A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 34

Today i am sharing few more brief experiences of Sai devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Lord Sai Baba’s Udi Is The Supreme Healer

Sai sister Aradhana ji says: Dear Hetal,


I just want to put forward how our Sainath’s udi helped my father-in-law.He had to undergo an operation for hip replacement but his condition was such that doctors were wondering if they should go in for it and when. He is old and has many health problems. However his condition stabilised and with the touch of Baba’s udi he was taken to the operation theatre. The operation was not only successful but he also recovered fast. Baba’s udi was also touched to his forehead before leaving home. Though it was a traumatic month and many a time it was felt is the worst going to happen. However our faith in Sainath and his holy udi saved him from the worst.

My koti koti thanks to Sainath.

(A Sai Devotee)

Sai Baba’s Mercy

Sai sister Savi ji says: I would like to request you to publish the below mentioned article under DEVOTEES EXPEREINCE WITH SAI BABA.

As promised to Baba i am posting this article. On 1st November, 2010 due to personal reasons (good news only) my sister resigned her job and had to shift to chennai. Her resignation letter were not accepted and she was informed that she has to serve 1 month notice period. Though we all know the rules of the company but the situation was urgent. So right from 1st november we started praying Sai baba to bless our sister with good results. Today being sai baba’s precious day everything went good and she got relieved from her organisation today. I am in tears when my sister informed me the good news. Secondly my daughter is also writing her ipcc exam and with baba’s grace she has written her exam very well. These are all my experience with baba which i experienced today.

My pranams to baba.


Experience On Gurupoornima Day

Sai sister Parvathi ji from India says: By Baba’s grace I am a government employee. I am a doctorate and thanks to Baba for granting me this boon. My family consists of 4 people. Myself, my husband and two sons. We all pray Shirdi Sai baba. He is everything for us. Though I was always in deep problems in the past and even today they persist still we take refuge in HIM as He is the sole protector.

During my graduation one of my friend has been to Shirdi in 1998 and gave me Shirdi Sai Baba prasad and a Sai’s picture. Since that time my mind was engrossed constantly in Him and I passed in merit with His blessings. I rejoice on recollecting of those past memorable days.

For the first time in 1992 I had the opportunity to go to Shirdi in the month of March. That was a memorable experience at Shirdi, we stayed there for 2 nights. When we returned to my native place, (Hyderabad), I was depressed and had a strong desire to go back to Shirdi as my mind was always preoccupied by Sai’s image, I was restless and thought that without Baba life is a mere waste. In the same year on Gurupurnima day (14th July, 1992 (Tuesday)), a miracle happened, which I feel is the greatest boon He has bestowed on me, and hence I should never ask Him for anything, as I am blessed with this incident. Daily I used to collect my sons from their tution while coming home from my office. That day (Gurupurnima) too I went there to collect them. Their tution teacher family were also devotees of Sai, they were getting ready for a puja in front of a big portrait of Sri Sai at their house. As soon as I saw this big portrait of Sri Sai, tears rolled in my eyes as I was in severe problems. I had some change in my purse, I put them in the hundi placed there. I returned home and carried the evening routine work at home.

My house had only two outlet doors – one a front entrance door and a back door which was leading to the well. That day (Gurupurnima) as we were tired of work we just laid on a mat on the floor without closing both the doors. Only the gate was locked. We went into deep slumber. Usually, I never sleep with my face facing the roof, but that day I was sleeping with my face towards the roof. It was 1.30 am and the doors were wide open and we were in deep sleep. As it was a full moon day, it appeared as if the moonlight is welcoming Shirdi Sai by being more lustrous. All of a sudden I saw Shirdi Sai Baba in white kafni standing near my wooden threshold of my front door looking at me. I was also gazing at Him. I can describe His appearance which gives me an invaluable joy of my life. He was a medium height person with kafni below His knees. I could see His kafni torn at His upper right arm and just below His waist. His knot of the turban was on His right shoulder but not on His left as we see! in almost all the portraits. And also His joli (shoulder bag) was on His right shoulder but not on His left as we visualize in the pictures. For a few minutes I was gazing at Him and He too was looking at me. Suddenly, I realized the fact, that Baba is standing in front at my door and looking at me, I was scared when I came to my senses. I was semi-conscious as I could see the moonlight and moreover, I started calling my husband by shaking him “get up Baba is standing “, I called out once but I could see Baba’s appearance has slightly faded. For the second call the fading has increased and I could see a blurred vision of Baba. And at last I called for the third time He has disappeared, and I could only see the moonlight and white-washed compound wall.

Many may not believe my experience, but is the truth which I experienced.

May it is because of my good deeds in my previous birth and my parents blessings that I had the opportunity to see Baba, that is enough in this birth which is full of unsolved problems and obstacles, I still keep faith in Him till my last breath.

One more experience…

I bow to BABA’s feet because, HE blesses me and my family to visit Shirdi atleast once in an year. Recently i.e. on 15th of November 2010 I had been to Shirdi with my husband. I am in knee deep problems which are unsolved for the past 10 years. When we booked our train tickets to Shirdi, that time itself I prayed BABA that if HE really protect me and my family from our unsolved problems, it should be indicated by HIM by giving me the flowers when I am in HIS samadhi mandir. Yes it happened so. On that day there was a very big crowd as devotees from north were having diwali holidays and most of them flocked to Shirdi by padyatra. During our darshan in the samadhi mandir myself and my husband went nearer to BABA’s samadhi in the queue. There I gave 2 bunches of roses to the priest to put on Baba’s samadhi. He did so. I folded my hands and prayed HIM with tears in my eyes to solve my problems. All of a sudden a bunch of roses (may from the priest’s hand) fell directly in my half folded hands. For a minute I was stunned, and I was thinking that my husband has given that bunch of flowers to put on the samadhi, but that was not so. What I requested BABA He showed me. I am thankful to HIM. BABA always protects HIS devotees and definitely HE answers to our prayers through such miracles. I got an unbounded solace after that small incident. Whatever our problems are we should always think of HIM, as HE only knows what we need, because nothing is in our hands.

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  1. Dear Parvathi ji..
    You are blessed..Most of the Baba pics as you mentioned will have his turban knot to his left, but the pic which i see daily in my laptop is also having his knot right..I used to think why this Baba's pic is like this..I have this question in my mind..But i never delete that pic..I keep it that way..When you described your dream, i felt somehow happy..Hope all your problems get solved by Baba's grace..Problems are part of everyones lives, but Baba's personal Darshan to you is a miracle which everyone will not be blessed..You are lucky Parvathi ji..

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai jai Sai..

  2. I was in tears reading your experience of seeing baba at your doorstep. I can imagine the bliss you felt because god had come down himself to his devotees home. Blessed are you my dear and your sharing this incident has only made us have firmer faith that deva is not bound to a body

  3. OM SAI RAM what a miracle. blessed are you and your family to have been blessed by the Lord himself .May all your worries end.

  4. Really,ur story touched my heart…bring tears in my eyes…fortunate to have babas blessings….take care.
    jai bolo sai ram ji,jai bolo sai ram ji.jai bolo sai ram ji,jai bolo sai ram ji.bless us baba

  5. Om SAI RAM ,it is the first time in my life that i feel very lonely nobody with whom i can share my problems . I do not know why such a bad turn of fate had to be a part of my life. Though i do realize that some mistakes had been made from my side yet now i am unable to revert back what happened a year ago. i feel very guilty. Hey SAIRAM i seek your forgiveness and your blessings please help my near ones who have paid for what i have done and bring back their happiness . please helop me i have no one other than YOU whom ican ask or trust.

  6. As we are living in this materialistic and ambitious society we are prone to commit many sins knowingly or unknowingly .But when we realize that the mistakes are drastically affecting the other people for which they are suffering for no fault of theirs.But, on realizing the fact we pray the God for his pardon, He showers His mercy on us as we accept our mistake.He is the preceptor and we have to take refuge under HIM.

    Sai Datta

  7. Dear Parvathi,

    Blessed are your eyes and that day when Baba gave you his holy darshan. Thanks for decribing it here and letting us have his darshan too.

    Baba bless you always.

    Om Sai Ram

  8. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…..:):)

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