Sai Baba Visited On Diwali Day And Cured My Son – Sai Devotee Sundeep

Today I am sharing experience of Sai brother Sundeep ji from London (UK).

Sai Brother Sundeep ji: Dear Hetal Ji, Om Sai Ram I think you are modern Hemand Pant, who is gathering all the devotees experiences and being directed by our lovely Baba to publish them. You are truly blessed by Him and so we are as we all are roped with each other through this website one or another way. May Baba bless you and all the Sai devotees.

I would like to share two small experiences which I had recently. I literally felt blessed by our Baba. And thank you again for this hard work.

Baba visited on Diwali day:

I am in London(UK) for almost 4 yrs and during this time period, I never had a chance to visit India for one or other reasons. I felt shattered and isolated in each celebration like Holy, Raksha-Bandhan and Diwali. Especially in Diwali, I do miss my folks and home badly as this is one of my favorite celebration. This year I was very positive that I will visit my family back in India and was pretty much ready to go. But again I couldn’t due to some personal issues. I was completely devastated and felt very low when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to visit this year as well. In my daily prayers I cried and asked Baba that why He’s not letting me see my family but very quickly He made me understood that He never hurts anyone and if He is not letting me go, there is a good reason behind it. But I asked Baba to come to me as I didn’t want to celebrate Diwali all alone and He has to be with me in any form while I am performing Laxmi Ji puja and celebrating. Just to let everyone know here I do have good bunch of friends. But suddenly due to my personal issues, everyone seems to be ignoring me and solely I have accepted their ignorance and started living alone happily but I know I am not alone Baba is with me always. So every day, I ask Baba that He will have to come on Diwali day in any form and after that I always used to get positive vibes from Him as He is saying that He will be there.

Finally Diwali day came as usual I was very excited and arranged all the possible things to perform Laxmi Puja. I started performing my Puja and in excitement I completely forgot that I have invited Baba as well. In the middle of the Prayers, suddenly, I realized that I invited Baba. But where is He and I told Him that I asked You to come in any form and You don’t have time for me. I am not that bad as my friends think and now you are also ignoring me. In few seconds, I spotted a big Mosquito flying over my face and sat just very next to me!!! I was so thrilled and happy and I knew in London it’s very rare to see Mosquitoes. Specially friendly one Who will sit very next to you and it didn’t take much time to realize that it was Baba who came in the form of Mosquito. I was very much happy and gave Him millions of thanks for coming.

If anything is being asked to Him with full heart and true devotions He never disregard your request. In Shri Sai Satcharitra, Sai Baba said, “Those who are lucky and those whose sins have been atoned will worship Me. I will help them to even cross the seven seas who always think of My Name. I am not interested in their ways of worship and other practices. I will dwell in the hearts of those who have sacred devotion towards Me.”

Baba cured my son:

My son lives in India with his grandparents. One day I came to know he has been hospitalized as he got some stomach infection, which was causing blood in his stool. He became very weak in few days and frequency of passing stool and blood was not stopping. I was very much worried about him and started praying Baba to help my son as he just 10 months old. I couldn’t advise my family to give him Udi because I knew no body would believe. So instead of advising them I started taking Udi everyday and prayed Baba to cure him and YES it worked like a magic. He got cured very quickly and discharged from the hospital. Again Baba has proved that He is around and taking care each one of us.

Dear Sai devotees, please never ever lose hope. Baba never disregards anyone’s prayers. He just wants Shradhha (“Faith”) and Saburi (“Patience”). If you be patience and keep praying Him with true heart while you are going through tough time, He will definitely remove all the hurdles and help you out.

May Baba give peace and bless you all.

Om Sai Ram
– Sundeep

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    Yes, shradda and saburi coupled with self confidence makes a sincere devotee to reach his or her destined goal. Sharing experiences of such sort by devotee sisters and brothers enhances the will power to say HAIL TO SAI DURGAMMA

  2. Very nice experiences…thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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