Dear Sai Readers, i am sharing few more brief experiences of devotees with Shirdi Sai Baba in today’s post.

The Test Of My Patience

Sai sister Preeti ji from India says: JAI SAI RAM

It was August 2007, when I conceived. I had to go with my family members to Shirdi in September 2007. I was very happy that my child will get the blessings of Baba even before he/she really come to this world. But just 15-20 days before the planned date of our visit to shirdi it got aborted by itself (miscarried). All he (Baba) does is always good for us therefore I thanked Baba that my trip to Shirdi is not canceled atleast because it happened 15-20 days before the planned date. I thanked Baba that all this did not happen in train as I was going with my in-laws, and other relatives to Shirdi and things could have become worse if it had happened in train.

Next year, i.e. in August 2008 (around the same time) I conceived again and this time also I had to go to Shirdi in September as we always plan the trip to Shirdi in September. Ultimately, we reached Shirdi and got the blessings of Baba. This time I was very much sure that nothing would go wrong as my child (to be born) has obtained the blessings of Baba. I already have a 5 years old daughter and this time I wished a baby boy to complete my family. Things were going well.

On 20th December, I visited my Gynecologist for routine check-up. She advised me an Ultrasound as a part of routine check-up. The reports of ultrasound shattered my dreams, my life. The report revealed that the baby had clots in brains and some problem in kidney and an abnormal nose. I was advised by my doctor to go for Amniocentesis test to know whether there will be any problem with the child and also to know whether I will have a normal child or not. I started reading Shri Sai Satcharitra and used to complete it in a week (seven days). I used to cry day and night. Those were the worst days of my life. I underwent Amniocentesis test and the reports were normal. But whenever I ask my doctor whether I will have a normal child or not she never guaranteed it even after the normal reports of amniocentesis. With this uncertainty I was not able to live. I had no peace of my mind. I never wanted to bring an abnormal child to this world because it’s better not to give him birth than to give him/her a cursed life as till the parents are alive they will take care of their child irrespective of his/her disabilities but what will happen to him/her after we die as nobody will look after such a child and he/she will live a cursed life. These thoughts hounded my mind and I made up my mind to abort that child. But my doctor was not ready to do so as the reports were normal and she advised me to go with this baby. I did not like eating anything and I used to cry day and night, I knew that this is effecting my baby in other way also but I was helpless. I could not stop my tears and used to ask baba how all this has happened? However in my heart I had a hope and faith that I had been to Shirdi and everything will be alright and nothing can go wrong. I had to undergo many tests and ultrasounds. During all this period my Shri Sai Satcharitra was always with me and I kept on reading and complete it within a week till the baby was born.

On 15h April, 2009 I visited my Gynecologist for the routine check-up and she asked me to come for Cesarean on 16h April (Thursday), 2009. I was very happy that the day has come and the day will be Thursday. I was scared also and asked my husband what will happen tomorrow. Whether we will be happy or will be sad for the rest of life. I reached hospital and was taken to Operation Theatre. Operation started and I began to chant “Sai Kasht Nivaran Mantra”. Doctor congratulated me and said that I am blessed with a baby boy who is very much normal. Tears began to roll down my cheeks and I thanked baba.

I don’t know why, but I had in my mind that if baba blesses me with a baby boy I will name my baby “Dhairya” and to my utmost surprise on Namkaran Day Panditji gave the word “Dh” to name my baby.

I named that child : “Dhairya” which means patience because baba tested my patience and blessed me with what I asked for.

Chanting Sai Baba’s Name Cured Me

Sai Sister Swati says: Dear Sister Hetal ji, Thank you for your timely updates of Sai mails. Please do not show my email id but you can use my name for this update. My name is Swati and I would like to share my experience with other Sai children.

My husband and I went out on a vacation to Costa Rica. It was a short trip of just 4 days and we planned to cover as much as we can. First 2 days, we went by quickly and we enjoyed our hiking and horse riding etc. On the 3rd day we had to drive almost 5-6 hrs to reach our final town where next day morning we were supposed to go to some more adventurous zip lining etc. But the roads were so bad and there were many pot holes and sometimes there was no road at all, just a bad gravel road that made our drive very painful. Somehow we reached our destination city at 5:30 PM but the moment we checked into a hotel, I started feeling cold and realized that I have fever. Added to that I also ate something on the way which made my stomach sick and I got fever and stomach issues at the same time. My husband was so worried that he ran out to get some medicines and a hot-pack for my shoulders and my neck as I was in lot of pain because of driving on the bad roads.

While he was in the market, I was covered in blankets and I thought that because of me, my husband might not be able to enjoy the last day of our vacation. I was very upset and prayed to Sai. I asked Him to please make me well so that we can enjoy our vacation. I kept chanting “Om Sai Ram” until my husband was back from the market and then after taking the medicine, I fell asleep.

Next day morning to my pleasant surprise, I had no fever and my stomach was feeling better too. I thanked Sai Baba so many times that He allowed us to enjoy our vacation and decided that I will share this experience with everyone.

Thank you all.

May Sai always be with us.


Sai Baba Showed Sign Of Answering Prayers.

Sai Devotee from Indonesia says: Dear Hetalji, at the outset, I would really like to say my sincere thanks to you for starting such a beautiful website. I regularly read all the experiences and greatly feel inspired. Baba bless you. Here I give my experience which I experienced last night.

Firstly, Baba I bow to Your holy feet to bless me & ask You to forgiveness.

Baba, I am writing my experience for the first time, so please help me. I have surrendered my thoughts and mind to You for the same.

Everyday, I pray Baba in evening. I do Aarti, read Sai Bavani and chant His name. While doing the pooja, I usually apply kumkum and rice on Baba’s forehead. Yesterday being Thursday, I prayed more. While doing so, I told Baba that if You are listening to my prayers, the rice should fall from Your forehead. I kept praying, but it did not happen. I did my prayers more and I told Baba that I have faith in You and the rice will fall. Baba, You only said “If you see Me, I see you”. I know that You are seeing me and just take pity on me. My tears started rolling in my eyes. I saw Baba and told Him to forgive me and show mercy, show me the sign that You are listening and let the rice grains fall. I started chanting His name “Sai Sai” more deeply. While doing so, Baba gave sign of listening. Yes all of sudden the rice grains fall from His forehead.

I started weeping when I saw. I cried out and told BABA “Please bless me always, forgive my bad karmas and always keep me under Your lotus feet. Let my faith and devotion grow more. Make me “Saimay”.

Baba bless all His devotees who are reading this & create more faith in their heart.

Please join me in saying “Anantkoti Bhramand Nayak, Rajadhiraaj Yogiraaj Parambhram, Shri Sachidanand Satguru, Sainath Maharaaj ki JAI.”

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  1. @Preeti ji: While reading your experience, I felt some sort of fear in my stomach..After completely reading, i felt happy for you..
    @ Swathi ji: Good to hear that you could enjoy your vactaion..If we(Baba's Children) always chant his name, we will always be protected.Even I had few experiences similar to yours..I am now practicing to always make his name dance on my tongue.
    @ Indonesia devotee ji: It is a good sign to you that Baba is hearing all your prayers.
    @ Hetal ji: Thanks for sharing all the wonderful experiences.

  2. Hello,

    We are in San Jose California, USA. I am looking for Shri Sai Charitra by Dabholkar (Marathi) audio (CDs), Does anybody know if it is available? If it is how can I get it?


  3. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  4. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba please shower your choicest blessings on the family with good health, a healthy long life, filled with happiness, laughter, joy, wisdom, knowledge, courage, ability, sincerity, togetherness, peace and prosperity. Baba please allow me to worship you to the fullest ability. Baba please take care of hubby and his health. Please bless him with the right wisdom and words to not hurt others. His intentions may be good but his ways can be hurting. Help him Baba stay calm and composed and give him support for his work which is his dream. Baba please show your guidance to the family as there is so much confusion, help me post it here when things are sorted out. Baba please hold our hands like a parent, mentor, guide, Guru. Baba please help me maintain relations in the family. I maybe misunderstand everyone and I dont want to be a burden on anyone. YOu have blessed me with a good family and I should thank you for it. Please take of the future Baba hope YOU will be there with me till the end. Please Baba take care of the family. Baba today we are travelling, make this trip good and fulfilling with peaceful and safe journey. Baba let everything be smooth and good. I surrender to you Baba please keep everyone healthy. Om Sai Rakshak sharanam deva 🙏 Om Sai arogya kshemadaya namah 🙏 Om Siddhivinayak namo namah 🙏

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