A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 33

Dear Devotee Readers, today i am sharing few brief experiences of Devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Sai Baba Cured My Son…A Real Miracle

Sai sister Indu ji says: Hello hetal ji…you are doing a real great job.

I am a regular reader of the experiences which Sai devotees are mailing on this group. I dont know how to express my feeling, if made any mistake please forgive me.

I am mailing my experience for the first time. My son who is just 1.5 yrs old got an bronchitis attack, he was restless and crying. We went to doctor and she gave him medicine. After taking medicine he got some relief. She told us to continue medicines for another 4 days that is 5th day antibiotic course. On the 3rd day he started wheezing again. I got scared and asked my doctor on phone about the medicine. She told me that medicine will not affect him now his condition is serious, we have to get him Nebulised now this is only way to make give him relief now.

But i don’t want him to get Nebulised as he is very small. I was continuously making a prayer to god that make him feel comfortable so that there will be no need for nebulisation.

A real miracle happened in the evening when i went to doctor to get him nebulised she said there is no need for nebulisation, he is improving fast. I was so happy. Thank you saibaba. Only with his help this happens.

Om Sai Shri Sai jai jai sai.

Om sai nathay namaha

Note: We all know that Lord Sai Baba till date has not revealed His exact date of birth, place nor He told anyone who is His parents were. But in the below experience there seems to be some confusion in the mind of devotee. Since this experience conveys some sort of miracle of Lord Sai Baba, it has been included here.

A Dream Giving Meaningful Message

Krishna ji from USA says: A Sai Devotee from US wanted to share my experience with baba regarding Baba’s Birthday.

We have a small Sai Temple her in DC and we perform Baba’s Aarthi every day and usually we have good number of devotees on Thursday’s. We celebrate all major Festivals (Rama Navami, Vijaya Dasami) similar to Shirdi. Recently, we have been hearing about Sai Baba Birthday as Sep 27th (0r 28th), so the temple committee wanted to do special puja for Baba on that day. Normally, temple announces the details before thursday so that devotees can know what are the upcoming events for next week. When they announced at the temple on thursday, I heard about it and a thought came to my mind on why we are performing Baba’s Birthday on this day when we do not know when Baba was born as per Sacharitra. Then If it’s true, Baba please show me proof.

I forgot about this event and became busy with my usual stuff during weekend. On Sep 27th 2010 Morning (which is a Monday) early Morning I had a Dream, in which I was plouging the Soil and I saw a tunnel with some stairs into the earth, which we can call bugruham (Under ground Room). In that Bugruham, I saw Shiva Parvathi Arthanareshwara Avathar (Half Side Shiva and Half side Parvathi) Big Photo. Beside it there is a Baba’s Marble Idol and Behind It there is a Dattatreya Marble Idol. I woke up in the morning but still I was able to envision everything. Generally, I forget my dreams, but this time I was able to remember each and every thing.

I went to my work and I was thinking, what does this mean and what was baba’s intention of showing this beautiful Dream on Monday Morning (sep 27th). I could not even remember that it was Sep 27th. After thinking about, What I understand from this dream, I realized that underground Room which I saw in my dream is Baba’s GuruSthan as described in Baba’s Sacharitra where some devotees find Gurusthan Under Need Tree. This Also made my realize that indeed Baba is the incarnation of shiva parvathi and Dattatreya Avatar and he doesn’t have any birthday. So I do not need to think about whether Sep 27th is birthday, as Baba never wanted to tell devotees when he was born and where he was born because he is all pervasive and has been existing before the universe is created.

Sai Baba Bless Me With Prasad

Anonymous devotee from New Zealand says: Dear Hetalji, Thanks for your wonderful service. I kindly ask you not to mention my name and email ID in my post. Sai ma bless you with happiness.

Om sai ram,

I would like to share this experience with you which happened last week. I started 9 thursday virat and last week was my last day. As a procedure I went to Sai Mandir. On the way to the temple, I was praying Saima and requesting to give me something as a blessing in the sai mandir. I said to Sai ma that it can be anything like udi or prasad. In NZ, it is not normal to get prasad or anything in Sai mandir.

When I was reaching the temple, my prayers intensed and I was really panicing because I really want blessing from SaiMa. When I entered the prayer room, one of the administrator of Sai Mandir, approach me and grave me prasad (Puri). I couldn’t explain my joy in words. I am so happy that SaiMa accept my vrat and gave me his blessing.

I will post again once my wish fulfilled by Sai’s grace.

Om sai ram.

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  1. Baba you are really great and help all the devotees whenever they are in need of you.Always you help them who really surrender to you with faith.We have surrendered to you, please help us too and always keep us under your Lotus Feet,Sai Sadguru Nath!!!

  2. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

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