Herewith i am sharing few more brief experiences of devotees with beloved Lord Sai Baba of Shirdi.

My Trip To Shirdi

Sai brother Kamal ji from India says: Most Reverred Hetalji, Dear All Sai Brothers and Sisters, I have been reading experiences of many sai devotees and getting rich day by day with the blessings our sai brothers and sisters are receiving. The other day, reverred Hetalji has sent experience posted by Srividyaji. As the mail hit my screen, I pronounced to my colleague that see Sai has come. My colleague said lets go to Shirdi. I said ok lets start today evening. At the last moment my colleague backed out and I was left alone. I want to bring out that whilst searching one of the querries on, I got an answer to my question as “You will soon visit shirdi”. This answer apart, it is my experience from the year 1965 till date, whenever I had an urge to visit shirdi, it was fulfilled at any cost and Babaji called me and facilitated my journey from the location where ever I was. As I was alone on 20 Jan 10, I felt like not going but suddenly there was a flash in my body and I packed and started from Pune to Shirdi. I reached Shivajinagar Bus stand approximately at 20:45h and the bus to shirdi was about to leave. One of the conductors standing on platform called me and said, “Go and sit”. I followed and entered the bus and to my surprise a seat was vacant as if it was reserved for me. I reached Shirdi at 02:00 hrs and settled my self at shirdi lodge. Went for Darshan, and it was a blissful darshan. The garland which I took to offer was placed on Samadhi of the Baba and one person from the queue loudly requested to Pujariji to give him that specific garland which was given to him, me watching in disbelief — what is happening. Now I am realising that there must be some connection with baba and that person who has taken that garland. I felt very blissful. After having taken darshan at Samadhi, had darshan of Masjid (Dwarakamai) and Chavdi, Abdul Hamid Baba temple in front of Chavadi, Laxmi bai shinde temple just yards away from Chavdi. After having darshan of all the dieties, settled in room and again while taking rest I felt like somebody making me think to proceed to a place having green ambiance and I called an auto driver and asked about other places of visit at shirdi or nearby and he told me about Sai Dham Ambikanagar near to Kopargaon. I went to Sai Dham near Kopargaon and found a silent and serene ambiance with Babaji Mandir. I met a person named Shri Dhondibaba Chavan who is Sai bhakt. This old man immediately asked me how I came here and then he told me certain events of my life without asking. I was impressed and bowed in reverence. A new facility of having meals on Ist floor of Prasadalay has been started where we can sit peacefully and eat food as if we are VIP. The cost of this meal is Rs 40/-. After taking meal, I came down and suddenly Babaji’s huge painting on wall with his both hands raised and smile on the face greeted me. This was an indication of Baba via painting to tell me that He is watching me. I felt overwhelmed and thanked Babaji for His blessings and help given to me always. I returned back to Shirdi and next day after seeking blessings of Baba Sai started back for Pune.

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters, Just have faith, Shradha and Saburi. Our Lord Sai shall take care of everything. I pray that with sai bhakti we will strive hard for peace among all mankind.

Jai Sai Baba ji.

Kamal Prasad Maske

Sai Baba Miracle

Sai Sister Divya Ji from India says: I have been a Sai Baba devotee from childhood. I am settled in Dubai after my marriage. My daughter used to pray to Sai Baba since she was 1 year old. Whenever Sai Baba serial was telecasted on TV, she won’t allow us to change the channel till it is finished.

We were going through financial problem during 2007 and it was one of my worst years of my life. I used to pray to Sai Baba day and night to overcome us from our financial problem. There was a hanging Sai Baba calendar tied to a nail in our bedroom. Every day before sleeping my daughter who was 1 & 1/2 year old at that time used to kneel and pray to Baba. One day I got frustrated when she was doing that and looking at Sai Baba photo in the calendar and asked Him that she is praying day and night and You are not taking care of her in a angry tone. After saying that, I slept with my daughter and husband. In the night, may be around 2:00 clock, the calendar started banging to the wall with a very loud noise. First I thought may be because of the fan it is banging. So I got up to remove it from the nail but the thread was entangled in the nail and I was not able to take it out. My husband and daughter were not at all disturbed with the noise. I closed my ears with my hand and tried to sleep again. But the sound was so loud that I could not sleep. At the same time I remembered what I said to Baba before sleeping and I realized my big mistake. I asked Baba for forgiveness and told Him that I will never question Him again and suddenly the noise stopped and within 5 minutes I fell asleep.

After 2-3 months we were able to recover from our financial problem and by Baba’s blessing we are happy and satisfied in our life.

One thing I have learned from my experience that you should never lose faith in Sai Baba and He is always there to help you out.

I Have Seen Baba In Various Avtars

Sai Devotee from India says: I stay in Delhi. I have seen Baba helping me and my family.

This happened around 12 year back.

To start with I am being called to Shirdi by Sai Baba from past 15 years. In my initial visits, I was not so serious about prayers and devoting to Sai Baba. But then something changed my life.

This was during my 10th class results when I flunked in one of my subjects. I was highly depressed and wanted to run away. Since I was not able to face anyone and this is what I did. After collecting my result and ran away directly from my school. I had no clue where I was going. I was walking on streets for hours thinking in mind to never return back, because I cannot face anyone. From morning to afternoon, I had no clue where I have reached. My family had already started looking for me. They were gone mad and crying like anything. My mother was shocked. Almost the whole day passed, I was walking on lonely roads and was few kilometers away from my home. My family told me that they all started looking for me on roads.

It was around 6 PM, I was walking on road without knowing where I am and suddenly an auto comes to me and the person driving the auto asked me where you want to go. I said I don’t have money and want to go out of Delhi. He said don’t worry sit, I know where you live, and I will drop you there. I said no I don’t want to go home. He said ok I can drop you at Lajpat Nagar Market because I am going there. I said ok. He dropped me and I called my family from there. When I returned home my father told that when he was looking for me on roads, a man came to him and said don’t worry go home. Your son is safe and will call you soon.

I am sure that the auto driver was Sai Baba and after that incident I always visit to Shirdi every year. My life is totally changed and I am very happy.

I am not writing this to make people aware of Shri Sai Baba presence, but by writing the whole article, I felt I was telling Sai Baba the whole thing and want to thank Baba for His ashirwad.

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  1. Aum Sri Sai Ram, Aum Sri Sai Ram, Aum Sri Sai Ram
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  2. Nuvu leka anadhalam
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    Nuvu leka anadhalam
    Brathukantha Ayomayam

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  3. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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