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Today I am sharing experience of one Sai Devotee.

Sai Devotee says: JAI SAI RAM Hetal Ji, Today, I want to share another experience of me which was happened on last Friday (i.e. on 10th December, 2010).

My Experience:

On last Friday 10th December, 2010 when I was in the office, I got a call from my sister that my father got fell down near to our home. He was coming to home and suddenly he got a call from someone on his cell phone. When he was trying to receive the call, his phone fell down on the road and when he bent down to pick up the phone, he got slipped and he lost his balance. Within few seconds, he was lying on the road. His spectacles were broken down and we believe that pieces of the glass got entered into his eyes. His head also got injured. Blood was coming from his eyes and head. The worst part is that he had taken liquor too. My father kept saying that he will die now. His end time has come. No doctor was ready to treat him. He couldn’t give any medicine to him as the doctors said that we don’t give any medicine to person who had taken liquor. I asked my sister to put SAI BABA JI’s UDI on my father head and give some UDI in water to him. I came back to my home in the evening at 6:30 pm after my office. I also got worried after seeing my father’s condition. Tears were coming into my eyes and I started crying. I went near to SAI Ji’s photo and started crying. I picked up the box in which we put UDI and touched SAI BABA Ji’s feet. Suddenly, one flower got down from SAI BABA JI’s mala which He was wearing on His photo. For me, it was the assurance from SAI BABA JI’s side that He will take care of my father. I felt very happy. But that night was very painful for every one of us. As my father couldn’t sleep in the night and he was crying with the pain. We all were helpless and we were only giving him UDI water to drink.
There is also one incident which is related to this accident. On Wednesday, when I was in the office, I asked one question to SAI BABA JI on then He said that “There is chance of untimely death. Let one night pass and don’t sleep in the night. Remember SAI BABA.” After reading this answer, I thought why SAI BABA is saying this. This answer is not related to my question. Still I thought that BABA will take care of everything and I started doing my work again. I keep fast on every Thursday. On Thursday, I got up in the night and couldn’t sleep again. I was feeling restless. I went near to SAI BABA Ji’s photo and prayed to Him to take care of everything and then again went back to sleep.

When I came back to my home in the evening on Friday the day when my father got injured, suddenly BABA JI’s answer came into my mind and I got frightened. The night got passed. We woke up in the morning on Saturday and went to the Doctor along with my father. After seeing my father’s condition, the doctor said that we should go to Emergency ward in any hospital. The blood was still coming from my father’s head. We went to the hospital and the doctor did stitches on my father’s head. They also took XRAY of my father’s head as they were thinking that he might get injury inside his head. But I was sure that nothing bad will happen as our SAI BABA JI is with us. After getting treatment, we returned back to our home. The X-Ray report also came and it was fine. Everyone got happy in the family.

Today, in the morning, my brother went to the hospital along with my father and the doctor said that everything is fine now. They will open the stitches after few days.

I know that only SAI BABA JI has taken care of my father and my family. Tears are coming into my eyes. I have no words to express my emotions here. I can only say one thing that my life is nothing without SAI JI. For me this world is nothing without Him.

I am sorry as this article got lengthy. I only want to say one thing to everyone that never lose faith on SAI JI. He will take care of us even when we lose faith in ourselves.

One SAI BABA JI’s Devotee

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  1. Babaji taking care of his devotees ! Pleased to read that your father is doing better and he is saved from a major calamity.
    Jai Sai Ram.


    SAI BABA JI is very loving and kind. Yes, he has saved my father's life and he is prectly fine with BABA JI's grace. Its very true that SAI BABA JI knows each and everything about our past, present and future. That's why SAI BABA JI said that he will bring back his devotees from the mouth of death. At last, i can say one thing that without BABA JI we are only like people who have no monther and father.

    SAI BABA JI , I LOVE YOU.. Please bless your kids always.

    One SAI BABA JI's Devotee

  3. Sairama!!!!please bless know i am facing lot of problems in my job.please help me to resolve these problems. i want this job. dont terminate me from this job my job sayee.

  4. very nice experiences…Thnaks a lot for sharing with us…Om SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  5. Om SaiRam bless everyone Babaji i love YOU Babaji YOU are our Father forgive me for my foolishness Babaji and ThankYOU Babaji for blessing me and my family

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