Me, My Sai Baba & His Miracles In My Life – Sai Devotee Ruchita

Today i am sharing experience of Sai sister Ruchita ji from India.

Sai sister Ruchita ji says: Dear hetal ji,

I know my experience is too lengthy but I request you to please post it in your blog as I have mentioned each and every miracle of SAINATH happened in my life.


It was year 2006, I was in my Final year. I had a friend named Santosh, he was going to Shirdi and so he asked me what should I ask for you from Baba, as I didn’t use to worship Baba that time so I said him very casually that just say baba from my side that “BABA, you are very good and please call me also Shirdi soon” and he said ok I will convey your message to Baba. But while he was coming back from Shirdi, he met with an accident and he was no more with me. This came as a shock to me and I was damn disturbed, I lost my best friend and the result was I started talking to him as if he was still with me, I use to ask him for lunch and dinner, I use to cry for him, I use to ask him for coming out with me. Just after 8 days of his death I had a dream where “I saw BABA in saffron kurta, kafni standing on staircase of a temple and he was looking like so pure. I was at his feet and he was blessing me with both his hands on my head” and after that I realised that my friend is no more with me but he kept his promise and conveyed baba my message and baba also blessed him by listening to him and this is how Baba gave me his darshan. I didn’t realise the importance of this dream that time as I didn’t believe baba that much but today when I have become a deep devotee of baba and I sleep every night only after listening to the aarti of SAINATH, then too I very rarely get any dream of BABA. Thanks Santosh, I know he is at the lotus feet of Baba and Baba is taking care of him.


I would divide this in two parts firstly I would describe about how SAI BABA CURED MY MOTHER’S ASTHAMA.

  • I was very disturbed those days (in the year 2008) because of some personal problem of mine. It was summer season and my aunty from Jaipur did Nine Thursday Vrat of Baba and gave Sai Vrat book to my mother, when I saw this Sai Vrat book I felt as if I should do these Vrat and without asking anything from BABA I started doing Vrat just for the peace of my mind. My mother had this Asthama problem and it increases as Rainy season approaches, once my mother had Asthama attack and everybody was so so tensed because mumma couldn’t breathe and “I joined my hands and prayed to Baba that I am giving all my Vrats I am doing for my mumma and please cure my mother’s Asthama” and Baba answered my prayer and Vrat as well.. that was the last time my mother had this attack and after that it had been 2 years she never had this problem again and this is how baba saved and cured my mother.
  • Second incident was my that personal problem which I cant share here but I simply want to tell that I was very much upset and this problem had became so huge that I felt I should die now and again I asked baba to help me out. I said him that if he will solve this problem of mine then I will do 9 Thursdays Vrat again and once again BABA showed his kindness to me and blessed me, he took me out of this problem and I completed my Vrat with Udyapan.

    I love you BABA…. Please be always with me…….


It was 22nd Jan 2009, my birthday and I could not go to SAIBABA’s temple because of the usual girls problem and so I simply passed from front of Saibaba’s temple (in the noon time) as from road only I could see baba’s Idol but I was very sad that I could not go to Baba’s temple and take his blessings and aashirwad on my birthday and so I told Baba that I am helpless, cant come to your temple now you only come to me and give me your aashirwad.

And guess what, One of my friend who visited Shirdi came to my office (in the evening) to wish me birthday (he is not my that close friend and I was not even expecting him to wish me bday) and he brought SAIBABA’s FRAME, UDI and PRASHAD FOR ME from Shirdi itself and my joy had no bounds. Saibaba himself came to me to wish me my birthday can you believe that? I was so so so happy.


My PAPA and Mumma suddenly had pain in their knee joints. We all had a doubt that it was because of black magic done by our own relatives who didn’t want us to be well, my parents could not even sit properly because of this pain and this pain was increasing day by day. those days I was reading “Shri Sai Satcharitra” and I read that how BABA’s UDI cured so many people suffering and then with complete Shraddha I took Baba’s Udi and mixed it in water and gave it to both my mother and father who drank it with full faith on my BABA and again SAINATH showed his miracle and my parents never had that knee joints pain again and as written in SAI BAAWANI “Bhakt Bimaji tha bimar, kar betha tha sau upchar, Dhyanya SAI ki PAVITRA UDI, mita gai uski Shyavyadhi” proved to be right once again.


We all know that we can visit Shirdi only if BABA wants too see us before him that is only when SAINATH calls us to Shirdi. I visited Shirdi when I was in school and I was in fifth standard. After doing “Sai Vrats” and reading “Shri SAI SATCHRITRA” an urge grew in my heart to visit SHIRDI and have BABA’s darshan. And so I decided to leave my favourite ”SWEETS” until and unless BABA calls me to Shirdi. I left SWEETS in August or September 2008 and I waited and waited for Baba to call me to Shirdi but BABA was testing me and he didn’t call me and meanwhile I got engaged on June 21st 2009 and everybody was trying to make me eat sweets but I didn’t as I was still waiting for BABA’s call and finally BABA called me to Shirdi on 30th JAN 2010 just 16 days before my marriage and I went to Shirdi with 1 Kg KAJU ki KATLI as I promised him and his favourite fruit Guava and also with my wedding card to Invite him in my marriage. Later I realised that Baba wanted me to invite him in my marriage and therefore he delayed my Shirdi trip as I had this urge deep in my heart that I should keep my first wedding card at BABA’s feet normally we first invite Ganeshji though my first wedding card was given to Ganeshji maharaj only but I was satisfied when I went to shirdi and my second card was placed at Baba’s feet.


As I have already described about it in one of my comment but I cannot leave this as BABA saved my life. Let me briefly narrate it. It was after my marriage, on 11th of July 2010, it was Sunday me and my husband went to SAIBABA temple and Panditji gave me SAINATH’S RAKSHASUTRA to wear, my brother in law’s two kids were also with me. We all three, tied it but my husband didn’t saying that its not required only Shraddha in heart is enough and that day evening when me and my husband went out, we met with a terrible accident. A car hit my husband at his right leg and we were thrown away on road as we were on bike. His leg bone joining his knee and ankle got broke in 2 parts and came out of skin and he was severly injured, besides he got multiple fractures in his leg but to everyone’s surprise I simply got a scratch and that’s it. BABA took me in his lap and saved me from such a major accident and everybody said that nothing major happened because I was with my husband but you all know that because BABA was with me we both escaped something serious and while we were going to hospital I tied BABA’s RAKSHASUTRA in my husband’s hand so that baba can himself take his care.


Now I will describe about my “SHRI SAI SATCHRITRA PARAYAN”. I have read Shri Sai Satcharitra many times before also but never did the parayan properly which I came know on this blog that how Parayan should be done. After accident my husband got operated and doctors asked him to have complete bed rest for one and a half month but then after this also his bone could not grip the rod which was inserted in his leg to join his broken bones and then after his X-Ray was done doctors said that now second operation will be done to fill up the gape between the bones and then he will have to have a bed rest of 6 months (I was shocked as it was only after 5 months of my marriage, though because of some disputes between me and my inlaws, I am at my parents house only since Rakhi) but then too as soon as I came to know about this I prayed BABA that this is too long period baba, please make my husband well in just one month and praying this I started doing SHRI SAI SATCHRITRA PARAYAN” and this time I did Parayan with complete process and faith on Baba and on the 4th day of my parayan when operation was done, I was informed that Operation is successfully done, also there was risk of getting infection in second operation but everything was done successfully and BABA once again answered to my prayers as doctor said that he will be able to walk after having a bed rest of One and a half month again and not 6 months which doctors earlier told. This was a miracle and I was really really happy that BABA is there to take care of me and my husband at each and every step I forward in my life and just two days before I came to know that my husband stood on operated leg and now slowly he will get well.

LOVE YOU BABA. BABA always listens to us. All we need to have is “SHRADDHA AND SABURI”


This is my recent experience and the most beautiful one till now. Because of my disputes going on with my In Laws and my husband, I am very upset but yet I believe that BABA is testing me and he will definitely make everything alright and that’s why this Thursday that is on 21st Oct 2010 when it had been 2 months, me and my husband didn’t have any conversation. I decided to go to SAIBABA MANDIR and read “Shri Sai Satcharitra” Adhyaya 11 and 15 (normally I simply visit mandir to have darshan of baba, I never read Sai Satcharitra there) and I asked BABA that baba please come and meet me, keep your hand on my head and bless me as I require you the most at this time, your daughter needs you baba, please come for me and suddenly I felt as if I should take an APPLE for BABA. So before leaving for mandir, I selected a fresh RED APPLE from the fruit basket and I kept it in my bag. When I went to mandir, I purchased a Flower garland for baba and I went into mandir. When I was infront of BABA, I gave that garland to panditji to place it on baba’s idol and meanwhile I closed my eyes, I prayed BABA that baba I will be waiting for you today in mandir only and please come to meet me, I need your blessings. Atleast come to have that apple only which I have brought for you. I didn’t give that apple to panditji as I was sure that BABA will himself come to me to take that apple. When I opened my eyes, panditji gave me a RED ROSE which was kept on BABA’s head and to my surprise, what panditji next gave me was A FINE RED APPLE WITH BABA’S UDI ON IT. This apple was more red than the apple I selected for baba. I was extremely surprised and my heart started dancing with joy because what I wanted to give to BABA he himself gave me that as his aashirwad. He already knew what I wanted from him and my faith in BABA increased 100 times that YES MY BABA IS WITH ME ONLY. I lovee you baba.

I waited for baba for about 2 and half hour but as baba had already shown me his presence by giving that apple to me himself so it was not required for him to come now and so I finally decided to offer that apple at BABA’s feet. I went in queue and as I came in front of BABA’s Idol, I gave that apple to Panditji and asked him to place that apple at BABA’s feet but as he was not aware of whole thing, he told me that this is the apple which he gave me and it was already given to me after being offered to BABA and then I explained him that how BABA gave me that apple and I had brought another apple for him already and then he was also surprised and he gave me a smile and placed my apple at BABA’s lotus feet.



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  1. Dear Ruchita,
    Very happy to read your experiences. Yes, BABA is always there if you have that faith. I too feel the same way. I once had questioned BABA about HIM and Satya Sai BABA are one , is that true? If so, give me some proof and right than and there a car with saffron color passed by me. And somehow I am now addicted to find "saffron color" around me and I do find it in various ways…may be it is in T-shirt of some one, A truck, or a motor bike or a van, a toy child is carrying passing by me…and many a times I think how come I did not notice so many items with Saffron shade earlier? Well, I may sound like crazy!
    Also, I have several day to day experiences where I felt BABA's intervention and that makes me happy to have a feeling to be BABA's special child.
    May we all remain blessed who want to be under the shelter of BABA's love and care.
    Take care.
    Meera Bakshi, Sierra Vista AZ (USA)


    I've been suffering with a nagging pain in my left leg which was so unbearable that I couldnt sleep at night…I was hospitalised and diagnosed with Varicose Veins…It was even more painful after I was discharged from hospital…A few days later I had a dream that a friend and myself were at a place where Sai Baba was present…I say to my friend that Baba is looking so much younger since I seen him in Puttaparthi (I was there in May 2010. After a little while Baba walks to me and places his hand on my head..and I try to touch his feet and he guides me up….that very night I felt something walk on my hair….ever since I had this dream my pain has disappeared and its a pleasure to have a peaceful sleep every night. When i awoke the next morning I explained my dream to my mum and husband…what a beautiful dream….

  3. yes deva alwys love thr child nd take care thm alwys we hv also seen sai'miracle in our life 2 nd he is my 1st love I love u deva be wth us ever 4ever we love u alot

  4. everything is just Maya… don believe in dead people. I was an ardent sai devotee but not anymore… you will soon realise the same

    I want to share how baba answered to me.Once i went to shirdi.In night arathi i asked baba so many devotees are there in front of you,im standing in that crowd just im speaking myself that whether baba knows me? and i want to hug and kiss him started crying.whether i will be blessed?i was fully cirulated with maya at times and attached to world things.I thought i dont have any grace to get like this love from baba.i cried that night and went to room to sleep.miracle happen baba answered my prayer he came in my dream,whatever desire i had in my mind he fullfilled everything.the love which i experienced from my sai no words to say i'm wonderstruck.The Dream was he is sitting in middle of that samadhimandir hall just i was standing in the queue when my turn came i went to baba he hugged me and kissed me.he kept his hand on my head said all your karma is gone you will study well this was the great experience which i experienced is much he loves us.saibaba is always with us,he loves us.i love him lot.i love u ra baba.

  6. Awesome experiences.. YES!!He helps those who have wholehearted faith in him..May SAI shower his blessings on all of us. JAI SAI RAM

  7. I too want to share one of such experiences.. It was in the year 2004, I was studying BSc, and I was staying in hostel. It was too strict there. One of our seniors wanted to write CAT exam, but she did not get permission from our warden/principal to go to her native place to attend the exam. She was very upset and did not have food for 3 days. It worried us very much. Three of us (me and two more friends of mine) read SAI SACHARITA and prayed on behalf of her that she should get permission to go and write the exam, as it was her dream to study MBA. For our disappointment she did not get permission and she was upset to the core. But to our surprise, next day we got a great news saying, CAT exam was cancelled as the question papers were out and soon they will announce one more date for exam, which she attended later and got through. This experience of mine increased my love and faith for BABA..
    If we pray with pure heart, he will surely answer and bless us..

  8. This life is a gift of god, due to our past karmas we are like how we are now. God helps, cares and loves everyone. But at some point of time, he does not come to our rescue because he wants to teach us something with that incidence. He expects us to change our attitude towards life, so that we can live happily ever. Its only our attitude that matters. In this 27 years of my life, I have gone through very tough days, and still going through, which I feel even my enemy should not face. But after I started experiencing BABA, my view towards life has changed. So don’t think god does not exist because he did not help you sometimes, he wants to bring some changes in you.. but have faith and wait. He has something better than what u wanted. You will realize sooner or later. Just think and chant the name of SAI.. SAI.. SAI.. He wil be there for u.

  9. Om Srii Saii Naathaaya Namah……… Baba wants only pure hearts and nothing else. These miracles are really very amazing. I wish that one day I to have some.Jai Sai Ram….

  10. Sai is like an ocean. If you go with a small vessel you will get water of that volume. If you go with a tanker, you will get the tanker full. The water is according to the container you take there.The result is according to your imagination……By Shruti

  11. Hello All,
    I am also going through a very hard time in my life. Just few days back I started worshiping SAI. After going through all the above experiences I am feeling very happy. And now I am having full faith on baba that he will also listen to me and accept my prayers and soon all my life's problems solve.

  12. mai v sai baba ji ki eitni puja karti thi par baba ne to mere saath koi v acha nai kiya. mere husband ka sirf chota sa accident hua tha par phir v baba ne unhe nai bachiya kyu kiya baba ne aisa par muje abhi v baba par bahut yakinhai ki mere husband jarur baba ne apne pass sambhal kar raka hai aur ek na ek din jarur vapic ayenge. baba kabhi v itna bura nai kar sakte abhi to meri shaadi ko v 2 saal nai huye the. baba mujh par jarur kirpa karenge……….

  13. maine va apni jindgi mai sai baba ji ko bahut mana hai par baba ne kabhi meri koi v help nai ki baba ne kabhi v mere liye nai suna. meri shaadi ko v 2 saal nai huye aur mere husband ka ek chotha sa accident hua ar unki death ho gai mai jab accident hua tha us time se lakar last time tak sai ka naam le rahi thi par baba ne kuch nai kiya mere pass to mere husband ki koi v nishani nai hai. nai koi bacha na kuch aab har pal yehi sochti hu ki baab ne aisa kyu kiya mai to baba ki bhagat thi har roz unka hi naam laiti thi. par aab v mujhe aisa lagta hai ki mere husband baba k pass hai bab ek din khud unko mere pass chodne ayenge shid meri yeh baat saach ho jaye pls pray for me and my husband baba kirpa karo mujhe mere husband vapic kardo baba pls………

    • Dear sunayna
      Kisi kisi soul ka saath itna he hota hai life mein. when i conceived i kept praying for my childs life day and night for six months but could not save him. Then i went to shridi and cried at babas feet n he blessed me with a beautiful baby. He must be having another plan for u. Keep praying. Shradha n saburi .

  14. Dear Sunayana ji, I am so very moved with your story! It is very hard to accept the fact. May you find peace in your life with BABA's blessings. Take care of yourself.
    Love and warmest regards.

  15. Dear Sunayana Hope baba gives you courage to face this very difficult time . Even Iwould like to ask baba why? why? did he do this to u …

  16. Dear Sunayana,

    Aaapke husband aapke aas pas kahin janam bhi le chuke honge nahin to aapko guide karne ke liye sapne mein zarror aayenge.Main Sai Baba se prarthna karoonga ki aap apne husband ko jald se jald mehsoos kar payen.

  17. Dear Sunayna,

    Aap aapke husband se kisi na kisi form mein,ya sapne meinn zaroor milogi.Main sai baba se pray karoonga.

  18. It is wonderful to read all the stories of BABA who helped at difficult times.
    Baba knows my problem and I am wondered, when BABA is going to solve all my problems

  19. I have an experience to share – I dont care if anyone believes it or not But I do….
    Recently I fell down a stair case and I had a very bad Bruise all "Black" on my left hand bum …. It had only been 2 days and for the past 2 days my wife used to put Balm on it to reduce the pain. Now I am not a saint (I smoke and I drink too – in limits ofcourse). The 3rd day I was having my drink and was having a smoke (in the garage – as I dont smoke in the house).. and I was just thinking about the pain.
    I closed my eyes and said "if only Baba could place his hand there all the pain will go" … I opened my eyes and continued smoking having my drink and all of a sudden the whole garage was filled with "Rose scent" it was as if someone had done Insence in the garage – there was no smell of my cigarette anywhere and my cigarette was still burning. 15 minutes later My wife told me to undress so that she could put the Balm and she was surprised to see – NO BLACK MARK … I touched and NO PAIN – it had all gone – as if by Magic – BABA did that I know he did. OM SAI RAM

  20. Baba has alws helped me in sevrl ways…smtyms he becme my bst fnd n smtyms guru n brother…in al the waya he hae helpd me a i tld u in my bigest pblm.of lyf….im afraid daily tht i shudnt it…plz plz plz u ol are vry much closet to baba..if anyone of ua readng this plz pray for me…then il tel u…many exprcns..some smple n fw al means lot to sai ram.

  21. i am going from a very tough period.. Sai Baba has always helped me and i know he ll help me this time too..Sai Baba please be with me.. i love you more than my life..

  22. Ruchita,,please pray baba to help me and offer suggestion to achieve more blessings of baba…

  23. It's really sweet experience swami is always with us and take care of his children baba please come back i alone without u ,I don't have any one without u otherwise just call me to live with u .love u swami i am till waiting …………………………..
    Sairam ur son

  24. Going through very difficult phase in life.Sai ram please help me and bless me to live with my girl friend forever.We love truly each other.

  25. On sai RAM! Baba please bring back the love of my life. M so unhappy and incomplete without him. Please bless us n get me married 2 him!

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