Sai Baba’s Website Worked Without Internet Being Connected – Sai Devotee Sheetal

Today i am sharing experience of Sai sister Sheetal ji from India.

Sai sister Sheetal ji says: I’m great devotee of BABA he guides me at every step of my life. Working in India recently married with the blessings of BABA.

I loved BABA from child hood, however never really worshiped him so much. I liked him for his soft nature and his love towards all people, no caste no creed limitations. Once i got the book of BABA Question and answers and from that day my life has changed and my devotion for HIM is immense. I was in love with a guy from 8 years. Though from same caste i had to wait for a long time for the wedding due to his sister’s wedding and pressure from my parents was too high. The only way i thought was to travel abroad and get into a onsite project and delay wedding at my place giving career reasons. I asked BABA ..the answer was BABA will help you. In the month of RAMANAVAMI (April) desire will be fulfilled. I had asked the question in December I applied for a Project. I got selected out of many people, but the project didn’t materialize. I panicked and asked again in the BOOK the answer was same – Have patience Your desire will be fulfilled, Donate. I donated and in the month of March I applied for a posting it was tough, the interview went on for weeks and finally I got the news that i was selected and would travel to UK on the day close to Ramnavami !!! I have a habit of writing down the answers so that I do not forget. In these 4 months I had forgotten what BABA had initially told me, however when I checked my answers it was so True. During the interview also I asked few questions and I was successful only due to BABA’s blessings. Finally I traveled UK for 6 months and got time for the extension of my marriage.

Now am married to my love, all due to the blessings of the Almighty. Recently a miracle happened which is want to share with all.

There is a lot of tension in our married life due to all family intervention etc. I was almost tired of all this and cried a lot Prayed to BABA and late in the night started asking questions. Suddenly the battery in my laptop was over and system was shut down. I put the laptop on charge and started asking questions. I was making a note of all the answers and praying to BABA. After half an hour I realized a message/alert in the system ‘Internet not connected’ wherein I was accessing BABA’s website for answers I was so much involved I just ignored it and went on browsing. Later around at 1 am I started browsing Gmail to check my mail, the website did not open. So I tried for some more time I was wondering how come only BABA website is working. Later I checked for DATACARD connection. To my surprise it was OFF. I had forgotten to enable to DATACARD connection after switching on my system and had worked from 11:30 to 1:00 am checking BABA websites, reciting prayers, seeking answers from the link. I checked for the data card setup again and checked BABA website it was working completely fine though it was no where connected to the Internet. It was late in the night I got very scared it seemed as though BABA was laughing at me when I was checking the data card connections and the website. Believe me only BABA website was working and I don’t know how any website can work without any LAN/Wireless connection. I almost got dead scared as I was browsing all photos of BABA looking at the alert NET not connected. BABA gave me most of the answers and after this miracle I know HE is always there with HIS devotees at all times especially when we need him the most. After that incident I tried accessing that website even when there is no Net connection and twice it has worked for me at those times I really needed BABA’s help hence it worked, if we try to check just like that it’ll not work. The only conclusion is when a Devote is in deep trouble BABA is always there to Love and help him like a Mother.

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. om sai ram.. bless you and your family. and hope you have a happy married life. and thanks for the link this is exactly what i needed for my crisis.

    blessings and peace to you
    Jai sai ram!!

  2. om sai ram…whenever i feel sad i use to come to this website..few days ago i came to know about this website. after visiting this website my life is totally changed…i was just chatting on yahoo and i dnt know suddenly it stucks to my mind to search sai baba in google.A day ago,i was so sad and was crying in front of our lord sai baba i prayed i wish i could talk to you i am in trouble and see i found a website and…see he fulfilled my wish.
    sai baba is great

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  5. Dear All , i am in a little trouble . Asking baba to solve my problem but know why he is not listening but i m getting positive signs when ever u ask any ques related to it. Request you all please ask Baba to solve that prob soon as that prob has destryod my inner peace . Please devotees ask baba to solve that pleaseee . May be he ll listen to you all . Plssssss

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