Even slightest of experiences which devotees experience with Lord Sai Baba inspires one to share with others. Here are few more brief experiences.

Greatness of UDI

Sai Brother Dilip ji from India says: Hello Hetalji,
I am a devotee of BABA from recent times. And I want to share my 1st miraculous experience with SAI.

I want to share an experience which describes the greatness of UDI. From past one month I had giddiness due to unknown health issues because of this I was worried a lot. One day I thought of mixing UDI with water and drinking it as medicine. Since I did not have UDI from Shirdi, I was thinking what to do. I had UDI from local Sai temple in Chennai. Hence I took the same and kept it in front of Sai’s photo and meditated on him. Then I mixed it with water and drank, from the next day onwards the giddiness vanished. I regard this completely as BABA’s miracle and nothing else. I also promised Baba that I will post this experience in this blog.

Sadguru Sainath ki Jai,

Baba’s child,


Sai Baba answers His Followers

Sai Sister Shyamala ji from US says: Sai Ram, I’m shyamala living in US. I’m a follower of Sai Baba. I used to do regular arati on Thursday on evening. I came to know Baba from my friend. I always have Baba’s picture on my laptop. One day I just thought when opening Baba’s photo I wished Him wearing lavender color shawl on Him. It was just a random thought though I like lavender color the most of all colors. For my vision, when I opened the picture, I saw Baba in lavender color shawl worn. I was amazed. It was just a second I thought and my thoughts reached Him.

“Wherever my devotees are, I watch them”
I can’t tell the feeling, but one thing I can say whatever devotees wish whether it’s small or big, Baba is hearing us and definitely He’ll answer and guide us.

Sai ram

Sai Helped Me On My First Visit To Shirdi

Sai Sister Shreya ji from India says: Hi, I’m a software engineer from Chennai and a devotee of Baba for the past few months.

I was working in one of the software MNC in Pune. I was not aware of Sai Baba and Shirdi. It’s through my roommates I came to know about Baba.

My mom had come to Pune for visiting me during December end 2006. We planned to go to Shirdi and started early morning. We didn’t have any pre-booked tickets and were waiting for the bus in the bus stop. The climate was so chill and I had a severe head ache. We got into a bus and luckily there were two seats vacant. I and my mom occupied those seats. My head ache got more severe and I couldn’t bare that pain and asked mom if we could return back to Pune. Mom advised me that we had started to a temple and shouldn’t return back without visiting the place. The bus stopped at a place for breakfast.

The first miracle was the breakfast place had a medical shop in the same complex and my mom got me two pain killers. We didn’t have anything since morning and were longing for good Dosas and Chutney, Sambhar. We were very much lucky enough that we got a very good breakfast. I had one of the pain-killers and sat inside the bus. I was literally crying because of the severe head ache that I had.

Finally, we reached Shirdi. It was on a public holiday Christmas, December 25th 2006, so it was flooded with people throughout Shirdi. The queue to see Baba was throughout the place. I and my mom were worried that how could we see Baba. We didn’t have return tickets and didn’t have the idea to stay for a night. We were thinking what to do and I told my mom that with the severe head ache I won’t be able to stand in the queue and see Baba. So please let’s return back and will bring her again to Shirdi some other time. When we were about to step out, a person with a boy kid came nearby and asked if we need free tickets to darshan BABA. We were surprised that the person gave us 10 free tickets. We said we are just two. So we would take two alone but the people replied back, take two and help others to darshan Baba with the remaining tickets.

Though the person already had a darshan of Sai, he was so patient and guided us to darshan Sai from a particular place. He showed us the door through which we had to enter and then that person even guided us that there would be a Aarti by that time. The door was opened in few minutes and we stepped in. We could darshan Baba very close along with Aarti. We wanted to thank that person who helped us but that person disappeared. That person was none other than SAI BABA.

This is the first miracle that happened to me and my mom in our first visit to Shirdi. Baba takes care of each and every person though he/she is not a devotee.

I didn’t realize it as a miracle at that time. Though very late, we realize now it’s a miracle.

Baba Himself came as a normal person and guided us to darshan Him.

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  1. om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram
    hetalji i have posted my experience again…. please do the needful.thank you.

  2. @gomathi naveenkumar ji,

    I received your first experience on February 5, 2011 which has already been sent for editing and deleted from my database, so i did not find it earlier when we had conversation. Your experience will be published soon may be next week itself. I am sorry for inconvenience caused for sending experience again.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  3. I remember similar experiences I had, I will post separately. Very glad to read your post too.
    Jai Sai Ram.




  5. Very nice experience…..thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…..:):)

  6. OM SAI RAM !! Since last 1 hour i was restless and having headache. just a few minutes back i had UDI in water. Thanks to SAI BABA JI, am feeling much more better. OM SAI RAM !!

  7. Om Sai Ram… Baba please protect my husband and children. Please shower their lives with a long healthy, beautiful , happy, content, knowledgeable, prosperous, courageous life. Baba please help hubby take care of his health. Please help me exercise and control his stress. Please be with him and help him with whatever challenges he has at the moment. Help him Baba to accomplish his project and make it so prosperous that he feels worthwhile and also is drawn towards believing in you. Baba you are the Almighty and I surrender to you. Help me fulfil all promises I have made and help me remember them. Baba please take care of my kids. Be with them as their guide , mentor, teacher, parent and Guru. Baba help my elder get a good job and I get an opportunity to post here once again. Help my younger keep himself in right company and do well in his studies and life. Baba please take care of the health of my kids too. Baba help me perform my best in whatever I undertake to do. I need your grace and blessings Baba. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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