A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 32

Today herewith few more brief experiences of devotees are shared.

Experience Of Sai Baba’s Protection

Sai sister Jagruti from UK says: Dear all, I have been a Sai devotee since a young girl as my mother is a devotee of Lord Sai and we praise baba for all his protection towards our family. This incidence below demonstrates the protection of Baba towards his devotees.

There is one experience that I should share with you the power of Lord Sai’s protection to all his devotees. It was one night that myself, husband and my two boys went to sleep in our House in London. About 5 am in the morning my husband heard a noise in the kitchen and he heard some one in our house. He woke me up very slowly and we were really scared as we had an intruder in our house, I immediately carried my boys out of their room and locked them in a smaller room, whilst my husband was preparing for this intruder coming up the stairs. I prayed to Baba to help us, I then climbed out of the window onto the extension of our kitchen and to our surprise my neighbour was out in his garden – that really surprised me at 5 am in the morning, nobody would have been around. (Baba heard me) so I asked the neighbour to call the police. He did not delay – but meanwhile this intruder was robbing us and he would not go. I started to move around upstairs and then I think he saw me – so he ran out of the garden. Thank Baba that he went away and did not come in confrontation with us.

Anyway he went away but stole our valuables from us, the police did not catch him but a few days after he was caught with my work Laptop and my lap top bag containing my address details. The amazing aspect of this incidence is that the My Laptop Password was ‘Sai baba’. This was amazing as it just shows the power ‘Sai baba’ protection towards his devotees’ – I had many other items stolen 2 laptops and cameras, but the item that came back was the one laptop with my password as ‘Sai baba’.

This intruder also got 3 years in prison as he committed several other crimes in around the area.

Baba please protect all your devotees as you graced me with your protection that day protecting all my family.

Thank you Baba for that day.

Jai Sai Ram.

Sai Baba Saved My Marriage Life

Anonymous Sai sister from India says: I am a married woman living in India. I thank Baba for providing the opportunity to share my experience here. I wish to keep my identity anonymous.

I got married 1 and half years back. From starting my marriage life has been full of hurdles. There were so many fights between me and my husband and few times the situation came to such a stage that we were about to be separated. But I love my husband very much and I dont think I will be able to live with out him. Few months back again a fight happened between us because of his parents and I came out of the house. He was too much angry with me and I felt that he hated me very much. During this time he never contacted me and I came to conclusion that he dont want me now. I could not tolerate losing him. I used cry daily thinking about him. My parents could not see my suffering due to all these fights and they said like its better to leave him and get divorced. But in my heart I know I can neve r leave him but I kept quiet because I was under the impression that he didnt want me anymore.I used to ask Baba why is he doing this to me? Then I understood that may be I am suffering due to my past karmas and I prayed Baba to help me to get over those past karmas and please bring my husband back to me. Few days back I got a chance to talk to my husband due to baba grace and most of our misunderstanding have been removed. I found that even he is not ready to leave me. I was very happy and thanked Baba very much. Because without his grace my husband would never have come back to me. Now I came back to my husband and both of us are very happy. I pray Baba to give happy and prosperous marriage life to us and make my husband his Devotee.

Finally I request everyone to faith in Baba whatever happens. If you are suffering then it is certainly due to your past karmas. Pray Baba to be with you to get through the tough time then he will take care of you.

Love u Baba. Bless everyone with happiness and peace.

Sai Baba’s Love For His Children

Sai sister Ashima ji from India says: This is the first time I am sharing my experience of baba miracles. My mother first introduced me to baba when I was 14, through the miracles he showered on my grandparents. From that time onwards baba kept on doing miracles in my life. Sai baba’s prerna and all devotees experience motivated me to write it. We all remember baba in all the big and small things of our life.

This incident happened just a couple of months back. It was Thursday I was getting late for my college training and bus stand was a 10 min distance from my home. we have sai baba mandir just adjacent to the bus stand. The frequency of the buses is very less from there – just once in an hour. I was speedily walking hoping that I would catch the bus on time. I saw sai mandir and said to baba in heart that its upto you, don’t make me miss my bus otherwise it will be on you to make me reach on time. I saw the bus coming and I was just at one block distance from it but missed it. I was talking to sai inside my heart why this happened when I told you not to do this but baba have always got some other way. I went and stood at the bus stand though I knew that no bus will come. Soon an autorickshaw came, in my place people travel in shared autorickshaw but I was the only commutator I felt something in heart when I saw the autodriver, he was quite different from rest of the autodrivers I have ever seen. He was old, had open long white hair and white beard. Hesitantly I sat in the auto fearful he would charge me extra as I was the only passenger. I asked him why are you taking me alone no auto goes like this every auto waits for more passenger to come he had started the auto even before I completed my sentence and his words I remember distinctly, he said, “Fursat nai hai abhi ”(which means time is not there).I was numb. I reached my destination and when I gave him money he returned me rest of it and took the same money that shared auto takes. I knew he was either baba or baba sent. I said him thank you and to my utter surprise he lifted his hand to bless me.

It doesn’t finish here. The very same day while I was returning back home I saw a lot of crowd near the sai baba mandir adjacent to bus stand. I was wondering what happened actually baba palkhi from shirdi had come there for just 15-20 minutes and I realized I am so lucky to witness it because from a long time I have the desire to go to shirdi and even if I could not go there baba came to me. To my surprise the pandit ji even asked me do the puja. It is just one of the many baba’s miracle that I experienced.

Om sai ram

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  2. @Anonymous ji,

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    I whole heartedly admire you for this blog…Just now woke up, was eager to see your reply and hence logged in…I am in USA now…I have never been to Shiridi till now…I am asking baba for my Shiridi trip by 'Yes' or 'NO' chits..Most of the times, he said 'NO'..Yesterday he said 'YES'..Today i.e thursday in the morning, sub-consciously i woke up planning Shiridi trip… 🙂 I am waiting for that…

    Om Sai…Shree Sai…Jai Jai Sai….

  4. Dear Hetalji,
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  6. Very nice experiences….Thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  7. om sai ram….im just going thru this site .i dont knw how it came to my mind..this is the frst tym m resfng ths things..n i cant xprs how m flng..its..rly..vry satisfactory…i alws belv baba a lot..n now im in ig trouble of my lyf..plz frnz pray for me…n i knw..baba vl surly..bring me out of it..i would surely surely share this iracle lso wid u soon..n many other …

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