How Sai Baba Saved Our Lives – Sai Devotee Rashmi

I am sharing experience of Sai Sister Rashmi Ji from India in today’s post.

Sai Sister Rashmi Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji, I have been reading devotees’ experiences with Baba on different blogs and have been thinking to put mine as well. But somehow could not do it till now. With Baba’s grace, I am going to share the same now. It is up to you if you want to publish it on your blog. You may edit or cut if you find it too long.

I was never a devotee of Baba and hardly been to His temples. Just about 3 years ago, things were started changing.

I will share how Baba entered into our lives. I was at the end of maternity leave (February 2008) as my second child, my son was born. There used to be a repeat telecast of Sai Baba serial (earlier telecasted series) on Star Utsav every evening. My daughter (then 5 years) used to watch that serial. One fine evening I came to that room and asked her to change the channel because I wanted to watch Saroj Khan’s dance program, as this serial was “boring” (now I realize how “Agyani” I was). She wanted to continue watching Sai Baba, but since I insisted, she changed it unwillingly. FROM THAT DAY, Sai Baba started showing His presence to us. We started feeling Him at places where He was not expected at all. My husband even said that one day while waiting at the red light, another car stopped beside him and he could see only Sai Baba’s statue in the car. He even rolled down his window glass, but still could not see the driver or anybody on the passenger seat except Baba’s statue. Suddenly there were so many short programs on News Channels about His miracles (“Leelas”). I would call people and the caller tune would be Sai Dhun, and found His photos at unexpected places. We went to a relative and the door bell was Sai Bhajan. I mean, these things were existing earlier also, but all of a sudden we started noticing all about Him. Although by now we had started inclining towards Him, but the complete “Samarpan” to Him came a little later.

Two months later (April’ 08), we had a major accident (head to head hit) on the way to Haridwar, and a hit from back as well. My husband was driving the car and my son (6 months then) was in my lap on front seat. The car was completely crushed from front. My husband’s legs were stuck under steering. We all (myself, my husband and mother in law) got multiple fractures, but both my children were scratch less. It was a miraculous escape as from the condition of the car everyone would say that none would’ve survived. Later we understood that Baba saved our lives. Or better say, to save us from this calamity He had started showing His presence to us, but we could not understand!

Incidentally we were carrying a spare set of car keys in luggage. Back home we noticed that the keys had Baba’s key ring. We earlier had no idea that the key ring has Baba’s photo. But now we were realizing that how could something happen to us when He Himself was travelling with us to save our lives. Since that day, our belief started growing in Him. I started to surf internet like crazy to know more about Him. We visited Baba’s temple at Lodhi Road, New Delhi few times. More I read, the thirst to know about Him grew more. Now we all were addicted to the serial which I once called “boring”. Eventually, in October 2008 Baba called us to Shirdi also.

There are many other incidences since then when He has been helping and showing us the right path. Once while surfing I came across a book “Your questions and Sai Baba’s answers” by Madhav Lele, a very old book which has 720 answers. After praying to Baba and with full faith if we ask our question, and then choose a number, the answer against that number is considered as Baba’s reply. Believe me since then, this book has been like real Baba in front of me. Whenever we don’t know what to do in some particular situation, we ask Baba and His answer has always given us the right direction. Post accident (July 2008), my husband needed a major surgery on his left hand. The insurance company and Max hospital were playing around for a cashless surgery, and we were losing time. I was too tensed as we didn’t have such a hefty amount to pay all in advance. I again prayed and Baba and asked Him to help (through the book). Baba said your work will be completed in 48 hours, and believe me, in less than 48 hours I received a call from the hospital saying that the matter has been resolved, it will be a cashless surgery. I was so thrilled, tears started rolling from my eyes and I had no words to express my feelings! This was just one of the examples, out of many with this book.

But I used to be confused. I always used to think whose avatar is Baba (as in the serial different people had different experiences). I had bought few books from Shirdi. All said that there are no traces of His birth and early childhood, but in one book, it was mentioned that Lord Shiva blessed a couple and He took birth as son to that couple (later known as Sai Baba). I was always thinking about the same. And then one night I had a dream. I saw an old place and Baba sitting in centre (like Baba used to sit in Dwarkamai) and suddenly Baba was transformed into a “Shivaling”. I immediately woke up. Baba removed my curiosity giving me Darshan as a Shivaling.

This is how Baba pulled us towards Him, and now for everything we look up to Baba. Though in recent our past life, we faced a very rough patch also, as my husband lost job due to recession and remained jobless for more than a year. But we somehow managed as I am working as well. It was a very difficult period, not just financially, but emotionally and socially also as it is very frustrating to remain jobless for a long period. During that financial crunch I came to know about Nine Thursday Vrat. I have been doing the Vrats since then. My husband got a job eventually. Though not exactly what he wanted but he is at least working and not sitting at home in frustration. Now we understand that difficult phases come and go in life, but He is there to take us through everything.

Through these Vrats, I came in contact with a staunch devotee of Baba. She lives in Australia. Whenever, due to some problems, my faith starts shaking, her strong belief on Baba brings me back on track. It is another miracle of Baba in my life that He connected me with her. She guides me in all difficult situations and shows me the right path. And, whenever I feel down, she says – Jis haal mei rakhe Sai,
us haal me rahte jaao.
toofano se kya ghabrana,
toofano me bahte jaao…..

These lines give me so much strength and I start again to face all challenges.

And when I read all these experiences which other devotees share, my belief on Him becomes stronger. I pray to Him to allow us to be near to Him always.

Om Sai Ram!

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  1. Respected Sai Sister Rashmiji,

    You are a blessed soul of the baba. You should understand that you were connected with baba in previous life and baba pulls his devotees by strange ways. Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.


    Kamal Prasad

  2. Dear Sai Sai Sister Rashmiji,

    I was in tears reading your experience where you found key ring with Baba's photo and how He saved you and your family by already travelling with you without your knowledge.

    Baba is Great! We just can't describe in words his Generosity, Magnanimity, Love and Grace on us. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I was very depressed today and your experience made me full of tears and Love for Baba.

    Thank You Baba for everything and please forgive me for forgetting all the good and beautiful things You have showered upon me and my family. I am sorry for complaining to You all the time. Please Keep me Under Your Lotus Feet forever till my last breath.

    Thank you Hetalji for posting the beautiful experience

    Om Sai Ram

  3. Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji, Kamal ji and Anonymous…

    First of all I express my heartfelt thanks to Hetal Ji for posting my experience. May Baba always bless you for your such a great effort and service to Him which is doing wonders to other devotees.

    Whenever we read such experiences of other devotees, our faith and devotion increases many folds and gives us a new strength to face any difficult situation.

    May Baba be with all his devotees always…

  4. Om sai ram,

    As Rashmi mentioned, since last year I saw sai baba everywhere, even unexpected places like $ store, someone's car. After that I became a very strong devotee of sai baba (I used to pray sai, among all other god). Now I am saying "Om sai ram" almost everyday, to be honest every free moment. I cannot imagine me without 'om sai ram'. However, nowadays I hardly see sai photos or anything often (like the same $ store I went and expected to sai there, but couldn't – this is an example only but I don't see that much).

    Do you know why? Because for me I wasn't that closer to Sai before, but I felt him everywhere that time. Now I feel like I am very closer to him, but couldn't see him that much. When I asked that to myself why, some thoughts hit me which was "Sai is now inside me so I don't need to look outside". But this is the thought only, I am not convince.

    Please all sai devotees, answer me why baba is not showing himself to me that often like before?

    Om sai ram.

  5. If u have a real faith on BABA….dnt worry about the returns…just do do good things and remember him each n every time at happy moments too…in some or the other form he will definately show his presence on some day..!

  6. @Anonymous 4

    Your thought itself is your reply…I also used to think the same way i.e. why Baba doesn't show his presence as often as He used to do when I didn't know him?….but your thought has resolved my concern as well…really bcoz now we are near to him, we do not need any miracles everyday to get a proof of His existence….but at the same time when we really need Him in times of trouble, He always shows His presence and helps us…

    You are so blessed that "Om Sai Ram" is always in your heart n mind…this itself is an extreme blessing…

    Om Sai Ram

  7. Rashmi I have no words to describe your faith in him…it is just amazing and devotees like u are most near to him. You and your faith make him fulfill all your wishes ….hope u understand what i m saying. I mean god dances to the tune of bhakt when bhakt like u come closer to him.
    Baba forgive me if i m saying anything wrong here

    Really u r blessed child of him and just like kakasaheb dikhshit he has pulled u near himself.

    May he remain with u always ….guides u at every step…. keeps u happy ….fulfill all ur wishes …..& keep ur faith strong


  8. Dear Sai Sister Rashmi Ji

    Can you believe we (Myself,my wife & Son) had similar experience of the Car crash on 30th june 2012 and we are still not completely come out of the trauma.I was driving and the accident happened near Chandigarh on a flyover while we were returning to New-Delhi.A speeding car from the opposite side jumped off and hit the median and badly deforming/destructing the the metal electric pole in the median along with it's massive concrete pedestal and then hitting our car on the bonnet toppling further on the our side of the road causing two deaths on the spot of the occupants of the speeding/errant car.
    In such a Devastating incident Sai Krsna saved us due to his causeless mercy with only chest internal pain to me , broken ribs to my wife spared with his grace a possible fracture in collar or spine and minor injury to my son sitting in the back seat.IN THE SPLIT SECOND OF THE MOMENT OF THE ACCIDENT MY WIFE CRIED "KRISHNA, KRISHNA & Sai Sai" that's all I could hear only to realize and cry that Sai Krsna showed his causeless mercy to save us.
    I want to share following points because of certain similarities of your experience/thoughts,
    1.I was an atheist converted to a THEIST by the grace of my professor who is instrumental to enlighten me to lead a krsna/god conscious life.
    2.Although I am not a devotee of krsna in it's true sense – I revere krsna as God and fear him because I believe he takes away everything material whereas I love Sai because He is Love & Compassion Incarnate.I am a Confused individual as far as the philosophies of personal & impersonal feature of God.I love Sai because Sai does not like useless discussions.I love Sai because He is a Guru who guides us to know each one's mission in Life.He says his Fakir does good to us.His Fakir is I believe is Lord Krsna himself and Sai the SatGuru is non different from Lord Krsna himself.
    3. Right now there is Economic recession & I am jobless at present."Could you please tell me How to perform 9 Thursday vrat".
    4.We had kept the photo of Lord Radhe-Krsna on the car Dash Board.Sai-krsna my Father, our savior saved us by taking the impact on himself as the portion of car on the back of krsna(ie.the bonnet/engine etc.) is damaged and we are safe.

    Anything would have happened, had the speeding car hit us directly instead of hitting the pole OR if the car bumped upon us instead of bonnet in the fraction of second.

    5.On one side two deaths on the other three lives saved."BIRTH,LIFE OR DEATH everything is in the hands of the Lord , the Malik. Nothing is " Accident" in that sense.

    6.Let us pray our Sai, to help/lead us in our life's journey
    all the time.Let us not forget this "ACCIDENT", lest we get lost in attaining the purpose of our life.

    Jay Sai Ram Jay Sai Krsna

  9. Om Sai Ram. Please show your blessings on us.After reading experiences of others devotees my faith has increased.

  10. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…..:):)

  11. wow…. really very nice experience. i was in tears with your reall things. thanks a lot for sharing this one.

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