A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 41

Herewith i am sharing few brief experiences of devotees with Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.

My Own Experience While Visiting Shirdi Sai Baba December 2009

Sai Sister Lila Ji says: Sai Ram, Dear Sister Hetal

I would like to share my experience to devotees while I was in Shirdi in the year 2009 Dec. My mind is still wondering for this miracle that happen to me that day.

I was sitting under the neem tree. People were collecting neem leaves and some people were praying to Baba to give them neem leave as well. I was also thinking in my mind I wish I get neem leaf.
While sitting and watching people walking up and down the road near the temple and neem tree, I saw a gentle man standing some distance and watching at me in the crowd. He was very handsome, curly hair, light brown long sleeve shirt with brown color (khaki) pant. One would not want to leave his sight.

He was showing me with an action with his right hand like blessing kind, what immediately went in my mind that he meant to wait and he disappeared. I too forgot about it. I thought that he may be someone walking by is playing. But after half an hour, he came from the neem tree side, where I was sitting. Mind you, I was watching people walking and the tree is behind me. I felt like someone is pulling my sight towards him. I then turn around my head towards the left hand side. I saw the same man standing with his right feet closed and stretching his hand towards me. I too pulled my hand out to receive as what was there. He opened his palm and gave me two neem leaves. I saw and closed my palm not thinking anything at that moment. He went away and came again and stood at the same place, where he was standing at first time. This time, his action was like eating food and then disappearing. I thought to give him some money. I didn’t know his name, so I ran and said that take this 10 rupees. He took the money and went away. Later I thought that whether he can buy anything for that money or not. I should have given him more money. Now even today, it’s going round in my mind, who was this young lad with radiant face. My question is that how did he know that I was praying for neem leaves which he gave me. I have still got the neem leaves with me.

Sai Pita if it was You and I couldn’t recognize then please Deva forgive me and thank you for taking care of us.

May Shirdi Sai Baba’s Blessing be upon everyone.

Lila G.

Sai Blessed Us

Sai Devotee from USA says: I didn’t know how to post on your blog so sending it to you through this. Kindly post it in your blog.

I always believed in Baba, but it was year 2007, when my belief became even stronger and Baba blessed me. I was at a stage, where I wanted to get married and get settled but after my past experience, I was not sure of what I want in a partner and was little scared to get into commitment. I started Sai Nav Vrat and wished to get settled with a nice man. After my seventh fast was over, my friend told me about one of her friend who saw my picture at her birthday party and was asking about me. She thought I was dating someone else which she told him too. When she asked me about my relationship status I told her that I am not into any relation and looking for alliances. After that she shared the same to that guy and she then exchanged our email ids. We both had apprehensions that it would not materialize as I was in India and he was in US. But God had thought something else. We started talking to each other and somehow felt for each other. We decided that our parents should meet first and then we will meet. By Baba’s grace everything went on fine. Family liked each other and so he decided to come down to India to meet me. We met and decided to go further. Now this is something really important to me as we had not decided to go to any temple, but somehow topic came up that I believe in Baba and his mother told us that there is a Baba temple quite close. He asked me if I want to go, and without a thought I said yes. We both went there and took Baba’s blessings. It was such a beautiful feeling as Baba gave His approval to him. Since He called both of us the same day, we met and decided to go further. Also after our wedding, the very next day one of my husband’s friend was doing a pooja in Baba’s temple. We both also went there. Out of hundred people, Pujari called me to do the aarti and told me to choose for Baba’s dresses that Baba had already worn them, which I still have it and love it. I almost had tears rolling down my eyes thinking how Baba gave me nice husband and also called me at His feet to bless us both. Today we have completed 2 years of marriage and are blessed with a sweet baby girl.

Sai Baba we love you.

A Miracle

Sai Sister Lakshmi Ji from USA says: I have always had faith in Baba. This is one of the many miracles that I had to share with the devotees.

Last year I lost my job and my marriage was going bad. I had survived a bad relationship with too many problems. I had cried many nights and days. Amidst all this, when my marriage almost went to a divorce, I got laid off from work and I had to take a board exam in the next 2 months. It was most terrible time to take a board exam for me. A month passed away and I just left everything on Baba and remained strong. In a month’s time, my marriage was getting better like never before and it was a shock because all the changes from getting a divorce to what was happening were not believable. I kept thinking what a miracle it was. In all this mess, I did not study for the exam and just lost hope. I had taken that exam several times before and always failed. I had no confidence that I would pass. When I went to the test I was suddenly remembering things and could answer a lot of questions very easily. I answered better than any of the times I really studies. I came out of the test with no hope for passing as I have no confidence and have not studied. A few months passed. I was crying at Baba’s feet one day and opened Baba’s questions and answers book. It said that “read Sai Leelamrutham and your education will be prospered”. That day being a Monday, I thought I should start that Thursday. Thursday came & I forgot all about it. I was not even aware of the days and dates. I even agreed to attend a party that day. For some reason, the party got canceled. I was taking a shower in the evening and went to pray. I suddenly realized it was Thursday. I started reading Parayana immediately and the very next week, I thought that Wednesday when Parayana ends. I planned to make kalakand and finish puja. I got results on Wednesday and the email said to login to see results. I thought I will see results only on Thursday. I told myself, is it good or bad seeing it on Thursday, the Baba’s day will give me enough courage to face the consequences. I slept and woke up next morning and prayed to Baba and logged in to the website. I saw the result that I passed the TEST. It was such a huge miracle that I never even expected. I could not be more thankful to Baba. Instead of thinking you are solely responsible. I realized that do your part and leave the rest to Baba, He will take care. It changed my life a lot. I got the courage and confidence that I can actually work in this life time. Om Sai Ram. Trust in Him 100%, He will take care of you.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Now i have left everything to Baba,should wait and see how he changes all the situations!!!I hope all the bad situations in our family and my mother's family should go at once.Hope Baba does that help as fast as he wishes.


  2. SaiRam,
    I want toshare my experience in this column.Iam worshiping sai since io months. He has solved many of my problems.Today is my school result I went to sai mandir &prayed to get good result to my school.Usually we used to get 40% But by baba's grace we got 66.6% result.Isthis not a mircle of baba?
    sai devotee,

    sai ram sai ram sai ram sai ram

  3. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  4. Dear Sister Laxmi ji,
    sorry to ask you now how is your life? its really a devine unfathomable miracle that your relationship is coming back to you when it went till divorce, can you please share your result here, as i am in the same phase, heading for divorce, donno why baba gave me this relation and in 1.5 yrs everything got turned topsy turvy, as heading for divorce, in questions and answwrs, baba is constantly many times that he will remove this calamity, but i am unable to bear it, my life is in total mess, plz can you tell now abt your marriage life, after this horrible night mare, how baba saved your relationship. PLease do this favour.

  5. Dear Laxmi ji,
    Can you please tell how baba saved your marriage which is heading for divorce to happy ending, as i am in the same phase heading for divorce, in 1 year everything changed , i went into a very bad nightmare, which, baba used to warn me in dreams constantly , and later assuring me that he will save me,free me from this calamity, plz share your unfathomable sai leela.

  6. Dear sai sis…after reading ur post m very thankful to dear baba ji who blessed ur life..I am also facing the sam.prblm ..plz pray baba meri prarthana sun len..baba ji mujh pe bhi apni kripa dristi dalo..u r my only hope..I love u..plz apne charno me jagah de do..shanti do prabhu..

  7. Hi All

    I wish to share my story of how Baba changed an Atheist like me to a theist. All my life i have visited temples only when somebody has asked me to. So was visiting Shirdi on one of such trips with the family, when one of my cousin's uncle called her up to say "Beta, Sai ko dekhkar rona mat". On hearing that, just a thought came to my mind how can any body just cry on looking at a statue. and when my turn for the darshan came, on just having one look at Baba's face something happened and my eyes welled up with tears. I could not understand anything at that point in time. How could i not control my tears? Baba heard me thinking and gave a reply then & there. I decided to visit Baba again asap.

    Next time i went with my husband. I have heard about the neem tree so was telling him that it is considered very sacred and devotees try to get the leaf of this tree. While walking around the tree when i was telling him this suddenly a leaf just fell in front of me, while people were impatiently looking here and there.I had it lying in front of me. It again left me awestruck. Few minutes later when we were putting on our footwear an old man tapped on my husband's shoulder and gave him a leaf too. I again didn't know how to react. So folded my hands to thank him. After all these incidents I truly believe in Baba and know that he is watching over us. JAI SAI RAM

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