Sai Baba’s Protection To My Family – Sai Devotee Meera

Herewith today i am sharing few experiences of Sai sister Meera ji from USA.

Sai sister Meera ji says: I am Meera Bakshi, living in Sierra Vista AZ since 2004. We came to USA in 1992 and lived at Atlanta till 2004. I have received total protection from BABA on several occasions in my life when I look back.

There are so many incidences to share here but this time I will share only three that involves my grand daughters and me! The eldest grand daughter (who is now 4 years old), was saved at least twice from accidental death!

  • One was when she was just 3 days old at the hospital and on that evening I was to stay overnight with her (for the first time since the baby was born) and with her mom at the hospital. At 11:00 pm my son left from the hospital as he stayed the whole day there and next day he had to go to his office. The mom thought of feeding the baby so that she can rest after that for a longer period of time at night. She had a Caesarian delivery so anyway she was in great pains. That was the first time she replaced her hospital gown to her punjabi dress with front opening. As soon as I handed over the baby near her, it just happen that the thread from hook of the dress tangled with the navel security clip clipped on the baby’s tummy. The baby was moving her hands and feet so much, crying on high pitch, the baby was in my hands I could not hold her in one hand (as standing by the bed it was awkward position for me too) and try to free her from that tangle, and the mom could neither lift her hands off the side rails of the bed as she could not bear the pain of stitches nor press the emergency button to call the attending nurse.

    We three were screaming in desperation and there was no one to help. At night time the Nurse was also not available in the corridor, we were scarred what if the naval clip would be snatched off from the baby’s body? what if something dangerous thing happen and the baby dies, what would I tell my son who was on his way home just left the hospital? These were the most crucial moments in my life. And I don’t know how the tangle got undone which seemed impossible to both of us. Who on the Earth can send such divine help other than BABA?

  • 2nd incident with the same baby.

    I had gone from Sierra Vista to Atlanta at my son’s home to help them out in the initial period of this 1st delivery. Say after about 10-15 days they were quite comfortable taking basic care of the baby. It was around 9:00 pm and I was checking my e-mails in the adjacent room while they were with the baby. Suddenly I heard screaming of both the parents and when I went into that room, my son was on his knees crying and helplessly trying to make his baby breathe. The baby was turning blue and the mom was also dumb-founded not realizing what to do next? I sensed looking at the scenario that the drops they were trying to give the baby using the large dropper, went in baby’s wind pipe and the baby was chocking profusely. I just took the baby in my hands and kept her face down and tapped on her back and sooner the baby was able to breathe and she gave out a cry! Phew!!!!! What a relief! Than I asked what happened and what they described was naturally showing their inexperience!

    After-thought gave me shivering feeling – if I were not around and something bad happened what would I tell all my family members and the new mom’s parents? Baba saved me from such a disgrace and took care of my sweet grand daughter.

  • This incident happened with my younger son’s 1st daughter. She was about 1 and a 1/2 month old. It just happened that her mom and the baby’s Naanimaa had gone for some urgent shopping and me and this baby’s Naanaaji were home. I was working on my canvas frame for painting and Naanaaji had the baby. When the baby was sound sleeping he placed her on the bench of our swing and I said I can watch her while he can attend his some gardening task that he was doing. So I left my brushes and placed the canvas away and sat by the baby. After some time he returned saying his work is finished so he will watch the baby and I could finish my work. Well, sounds good! and I reached to the brushes and was about to get canvas I heard him saying how nicely this baby is enjoying the fresh air in our porch! and suddenly the baby coughed a little and again coughed and in no time he noticed the baby is having difficulty in breathing. I promptly reached to the baby, hold her in my arms her face tilted downwards and tapped on her back.

    The mucus fluid coming from her nostrils and from her mouth was making it all the more difficult to let her breathe and the baby was turning real blue. We are in a house that has large rooms so to reach her crib to get the suction bulb seemed too far a distance. I tried to drain out the mucus but it would not budge. Some will come out and some will pulled back as the baby was trying to breathe in. Naanaaji was visiting from India so he had no clue how call for emergency number and in the moment of crises anyone can get dumbfounded not realizing what to do? I asked him to dial the 911 but he got fumbled what to talk? so I asked him to hand over the phone handset to me and I talked to the 911 operator. Soon in no time the Ambulance came and when they reach our home the baby was quite comfortable. They checked the baby’s condition, her breathing, her lungs functioning etc. And by the time they came I called my son at his job to come home for what has happened and mentioned that I have not called his wife as she might get over anxious and that can cause another accident on the road!

    Soon my son was also home and so as his wife as he called her on his way home. Both of them talked to the Med team and all went well afterwards.

    Phew! Again I was the instrument saving a baby from a life threatening situation. She is a blessing to our Family from BABA!

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Meera ji….
    While reading your experiences, i was trying to place myself in the scenarios thinking what would i have done in that situation. I might be of your daughter-in-law's age. Experienced person being our side will always protect us..Its good that you kept saving your grand daughters by Baba's grace.

    May Baba bless all of us.


  3. @Anonymous
    Baba is always with us. And very rightfully HE says , "call me and I am there." and once we walk on path that HE has showed us, HE takes care of us even though we forget to CALL HIM in such a scary situation. And later on, we can SEE that we were saved where nothing but BABA, the Supreme Power could save us.
    Be blessed always.

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