A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 31

Dear Sai Readers, today i am again sharing few brief experience of devotees with Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.

Sai Baba Miracle

Sai brother Bhanu ji from UAE says: Pranams to Lotus feet of Sri Sai Baba.

I am an Indian, staying in UAE. I want to share my experiance happend in my life.

We all, in our company sponsored for an exam. It was a very tough exam. The exam is basically in 4 parts and I have to gain 70% marks to pass. I was preparing well for that and I was very confident that I will definitely pass this exam. All my colleagues were telling me that I will be the only person will pass in this exam. There was one of my colleague who was constantly telling me that I will pass (very frequently) and he will fail. May be because of my over confidence, I failed in that exam. That day I wept very much and even I was very angry on BABA that he did not help me.

Though, later, I re-applied I was not getting mood to study and my past failure was not allowing me to study further. Then, I promised Baba that if I pass second time I will publish my miracle in this web site. Because of these mood swings, I was much more nervous that I even fail this time too. Finally exam day has come and I prayed BABA. I was thinking what will happen if I fail this time also. Then I Started 7 weeks Satcharitra Parayana. I went to Shirdi also to have Darshan and prayed Baba. BABA, WHO EVER COMES TO YOUR DOOR STEPS AND BEG FOR YOUR HELP, YOU WILL NEVER SEND THEM WITH EMPTY HANDS. Exactly the Thursday of seventh week, the exam result day has come. My wife and I was searching for pass result in my email. Finally when my wife saw and said that I passed. I have recollected the above golden words of BABA. Now I am preparing for some other exam and I beg BABA that with his blessings only I will get mood and I can appear for this exam. I am praying BABA that please help me this time also to pass.

In advance thanks for your help BABA.

Your devotee.


Without Sai There Is No Light In Our Life

Sai sister Sridevi ji says: Om sri sai ram.

Dear all devotee sisters and brothers.

Baba has come into my life around 16 years ago.

I was with my grand parents during 6th and 7th standard of my education, who resides in an interior village. Lord Balaji is the god for our family. We used to receive some pamphlets regarding Sai baba’s leela. We never ever used to believe it. My grandpa used to throw out those pamphlets.

In summer holidays after my 7th std, am about to move to my parents place for next standard. I was sitting in portico at grand parents’ house around night 8 or 8.30.I felt like some one called me I could see some person in white dress coming towards me ……….. and suddenly that picture disappeared from my sight and again it was all dark again. I was not aware of that saint whom I have seen in the dark.

Later when I moved to my parents place, slowly some how I started going to Baba’ temple. By the time many people at my parents place used to believe in baba. One day I went to Baba’s temple. After few days had realised that this Baba is the one whom I have seen the other day during the night.

When I started believing in baba, i could see many changes in my life. From then onwards have never ever turned back. He has been taking care of me all the ways in every minute of my life. He has been part of my life, he has been in my heart .I could see very good progress in my studies.

In my horoscope, it was written that my education will be stopped, either in my 14 yr or 18 yrs. So being studious and class first girl from my child hood, was afraid thinking of this horoscope. Because, every word of that horoscope came true in my life till date. When Baba has come into my life I became quite confident, have never ever bothered about any thing thinking that Baba will take care of every thing that happens in my life.

Now am software engineer who works in an MNC with very good salary. This is baba’s Biksha I believe.

On top of it, from the year i believed in baba’s lotus feet, have started achieving more and more awards/medals in my studies. Will keep you posted more in my coming posts. He has done wonders in my life till date.

One more experience by Sai Sister Sridevi ji:

Baba blessed me with Baby Boy…

I generally seek baba’s advice or answer on the “Yoursaibaba.com” site for my queries/my thoughts. I could see it coming true when you believe in true heart. In 2009 Feb, we were thinking for family extension and because of my sister-in-law is younger to us and still not married, we were postponing the plan. But other side our age became constraints for us as we are running into 30’s soon. I had chosen a number in that yoursaibaba site and I got answer from Baba that, “You will have child at the end of this year”. I felt too happy. In the november month my sis-in-law got married so we decided to have baby. On the other side i was thinking only one month left in this year as baba said we will have child by this year end, it somehow did not happen.

In the month of december, around Dec 11th we had been shiridi with my family. We returned back in the same week.

When I had consulted doctor for something on Dec 30th, I was told that I had conceived and then I realized yes baba words are not false. By the year end I have baby in my womb. I felt this is baba gift and he made our shirdi trip as ever memorable.

From my place i.e, bangalore to shirdi by bus its 18 hrs journey. When I came to know that I had conceived i started worrying about baby’s position as I had traveled so much distance by Bus. But fetal seems to be healthy and perfect by Baba’s grace. All this is Baba’s miracle.

Because 3 of my colleagues got miscarriage only because they traveled too and fro from office to home around 2.5 hrs journey daily. But I had traveled around 36 hrs too and fro to Shirdi and nothing happened to my kid.

In the month of August I delivered a baby boy. Before admitting in to hospital, I read Shri Sai Satcharitra, and when i opened the page randomly I got through the below story, that Baba sends oodhi and arati song to Mainathai to have free delivery. Then I believed strongly that Baba is going to do the same for me. He would definitely help me out.

I got admitted into hospital on Aug 19th. It started paining from Aug 20th early hours, its very mild pain. But it continued till Aug 21st early hours 4 AM. At 7PM on aug 20th doctor checked and said there is no possibility at all for delivery that night. I may deliver on Aug 22nd. But I could not bear pains, I started chanting Sai Sai Sai. I told baba that, “Baba its your wish whether its going to be normal or C-section. What ever you do is for our good. But baba, i want to deliver tonight it self, i cant bear these mild pains also as there is no sleep for past 2 days with these pains.” It happened around 12 AM. Immediately nurse came somehow for general check up and she said, “It looks like i would deliver in some time…..I had too frequent pains, and i had delivered at 4 AM. Doctor also got surprised that she did not expect this at all…..She was quite confident about it.

But due to baba’s grace its normal delivery with less pains. Baba has been with me through out. I keep on chanting sai name. He has taken very good care of me.

Within 2 days my baby has got severe jaundice and he was kept in ICU in some other hospital for almost a week. I was crying like anything. We were all too tensed. He got jaundice in high point and doctor said he is very near to risk. He was admitted in some child care specialty hospital where they would not allow any body (including mother too) inside. We had to go to that hospital daily and we were turning up into tears seeing him. I prayed baba like any thing. I felt very hard to stay away from my baby. It was all mess. But baba has been with us all the way and he had taken good care of us and my child and my child was saved out of risk.

Now he is 2.5 months baby doing very good. From beginning I had believed only one thing that I had this baby after shirdi visit. So its baba gift to us. So baba only will take care of my child too.

Thanks a lot baba for giving me this opportunity to share my experience over here. Love you baba

Thank you hetal ji!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Wondrous Miracle Of Sai Baba

Sai sister Pallavi ji says: OM SAI RAM…

Dear Hetaji,

I am really thankful to you for the platform you have created for devotees of Sai Baba. I am very glad and happy to see and read the blogs and miracles of Saibaba. I am also one of the devotee of Sai Baba and can feel that Sai Baba is with me. I can share some of my experiences. I am working as HR Manager with one of the HR organization.

Today morning I had to take one induction presentation. I reached the place and the moment I had to start my laptop, it got turned off. I tried 5-7 times to start that, but it was not turning ON. I thought what will happen now. I was really very sad that what to do now, entire presentation was there in system.

Then I remembered BABA and told him Baba what to do now? How will I take induction. I remembered his name and started my laptop again and won’t believe that my laptop was working properly. I took the induction, finished it off and I was really happy. That was a miracle of Sai Baba only.

OM Sai Ram……..

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  1. Hi Sridevi-ji,
    I really felt very happy while reading your experiences with BABA especially the horoscope one.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience.

  2. I never knew anything about saibaba. But one night his figure dressed in orange appeared in my dream. They was also a big clock and the time was quarter two. After that everytime I had to travel in an emergency anywhere, My eyes would glance at the clock, I could not stop my eyes glancing at the clock,and the time was always quarter two.This went on for about a year.In this whole year I had alot of stress and court case going on for child access, which was never ending and complicated.

    One day I was sitting at work and started to research about saibaba, as I read about him I became all overwhelmed and emotional, I read about a new mandir in Wembely London, which I wanted to really visit, after I had read about it.

    On the day that it was Lord Ganesha Birthday I went to saibaba mandir in Wemley London. I couldnt find the way first, but when I saw the mandir, I just wanted to cry and became very emotional, like I had found baba. It is really hard for me to explain that experience and feeling in words. Once i went into mandir (still feeling very emotional) I found the mandir one of the most peaceful place ever. So small and simple, like a little cottage. I looked at saibaba and said thank you for bringing me here. When i was given a small piece of roti as a prasad that really made me very emtional and deeply touched. I loved the simplicity of baba's ways

    Wembely mandir is newly opened i looked inside the mandir while sitting down and thought i want to give something to this mandir. I thought Next time i come i will bring in a vase with flowers. So next time i went I brought a vase, i wanted to buy in orange colour (cause i thought this is saibaba colour)but the shop only had blue. I took it to mandir, the priest put the vase right next to saibaba. When I loked at the top. I saw blue and orange material hanging on saibaba, that was really strange..i think it was baba reassuring me that blue was also his colour.

    THE COURT CASE… in which I had spent so much money,suffered stress, ended with my ex-husbend just with drawing the case, after his friend who was a devotee of saibaba had conviced him to do so. I only found out this on the final hearing. i saw his friend holding a book called "Fakir" i went over to speak to him, only then we both realised that we both were devotees of saibaba..I strongly believe Saibaba conculded the court case peacefully, in everyones interest

  3. iam sai preethi stays in chennai.one day iprayed to baba that i want to see you in particular place where i told.after 3 days in same place i saw a man coming near me..he was old.when he came very close only i realized that was baba,he was dressed in same dress of sai baba…white drirty dress,turban on head,small stick on hand,babas bag in hand,white beard,cant even find single difference.i got stunned and stood like statue.he saw me ,passed and went off.that evening i saw sai baba s serial on tv…casully i were watching…in tat serial with same costume,same stick,same bag,he s leaving the place and going some where.i confirmed whom i saw on road was none other baba.but i didt go and speak to him,or get him blessing..next time defintly i will see him again.i should thank him for giving me my dear one for whom i died to be with.im the happiest girl in world.if he make my dear one to come near me ill be more happier than now.

  4. Very nice experiences…thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…..:):)

  5. Just two more days..i wish baba wil…take me ouy of this big pblm.im.vry much eagr to share my expeincs..wid u ol..plz pray for me..frnz..om sai ram.

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