotees because I know that each and every one of you will understand. All I ask is for your prayers. Thanks.

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  1. Sai Ramji Dear Sai brother,

    I read your experience and decided to post it today itself. This was Lord Baba's direction to me.

    Now coming to your point, i was really very sad to read about what all you are going through. I understand in this young age with no past experience it is highly difficult to survive in competitive market. Further more if your superior is not supportive, it adds worse mark on the situation.

    Why are you worrying? Are you not Lord Baba's devotee? Being His devotee you know He is with you always. Let others say anything, you do your duty which Lord Baba has given to you. What can anyone do to you when Lord Baba is there to protect you at every step of your life? I think nothing can harm you, not your boss nor your bad health. You can overcome all with Lord Baba's grace.

    Now question comes how to seek His grace. That depends upon His free will. But as far as my experience is related and as far as i have learnt by treadding on this path of devotion to Lord Baba, remembering Him in everything you do can accomplish every difficult task for you. Keep Him ahead of you every time. Tell Him, "Baba You go first, I will follow You." He will certainly lead you and make your work a success.

    Not much time has passed after you joined your first job, so it will take some time for you to adjust. But dont think it is impossible. Let the time pass by as it has to and see after few months where you will be. Lord Baba's blessings and loving glances are always on you!!!

    Cheer up brother 🙂

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  2. Dear Sai Devotee,

    I could understand the problem that you are facing. The problem is difficult for anyone to deal with for any person, your social anxiety must make it harder. No one really wants to deal with abuses and act against ones nature – even if it is to get a job done.

    You have to understand that sometimes it is difficult to stand against the norm, be different but yet be part of it all. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with bad people without dealing with them the same way – your boss probably understands only one kind of behaviour. But then that is not what Sai Baba teaches us, does he? Fight back (not verbally) but with action and goodness and by being different. Achieve your results because you are good at your work, not because you abuse people. And all this while dont antagonize your manager either, if he tells you to abuse people, just laugh it off and tell him that you will get the work done your way, not to worry! It wont be easy, but who says being right was easy?

    In the mean time – look for a job outside. May be this job was not meant for you. And tell your Social anxiety – that it can run away. Why fear when you have Sai with you. Just lay your burden on Him and let Him worry about it. May Sai be your guiding light!

    Sabka Malik Ek!!!


    Another Sai Devotee (who has had her anxieties run away by His Grace)

  3. hey brother don't worry. i cn understand da situation ur r going through…..your story reflects mine..same kind of fear chase me… mine is not job related…to open up a bit i must say dat my family, friends every1 impose der decisions on me against my will…bt i can't say anything against dem….emotionally dey forces me to do dat…i lost my mother in da early age of my life and all are making an issue of it…..i love a boy bt as it is against der will dey forced me to break up with him who is my bst 4nd, who understands me a lot….my father n other members of my family told that i hv hurted my father, cheated him….all abused me lik anything…..i also hear hanuman challisa, pray to sainath and lokenath baba so dat my family get convinced.every nit i cry a lot,talk 2 baba….U r lucky dat ur family is with u….bt here my family is against me…U cant imagine the phase I m passing thru….whenever i cry dey not console me bt instead they abuse me…So i cry only in front of lokenath baba and sainath…

    bt i know dat both u and me r under the Holy feet….everything will be fine within a short time….keep praying….

  4. Sri Sai..

    You will Succeed if you remember Sri Sai. Your worries will end. You will hear good news.

  5. Dearest Anonymous Sai Devotee,

    Read your querry. Believe, I am praying for you. I am 53 yrs old and has been experiencing Sai blessings from the age of five. He is present with you and testing you. Why weep, cry and be anxious? Do not allow your social anxiety to be your partner… OK. Since you came out of secured environment suddenly and found abuses dosent mean this world is wrong. Believe me this is a test you are facing and you have to come out with flying colours. People at office will try to make you sandwich which you should not allow. You should be polite, honest and respectful towards others in the office even if they or some body is abusing or calling names. Patience is the biggest weapon you have and forgiving is the biggest punishment. Also, dont change the job and remember " CHANGE CANNOT BE GIVEN TO YOU EVERYTIME, YOU ONLY MUST BRING THE CHANGE". These lines were overheard by my friend while travelling in a city bus and uttered by a bus conductor. When conductor said these words, he meant currency but try to solve the meaning of these lines….. are these words or sentence not hidden with biggest meaning…. so my dear, why worry when sai shakti is with you. As regards to prayers by sai devottees, be asured all sai bhakts always ask for peace and unity for all. And when you are reading sai satcharitra, be assured that lord sai will guide you either in dream or with prophecy from the same person who is calling names or somebody else but he will guide you. And PLEASE DONT FEAR ANYBODY, speak softly but firmly and be a fearless fighter for justice. May you be blessed with sai Baba for betterment in your life.
    And beleive me, you are a blessed soul because first comment came from none other than present day Respected Hemadpant (SAI KI DEEWANI), so your problems shall start declining from today itself. Sai Baba Ki Jai Ho.


    KP Maske


    I can understand your situtaion as i have also gone through these problems in the past. Please keep your faith in SAI BABA JI. Before going to the office, take some udi in water and put some UDI on your forehead. Keep SAI BABA JI's photo and UDI in your purse always. It will give you strength. I suggest you to do your job honestly and tell SAI BABA JI that you have totally surrendered to him. Do good deeds and he will take care of everything. I am very much sure that he will help you and show you the right path.

    I tell you my own experience. I am into IT industry and having 5 years of exprience. I was suffering from office politics few months back. At that time, i was feeling very alone. As no one from my team wanted to talk to me. Thay always insulted me. No body wanted to go for lunch with me. I always used to pray to BABA JI to help me. I asked questions to BABA JI on BABA JI told me to do my job. He told me not to worry about my colleagues as he will take care of everything. So, i surrendered him completely. You would not believe it that i used to do my work for 8 hours without uttering a single word. I only listen SAI BABA JI's songs. All things get improved with SAI BABA JI's grace. My managers started appraising my work. Now, i am considered as top performer in my team. In every team meeting they only appreciate my work. Its all because of SAI BABA JI. He never leave his devotees down.

    5 years back when i joined my first IT company, i also had the same boss like you have. I used to go to the office sometimes at 6:30 am and come back at 10 pm. But at that time BABA JI was with me and he is still with me.

    Please have faith in BABA JI. Sometimes we don't understand the situations/circumstances but may be its due to our past karmas. Please leave yourself completely at his feet. BABA JI will surely bless you and keep smiling.

    Please find link of SAMADHI MANDIR Shirdi attached below:-

    Whenever you feel alone, please go to this link and pray to BABA JI. He will come and solve your problem.

    MAY SAI BABA JI bless you with all happiness of world.

    Once again Hetal JI, my heartful thanks to you to support BABA JI's devotees. Words are not enough to say thanks to you.

    one SAI BABA JI'S Devotee

  7. Jai SAI RAM

    dont worry bro. its just a another phase of life and it will pass soon. have faith in BABA. Take all this as Sangharh, everyone has to go through from such thing to make the success countable.

    It you don't like going to your work place i suggest leave the job and try some other place cause at your age you can take some time and chances to find Job that you Like.

    keep your cool.. try to be happy… and help others.

    you will find you way.

    0m Sai Sai Sai

  8. Sairam Hetal JI, My name is Raj from Andhra pradesh, india. I'm a regular follower of your blog and its just due to baba's grace. I never knew something like this exists although I'm familiar with internet from a very long time. Its just his wish and will which will make us reach the destinations. Your website was also one of them. We love you baba.

    I feel he is provoking me to write this today and each and every word is chosen by him. This comment is for one our sai brothers who is suffering from social anxiety. Just about five years ago my situation was also similar.

    I needed more time to mingle with people around and used to be within myself. I think its his grace which lead me to the position where i'm now. Now I'm confident, working for an MNC and have the ability to handle and manage people around me. This is something that i developed after going through some struggle and I wouldn't have achieved this if didn't follow Shraddha and Saburi. These are the two golden rules of baba which are creating wonders across the world. Dear brother, you're sad that you have a problem, but have you ever asked yourself " why should I be sad, when he's there with me? You're not brave to face your boss, but have you asked yourself why should i be when he's the one who got me this job.

    Doesn't he know, you'll go through all of this before getting you a job there. The answer is, He knows it and he wants you to overcome your problem.

    Only when iron is hit with heavy hammers it can be moulded into a shape. In the same way face the toughest situations and be brave.

    Keep chanting his name and he'll take you through. Remember, he promised us he will take us through seven seas if we just ask for his help. You've been asking for it and I'm sure your prayers will be answered. And you know what my age is, I'm 25. Age does not matter if sai wants you to become his devotee. Why did Hetal Ji post your experience against her blog policy and why did baba guide me to your story when there are so many others left. Its just his motivation and guidance which will make us reach where we need to.

    Keep faith in him and develop a never give up attitude and I'm sure you'll post your happy moments here soon.

    Love him love him and just love him because he loves us a lot and he'll not leave us half way through.

    Akhilanda koti bramhanda nayaka rajadhiraja yogiraja parabramha sri sachitananda samardha sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai.

  9. Dear brother,

    Sai Maharaj ki jai. I read your experience. We only need to remind ourselves that whatever we have to experience by way of our past karma, we HAVE To. There is no escape. But Sai Baba, who watches over us day in and day out lessens the burden to the MAXIMUM extent possible and passes the residue to us.. I am also a baba devotee and I can say with firm faith that Baba lessens our burden as much as he can. I think it is the story of Kakasaheb Dixit, where he says the karma can be worked out in ten days.. He is there to take care of us.. Rest assured..

    I am not sure why you have taken up a job at this young age.. Now, you are only 22 and a BBA fresher.. You could try to do an MBA.. even any ordinary MBA would do.. It would open up better opportunities and would instill more confidence in you. You would learn a lot during your two years' study. Plus your summer project, and apprenticeship would give you the right exposure to prepare yourself for the real work life.

    And regarding abusive bosses and customers,it is a way of life.. Bad bosses are there EVERYWHERE. You need to work with them, around them, over them, everything.. More than your job, you need to manage your immediate boss. This is reality. But, just look around, everybody does it, whether they like it or not.

    Dont be dejected. Please.. We are Sai's children and Sai baba will be beside us ALL the time.. Try a little meditation, listen to classical music, play with small children, if you have any niece or nephew or neighbours.. they are very good shock absorbers.. And take care.

  10. Dear Sai brother,

    Already our other Sai brothers and sisters have put so beautiful comments which are so inspiring and optimistic that even I am feeling so blessed to read all these….I would just like to add those 4 lines which are my pillar of support –

    Jis haal mei rakhe Sai,
    us haal mei rahte jaao…
    toofaano se kya ghabrana,
    toofaano mei bahte jaao…

    May Baba remove all your anxieties and worries…

    Om Sai Ram!

  11. To start with , my mouth remained open on reading this line from a MALE person>I CANNOT HURT ANYONE!!

    Hats off to you!!

    I'm 20 yrs old and 'm too doing BBA 😀 ..

    Coming to the point, 'm mostly like you..I don't like hurting others..i've very loving parents and a loving sis 😀
    I too 'm an introvert,I hate abuses n rudeness but the WORST experiences in my life (which have been altered with baba's blessings) have taught me to be someone else. You just CANNOT BE ORIGINAL all the time. You HAVE TO learn to mingle with all kinds of people. Do not get at personal level but Yes!, He has taught me to keep normal friendships with each one in my class/locality.

    Yes, This is the real world!!

    Help other humans/animals as much as you can. I too follow most of his teachings and even apply them in my daily life. He gives us bad experience ONLY TO TEACH US NEW THINGS. When we fall, he is There to PICK US UP! When we weep,he too is weeping silently..He's our best friend!!

    I do not even hate those who deceived me badly in the name of baba,who wanted to destroy me n my family coz this is what baba has taught me! I've changed my attitude towards others, i've become more frank and open now with all(not with a limited section of people)..
    But that doesn't means I abuse or say bad things..
    I've learned to be calm and cool.. I keep taking baba's name wherever i go or in whatever i'm doing..He's my sole care taker..But you need to know, that YOU HAVE TO LEARN from ur not worry,baba's watching everything..

    Lastly, I read this law somewhere and it has brought light in my life to a good extent..hope it would help you tooo(i do not remeber the full narration..'m telling basically the golden law>>

    'The Law of the Garbage Truck.'
    He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they'll dump it on you. Don't take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don't take their garbage and upset yourself, or take it on other people at work, or home. The bottom line is that successful people do not let garbage trucks take over their day. Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So … Love the people who treat you right. And, love the ones who don't. Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it! Keep smiling. Even when people don’t appreciate your goodness or show some basic courtesy!!! Life is too short to carry burden of any negativity!


    Whenever you feel low, keep ur hand on ur heart and say> 'Baba is with me,baba is with me' (I read this at Starsai site)


  12. Sai Ram Sai Brother,

    Nothing to be worry brother. This is part of life. Most of us have went through this. BABA is with you, he will guide you and show you the right path. Just wait and listen to him patiently. By then you prepare to be strong enough to be BABA's KID..BABA will give you enough strength and love to face the world…

    Jai Sai Ram


  13. Dear Sai brother,

    I know exactly what you are going through. I have been through the same phase for past so many years. I have had people laughing, mocking at me all those painful years. Believe me, it would take me a life to walk past a few steps in my office in front of those people. With every breath that I toook I could feela heavy burden on my body. But all this while I didn't give up. I kept miving on. I just kept on chanting Sai's name and with this faith that Sai would not allow anyone to humiliate me I kept moving on. And Sai has done wonders to my life. He has so skillfully shaped circumstances in my life that today I am basking in his glory. You can go through my experience in this blog under A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 37 ( my experience)

    Have faith in him. He will never let his devotee down. He is the supreme power. he can change minds and control events. All you need to do is to be with him, think about him, remember him, chant his name….

    Have faith in him.

  14. Hi, Hetalji,

    This is first time for me to write the comments here. I am working as an accountant in India at Bangalore. Don't worry,everything will be concluded with the grace of 'Babaji'. Be faith on "Sai Baba". I am also lots good experience with the grace of 'Babaji' but I could not express here because of language problem.Be saburi and shrudda like Babaji words.


  15. Omsairam

    Baba is always with yu dn't worry about anything,,jst surrender yurself to deva…

    While going to office remember sainath with true heart and apply Baba's Udi on yur forhead yu will find yur confidence back & will reaches to sucess in yur career…

    Till then keep praying….

  16. Dear beautiful soul,

    you are so much blessed…the process you are going through is the process of self realization.
    I can feel your pure heart and your divine soul. And this is NOT the real world…this is the world of mind and you are deeply connected to source that's why you face this difficulties. Don't resist to what is going on with you…say yes inside your heart to what is but don't identify with your suffering.Just observe it. You don't need medical treatment, you don't need a medical doctor. You are beyond all this which happens to you now….YOU ARE NOT THAT !!!!! If you like to contact me this is my email:
    Sending lots of love and blessings to you beautiful one…Kathi

    just dont worry, BABA is there to look after you, just surrender yourselves completely to BABA'S WILL, as you have just two choices in life, either quit the job or bear the band, as everyone of us have to bear the grudges of your bosses, have full faith in our SAI BABA jee, as HE is the only SAVIOUR, read SAICHARITRA regularly, burn two diyas in the morning and evening, read HANUMAN CHALISA AND SAI CHALISA each day, also read GAYATRI MANTRA for your mind, soul and heart, everything would be alright, have full trust in our SAI MAA AND SAI PITA,
    BABA, please take care of this child, our BABA is simply great,


  18. Dear Brother,

    I read your story and I have a few things to share with you. I hope it makes a difference in how you feel about your life and job.

    1. With Baba's blessing and aid, you got this job. Like another Sai Brother said earlier, Baba knew what kind of job it is and what kind of boss you will get. So, its HIS plan that you are in this job. I believe that Baba got you this job so that you get an opportunity to work on your confidence and skills of handling difficult situations with grace.
    2. I understand that you are a patient of anxiety. But brother, pls remember, a problem is as big or as small as you perceive it to be. If you remember that you are bigger than your problems, nothing will hurt you.
    3. In difficult situations, we all of a sudden start saying 'Baba, why me? why did u do this to me?' We forget that if there is anyone who is on our side, its BABA. If there is anyone who will be with us, will help us and support us and even carry us when we cant walk, its BABA. If you call yourself even the smallest of Baba's devotees, you will not run away from your situation but stand tall and prove it to Baba that you deserve all the love and kindness He has bestowed upon you. Baba got you this job. How can you hide at home because its tough? Ask Baba for guidance on how to treat your boss and distributors. He will help. If you hide in your home, how will Baba do anything?

    4. Just remember the ultimate truth.. Baba is on your side. And so is everyone who loves Baba. With so much love and good wishes and prayers, you will SHINE. Pls dont waste them by hiding at home or running away from the situation. Give your job one year. You will have so much knowledge and skills that you will get a better job. Believe and it will happen. If you continue to believe that because you are a patient, nothing can work out for you, it will make all of us and Baba sad too.

    I am sending you all my love and best wishes and hope that you are out doing your job and moving beyond your current level of abilities.

  19. Dear Saibrother,

    I can just close my eyes here where I am living in UK and can feel your situation. Lots of prayers and good wishes already written above. All I can say is everyone is having some problems in their life. Can you believe when I was reading the post I thought how lucky are you that you have a job in this world. I am searching for a good job for the last 7 months and still have nothing in my basket. You are really lucky in that sense. You can only consider your present job as a kind of paid Training period you are undergoing and you have to learn as much as you can to be a professional person in your field. Just treat your present job as a chance to train yourself in some of areas like: how to deal with every kind person? how to do a specific job? etc.
    Over here in UK( and obviously in India too) each and every employer want their staff to be a team player. So obviously all people not necessary have good attitude towards us but trick is to be always diplomatic. This lessons I learned from my Husband who is trying his best to change me for good reasons. I was a big INTROVERT person who loves her family and brother too much and always kept myself within sweet home and studies. But after marriage and coming to UK, I changed myself a lot.
    Key to overcome introvert nature is Communication. Try to talk with people around you whenever you have a chance. Not necessary always but if a person is their. No while talking, they does not necessarily give you a good response but dont get upset with that. In those situation you can learn how to dealt with such person with positivity and smiling all the time.

    In nutshell, I can only say your problem is not unique and so many people are suffering the same including me. So just keep chanting name of SAIBABA all the time and face the people and world with positivity.




    Sai devotee…

  20. I pray to BABA that he sort out this problem and wipe your tears and give you lots of lots of Happyness and sucess.

    Jus dont worrie my friend baba is always with us. he wont let any kid down because he is our Mother n Father and parents always save their child no matter what they have to do.

    Trust on him….and then see what he does…………………………………………..

    Sai Malik

  21. Dear brother,

    I am putting forth what I feel from deep within, probably Baba wanted to convey this through me. I am not going to write any consoling words. Rather, I am going to try explaining my experiences from going through such circumstances.

    All the happenings in your life is truly because Baba wanted to change you from within. He is the real counselor. He can’t do this by just providing you advice which you will eventually forget as the time passes.

    Coming to mine, I was a person who was suffering from the serpent called “Jealous”. I use to envy my co-worker for her excellence in job. Since I am a Sai baktha, I also knew that this quality is not appreciated by Sai. Then she left the company. Whenever someone says that I am a devotee of Sai, I felt a nagging from within since I was not able to overcome the evil enemy. After some time, I joined a new company. There, awaiting for me is one of the biggest challenge / learning experience. Me and one more girl, both were designated into same work level, which made us to work on common tasks. Hence people around us started comparing our work and she, happened to be a bright girl, was performing exuberantly. This again nurtured the ‘serpent’ inside me. I cursed Sai, but one day I realized, that Sai actually wanted me to overcome this habit. By putting me in this worst situation, step by step he taught me how to overcome. now I am proud and happy to realize, that I am completely away from Jealously. I too feel happy when someone appreciates her and I too feel proud of her outcomes. Tell me, could He thought me all this by only words and advices? Don’t you think you really need to be in THAT situation to learn how to free yourself from any complex? That’s what He is doing to you to. Sit aside and think what is that Sai wanted you to change. Work towards it. Write to Him or talk to Him daily about your progress. Once you completely overcome your negativity, you will soon realize the situation diluting right in front of your eyes. Of course, only paying way for another situation to hit you , where again you need to learn to overcome your negativity.  at the fag end of this life, we will realize we have become pure as a pearls. That’s why Sai is with us, to teach, guide and clense us…is it not?

    All the best dear brother. I am sure you are soon going to have a fabulous life with a strong heart. Why should we fear, when Sai is here.

    Jai Sai Ram.


  22. Dearest Sai Ram devotee,
    I follow one of the many great lessons from Shri Sai Satcharitra to ward off insults, its like this:
    Baba loves devotees who can bare anything,
    so every time someone insults me I feel very happy, because I know that if I bear it, Baba will love me more, its as easy as that, this is just one of his teachings, if you can apply all his teachings to real life, you will keep gaining more & more of his love & blessings forever,
    Cheer up! Baba is with us 24/7 protecting & guiding us!

  23. Hey brother,

    i'm in the same hilarious(dint feel that hilarious sometime back!!) condition as you are. But not limited to job (i'm still in college), faced it everywhere everytime except maybe on some family occasions.

    But Baba explained it to me in such a humurous way in a dream. I'm paraphrasing Baba here(that sounds funny, I know!!)

    Smile every time you are abused, the person who is abusing you is an unconscious matyr doing you a favor of eating up your bad karma at the cost of increasing his own!!.

    Oh ya!, and if you really want to capitilize on these abusive encounters silently bless the person and wish him well. Baba will be utmost pleased.

    Christ (who is no else but BABA only walking around without kafni a long time ago in the middle east) said:-

    "But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you"

    I must warn you beforehand about the above lines, from my own personal experience if you follow this you will start relishing the abusive encounters and may even impatiently wait for such incidents for everytime it occurs, you get to grow as a person (everytime single time it happens!), please Baba a great deal, settle off karmic debts and also make karmic investments in the case you bless the other person.

    I guess iv bored you by now, so ill finish off by just saying " We are blessed with such a spiritually lucrative life!, dont let go of the chance my friend"



  25. i ll prey for you brother and this is my e mail add
    i think i can help you. mail me i ll give you my contact no and we ll talk to each other and try to solve your problem ok
    jai sai ram

  26. sairam bhai,
    what ever wrk you start, do remember baba and pray him to look after every thing and guide you to carry on the task.If you feel scared while mingling with ppl just glance at our saideva's photo; his eyes with love and care will give you strength to be fearless.I always do the same and today I have overcome the same problem which I had earlier.

    jai sainath.

  27. chant 'om sai ram,om sai ram,om sai ram' and believe that he is always with you.sai will come to your rescue

  28. Dear Sai Brother,

    I gone through your experience, it is really difficult for you. But always have faith on Sai Baba Ji that if He has given you this job then definitely He'l also give you energy to fight. Try to read Sai Satcharitra everyday and remember Sai Baba Ji at every step and believe that rope of your life is in Sai Baba Ji's hands, He'l protect you. It'l give you energy to go ahead.

    Om Sai Ram.

  29. dear friend,
    hey don't worry. i read yr experience , its actually the same that i faced in 2009-2010, i was in great depression because of my negative thinking nature.

    i had the same problems, like sweating, shivering, fear, anxiety……i had gone at the peak of depression, i started fearing from each n every face, every street, each wall of my house, rain, t.v, sleeping, my parents, my friends, my college, my colleagues…

    because of fear i prefer to close my eyes for whole day…and even when i close my eyes i start fearing from my internal thinking….i was not able to sleep. to eat, to walk…..n i left the hope for my further life. even my parents who are so supporting to me also left hope….my mom start thinking that she had lost me….and she was very shocked seeing my condition….

    but my brother never left the hope….he gave me support…my parents took me to psychiatrist, to DOCTOR DI. she was also very kind, she direct my brother how to treat with me, n my brother diligently followed her command. he sit besides me whole night n answered my all foolish queries wisely… n never get irritated… sometime when i feel great fear, he came house in the middle of the day in between his job….n took me in his lap n try to make me calm down. sometimes i slap him in fear…n abuse my parents in anxiety…but they didn't mind that….

    in the middle of this my father started took me with him in his office to change my mood…there i meet one of junior lady colleague of my father…she was a great devotee of sai baba.. she realized my condition n supported me…she was the one who told me about lord sai….n that was the turning point of my life, she said me to read shri sai Charita within a week….i did that..

    n you'll not believe, from that day their was tremendous improvement in my condition, my brother's hard work, my parents prayer, my doctor treatment started working….. n today i am a perfect girl having no any problem, my brother wants to see me as a bank PO….n i am preparing for that…by sai grace i have cleared written exam of it….but still waiting for my final result…..

    initially my parents were in fear to take me to psychiatrist as they were thinking about shock treatment and all…but sai helped me to go to the right doctor and…n my doctor Di, she didn't gave me any medicine, any treatment…she talked me n by way of talking she helped me to come out of my fear….

    i am telling this to you because. their is a bad image of psychiatrist but believe me…i came out from that phase just because of my family support, my doctor's concerned, the Di who told me about sai baba, n the most important by sai grace…..who gave me such gud facilities to come out of it..n gave me strong will power to be normal.

    even my doctor Di always used to say that i give your example to my other patient, as i couldn't do anything without yr own will power.

    after sharing my own experience i want to tell just one thing help yourself, make determination that u want to see yourself out of it…n see how sai will help you in various ways….

    one more thing i faced this about 1 n half year, but besides my parents, my doctor Di, 2 of my friends, my Di (in papa's office) n my sai baba. no one knows it. in this way sai also helped me to not to get defame….

    aaj bhi jab mein woh samay yaad karti hun toh meri ankhon mein khushi aur pyar ke ashu aa jate hain….jo kehte hain ..ishwar hain, sai hain, manno toh dil mein hain aur na manno toh bade bade mandiro mein bhi nhn…..

    today by sai grace i am most appreciable girl in my whole family….my uncle, aunties, neighbors, friends they all appreciate me because of my helping , caring n POSITIVE nature….

    my negative thinking has gone now completely.. now i guide others to live their life optimistically….n my parents n my brother proud of me a lot. thank you sai baba … i love you a lot… thanks for this life baba. as u guide me please guide others also…: "JAI SAI RAM"

  30. SAI RAM DEAR BROTHER Do not get diswayed by all these things.I feel everyone has to go through their share of ups and downs in life. May be due to our past karmas.But only he gets through all this who has his full devtion on BABA and who accepts everything as his ways of testing our faith and devotion on him.HE NEVER LETS HIS CHILDREN BE ALONE .HE IS ALWAYS BY THEIR SIDE TAKING CARE OF THEM AND MAKING THEM STRONGER.SO ALWAYS REMEMBER SHRADDHA AND SABURI ALWAYS PAY BACK IN LIFE.LEAVE EVERYTHING IN BABAS LOTUS FEET AND FOLLOW HIS TEACHINGS ALWAYS.ALWAYS BE THE WAY YOU ARE .AND REMEMBER BABA ALWAYS .OM SAI RAM

  31. Dear Sai Brother:

    What you are experiencing now, most of us are experiencing too..Might be in a different way..
    Taking my example, I feel tense to meet few people b'coz they will make me feel uncomfortable. But due to circumstances, I need to meet those people once in a while and stay with them for few days.. Before that, I pray Sai to avoid circumstances of meeting such people. I am not an introvert..I enjoy social life..I am just speaking about few people..
    When they say one or the other thing, my day gets spoiled..I keep thinking about what happened..I won't do any productive work that day..Now after reading all the comments, even I have learned sth.. From the "Law of the Garbage Truck" as one of the Sai devotee said..
    I don't ask you to quit your job b'coz quitting is not the solution..
    I can suggest you to apply Udi always..While sleeping, place Udi packet under your pillow..

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  32. Hello brother,

    well i read your experience and feel u are dealing with same problem as i am beleive me you are in much better position then i am you are being abused by people who are merely youe collegues at work who will change in time as you grow in life with sai's grace but
    i deal with this every day because i am married to a person who is abusive and has tremendous superiority complex and treats everyone as dirt if things dont happen the way he wants .

    i am far from my parents and cant go back because my younger siblings are yet to get married .i can only tell you from my personal experience that in the worst of times when he does not even let me do sai;s bhakti baba has helped me when i just chant his name
    i want to reas sai satcharitra paryan but i am scared because he does not like me spending time in reading all this instead he thinks i should read newspapers.which is not possible after whole day job and household work because i feel if i donr remeber sai there is nothing in life worth living .
    beleive me just remember sai and leave your burdens on him he will solve all your problems .i wouldnt have shared this if but i know you are small in age and yet to see life .
    my husband has faught with my parents and abused them to he does not let me talk to them and told me either select them or me its been 2 yrs i have not seen them but i beleive sai he is going to make ways for me and beleive me he does just remember him.just think i dont read sat charitra daily ,or go to mandir but i only pray , take his online darshan and most of my life problems have solved .

    keep shraddha and saburi and give importance to your family members and sai they are the people whose words should disturb you and as my brother above said "law of garbage truck" it is true people who are are not successful in any area of life shall find faults with others to prove them self right

    All the best

  33. Sai Ram Dear Sai brother,

    I received the following mail from one of our Sai sisters:

    Dear Hetalji!

    Sai Ram

    I am not sure whether my comments where uploaded. If not, kindly forward this to the worried devotee. You may forward him my email id too.

    Thank you.. Sairam… Seema

    Dear Son of Lord Sai! Baba always says 'WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE'. Fear Not. Let go. Dont take things too personally. I work in an environment more bad filled with negativities, gossips, hurts, envy, partiality and much more….Sai takes me thru with all the stress. i cry, i wail before the alter of Lord Sai and pray 'Take full control over me Lord Sai, Lord of the destitues, i've surrendered at thy feet, please do not let go of my hands.Please reside in my heart and be with me all of my life. You guide me Lord SAI, every moment. I am Your child… Thy Will be done, Thou think of it.
    Do not hold yourself, whenver you are sad and unable to take pressure, cry in front of the Lord….
    i wish you send me your mail id. There's something more i have for you, dear son, which i would like to tell you personally, if you dont mind. I have a son of your age.
    Saima bless you ever…

  34. JAI SAIRAM Brother,
    I agree with all Sai devotees suggestions.But from my side a small suggetion.
    I am also a small devotee of Sai.Still I am learning to go in Sai path.As per my experience with Sai till now what I learnt is Sai wants us to go always in true path which is his path,and whatever problem comes have patience go in Sai's path and completely surrender to him,you'll acheive success.Have Shradda and Saburi.It may take time but you'll get success.Think that you are in Sai hands.Let him do whatever he want to do.Pray him that do whatever you want to do Baba.Put all your burdens on feet of Sai.Thats what always our Sai says to us.See how kind he is.He is ready to take our burdens.He is such a kind hearted Sai.I love Sai.We love Sai.Always chant Sairam.Always rememebr that Sai is with you.When the master of universe is with you why do you fear.If you remember that Sai is with you you'll be brave you'll have no fear.Sai told us whoever think of me I'll be there.Whatever your boss say to you be polite to him.Be polite to everyone.But do not do bad things as per your boss.Keep quiet and go in true path that is Sai path.Thats it all your problems will be solved.If you get a situation where you cannot take a decision then ask Sai through website you'll get immediate answer from Baba.Thats what I do.Be happy.JAI SAIRAM.

  35. Sai Ram Hetalji
    Sai Ram Brother!

    I know it is tough to handle such situations especially with persons of your age. What i only can suggest you is have patience and preservence in Baba. I want you to pray like this "Please take care of my situations which iam facing currently and do give me enough courage and strength to handle this situation, make them to train you for a while until you know the subject in this field. Also pray to BABA if my problems reduces i will perform " 9 weeks vrat". Try to put udi on your forehead before going to office. Read Baba's 11 sutras….

    I definately pray for you that your problems should resolve soon by next thursday….

    Do share your experience once it got solved.


  36. dear brother you can see that so many people has extended their hands to help you. I think just to answer your one mail our sai baba has sent so many people (his devotees) to help you. i think this the clear evidence of his presence. have deep faith and tell your self that I LL NEVER TAKE TENSION IF I LOVE AND TRUST BABA TO YOUR SELF AND WITH TOMORROWS MORNING PRAY TO BABA READ ONE CHAPTER OF SAI SATCHRITRA AND WITH FULL CONFIDENCE GO TO YOUR JOB .I FEEL YOU DONT NEED THIS JOB BUT THIS JOB NEEDS YOU THE MOST BECAUSE IN TODAYS WORLD IT IS HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND PERSON LIKE YOU JUST HAVE CONFIDENCE ON BABA AND ON YOUR SELF .JUST DO IT, DONT THINK, DONT WORRY ,DONT BE SAD, OM SAI RAM 09962972124( SHAISHAV)

  37. OM SAI Ram,

    Have Faith and Patience and Leave all your worries n tension on Baba just do your duty by taking Baba's name. Baba is with you and will always do good to you just keep remember him in everything u do.

    Just take care and do your duty. Baba always bless you.

  38. Jai SaiRam,

    Dear Sai Brother, Dont worry Baba will takecare of everything, drink udhi water everyday remembering sai, and please present one SaiSathcharitha copy to your boss this will change him have faith on Baba what ever he does that is for your good only so dont worry, if this
    job is really not good for you then Baba will find a good one for you just have faith on Baba keep on praying Baba, I pray for you too.


  39. Hi sai brother why you are fear when baba it self here for you.what are all the situations around you take it as a lessons.use the situations to make your self more strong.

    Baba never leave any one's hand who come closer to him.if you think about him a minute he will think about you through out of all your janmas.

    And finally i want to say one thing pray to sai maa to bless kind hearts to every one who are bothering you.sai maa always listen our prayers.

    don't worry cheer up.sai maa take care of you till the end.

  40. Dear loving heart, gone through ur letter and felt sad .I have gone through the same experience in my life so i can very well feel ur mental stage. Please have full faith in sai look at his eyes talk to him all your worries and cry till u feel the weight of your tension released. Always chant Om sai in silence in mind while working and see the difference in will be filled with positive energy. and will be in a position to help others who are going through this phase of life. love, your loving Rekha aunty from calicut.

  41. Dear Brother,

    You are a great soul. Simply, because in the so called "kalyug" its hard to find good hearted people like you. Hence, don't make this your weakness instead be greatful that you are wiser than others. Especially at such a young age. Believe me, I share your same emotional side and cannot stand injustice. But, I had to overcome that as working as a medical student in the hospital I came across so many un ethical situations that Doctors had to imposed in order to save themselves. Some could have been avoidable. Anyways, the point is learn to make this quality your strength. Moreover, to address your anxiety issue I would again say you are doing a great job trying to come out of your anxiety. I have seen many depressed anxious patients in hospital who dont want to do anything about their condition. But, look at your brave side you are ready to help yourself to come out of this anxiety. Like everyone said, our beloved Baba will and are helping you out to resolve this. However, just on the practical note I would advice you to: imagine at your job that you are working in an isolated enviornment and not many are around you. You are your own Boss and nobody can scold you. Just do your own work keeping our Sai in mind. Repeat to yourself that everything you are doing is for Sai Baba. And then there is no reason to get nervous in front of Baba (or your real boss). Recetly, I have started learning meditation and from my class I have learned that to calm yourself down in stressful situations you can repeat in your mind 'I am at peace, I am at peace". Believe me this works wonders! Vice versa you can send peacefull vibrations to the other person (your boss in this case) as well if he is not calm. Hope this helps borther. I will pray for you and look forward to hearing your miracle story soon! 🙂 God bless and have a wonderful beatufiul life!

    Om Sai Nathay Namoh 🙂

    -Baba's Daughter

  42. Dear Brother,

    I will definitely pray for you while doing sadhana and I am sure you will clear all your past karmas by not reacting to our boss abuses and become a stronger person and grow day by day with baba's grace. As in today's age it is very difficult to have such a soul with pure heart. You are an valuable gift to the family and the society. A day will come when you will recognise your inner abilities and outcome all your fears.
    Om sainathay namaha.

  43. Sai Ram. I had a similar issue at my workplace and I am also your age. I was unable to tolerate the way the manager was acting with me and I often used to sit in Baba's temple to keep my mind off it. I did leave soon because I realised that in this case, with the job I had, it was better being without it then actually having it as the things they did were not always in the correct manner.

    You have to bare in mind that words are only opinions, and only God knows the truth. You walk in life alone and you leave life alone, what happens in between does not matter as long as your pure. This phase in your life will soon go away and its memory would soon fade for you. Pray to Sai Baba, he will help you.

  44. Om Sai Ram Hi i have gone through your problem my sugestion to you is to continue your job. everything will be done by baba only.because of your boss abuses you are going in to depression by thinking of those again and again .These abuses will be there where ever you go,all the thing is develop strong mental ability ,this can be achieved by having strong faith in baba.Read SAISACHARITHRA daily you can be helped by baba.once you start reading satcharithra automatically you will be brave thinking that every thing what happned,happening and going to be happend is only through baba blessings. HAVE FAITH ON BABA YOU WILL DEFINITELY HAVE BETTER FUTURE

  45. dear sai brother,

    Dont feel sad, we are all there for you. and i will keep you in my prayers and hope and wish that you get all the gentle love and support that you are asking for in your life.

    some suggestions:
    if you really are feeling so overwhelmed with this job, i suggest that you find another one, or internally trade for another position. perhaps that will help you to work on your inner balance.

    also it will be best to make some friends even internet as well. the world is small. open up your opportunities to bond with people who are filled with more love. this will strengthen your inner peace and love.

    I wish and bless you with my whole heart that the lord bless you with joy, peace and satisfaction.

    Hugs and blessings,

  46. Om Sai Ram…
    Sales job in FMCG are very hectic and full of what you have described. Have you seen Rocket singh movie…:-)
    Anyways coming back to you, you should make your weakness your strength. You are a very empathetic person, you should try for HR roles or best roles can be a education counselor. By the blessings of Sai you will do good to others and great for yourself.

    Om Sai Ram…
    Best Of Luck…

  47. Dear Brother

    Don't Worry
    Juss rem: "This Will also Pass"

    Itz juss a bad phase….
    For Anxiety,Fear — Just take Baba's Udi mixed in water.
    Thats THE Only Medicine.
    Will Pray for U

    Sai Bless U !!


    Hello, i am the one who shared this experience with all you wonderful people. I would like to thank each and everyone of you. Unfortunately i have read only a few of these loving and encouraging comments posted by you, but soon, i will finish reading all and reply to each and everyone of you.

    Believe me, i am feeling strong. I always wanted to create my own world where people care for each other, love and support each other, encourage and motivate each other. And that is our Sai Baba devotees community. I really do hope that i find wonderful people like you at my workplace.

    Your good wishes, prayers, blessings and comments have really made me happy, positive and feel stronger. Trust me. I hope i get them always. I would like to stay in touch with each and everyone of you. All of you are such nice and wonderful people.

    I will not quit, hardly anytime… just 3-4 weeks of work. If i quit, then i will get irritated with myself and honestly this is a very good opportunity for me to build my career as i got this a job after waiting for a period of 8-9 months.

    It's just infront of my department's head do i get nervous, and my hands start sweating ( which obviously i do not like about myself ). Otherwise i am quite happy, cheerful, friendly, witty , confident. I love cracking jokes and entertaining people. Infact i love talking to people. I am not perfect and have to be bold, daring, confident, fearless, rough and tough in all aspects of life and in each and every situation. I have shown improvement and i just want to continue improving :). I need to learn not to take all this personally.

    Yes i will stick to my basic and core values… Treat each and everyone with love and respect whether they might be rich or or white, see god in every creature , be kind to all , focus on your tasks and give your best , walk on the right path and do the right things, put in hardwork and effort. I am god fearing as well as god loving and i believe in what goes around comes around so that is why i try my best not to hurt anyone. Treat others in the way that you want to be treated 🙂 .

    I watch cute baby videos or cute animal videos on youtube. Babies and pets really bring a huge smile on my face and make me really happy. Kids are god :).

    I keep chanting Sai Sai and have pure love for him. It was his wish that this article got posted the very next day and filled me with joy, made me positive and feel stronger. It was an absolute miracle as articles over here are posted on a first come first serve basis and presently the articles for january 2011 were being posted. It was Baba's wish. He wanted that this should be shared with all of you and that made me so happy. It changed my mental attitude. I hope am able to stay this way. I showed this to my parents and they were so happy and were in tears after reading your lovely comments.

    Could you please tell me from where can i get Baba's Udi?

  49. OM SAI RAM!!!
    I hope you always stay happy and keep a smiling !!! BABA is always with this children!! 🙂
    OM SAI RAM!!!

  50. My sincere prayers and Baba's blessings r with you….whatever happens is by God's will…we may not understand it…all we can do is to have steadfast faith on our guru sai maa….dont think u r the doer of any action..Its Sai who does when nothing seems to be going right…just wait and pray to Sai…Prayers may take some time to bear fruit…n this is what Sai has taught.."shraddha aur saburi"…if possible, go to Shirdi with ur family, serve the poor there n spend a few days..I m sure u will overcome all ur problems..that may not be possible now due to ur job but whenever u can get time, just do it! Baba will take care….have faith n patience…MAY SAI BLESS U SOON.

  51. I am so happy to hear that you are doing fine. my peace and love to you.

    I have been facing a similar issue with my direct boss back then now he is a senior boss. anyways i used to cry a lot since every time i am in his presence he would tell or do something to corner me and make me feel helpless. he always forces me to be aggressive with others to get the work done, while i was a very soft hearted and soft spoken person, by the grace of sai baba now i am learning not to get affected by him. also please remember that sometimes baba wants us to go thru some situations that seems difficult to us but in reality they are situations from which we are meant to learn something and by baba's grace and guidence when we learn then those situations end. baba's is actually helping us and holding our hands no matter where we are or how we feel at that moment.

    pray to Sai baba to give you the wisdom on what you need to learn from that situation. I learnt that i had to overcome my fear with this boss of mine, so i keep praying to god to be with me and give me courage to face him. overtime i have learnt to not let his negativity bother me. and this mind set change has helped me a lot from feeling a victim to looking at what baba wants me to learn.

    I wish you good luck sai brother


  52. Hi ,
    I dont think you should loose heart . If you dont like the job you can quit it but not until you find another job, and since you are a fresher give it some time and things will settle down , if you feel you have to compromise on your behaviour tell your boss this is how far you can go n no further. Dont worry with Sai by your side he will never let you stray away , but you have to help yourself first toughen up life has its way of teaching you things learn each one, and thank Sai for every experience. I stumbled upon this site as I was myself scared and confused but somehow feeling much better so many people assuring about Sai , feels really good.
    Sai is always with us , and we are his priviledged children Im glad I have him with me every moment n I am sure he is with you too. So quit your anxieties worrying does not help smile your way to success.

    Best wishes

  53. Hi, Babaji is there to help you. you dont need to worry about anything and try to be strong. try to learn new and different things in your life. try to help your self and try to survive yourself. you must have confidence in yourself. whenever you get stopped babaji is there to take you ahead but important is that you must be confident in yourself as well as have faith in babaji

  54. Sai Baba … Hundreds of bows to You. Baba you give everything to the needy. I am one such needy Baba. I don't want anything for myself but my brother needs your blessing. He is 20 but do not have friends. He is not social nor does have interest in anything. He is not outgoing and does have any ambition. Babaji he was born with you blessings and was perfectly normal as a child but as he grew up he lost interest in friends, outings, responsibilities. He is ignorant Baba and in today's world apart from education one needs to be social, good in speaking and outgoing. My parents go to Shirdi every year and I read Satcharitra. Still we are concerned and depressed about him. Please bless my brother. You know everything . If you want punish me and take my friends and social life away from me but give it to my brother Baba. Please bless him. Please take away his loneliness and ignorance and make him like other normal boys.give him a good life with loving friends ,sweet and responsible nature, outgoing travelling and fun loving attitude babaji so that my parents can smile. Bow to Shri Sai , peace be to all.

  55. Hi Hetal ji,

    Ive been trying for a job for long time now, i got a job sometime back for short period but i left due to problems at work, i have a big confusion in a relationship i loved somebody a lot but i feel very confused about his love for me lot of things happened during this relation , i met another person whom i liked but may be did not love. The most hurting part is ive lost all my confidence and have taken myself for granted. i have to work as ive got a debt and also my family is dependent on me …. my mind stays always preoccupied with same things . I humbly request you to pray for me to come out of this mess,ive done satcharithra reading more than 6 times, please hetalji guide me in someway, my heart felt apologies if ive burdened you . you may ignore my e-mail if you feel inappopriate or just ask sai to deliver me . omsairam omsairam omsairam, i cannot give my name & e-mail id.

  56. Omsairam om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

    May God Bless us all and guide us through the right path!

  57. I am very sorry to hear that you are going through all this Sai brother. I am praying to overcome my problems as well but, Baba always expects lots of "shradda and saburi" as you understand what that is. Good luck and all your best wishes are to you.

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